It’s always sunny in Sweet Valley

Here’s the chance to nitpick all the inconsistencies in Sweet Valley Land. I’ll start with the obvious:

The gals have been sixteen for about 15 years, and have seen there share of Christmases, Halloweens, and summer vacations. [In their defense, it’s not like the writers were not aware of this, they just needed to keep everyone the same age for the sake of its readers.]

No one ever goes to the bathroom, gets their period, or has gas.

The twins are kidnapped, stalked, held hostage, attacked multiple times and are never tramatized more than one book (until the Jungle Prom Punch Fiasco).


409 thoughts on “It’s always sunny in Sweet Valley

  1. Donna says:

    Ooooooh, I love this!

    From the very early books, I remember:

    Todd, on one occasion mentions he has a sister and in another, a brother – yet for the remainder of the series, I was under the distinct impression he was an only child.

    In my copy of book # 1, there is a chapter at the end outlining the ‘story so far’ of each of the main characters. Lila’s synopsis says her mother visits her infrequently and that George Fowler is not her real father. Her mother says she used to be a bit hollywood actress and Lila assumes her biolgocial father is a famous actor.


    Bill Chase’s synopsis says he tragically lost his girlfriend in a car accident that he was driving and that he never got over her (and Elizabeth reminds him of said dead girlfriend and he has a huge crush on her) and that this happened two years ago. This would mean this happened when Bill was 14 years old – are 14 year olds in the US allowed to drive at that age??

    After Tricia Martin dies, there are TWO different books with a sub-plot of a girl looking exactly like Tricia Martin that Steve falls in love with – how can there be three (unrelated) girls that all look identicial in one town??

    Many of the characters have a birthday celebration, yet all remain 16 years old.

    In the SV Twins series, Elizabeth interviews Alice and asks where she meets Ned. From memory, Alice says she was working as a waitress and was serving Ned and accidently tipped a plate of spaghetti on him and the rest was history, yet in the SVH saga books, Alice leaves Hank Patman at the alter and runs to Ned.

    Why does Steve live on campus when presumably college is in the same town??

    And my personal pet SVH hates:

    When Todd returns from Vermont, he holds a party at his parents new home and answers the door wearing a white dinner suit – how many parties did you attend as a sixteen year old where the guys dressed like that??

    Only the ‘bad’ characters experiment with alcohol, cigarettes or drugs and usually meet a horrible accident or death to teach the rest of us a lesson not to indulge in any of these naughty habits.

    That the exceptionally wealthy students like Lila, Bruce and Regina all attend SVH – surely their parents would want to send their children to a snobby private school??

    EVERY book has a boy that is “the most gorgeous boy Jessica had ever seen” – how can one town have such a high percentage of really, really good looking people?

    Francine’s obsessive hatred of overweight and single people – the worst being in one book (I think Love Letters for Sale?) where Elizabeth muses that “anyone who wouldn’t appreciate a guy as great as Todd deserves the single life.” And in another, Jessica is ashamed that she has a visiting cousin who is “at least 10 pounds overweight” – none of this is healthy for angsty teenage girls with low self esteem – SVH ghostwriters have no sense of social responsibility – HATE!

    None of these sixteen year olds have any responsibilites, boundaries, curfews or concept of the world outside their own town (hence, I guess, the selfish and self absorbed behaviour).

    All of that said, I am blushing as I remember how much I devoured each new title (and how much I thought my life would be like SVH when I turned sixteen – oh, the disappointment!!).

  2. ihatewheat says:

    Donna, nice job! I forgot to mention that at every party, the kids serve finger sandwhiches and punch. Doesn’t anyone just get a some six-packs and jello shots and hang around?

  3. Magpie says:

    “Why does Steve live on campus when presumably college is in the same town??”

    Donna, I think that SVU is actually in a different town that happens to be in Sweet Valley County (I’m pretty sure this is explained at some point in the SVU series). But this does lead me to a WHOLE new set of inconsistencies with the location of SVU – sometimes it is 2 hours’ drive from the Wakefields’ house (is it even possible that Sweet Valley County would be so vast?), and sometimes it is just down the road.

    Also, the biggest inconsistency of the entire series: in SVH #1, we are led to believe that Todd is fairly new in town, and certainly that he doesn’t know Liz very well. I guess he got temporary amnesia, because I seem to remember him being friends with her at age 7 in the SVK series, and DATING her in SVT!

    • Jennifer says:

      It also seems, in SVT #41-43 that Todd is new, we haven’t heard about him before until Jessica gets a crush on him. Isn’t that just a little SVH #1? But on the other hand, maybe we’re too hard on the different series. Maybe they are just a way for younger kids to get into the series, and not meant to be read as being chronologically?

      • Deitra says:

        Actually Todd was in “Sweet Valley Kids” which is when the gangs seven years old,I suppose they made SVK after SVT and SVH.You’d think they would mention that they have known each other since the second grade or maybe back then Jessica wasn’t as boy crazy as she was in SVT and SVH and the author just didn’t care to mention him until that book. I don’t know all I know is that Todd was around when the twins were in second grade

  4. Magenta Galaxy says:

    “Why does Steve live on campus when presumably college is in the same town??”
    Also going with what Magpie said…if it IS that close, why do Bruce and Lila feel the need to FLY back and forth to school in the early SVU books??

    “EVERY book has a boy that is “the most gorgeous boy Jessica had ever seen” – how can one town have such a high percentage of really, really good looking people?”
    And don’t forget all the billion times the twins have been kissed more passionately than anyone has ever kissed them before!

    Shall I point out the obvious “Olivia coming back from the dead” in the early SVU book where they have a high school reunion about 5 months after they graduate? I know that was written before the Earthquake books, but maybe choose some other character to kill, one that DIDN’T show up at the reunion…

    In the 2 mini-sets of SVU books where they are lifeguards, Jessica suddenly isn’t dating Nick, and is free to whore it up for that Ben dude.

    I might be off on this, but isn’t Robin Wilson’s mom single and they’re kinda poor and that’s why her mom wants her aunt to send her to college, but then when Robin conveniently moves to make room for Heather Malone, isn’t it because her dad’s job was transferred?

    I think at some point Enid and Winston also mention siblings early on, too, never to be heard from again. Someone should check their basements.

    Steven isn’t dating Billie anymore when he’s a sophomore, during SVHSY, but when SVU starts and he’s a junior, they’re dating again.

