Roll Call

Please feel free to correct or add in the comments. Also, if you remember last names.

Bruce Patman
Danielle Alexander
Artie Western
Tricia Martin
Peter DeHaven
Tom McKay
Michael Harris
Tad Johnson
Penny Ayala
Pamela Robertson
Tim Bradley
Tracey Atkins
Ginny Belasca
Paul Sherwood

Jessica Wakefield
Elizabeth Wakefield
Todd Wilkins
Enid Rollins
Lila Fowler
Cara Walker
Amy Sutton
A.J. Morgan
Jeffrey French
Jean West
Sandra Bacon
Winston Eggbert
Lynne Henry
Dana Larson
Guy Chesney
Emily Mayer
Olivia Davidson
John Pfeiffer
Scott Trost
Ken Matthews
Claire Middletown
Patty Gilbert
Lois Waller
Cheryl Thomas
Hans? (German exchange student)
Kristin Thompson
Robin Wilson
Hugh Grayson
Ronnie Edwards
Nicky Shepard
Aaron Dallas
Johanna Porter
Justin Belson
Molly Hecht
Maria Santinelli
Bill Chase
Dee Dee Gordon
Roger Barrett Patman
Suzanne Hanlon
Tim Nelson
Zach Johnson
Danny Porter
Pauline Perrine
Barry Rork
Rosa Jameson
Dan Scott
Manuel Lopez
Ricky Capuldo
Danny Stouffer
Heather Malone
Shelly Novak
Cathy Ulrich
Max Dellon
April Dawson
Helen Bradley
Caroline Pierce
Andy Jenkins
Sally Larson
Lisa DePaul
Neil Freemount
Charlie Cashman
Randy Mason
Susan Stewart
Devon Whitelaw
Jim Roberts
Allan Walters
Jerry “Crunch” McAllistar
Kirk Anderson
Abbie Richardson
Jennifer Mitchell
Ricky Ordway
Robbie Hendricks
Bryce Fisherman
Jim Daly
Tom Hackett
Ron Reese
Lisa Walton
Aline Montgomery
Mandy Farmer
Jennifer Morris
Alicia Benson
Patsy Webber
Leslie Decker
Sonia Bentley
Jonathan Caine
Guy Chesney
Jonathan Caine
Stan Richards

Jade Wu
Regina Morrow
Annie Whitman
David Prentiss
Julie Porter
Josh Bowen
Stacie Cabot
Susan Wyler

Missing: Jade Wu’s bff? Does Rick Andover go to school?

85 thoughts on “Roll Call

  1. calico drive says:

    who were the guys who had the fight in $69 friend against friend? andy jenkins and …someone?

    the girls from #87 my best friends boyfriend. ginny something?

    the other Maria (not Winstons gf). Slater?

  2. Janelle says:

    Sam Woodruff did not go to Sweet Valley High – I think he went to Big Mesa, their rival school.

    Also, wasn’t Julie Porter a junior?

    I’m reading the Bruce Patman superstar book and it has Lisa DePaul (a sophomore) and Tracy Atkins (a senior) in it.

    Juniors: Neil Freemount
    Charlie Cashman

  3. Count Tisiano says:

    Actually, I think Sam was from Bridgewater…’cause he was offed during the whole SVH vs Big Mesa gang war at the Jungle Prom (as opposed to the time they fought Palisades) and he wasn’t involved in any of the drama.

    However, Hugh, Enid’s BF did go to Big Mesa.

  4. Celine says:

    Who knew there were that many ppl at svh? i always thought the school consisted of, at most, 18 or so ppl. haha. Thank, though.. coincidentally, sometimes i have a hard time falling asleep, and i like to count things… last night, i tried to list all the svh students i knew. weird…even weirder is that i think jade is the only minority? but then they go to svu and – BAM! – diversity exists… sweet valley is the epitome of WASP.

  5. Merrie says:

    Who was the guy that was going to buy Todd’s motorcycle, yet was the one that hit the bike when Todd and Elizabeth were riding it? Was he a dropout?

