Francine plans to bestow a whole new generation with internalized oppression!

Reader Jessa Fields brought this to our attention: it seems that SVH is getting a re-release. Why? Trying to cash in? Will tweens of this generation appreciate it? I don’t think so. It’s so ridiculous and not like anything today. And think about how cellphone, internet and myspace would have affected the SVH kids. I don’t know if it would be better or worse. Plus, the Gossip Girl series is kind of the SVH of today.

I think SVH also epitomizes eighties culture. And not just because of the bad outfits. It represents the rise of the yuppie culture and obsession with the rich (Lila and Bruce’s homes and belongings always get a Cribs- like description) and it’s exteme un PC-ness and exclusion of anything different or not the white, rich standard. Sure, the token people of color are there, but that’s just it— as tokens. Yes, you are probably wondering why this is different from today, and sadly, it’s not. However, if you’ve ever read American Psycho* (which I considerone one of my favorite novels ever) you can see the eighties-esque obsession with excess.

I have heard the argument about some teen books as “well, at least kids are reading”. But my lord, do we really need to make teen girls feel anymore like the victims of shitty gender socialization that they already are? If you know any teen girls, KEEP THEM AWAY FROM THESE!

*Yes, I realize that this novel is incredibly misogynist, graphic, sexist, and downright sickening to read. Although I recognize that, I believe the author was using the character to make a statement about these oppressions and basically make an allegory for all the sick shit in the worls. And, although quite good, the movie version totally missed the point of the book. I am including this because when I tell people this is my favorite book it may give an impression of me that is actually quite the opposite. I promise to contunue to read cheesy YA series, don’t worry.