    • penny ayala says:

      “Shall I point out the obvious “Olivia coming back from the dead” in the early SVU book where they have a high school reunion about 5 months after they graduate?”
      Maybe she did a margo and somehow escaped a carotid artery laceration to hijack an ambulance…just a thought

  5. Janelle says:

    “Steven isn’t dating Billie anymore when he’s a sophomore, during SVHSY, but when SVU starts and he’s a junior, they’re dating again.”

    I might be wrong- but I thought that Steven and Billie meet and start dating at the beginning of the SVU series when she shows up to answer his ad for a roommate and he’s shocked to find out that “Billie” is a girl!

    Another inconsistency is the never-ending and often-repeating sports seasons at Sweet Valley High. It switches from basketball to football season and back all the time.
    Also, in That Fatal Night, the football team is having a great season that is almost over, but in Ms. Quarterback, although they do remain consistent with the story of why Ken isn’t playing, it’s suddenly MONTHS later and the football season is still going and still almost over.

  6. Johnny Buck says:

    Actually, the twins DO get their periods once … in SVT “Jessica’s Secrets” … Jessica gets upset because Elizabeth gets her period first. J just assumed she’d get hers first because she’s more mature. Anyhoo, Jessica decides that she can prove she’s grown up by going to visit cousin Robin in San Diego, where she lears that Robin is a member of a super-elite club called (I think) the Jaguars. All I really remember about them is that they wore all black and had ID bracelets. Jessica pretends to have her period the whole time, but only actually gets it on the way home from the trip.

    At any rate, that was probably the last mention of the Crimson Tide in Sweet Valley.

  7. Abby says:

    “I might be wrong- but I thought that Steven and Billie meet and start dating at the beginning of the SVU series when she shows up to answer his ad for a roommate and he’s shocked to find out that “Billie” is a girl!”

    I’m pretty sure that happened in SVH…right around the time they changed the covers (so like, late 90s, maybe #97-99), and at the start of SVU they were in love.

    “there are TWO different books with a sub-plot of a girl looking exactly like Tricia Martin that Steve falls in love with ”

    Really? I remember #64, the Ghost of Tricia, but when was the other?

    My personal pet peeve- the kids in SVU, despite being kidnapped, raped, beaten, uncovering large secret societies, being the target of murder plots, and meeting up with people from the FBI most wanted list, still act like the kids from Saved By the Bell. Any use of alcohol is abhorred, (Alex drinks for the first month she’s in college and needs to go to AA, all the sexual violence usually occurs after some guy is drunk), and these kids, despite all being over 18, refuse to sleep in the same bed with each other, and of course there is no sex. Remember when Liz books a cruise in college for all her friends? Even though it’s all couples, she still puts boys with boys and girls with girls…and no one complains.

    My biggest complaint about SVH was everyone always talked about Liz and Todd like they were this long lasting, soulmate couple, yet at the absolute most they would have been dating 9 months (you know, a school year), broke up numerous times, and cheated on each other everytime one of them was out of town (and a couple times when they weren’t). Not only that, but Liz (who’s supposed to be the sensitive, kindhearted, responsible twin) felt like, zero remorse whenever she did it.

  8. Magenta Galaxy says:

    ^^And dumbass Todd, my least favorite YA character everrrrr, always took her back!

    Janelle, to go along with your sports theme…just how many championship football, basketball and soccer games can one school play in per year?

  9. Kristin says:

    I always thought it was weird that none of the sweet valley kids have after school jobs that aren’t volunteer jobs (Amy with the hotline, I think Liz and Jess were candy stripers for like one book) yet they always have money to buy new clothes, have parties, drive everywhere and go on vacations to exotic locations.

    • Jennifer says:

      I know. There was never any mention of jobs at all. Then suddenly, in the SVHSY series, EVERYONE had a job, and at one point Liz was grounded because she didn’t have a job. Ol’ Ned and Alice must have had a huge personality make over.

  10. perfectsize12 says:

    The one inconsistency that always drove me bonkers was the age/grade discrepancies between the different series. In SVK, the Wakefield twinkies (thank you, Heather Mallone for that wonderful phrase!) and their friends are 7 years old in second grade. In SVT, they are 12 years old at the beginning of sixth grade. But the twinkies were born in June during earthquake season. So, did the twins and all of their classmates get left back a year? I always thought that the Sweet Valley education system was seriously lacking! Then, in SVH, they are all 16 years old in eleventh grade. So when did everybody make up the lost year? Apparently this bizarre epidemic also affected their older brother, Steven. He was in ninth grade in SVT (3 grades ahead of the twins) and a freshman in college in SVH (2 grades ahead of the twins). Francine! Since SVH was published years before SVT, would it have been that hard to make the twins eleven in sixth grade and put Steven in eighth grade? I wondered about all of this for years growing up. No wonder I did so poorly in school – I had Sweet Valley on the brain 24/7!

    • Jennifer says:

      I think for some odd reason, It was imperative that Steven be at SVH while the twins were at SVMS. It just helped him show how much older he was and in high school. I also made a note about the age differences that would lead Janet and Joe Howell to being the same age in another post.

    • Sarah says:

      Also, in SVK, the twins turn 7 at the beginning of the school year, but then in SVH, they turn 17 in June! And they don’t dress alike in SVK, but in the first book of SVT, they say they have been doing it since nursery school! Also, Bruce is in 7th grade in SVT, but in the one where Liz gets skipped to 7th grade, he is suddenly in 8th!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Kristin, I agree, I grew up in a pretty well-to-do family where I could have been given all those things, but the day I turned 16 my parents drove me all over to fill in applications for part-time jobs so I’d learn responsibility, something the SVH kids could’ve used. Why make Jessica get a job just because she routinely spent hundreds of dollars on your emergency credit card? But, it is SV, where at least one thing is consistent – the bad parenting!

  12. Magpie says:

    Magenta Galaxy, I’d totally forgotten that Lila and Bruce fly to campus sometimes! Haha, that really makes zero sense.

    And perfectsize12, that inconsistency about the ages is really annoying. I swear sometimes kids at SVH change grades, too- in one book, a character will be a sophomore, the next a junior. Also, Bruce was supposed to be a senior in the SVH series, yet he is always in classes with the juniors. I know that’s possible for some classes, but as often as this? That’s a bit weird.

  13. kate says:

    The main reason I read this blog is because you review most of the books I haven’t read (saving me time and aggravation) and when you do read a book I get a pleasant blast from the past. Therefore I can’t remember any of the inconsistencies everyone is talking about.