  6. James says:

    i remember jean west and sandra bacon. i think sandra dated the token male latino character (i’m assuming penny ayala was latina)

  7. James says:

    i also remember a Kirk Anderson…he was supposed to be rich, good looking, on the tennis team…and super arrogant…like a Bruce lite

  8. James says:

    Hey, does anyone remember Devon Whitelaw? he stole Liz from Todd, i think. he left right after the earthquake because the fact he acted like a coward got exposed. i remember laughing at all of his descruiptions because they literally wrote him as the perfect guy…a cross between James Dean and Jeffrey French, with a ridiculously high IQ and talent in math and science. give me a break!!!

  9. ihatewheat says:

    Wow, thanks everyone. Ok, I’ll eat my words…this potentially could be all the students in the high school. And it makes sense that they mention more juniors, because the twins probs hang out with mostly juniors.

  10. bazu says:

    omg- could this high school be ANY whiter? I know this is 1984, and it’s a small town, but this lack of diversity (this few Asians, African-Americans and Hispanic students in southern California??) is beyond unrealistic. Makes me think of the children of the corn or something…

  11. Fairyelf says:

    Heather, Aaron Dallas’ girlfriend, is a sophomore. She moved away though. Was Neil Freemount a junior? Does that mean a girl actually dated a younger guy? Awesome!

  12. Magenta Galaxy says:

    Jim Roberts, who dates Shelly Novak (I think?) I believe is a junior. And isn’t there a guy named Allen Walters who goes out with Robin Wilson at one point (another junior)? Then there’s Denise Hadley and Ginnie Belasca, who are seniors, and Jay (forget his last name – McGuire maybe?), Denise’s boyfriend.

  13. Onnie says:

    actually correct me if i am wrong, but wasn’t scott trost a sophomore? i think i remember reading that in one of the books.. of course they could have advanced him another year like they did with Jade when they made her skip 2 full years for SVH senior year.

  14. Onnie says:

    James I totally remember Devon..I remember I used to think he was the coolest shit ever because he pissed Todd off so much. Yeah he basically turned coward in the end, and they made him run off to another school somewhere.

  15. Onnie says:

    Merrie, that was Jerry “crunch” Mcallister, and he dropped out after a football injury.

    Jessa: Betsy was older, I think around Steven’s age, and she dropped out too.

  16. Club X says:

    The snotty ballerina who tried out for You Can’t Take It With You was Danielle Alexander. Steven’s friend Artie’s last name was Western. Pamela’s last name was Robertson.

    Also, I think Suzanne Hanlon was actually a sophomore. Stacie Cabot (also a sophomore) was a Pi Beta pledge in Rosa’s Lie).
    Paul Sherwood was a senior and one of Bruce’s friends from the tennis team (also a pledge). Tim and Sara Eastbourne were fraternal twins (introduced in The Long Lost Brother).

    Wow…I am a Sweet Valley dork!

  17. jms says:

    I thought Regina was a junior.

    Always assumed SVH is a fairly big school, but the students mentioned are the only ones who “matter”–they’re generally either friends or enemies of the twins (not that Elizabeth really has enemies).

  18. Count Tisiano says:

    Another random one- Susan Wyler, the sophomore who was almost raped by the suddenly evil John Pfeiffer. (She is the one who helps Lila out him to the whole crew at the Dairi Burger.)

    Oh, and what was the name of the who was Jessica’s wily Lady Macbeth understudy? Paula something?

  19. Anonymous says:

    Got a good few more –

    Abbie Richardson, she was a cartoonist I think in #44 Pretenses. The twins thought she liked Steven or something.
    Also Andrea Slade, Jamie Peters’ daughter. I’m pretty sure they were both juniors.
    Jennifer Mitchell, John the rapist’s ex.

    Ricky Ordway
    Robbie Hendricks
    and Bryce Fisherman were on the football team

    Jim Daly
    Tom Hackett
    and Ron Reese were Phi Ep pledges in Rosa’s Lie i think

    Lisa Walton
    Aline Montgomery
    Mandy Farmer
    Jennifer Morris
    Alicia Benson
    Patsy Webber
    and Leslie Decker tried out for Jessica’s squad in the Pom Pom Wars

    I don’t know what class these guys were in tho, anybody??

  20. Amy Slutton says:

    In Lila’s Story they mention someone named Sonia Bentley, who once tried out for the cheerleading squad and sucked and who was madly in love with Bruce Patman. The story revolves around Lila stealing her boyfriend but I’m fairly certain the boyf went to another school. I’m not sure what class Sonia was supposed to be in… I did find it highly amusing that someone comments that they thought Sonia was a bad match for her tall, blonde waspy boyfriend because she was so “little and dark”.

