The full list

1. Double Love
2. Secrets
3. Playing with Fire
4. Power Play
5. All Night Long
6. Dangerous Love
7. Dear Sister
8. Heartbreaker
9. Racing Hearts
10. Wrong Kind of Girl
11. Too Good to Be True
12. When Love Dies
13. Kidnapped!
14. Deceptions
15. Promises
16. Rags to Riches
17. Love Letters
18. Head Over Heels
19. Showdown
20. Crash Landing!
21. Runaway
22. Too Much in Love
23. Say Goodbye
24. Memories
25. Nowhere to Run
26. Hostage
27. Lovestruck
28. Alone in the Crowd
29. Bitter Rivals
30. Jealous Lies
31. Taking Sides
32. The New Jessica
33. Starting Over
34. Forbidden Love
35. Out of Control
36. Last Chance
37. Rumors
38. Leaving Home
39. Secret Admirer
40. On the Edge
41. Outcast
42. Caught in the Middle
43. Hard Choices
44. Pretenses
45. Family Secrets
46. Decisions
47. Troublemaker
48. Slam Book Fever
49. Playing for Keeps
50. Out of Reach
51. Against the Odds
52. White Lies
53. Second Chance
54. Two-Boy Weekend
55. Perfect Shot
56. Lost at Sea
57. Teacher Crush
58. Brokenhearted
59. In Love Again
60. That Fatal Night
61. Boy Trouble
62. Who’s Who?
63. The New Elizabeth
64. The Ghost of Tricia Martin
65. Trouble at Home
66. Who’s to Blame?
67. The Parent Plot
68. The Love Bet
69. Friend Against Friend
70. Ms. Quarterback
71. Starring Jessica!
72. Rock Star’s Girl
73. Regina’s Legacy
74. The Perfect Girl
75. Amy’s True Love
76. Miss Teen Sweet Valley
77. Cheating to Win
78. The Dating Game
79. The Long-Lost Brother
80. The Girl They Both Loved
81. Rosa’s Lie
82. Kidnapped by the Cult!
83. Steven’s Bride
84. The Stolen Diary
85. Soap Star
86. Jessica Against Bruce
87. My Best Friend’s Boyfriend
88. Love Letters for Sale
89. Elizabeth Betrayed
90. Don’t Go Home With John
91. In Love With a Prince
92. She’s Not What She Seems
93. Stepsisters
94. Are We in Love
95. The Morning After
96. The Arrest
97. The Verdict
98. The Wedding
99. Beware the Baby-Sitter
100. The Evil Twin
101. The Boyfriend War
102. Almost Married
103. Operation: Love Match
104. Love and Death in London
105. A Date With a Werewolf
106. Beware the Wolfman
107. Jessica’s Secret Love
108. Left at the Altar
109. Double-Crossed
110. Death Threat
111. Deadly Christmas
112. Jessica Quits the Squad
113. The Pom-Pom Wars
114. “V” for Victory
115. The Treasure of Death Valley
116. Nightmare in Death Valley
117. Jessica the Genius
118. College Weekend
119. Jessica’s Older Guy
120. In Love With the Enemy
121. The High School War
122. A Kiss Before Dying
123. Elizabeth’s Rival
124. Meet Me at Midnight
125. Camp Killer
126. Tall, Dark, and Deadly
127. Dance of Death
128. Kiss of a Killer
129. Cover Girls
130. Model Flirt
131. Fashion Victim
132. Once Upon a Time
133. To Catch a Thief
134. Happily Ever After
135. Lila’s New Flame
136. Too Hot to Handle
137. Fight Fire with Fire
138. What Jessica Wants…
139. Elizabeth is Mine
140. Please Forgive Me
141. A Picture Perfect Prom?
142. The Big Night
143. Party Weekend

Super Editions
1. Perfect Summer
2. Special Christmas
3. Spring Break
4. Malibu Summer
5. Winter Carnival
6. Spring Fever
7. Falling for Lucas
8. Jessica Takes Manhattan
9. Mystery Date
10. Last Wish
11. AfterShock

Super Thrillers

1. Double Jeopardy
2. On the Run
3. No Place to Hide
4. Deadly Summer
5. Murder on the Line
6. Beware the Wolfman
7. Deadly Christmas
8. Murder in Paradise
9. A Stranger in the House
10. A Killer on Board
11. R for Revenge

Super Stars
1. Lila’s Story
2. Bruce’s Story
3. Enid’s Story
4. Olivia’s Story
5. Todd’s Story