    That said it drove me CRAZY that if you weren’t perfect all your problems could be solved in one book. “Problems” being poor/fat/ugly and not anything too serious. Of course, there was sometimes a follow up book where the issue would rear its ugly head, but then be solved by the end of the book again.

    sigh…this is why after SVH I went right to mysteries. Kinsey Milhone would whupped those twins butts.

  14. megan says:

    at least they were not always 13 and in the 8th grade for their whole LIVES. Or, 11 and and in the 6th grade.

    Not naming any NAMES….

    • Brandi says:

      LOL. The BSC actually was 12 in the first four books… HA I noticed that they were thirteen forever even in fourth grade.

  15. Stacey says:

    I’m still really mad that in Senior Year Todd played football, not basketball and then he was a big basketball scholarship winner in SVU.

    So stupid, I wanna smack someone upside the head.

    I will tell you what I think was one of the weirdest consistansies in the series. In the last few Unicorn Club books, the girls are in 7th grade, Rachel Grant becomes a member…I am thinking she’s in the last four books. And then in Goodbye Middle School in SVT it goes from 6th grade to them having just completed 7th grade and Rachel Grant in there. I thought for sure they would mess that one up.

  16. tygre says:

    “Really? I remember #64, the Ghost of Tricia, but when was the other?”

    Spring Break, the super edition that takes place in Fraaaaaance. The hostess’s daughter (who goes to SV when the twins come to France) stays with the Wakefields.

  17. katie says:

    Is it fucked up that the only 2 Sweet Valley books that I can actully remeber are the ones where the twins got their periods and the one where Regina overdoses? I think I chose those two strictly on their WOW factors for me at the time.

  18. Ariel says:

    “Bill Chase’s synopsis says he tragically lost his girlfriend in a car accident that he was driving and that he never got over her (and Elizabeth reminds him of said dead girlfriend and he has a huge crush on her) and that this happened two years ago. This would mean this happened when Bill was 14 years old – are 14 year olds in the US allowed to drive at that age??”

    He wasn’t driving. The reason he blamed himself was that he’d picked an argument with Julianne at a party and she left with someone else, and that person crashed the car. That said, they did seem pretty intense for 14.

  19. Colleen says:

    there’s another Sweet Valley Twins book where they mention periods! In the one where the guy who works at Casey’s is framed for holding up the drugstore, Elizabeth The Spy. Jessica and Elizabeth were in line to buy pads! Jessica was all self-conscious that someone would see her. I remember reading that and it occurring to me for the first time that it was weird that in 8th grade none of the BSC got their period, if the twins were in 6th grade and they did.

    • Jessica says:

      I thought it was weird that 12 year olds were buying pads. I mean, in the sixth grade, your parents still do the shopping, right? I mean, did the twins have to buy their own toilet paper, too?

  20. Eli says:

    How about that TWO people could get completely wasted off a partial flask of grain alcohol? Even if you are a perfect size six. Of course that isn’t consistent with a previous book…just inconsistent with reality.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Magpie – Jade Wu changed grades too, she was a sophomore when the twins were Juniors, then in SVHSY she was a senior with the twins. Not to mention her character change from meek, ballerina, traditional daughter of very traditional, married parents to slut-tacular daughter of divorced parents, and her mom worked in a bar.

  22. katie says:

    Colleen, I remember that one too!! See, it just takes a little memory jogging.

    I remember in Stacey’s Emergency, she blames that she is not feeling well in puberty. That is as far as I remember them going.

    I have a question; I remember in the Twins books, they referred to the twin’s blond hair and blue/green eyes. What size were they back then though?? I do not remember them mentioning it.

  23. LucyHoneychurch says:

    ihatewheat — but remember, the Jessica-pretends-to-get-her-period story is just a blatant rip-off of “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret.” Minus the giant sanitary-napkin belts and weirdo things like that.

    Off-topic, but my mother was reminiscing the other day about the time I read AYTG?IMM and I had to ask her about the whole belt thing because I was freaking SCARED.

    • Anonymous says:

      HA HA HA…I remember wondering what the belt was for when I read that book back in the 90s. I loved Judy Blume. I remember reading two other books by her–Tiger Eyes and Forever.

  24. kate says:


    I did the same thing. i freaked out that I had to do something complicated with a belt (I couldn’t even make paper book covers), and my mom had to calm me down too.

    That said, Margaret did inspire me to do a dry run with a sanitary napkin just to see what it was like.

  25. Donna says:

    I stopped reading SVH after about book # 90 or so and SVU after book #6 – I had absolutely no idea I missed all of this good stuff – it’s pure gold! I’m going to scour ebay for copies and catch up.

    I forgot to mention – In first chapter of each book when Francine gushes about how beautiful the twins are they are sometimes described as being so identicial that even their friends and family had trouble telling them apart and and other books say that even though they are identical their friends and family knew in an instant who was who – what the??

    Why are Elizabeth and Enid invited to Lila’s parties when they clearly dislike each other?

    Was teenage pregnancy ever an issue in SVH?

    Why are other girls who play the field have ‘bad reputations’ yet Jessica is described as being a ‘social butterfly?”

  26. Kellie says:

    In #10 Wrong Kind of Girl it was revealed that Annie Whitman’s mother had Annie at 16. But in #93 Stepsisters, Annie reflects on the magazine cover her mother’s picture was on “eighteen years ago” when her mother was in her early 20s. Shouldn’t Mona Whitman be only 31?

  27. Magpie says:

    Anonymous- thanks for confirming that about Jade Wu’s age 🙂 I was pretty sure she was one of the victims of this bizarre Sweet Valley Time Warp, but I couldn’t remember exactly. Her personality change in Senior Year has always really bugged me!

    And Kellie- also, wasn’t Mona Whitman supposed to be some kind of alcoholic/down-and-out mother in Wrong Kind of Girl? She recovered from that pretty quickly!

  28. Janelle says:

    Another time that periods are mentioned is in one of the early SVT books when the tomboy “Billie” Layton gets hers before everyone else, towards the end of the book she decides to start being called “Belinda” and acting more like a girl!

    I guess the endless years in one grade didn’t really bother me that much, just because I don’t think that Sweet Valley was ever meant to be a serial series, if that makes sense. Kind of like the early episodes of Saved by the Bell and Beverly Hills, 90210- each book features the same characters, but one story is pretty independent of the others. I think this changed once the Senior Year books started and they tried to have a more consistent time-frame.

    So although all the multiple Christmases and stuff never really bothered me, the age thing did! I always noticed that Steven wasn’t in the right grade consistently and it bugged me!

    One more thing- the inconsistencies concerning the Wakefield’s family. There are several things that are mentioned within different books that don’t add up to the Sagas about the family.

