help me out!

Hi all, I have a couple of questions that have seriously been keeping me up at night, and maybe you can help.

In the SVH I am currently reading, they keep alluding to an instance where Todd was involved in some really bad pledging stuff that Bruce was organizing (typical). Is this an actual book? Does anyone know which one?

In what book do A.J. and Jessica break up?

I know that SVH was the original series, but when was the Sweet Valley Twins series created? Which came first, the Amy Slutton of high school or tomboy Amy?

Are the Sweet Valley Junior High Series and Sweet Valley Senior Year series in the typical SV universe? Or are they in an “alternative” reality? Meaning, do they fit into the SVH timeline? There are characters introduced senior year who never appear in the Sweet Valley University series, for example.

When does Ken go blind? What book is that? I’d love to do that one.

I’m away for a few days, but great things ahead! I started rereading the Pen Pals series and omg they are fucking awesome. Does Simmie Randolph the Third ring any bells? I’ll write it up soon.