  21. Magenta Galaxy says:

    HOWWWWWWW could we have forgotten…Jonathan Caine, Vampire Extrordinaire? I know he was only there for a short time (you know…until he was run out of town and forced to turn into a raven and fly away?) but he should definitely be put on the list!

  22. Amber Tan says:

    Good idea, jms! Logistically speaking, compiling a list of all of Jessica’s paramours could take a couple of years but if we cross-reference it with the student body list that will save a considerable amount of time. ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Amy Slutton says:

    I’ve got some more names of never-mentioned-again students from SVH! They are mentioned in Lovestruck and are all Suzanne Hanlon’s snobby artsy-fartsy friends.

    Alan Partridge

    Meg Winters

    Ted Jenson

    Joanie Shreeves

    Paul Larchesi

    They are all said to be seniors with the exception of Paul, about whom they don’t specify — they just say he’s always the school’s drama productions.

  24. Ashleyy says:

    Hey guys!!!
    This site rocks, it was a sweet way to waste an entire day at work when i had nothing to do!!

    From Book #75
    Ralph Woodley is a junior.
    It’s mentioned that Barry Rork has a little brother Jerry, but im not sure how old he is.
    Amanda Hayes is a junior and BFF with sara Eastborne (#79)
    Bob Hillman is dating sara Eastborne (79)
    Justin Silver (#82) was the bowling coach, i don’t know if she went to SVH. (i don’t have the books in front of me. Sickly, i’m checking from the notes i makes when i read the books. Yes, i have notes, full of tidbits and useless facts. im SUCH a loser. oh well!)
    Micheal Hampton is a new senior in #103
    Jason Man is on the basketball team. #103
    Joanne Shreves is mentioned in #92
    Toni Alimenti is in #92, they mentioned he asked out lila.

    And don’t forget the teachers!
    we all know pervy Mr C, but what about these ones:

    Ms Jacobi taught Sociology (#75)
    Mrs Ray teaches spanish (#78)
    Mr Fellows teaches history (#78)
    Mr Krezenski is the dance instructor that taught Jess for Miss Teen sweet valley and teaches Sara and Amada. Wait, i guess he didn’t teach at SVH. oh well.
    Mr Marks teaches current events (91)
    Mr Jaworski (92)
    Ms Dalton

    if you ever want to make a master list of random facts, i have lists about whos on what team/commitee, different stores and restaurants in SV, shit like that.

    Oh my. i am SO obsessed. i love it

  25. Nick says:

    What about Sabrina? The cute but dim sophomore Hugh leaves Enid for. She’s mentioned in the book where Alice almost has her face stolen.

  26. Winnie Egbert says:

    Hugh left Enid for someone else too?!? Damn, that girl just could not hold on to her men! I always wondered why Enid was such a central character when she was so one-dimensional and boring. Jessica’s bff is one of if not THE best character in the series, and Liz’s bff is the one whose paragraphs you barely skim.

  27. "Kitten" Whitman says:

    Max Dellon and Emily Mayer, too. Remember when Carl the Crazy Orderly abducted Liz just so he could stroke her hair and Todd punched Max out?

  28. Magpie says:

    James, I remember Devon. He pissed me off to no end, because they gave him this really interesting build-up all through the Fire mini-series (the one where Lila is accused of being a pyromaniac), and he seemed all mysterious and exciting, but then they turned him into the biggest jerk ever. He was totally bitchy to Todd, always whining about how unfair his life was, and his obsession with Liz was borderline sinister.

    • Maxime says:

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  29. Rita says:

    Hey. I like this roll call here…but can we do a roll call of teachers at SVH? Because I swear there are only two: Mr. Collins & Ms. Dalton. Three if you count Chrome Dome.

  30. Libby says:

    So I’m in the middle of reading A Picture-Perfect Prom? (SVH #141). Lila and Jess realise that they don’t have dates for the prom and they aren’t sure as to who they want to go with. Of COURSE, they only want the best dates, so they decide to make a list of all the guys in school and rank them so they could see who gets the top spot.