  29. aaaames says:

    Janelle, I was trying to think of that SVT book the other day! At the time I thought it was made of awesome, but now I am appalled at myself for LIKING IT. I clearly remember a friend and I discussing that book and thinking it was Very Important. I really hope I didn’t internalize that lesson that once you were a proper lady you couldn’t have a cute androgynous nickname or casual clothes.

    • Jessica says:

      Remember the reason why she changed her name? Her parents were having a baby, and naming it William. Like Dad was basically saying, “You’ve been okay as a substitute, but now that I’m going to have a REAL boy, you need to give up your name and identity so the baby can have it.” What kind of parents choose to name their new kid the same as the first kid? That’s some Pete and Pete sh*t, there.

  30. Jade Wu's Toe Shoe says:

    Heeee! Love this thread.

    I, too, always got worked up about the glaringly obvious inconsistencies with secondary characters’ personalities/lives . . . and wondered why the ghostwriters couldn’t just create entirely different characters who would never be seen or heard from again (since that was done often anyhow.)

    One that stands out in my memory (from the Twins series) was how the mother of Sophia Rizzo (is that her name?) went from being this poverty-stricken, disabled woman to an attractive, stylish and completely mobile gal who started dating Sarah Thomas’s dad. Hello! And the most bizarre thing about it was that the kept ONE thing consistent – that she had a heavy Italian accent.

    Remembering details like this is such a dreadful use for my brain cells . . .

  31. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone else think it’s weird that they never had a baseball team? I mean, soccer, football, and basketball were all represented. It would have been a whole other season to stretch on indefinitely!

  32. Nathalie says:

    I was more into the SVT than SVH, but of the approx. 7 SHV books I read I do remember thinking it was weird that there was no baseball.
    Also, I thought it was weird that I don’t really remember any girls who were good at women’s sports. I remember that they all played a lot of tennis, and I knew there was one where a girl played on the football team. But were there every girls who were good at gymnastics, volleyball, swimming/diving, pretty much any sport?

    • Lila's Amex says:

      “Also, I thought it was weird that I don’t really remember any girls who were good at women’s sports. I remember that they all played a lot of tennis, and I knew there was one where a girl played on the football team. But were there every girls who were good at gymnastics, volleyball, swimming/diving, pretty much any sport?”

      Do you remember there was this two book series in SVT where the twins were all sporty. Suddenly Jessica and Lila were champion gymnasts competing in interschool meets and Elizabeth was all awesome at volleyball?? Ummm correct me if im wrong but gymnastics isnt something you pick up overnight…

  33. Magpie says:

    Nathalie, I think that Robin Wilson was a champion diver at one point. And they got a female quarterback on the football team later on in the series, too! *shock horror*

    Those are the only two sporty girls I can remember, besides the cheerleaders, of course!

  34. Becca says:

    I never read many SVT books, but I remember reading that Jessica got glasses in one of them. She didn’t have them in SVH; did she have them besides that one book in SVT (I think it was called Jessica’s New Look or something)?

  35. Magenta Galaxy says:

    Magpie/Nathalie, don’t forget Shelley Novak, the basketball player. She was like the female Todd, I think.

  36. Magpie says:

    Magenta Galaxy, I’d forgotten about Shelley Novak! 🙂 She was such a boring secondary character, I’ve erased her from my memory.

  37. Tiny Pants says:

    Shelly Novak for b-ball, and then there’s another one with a girl who’s like a semi-professional tennis player — Kristin Thompson, totally a one-book wonder for SVH. Both wind up you know, semi-giving up their dreams because sports pale in comparison to boyfriends.

    Another thing to note — since unlike say Jade Wu or Patty Gilbert, Kristin and Shelly are white and thus apparently they don’t need to have Liz touching their shoulder/looking at them all condescending on the book covers the way Jade and Patty do.

    It’s more of a CONSISTENCY than an inconsistency, but I can’t stand the often far-fetched lengths the GWs have to go to to get these completely random one-book characters into the Wakefields’ orbit. It always seems so forced!

  38. Nathalie says:

    Thanks guys. I stand corrected. I just remember being so obsessed with the idea of gymnastics and diving as a kid, it seems natural to me that these obsessions would have been more represented in Sweet Valley. Also ice skating.

  39. Sophie says:

    No one in Sweet Valley has special needs. Also, the twins are never bad at anything. All of a sudden they are star ballerinas or gymnasts or whatever. Plus, they’re brilliant.

    I hate them so hard.

  40. diana says:


    Also, the biggest inconsistency of the entire series: in SVH #1, we are led to believe that Todd is fairly new in town, and certainly that he doesn’t know Liz very well. I guess he got temporary amnesia, because I seem to remember him being friends with her at age 7 in the SVK series, and DATING her in SVT!”

    oh god, this drives me CRAZY. although didn’t the SVH series come first? not that it makes it any better. it’s like, they’ve all known bruce and todd and ken forever and suddenly in high school are falling all over these guys that we’re supposed to believe they don’t know that well and never hung out with before.

  41. Stacey says:

    They explained the thing about Jessica getting glasses. They said it was only needed for a short term thing to help her eyestrain or something. She had them for a few books and then at the beginning of another book it said something about her being so happy to not have them anymore.

  42. Janelle says:

    Going along with the idea that the twins are good at everything, one thing that always bugged me was their singing abilities. In one book it would say that they were horrible singers and then in another they were fabulous!

  43. Anonymous says:

    There was maybe a kind of mini-series within the SVT where they did sports. They went to the “California Games” supposedly this huge middle school competition for all California schools but I can’t remember if the series had that title too. In the gymnastics one, Jessica is the star of the gymnastics team (of course) and I actually remember the description of the gymnastics as being decently realistic, although Jessica suddenly being able to do these moves after not hearing about her training gym 30 hrs a week during the series of course was not. Lila and Amy were on the team. And a boy was trying to be on the girls team and he was a manager. much like Winston in that cheerleader one. It was mentioned that Elizabeth was on the volleyball team possibly? they had to qualify for the games too. maybe that was the subject of a different one, I think there were 4 or so. They were smaller in physical size but more substantial, like smaller print, more of a YA book. The gym one was the only one I read.

  44. snappleaddict says:

    Someone pointed out in the comments on my blog that in SVH #4 Power Play when Liz goes to the hearing with Lila she drives the Fiat over to Lila’s, and Lila’s dad takes them to the hearing, then to dinner, and then drops Liz off at the Wakefield’s…even though she drove to Fowler Crest and the Fiat would still be there.