Magna Editions
1. The Wakefields of Sweet Valley
2. The Wakefield Legacy: The Untold Story
3. A Night to Remember
4. The Evil Twin
5. Return of the Evil Twin
6. Elizabeth’s Secret Diary
7. Jessica’s Secret Diary
8. Elizabeth’s Secret Diary Volume II
9. Jessica’s Secret Diary Volume II
10. The Fowlers of Sweet Valley
11. The Patmans of Sweet Valley
12. Elizabeth’s Secret Diary Volume III
13. Jessica’s Secret Diary Volume III

27 thoughts on “The full list

  1. Cara Walker says:

    Yay! This list makes things easier when trying to find which books have been recapped (and for making requests) 🙂

  2. Alicia says:

    Whenever I finish a book, I usually go crazy flipping through all of these pages trying to see if you’ve already recapped it. So yay! Thanks! 🙂

  3. Dani says:

    I went through the list looking for that one SV on crack where the twins get creepy matching dolls and have a fantastical fantasy adventure involving the battle between good and evil but couldn’t find it. PLEASE RECAP THAT ONE 🙂

    Also that other weird one whether Elizabeth is visited by ghosts of the past, present & future before Christmas or some crap? Also a classic.

    Great site, I’m loving going through these in my insomniac state.

  4. "perfect size 4" Ha!! says:

    The sad thing is that i own ALL of the SVH books and what is even more sad is the fact that i would only read the parts of the book that had to do with Jessica…haha..
    so now after being on this site for the better part of 4 hours… i have decided that i will have to start at the beginning and re-read them all!
    I’m actually going to start with the SVSY books… i’m not ready to fly so far back into the 80s yet!

  5. Lila Fowler says:

    I just read all the SVSY books. I liked reading about Jessica and Jeremy the most. The ghost writers make Jessica more likeable and less selfish in these series.

    Dani, I know exactly what book you’re thinking of cause it used to be one of my favorites! Is it maybe called Magic Christmas?? It’s a Sweet Valley Twins book…

  6. Bec! says:

    Elizabeth often cheated on her boyfriends, although every time it was said to be uncharacteristic of her, despite the number of times it actually occurred.

    Lol! Wikipedia

  7. dizzy lizzy says:

    dani i think the book you’re talking about is SVT “the christmas ghost” with Jessica, being a total biatch by stealing hot shot actor beau derek (sound familiar?) from Elizabeth the saint with whom he was supposed to raise money for the sick children… So Jessica gets all scroogie and three ghosts (past, present, yet to come) pay her a little visit on christmas eve to teach her a lesson? I LOVED it, it was so ridiculous!!!
    but even better was the other SVT special edition about elizabeth discovering what the world without her would be (exciting for sure!!), something like “a christmas without elizabeth”, that was my all time fav!!!

    • Teddy says:

      For our kids birthday patries we usually stick to family. My kids are 3, 2, and 10 months. My daughter and son have their party this weekend. I make the cake and do not serve a meal. We do snacks and cake. I put on the invite, Please join us for snacks and cake. I ask my MIL and Mom to bring a snack to pass too. Then for decorations I get a table cloth and birthday banner. I get some cheap flowers for the girls as well. Usually daisy\’s or carnations. We do just plain plates, cups and stuff. This weekend is Mickey and Minnie themed. I am doing a mickey cake and minnie cake then take the kids Mickey and Minnie stuff to decorate the house. For favors this year I am making cake pops (cheap and easy). I have done cut out cookies in the past as favors and this has gone over very well instead of kids going home with more junk that they really do not need. Good luck with your planning. BTW the party with food, cake and drinks (beer included) will not cost me more than $50.00!

  8. Anne says:

    There’s another Christmas one too where Jessica acts all selfish and whiny and sabotages the Twins’ Christmas party and has to live through about 6 Christmas Eves before she learns her lesson.

    Kinda Groundhog Day at Christmas in Sweet Valley (God, a never ending day in sweet valley…. *shudder*)

    • Jennifer says:

      I just read that one about two days ago. It’s called the year without Christmas. Not bad…a little redundant, but overall, decent.

  9. penny ayala says:

    looking forward to the vampire miniseries – now i know where stephanie meyer got all her ideas from

  10. Janelle says:

    Is this list fully up to date? I know you did Murder in Paradise! And I’m pretty sure that you did a review of “To Catch a Thief” as well- but I can’t find it anywhere!

  11. Anonymous says:

    I bought your book and have been laughing my ass off. I read up to book 78 as a kid and had to stop bc I was outgrowing. I was disappointed that you stopped at 143?! Why do a book about the series and not finish the last 7?!

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