    Amongst the usual suspects (Bruce, Jeffrey French etc), they find a few other random guys who we have never heard of and will never hear of again…

    Charlie Markus – “Charlie had curly blond hair, hazel eyes, and a cute, freckled, upturned nose.”

    Bob Hillman – Lila thinks he’s “cute, with thick, wavy blond hair and green eyes. Thinks his smile can get him anything he wants – but it might look good in a prom photo. Plus point for being a member of the Sweet Valley Country Club. Minus points for being a shallow creep.”

    They don’t say what grade they are in though…

  31. Dwanollah says:

    We DO need Teacher Roll-Call! There’s Mr. Russo (who is called Mr. Rizzo a couple times), Mr. Fellows, Mr. Jawrowski….

    There’s a one-time mention of Ms. Bellesario, the choir teacher.


  32. Stasia says:

    Somewhat related question – how do you pronounce the name Enid? I’ve never been sure if it’s a long e or short e sound – EE-nid or EN-id?

  33. jms says:

    Charlie Markus also appears in Perfect Summer. He likes reformed slut Annie Whitman, but Bruce Patman nearly convinces him that Annie is still “easy.” Charlie and Annie get together by the end of the book–then never again appear as a couple.

    Side note: on what planet would a high-school Lothario like Bruce Patman try to talk his friend OUT of dating a girl with a skanky rep?

    Oh, for seniors, add creepy Kris Lynch (Elizabeth’s stalker for one book), and for sophomores, Peggy Abbott (Todd’s rebound girl in the same book).

  34. Cara Walker says:

    Compiling this list is hard when Francine changes her mind so often about the ages of a number of her characters!

    Btw, aren’t Julie Porter and Josh Bowen juniors?! Admittedly it has been a while since i read SVH #47, but Julie Porter is meant to be in the same year as Liz and Jess!

  35. Cherry says:

    I don’t anyone has said Terri adams she was ken matthews girlfriend in book 70 ms’quarterback and Zack Johnson,a sophomore linebacker and if you are doing a rollcall for big mesa try hugh grayson who was a senior.from junior varsity dave pollock and stan skinner and tim nelson,bryce fisherman and robbie hendricks

  36. zoe says:

    I don’t thinf anyone has said Terri adams she was ken matthews girlfriend in book 70 ms’quarterback and Zack Johnson,a sophomore linebacker and if you are doing a rollcall for big mesa try hugh grayson who was a senior.from junior varsity dave pollock and stan skinner and tim nelson,bryce fisherman and robbie hendricks

  37. Mich says:

    Wasnt there a Nora Mercandy hanging around with Elizabeth at one stage and you had Dana Lawson. She was supposed to be somewhat of an amazing singer. Also lets not forget Ginny-Lu Culpepper. Goodtimes.

  38. Jennifer Patman says:

    Mich, I’m thinking, and may be mistaken, but I think that Nora Mercandy and Ginny-Lu Culpepper were in SVT and not ever mentioned in SVH. However, Dana Larson was. I think some of these later books, they tried (unsuccessfully) to merge the different characters from SVK, SVT and SVH. Randomly the different people were mentioned to form a bridge of continuity.

  39. Dana Larson says:

    Wasn’t there a lifeguard, Bill or maybe Bob was his name and he was always described as periennially having either a sunburn or zinc oxide on his nose? Was he a student and a part time lifeguard or was that just his job and he only appeared in scenes taking place on the beach? I think I remember him being mentioned as being a student but have no clue as to which year he’s in.

  40. Jessica Squits the Quad says:

    It’s Maria Santelli, not Maria Santinelli. And what about Maria Slater? And isn’t Heather Mallone a senior, not a junior? I think the writers kept changing their mind about that one, but in the end I think they decided she was a senior.

  41. Bruce's Girl says:

    The new Sweet Valley Confidential mentioned Charlie Markus when it was revealed what happened to several of the minor characters. I don’t remember him at all. It also mentions a character named Nicky Shepherd, who I never remembered either. Who was he?

  42. Steph says:

    Pauline Perrine — Wasn’t it Paula Perrine, not Pauline?

    Julie Porter was a sophomore?! Wut. Wasn’t she in the twins’ grade in the SVT books?

    Patty Gilbert — Hahaha, I think I remember a character named Patty Gilbert in the SVT series, in “The Twins Go to Hollywood”. She was one of the twins from the movie audition, wasn’t she?

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