  45. Janelle says:

    I thought of another one! I don’t know if anyone was as obsessive as me to notice, but the time of day that the twins had certain classes and who was in each class changes from book to book- at one point I think I even tried to make out a schedule for each of them, but it was impossible!

  46. Stacey says:

    My step daughter is in 6th grade and her schedule changes every six weeks!!! So if we pretend really hard, maybe we can imagine thats what was going on!

  47. Stacey says:

    Hey, I have both Team Sweet Valley books; they are so… odd!!!

    All of a sudden Jessica’s this freaky good gymnast and Elizabeth is a pro-level Volleyball player! Then they never play either sport again… (except beach volleyball in high school of course!) : )

    Also something sport related that bugs the bejeebus out of me…. in one SVT book Jessica is on the girls basketball team and she is really good and she is thinking about how much she loves it…never again is it mentioned. Then in one of the later SVT books, the girls decide to form their own girls basketball team because the middle school doesn’t have one (WTF??) and they recruit Steven to coach them. Its the one where the Boosters quit cheering for the boy’s teams because they don’t appreciate them and they don’t show up to cheer at the girl’s games. Of course they form the girls team just in time to go to the playoffs and finish the season. That team is never heard of again.

    Funny thing is I can really see Jessica as a girl’s basketball player, at least at middle school level. I think that should have been an on-going story line.

  48. London says:

    Here’s something that is less of an inconsistency and more of a peeve of mine: Whenever someone is someone else’s “slave”, that person is forced to pick up the other person’s dry cleaning. This happens a lot in the early books. How much freaking dry cleaning does a teenager really have? I’m 24, and even my business cas barely requires anything more than a washing machine.

  49. crystal says:

    hey, this isn’t really an inconsistency, just a question.

    i live in australia and i used to read the sweet valley high and university books, as well as sweet valley junior high. did you guys have that in america, or is SVT (i assume this means sweet valley teens) the equivalent of sweet valley junior high?

    they released junior high after they stopped writing all the other series, and they had nice new covers with actual photos of the characters on the fronts. i think they ended up being my favourites because they were just a bit more risque and realistic than all of the other books!

    if you were confused by the age and grade inconsistencies, imagine how i felt. i had no concept of middle school, junior high, sophomore year, and so on. I WASTED SO MANY HOURS OF MY YOUTH TRYING TO UNDERSTAND YOUR SCHOOLING SYSTEM!!


  50. Janelle says:

    Crystal, SVT stands for Sweet Valley Twins- this series came before the Jr. High ones and the twins are in 6th grade. Then there was a shorter series called The Unicorn Club which had about 20 books, when they were in 7th grade. Then in the Jr. High books they’re in 8th grade (and at a completely different school!).

    I was younger when I started reading Sweet Valley and I think that the Twins books were my favorite. I do have ALL of the books thought (except all the kids ones) and I’ve been reading through the SVH ones which is pretty entertaining!

  51. Anya says:

    This is really nitpicky but I thought it was really strange. In one of the earlier SVU books Jessica has Liz and Tom Watts over for dinner so that they can meet her husband Mike McCallery. They make a huge deal about how well Tom and Mike got along and then in the 8th book, Home For Christmas, when Mike shows up at the Wakefields he describes the scene as knowing everyone there except for the guy that Liz is with, who apparantly he liked so much a couple of books ago.

  52. jms says:

    London, the dry cleaning bit is so true! In high school, I wore sweaters that needed dry cleaning, but I don’t live in southern California–where real teenagers likely wear lightweight summer clothes most of the year. I guess jumpsuits, Lisette’s sweater outfits, and suede skirts DO need to be dry cleaned…

  53. Kellie says:

    Oh I thought of another one! In the Sweet Valley Terror miniseries (you know, with Margo, magical vodka etc) in one book, Jessica is driving the easily-repaired Jeep but in the next book, she’s driving Mrs Wakefield’s station wagon because the Jeep is still being repaired.

    Oh and in The Morning After, the accident took place three weeks ago. But in The Arrest, it took place “about a week ago” – why can’t they get it straight from one book to the next?! And I’m reading Beware the Babysitter at the moment and I’m confused about how Josh knew Margo’s name was Margo, after she called herself Michelle to his family.

  54. Magenta Galaxy says:

    Doesn’t the last name of Josh’s family change from Rossi to Smith from the Morning After to the rest of those books?

  55. Stasia says:

    I haven’t read any of the Jr. High books (not yet, anyway), but I’m glad to hear it’s a totally different school. When I first found out about this new series, it bugged me that if in SVT they’re clearly in Middle School (6th-8th), then why would there be a Jr. High (7th-9th)? Does this series (esp. the first book) give any background, pre-8th grade?

  56. crystal says:

    thanks, janelle! now that you say it, i did definitely read the sweet valley twins books, we have those too.

    my friends laughed at me last year when i took some sweet valley high books away on holiday with me for some light reading. i don’t want to be ashamed! i’m 19! maybe i’m still kind of the target audience??

    • penny ayala says:

      Don’t be ashamed – I’m a resident doctor and I still sneak my SVH books into the on call room at times. Gotta love some of those medical marvels – like Liz’s sudden post-coma personality change

  57. Stacey says:

    Stasia, there is plenty of background in the first book of the SVJH series. The last book of the Twins series “Goodbye Middle School” discusses the changed too, as well as two in-between books, Elizabeth: Next Stop Junior High, and Jessica:Next Stop Junior High. (all are worth the reads).

    I am 11 books into the SVJH series now and I really am enjoying it. It is different, but very good.

  58. Magpie says:

    Diana, yes, the SVH series did come before the others 🙂 But what puzzles me is, why didn’t the writers of SVT and SVK make their books consistent with what had happened in SVH? It’s not like we the readers care whether 6th grade Liz is dating Todd or some other random guy who happens to be at her school. It feels so contrived. I guess they were trying to be consistent, but it just made the whole thing radically INconsistent!

  59. J says:

    I obsessively read SVT, then SVH and finally SVU starting around age 6-7 (I was a precocious reader!)
    The only thing I remember wondering about is how the sagas about the two sides of the twins’ family are both called “the wakefield something.” Alice’s family was NOT WAKEFIELDS!
    As a side note, I also totally thought high school would be like SVH and was kinda pissed that it wasn’t. Also, the ghostwriters won at least one soul: I never tried cocaine in college because of Regina Morrow – I was convinced I’d have a heart attack!

  60. lalala says:

    after reading all these comments it makes me realize how completely fake the world of sweet valley is… oh well i still love it… the only thing that really ever bugged me about the series is that when either of the twins loses one guy.. theres always another five waiting to go out with them… also why did so many of jessica’s boyfriends have to do die in svh? i can think of atleast two or three… oh & she dates a vampire……………

  61. Sarah C. says:

    In #96 The Arrest, there’s a Maria “Santini” who is mentioned leaving the cafeteria with Bill Chase.

    Santini/Santelli, who cares? All those eye-talian names sound the same.

    I also love that the Wakefields have a golden retriever–even the dog is blonde!

    • wb3 says:

      Another inconsistency. The dog, Prince Albert,disappears after the earthquake only to be in the SVU series. I have loved this series since I first recived Special Christmas one year but I have to admit the constant discrepancies make me wonder if the the GW ever read any of the other series. SVH was the original but the other still could have paid more attention to the goings on in the original series. Seems the fans are more aware of the differences than the writes.

  62. Kellie says:

    ***Magenta Galaxy, I’d totally forgotten that Lila and Bruce fly to campus sometimes! Haha, that really makes zero sense.***

    I’m currently reading the Sweet Valley Terror miniseries and Steven drives back from campus like, every night, because it’s only an hour away (which ended up being two hours by the time the twins went to college) … now, maybe this is a cultural difference, but where I live (Australia) it wouldn’t be that out of the ordinary to commute 1 hour to university. Why did Steven have to live on campus? Since he spent so much time at home anyway, what was the point?!

  63. Cheryl Slade says:

    Maybe I’m misunderstanding the meaning of the word ‘statuesque’, but doesn’t it usually signify a normal, non-anorexic build? If so, then Regina’s description in the first couple of books means that she’s the only beauty queen in Sweet Valley who’s not a toothpick. Given Francine’s well documented hatred for anyone regular-sized, how did Regina end up on the cover of a fashion magazine?

  64. Kellie says:

    To be fair, though, would size 6 really only fit anorexics? I’m in Australia and thought a US 6 was the equivalent of about an Australian size 10, which is definitely considered slim (it’s usually the size presented as the “ideal”), but there are two smaller sizes.

    That said, my issue with Francine’s attitude toward food bugged me – it was okay for perfect-size-six girls with naturally fast metabolisms to constantly stuff their faces with Dairi Burger crap, hot fudge sundaes from Casey’s and massive pancake breakfasts practically every other day… but when Robin Wilson (in her fat days) shows signs of a less than perfect diet, it’s one big “tsk tsk” from Elizabeth.

    Also, how did Elizabeth gain all that weight at the beginning of SVU? It was hardly like she’d ever had to keep a close eye on her figure in the past.

  65. Donna says:

    Hi Kellie,

    I’m also from Oz (Melbourne) and I always thought American size 6 was the equivalent of our size 8.

    And re the college commute, I commuted an hour and a half on public transport when I was at university so I never figured out the whole SV live on campus thing either.

    I would LOVE for a ghostwriter, or better yet, Francine herself, to join in this blog and us straight once and for all with all of these inconsistencies!!

  66. Abby says:

    No, an American size six is definitely not a size where you would assume someone is anorexic. However, it’s important to note that size 6 now, and size six in the early 80s are pretty different…due to style and cut differences someone who wore a size 6 today would probably not fit into a pair of size 6 pants from 1982. I would imagine someone who wore size 6 in the 80s would probably be a 4 today, maybe even a 2.

    That being said, I never got the impression the Wakefields were skinny. In fact, I think “shapely” is used most often. Don’t get me wrong, they never had saddlebags or stomach paunches, but they had a body type like Cindy Crawford, circa 1990. Mischa Bartons these girls were not.

    One thing kind of funny though– I always got the impression the Wakefields, even with their shapely legs and flat stomachs and glorious blond hair, and eyes the color of the pacific ocean, were kind of flat chested. No wonder no guy besides Bruce ever bothered to try to get to second base with them.

  67. Janelle says:

    I don’t know about the flat chested thing, it is pointed out several times that they have “perfectly proportioned figures” which I took to mean that they did have boobs!

    Here’s my evidence that these books have had a profound impact on the way I see things- my entire life I’ve always wanted to have that “perfect size six figure” and, at 23, I’m actually close to having it and I’m totally excited about it!

    Also important to keep in mind is that the stick-thin figures that are so popular now weren’t in the 80’s and a size 6 would have been considered thin and beautiful, even though now it’s more “normal” It reminds me of the original opening sequence to Beverly Hills, 90210 which shows a woman in a a bikini laying on a float and she actually has hips! That image is definitely not was is considered the ideal now.

  68. Abby says:

    Perhaps flat chested is a little harsh, but I’m thinking they were B cups at the most, maybe even As. The cover artist always drew them as having no boobs, and Elizabeth makes a couple references to having a less than abundant chest in SVU.

  69. BadKat says:

    If the twins were a size 6, I can’t imagine that their boobs were that big…Naturally…Most (but not all) women have boobs proportionate to their body size and type, and I am sure that the Wakefield two are no exceptions.

    I never liked how they pushed the “whiteness” of the Wakefield family. Did they ever even get a nice tan?

    If Australian sizes are similar to UK sizes, a 6 US would be a size 8 UK.

    I remember that chick at the start of the 90210 intro! Her swimsuit was awful! Ugh, early 90s fashion :(-

  70. Magpie says:

    BadKat, Francine made much of the Wakefields having a perfect golden tan. I seem to remember, in fact, that when they came to London for that crazy werewolf mini-series, Jessica is disproportionately upset about the fact that her tan is fading. ‘Cause, you know, the sun never shines through the mist over here.

    Also, a US size 6 is a UK size 10. So, given their 5’6″ height, a pretty healthy size to be.

  71. Magenta Galaxy says:

    In answer to the questions about living at a school that’s only an hour away…it’s not uncommon in the US to do that. Part of the “college experience,” so to speak, to live away from home. My fiance’s family only lived about a half hour from our college, and he lived on campus, as did tons of others that had close-by families. I think it also somewhat has to do with the fact that most non-private universities charge less for students that have their family residence in the state of the school, so it’s not unreasonably expensive to live at the school if it’s in your home state.

  72. Anya says:

    This isn’t really an inconsistency, just an annoying thing. The twins have been in love like a million times and they are only 16. That is the most unrealistic thing ever.

  73. Amber Tan says:

    “due to style and cut differences someone who wore a size 6 today would probably not fit into a pair of size 6 pants from 1982. I would imagine someone who wore size 6 in the 80s would probably be a 4 today, maybe even a 2.”

    Good point, Abby, not to mention an excellent reason to rip all the labels out of my clothes and replace them with labels with smaller sizes. Hey, if designers are gonna keep moving the goal posts re: size spec, then all bets are off. 😉

    FTR, I wore a size 2 in 1982 and ‘plumped up’ to a size 4 by the end of high school.

  74. Amber Tan says:

    ” The twins have been in love like a million times and they are only 16. That is the most unrealistic thing ever.”

    Except for the fact that they’re both still virgins… 😉

  75. Kelly says:

    is there any way we could go through and count how many christmases, birthdays, etc they went through in high school? Now, I’m thinking this might be a project for me…

  76. Janelle says:

    Kelly, that one would be fun! It would also be hard because, as I’ve recently come to realize, not all of the Christmas, etc., stories are presented as such. I just read Enid’s Story from the Super Stars series and it’s about Christmas! Of course, Christmas is not mentioned at all on the back of the book!

  77. Jade Wu's Toe Shoe says:

    Amber Tan, that was the ONE thing I was always happy about. Good thing I never read the SVU series. 😉 On that note, I really cannot understand why I kept reading SVH if – even as a ten year-old – I disapproved of the characters’ actions so frequently. Bwahaha.

    Oh, and I couldn’t agree more with Kellie’s comment about the bad eating habits in Sweet Valley (rivaled only by the Sleepover Friends.) Although I always did wonder what “Million Dollar Mocha” tasted like.

  78. Amber Tan says:

    ” I really cannot understand why I kept reading SVH if – even as a ten year-old – I disapproved of the characters’ actions so frequently. Bwahaha. ”

    Now there’s nothing wrong with indulging in a little schadenfreuden, Jade Wu’s Toe Shoe.

    But you’re right — from whence stemmed the urge to not just read this cr@p but comuplsively read them over and over again? I used to get thoroughly disgusted with the sheer inanity, poor writing, and thin plot lines and I’d swear to never read another SV book EVER.

    Then somehow I’d cave and go sneak a couple more off the library shelves. It was like a compulsive eating disorder but with bad YA fiction instead. I literally couldn’t stop myself.

    Maybe the ghost writers implanted subliminal messages in the texts, rendering us utterly powerless before the charms of SV. 😉

  79. Kellie says:

    Oh! One inconsistency that I think has been debated ad nauseum is the loss of Jessica’s virginity. The official answer is SVU #2 but IMO, SVH #3 there’s some pretty suggestive stuff in there (Like Todd saying he heard that “Jessica’s getting quite a reputation around here, Bruce is getting whatever he wants from her, whenever he wants it too” … what could that be in reference to, if not sex?)

  80. aaaames says:

    Uhhh, sexual harrassment? But I know! I always assumed Jessica had already done it when I started the series, based on characterizations like that! And as a kid I NEEDED TO KNOW.

  81. Emily says:

    Words cannot express how much fun I have had reading these comments. Ladies, I love you all, each and every one.

    (I have a beach vacation coming up and I am suddenly struck at the thought of heading to Goodwill or possibly Half Price Books or something to get some SVH books. INSPIRATION!)

  82. Kell(y) says:

    I think they’ve been sixteen for 25 years now – the first book came out 1983ish.

    Tricia Martin’s eyes changed color at some point, from blue to brown. I remember being OUTRAGED when I read that!

    I was also annoyed by the fact that Sweet Valley was described as having “rolling green hills”. OK, first of all, Southern California is mostly pretty flat. And secondly, it is not possible for it to be simultaneously sunny all the time and green! It’s gotta rain at some point!

    I heard that they went back and freshened up the series some to update it. I need to pick one up to see the changes, but right off the top of my head, I imagine that:

    -Jessica and Liz will wear a size two.

    -The Fiat and Triumph will mutate into a…I don’t know, something sporty (I dunno cars). The Porsche will stay the same, I bet.

    -Dana will be fronting an emo band called Tears of an Android.

    -Regina will die from meth.

    -All mentions of madras will be vanquished.

    • wb3 says:

      lol, that is not far off. I did read the modernization of the series. The twins are now a size 4. They have cell phones and text all the time. I do not remember the vehicle they drive but there are definite updates from the 1980’s.

  83. Kellie says:

    Oh! I thought of something else. In SVH #11, when Elizabeth is contemplating the fact that Suzanne may have lied about Mr Collins, she compares her to Jessica and thinks that if what she suspected about Suzanne was true, it would make Jessica look like a goody-two-shoes.

    BOOK #1, ANYONE?! Jessica did exactly the same thing to Todd Wilkins!!

  84. Magpie says:

    Yep, Kellie, I completely agree! And it’s not exactly an inconsistency, but I can’t believe Jessica gets away with accusing Todd of sexual assault, even apart from the Suzanne issue. And then at the end of Double Love, when the truth is revealed, instead of being (rightly) furious with Jessica, Todd is all, “oh, haha, that’s just Jessica being irresponsible again!”. WTF?

  85. Jo says:

    “Why does Steve live on campus when presumably college is in the same town?”

    I lived in the dorms my freshman year at the University of Oregon, in a town where getting to any other place in town takes maybe 30 minutes in really bad traffic. There were at least three girls in my dorm whose parents lived in the same town. The dorm experience was a part of college life — and provided a chance to party/have sex/skip class without your parents knowing about it. Plus, some schools, although not mine, require freshmen to live in the dorms.

  86. Kellie says:

    Oh and another thing about the false-rape accusation in Double Love – why was Elizabeth so quick to believe Todd when he denied it? Come on, your twin sister has just accused a guy of trying to rape her and all that guy has to do is say “Liz, I barely touched Jessica!!” and you trust him 100%?

  87. Awol says:

    I just stumbled across this site today for the first time, and I can already guess that I’ll be back from time to time (especially when I’m bored at work)… how can one fairly badly-written and trite YA series leave such a lasting impression on a bunch of 20-something ladies? SVH and SVT still enter my thoughts all too often even these days, and when I was first reading them (in the early 90s, at around age 10), I would devour each new book every month and then wait eagerly for weeks till the next one came out.

    I came across this site while trying to find out if anyone on the net had scanned images of both the “Night to Remember” and “Wakefield saga (part 2)” covers–and thanks to you, I did find them at the linked ‘dreamhosters’ site. Thank you!

    I was always really irked by the inconsistencies you’re all talking about (and, with my SV obsession, easily obsessed by those as well). I just wanted to add that I remember one other book that talks about periods– Sweet Valley Twins #25, “Standing out,” where tomboy and future Unicorn Billie Layton gets her period while at school or softball practice, something like that. For her, it’s a girly thing she can’t cope with (potentially a realistic plotline for readers for a change).

    Anyone know what the scoop is on the alleged “Sweet Valley Confidential” adult series? Can you imagine??

  88. Amy Slutton says:

    Kell(y): I could swear there is an early SVH where Liz is all pissed off because Jessica takes off with the car and she has to walk home in the rain.

    Also in The Evil Twin (the first one I believe), I remember reading that it was really crappy weather on Christmas Eve. I think Margo was outside in the thunderstorm spying on them through the window. That stuck so clearly in my head because I absolutely despise it when it’s rainy around Christmas! And living here in Miami, it happens sometimes…

  89. Amy Slutton says:

    Oh, I just remembered an inconsistency: I have seen it written in SVH numerous times that Jessica “rarely cries” so if she does then Elizabeth knows it’s serious. But, as anyone with half an eye can see, Jessica is in tears anytime anything doesn’t go her way.

    BTW I was looking on ebay for some old magazine editions, and was surprised to discover that INGENUE actually is a real magazine from the past!

  90. Kelly says:

    I HATED when Liz and Todd were breaking up (again) during the whole Deven situation (I think that was his name). They were talking about their history together, and Todd says something about their first kiss on the beach and having to carry Liz piggyback because she hurt her foot or something.

    But everyone KNOWS that Liz and Todd kissed for the first time in sixth grade in the appropriately titled “Elizabeth’s First Kiss.”

  91. Katie says:

    Lmao! This is the funniest stuff. I think I spent over an hour reading what all of you had to say!

    I agree, the thing that pisses me off the most about the books is that theyre always sixteen and have summer, xmas, spring break a billion times!

    Plus, this book has some serious brain-washing potential. I’m 18, and I started reading SVH a year ago, because I had read some SVT when I was a little younger… I got about 8o svh books from ebay. Anyways, I’m always questioning myself on crap based on sweet valley. for instance, “PFF, I can totally do that.. they did that on sweet valley!” “would it be so wrong to cheat on my boyfriend.. i mean elizabeth did it…” UGggh! stupid sweet valley. im totally addicted!

    actually, i always thought the twins were fat. i mean theyre size 6.. im a size 1 and im 18? o_o but maybe because im shorter.. i guess it makes since for them to be a size 6! also, i always thought being 5’6 was freakishly tall, im sure its not, but in my high school everrryone is pretty short.. most girls are 5’0-5’4 o_o


  92. Stacey says:

    Ok this bugs me…I just read SVSY #1 and Elizabeth goes to a party and she thinks ‘There are my friends”, Enid, Maria Slater, Aaron Dallas, Todd, oh yeah and Brooke Dennis”

    WTH??? The last we heard of Brooke Dennis, she was in 6th grade! Am I wrong, was she ever mentioned as attending Sweet Valley High?

    If I wanted to stretch really hard, I could assume she went to El Carro, and was sent to SVH for Senior Year with the other 500 kids sent there after the Earthquake.

    They couldn’t say it was anyone of a zillion students mentioned in SVH could they?

  93. marjieena says:

    i wasn’t that addicted to sv when i was a kid (i’m 17 right now) but i did read a couple of books from each of the sv series. but then i preferred stacy and friends, as well as the adventures of mary-kate and ashley….
    anyway, yeah, i totally agree with the inconsistencies that you guys mentioned, esp. since i didn’t a lot of the books. growing up, i always dreamed that my high school years would be like the wakefield’s..but i got a serious reality check when it didn’t turn out that way (adding the fact that i lived in the philippines -no junior high, plus we wore uniforms!…now that i imagine it, i wonder how the girls would react if they suddenly had to wear uniforms to school, surely elizabeth would write a lengthy article for the school paper and jessica and her friends would stage a big protest)..
    anyway, has anyone here read the new sv series, one that starred only elizabeth? it started with liz catching jessica kissing (or having sex?) with her(liz) latest boyfriend…and from that, i remember reading that liz moves to london and becomes a maid for a rich english family…
    ok. so when i first saw a friend of mine had a book, i immediately borrowed it…especially since elizabeth was the twin i liked more..anyway, when she became a maid, i was very much shocked, considering that elizabeth was supposed to be very smart and that she actually had a college education..and for her to end up a maid! but then, she never really had a degree, because from what i remember, she immediately dropped out upon catching jessica and her boyfriend…woot, sv is definitely a strange series (btw, does anyone know what twins were taking up in the university? i’ve always wondered about that)

  94. Amy Slutton says:

    I’m reading SVH #2 Secrets right now and I actually found an indirect mention to sex drive… it’s when they are discussing the affair rumored to be between Ms. Dalton and Ken Matthews, and Olivia says that women “reach their peak” in their 30’s. Then she goes on to say that men are “practically burned out by then.” LOL!

  95. Magpie says:

    Stacey, I noticed that reference to Brooke Dennis in SVSY #1, too! I don’t think she is ever mentioned in SVH at all. I guess they were trying to be really clever in referencing the other series, but it just comes across as weird (especially if the reader’s never seen any SVT before).

    Also, it really bugs me how Enid just disappears in SVSY and apparently turns goth, but then she is Liz’s best friend in the world again in SVU #1. With no mention of the fact that they haven’t even spoken to each other for almost an entire year.

  96. Kell(y) says:

    “actually, i always thought the twins were fat. i mean theyre size 6.. ”

    Just FYI: sizes have changed over the years, and a six today is larger than a six in the early 80s, when the books started coming out. Your “size one” is probably about a true six. That said, even with today’s crazy vanity sizing, a six is not fat by any stretch of the imagination. Someday you too will experience the delights of the aging metabolism and the pains of listening to carefree, fat-free teens talk about their weight.


    OK, I know sizes have changed over the years, and a six is larger than it used to be, but even today

  97. Kell(y) says:

    Dang no-editing of comments. Dang it. That last sentence was unconnected to anything.

    On-topic: My favorite book in the series was the one where the twins go to Kansas and the town they visit is in a time-warp of sorts: all the clothes are out of date, they don’t listen to cool music, and Jessica and Elizabeth are practically gods. I swallowed that hook, line, and sinker at the time (being from California myself, I was fairly sure that we were the best people on earth and that everyone wanted to be us) but in retrospect, how incredibly patronizing is that?

    Maybe small-town America really was like that before the advent of the internet, but I doubt it.

  98. aaaames says:

    Ha, I grew up in the midwest, and I’d say before the internet, in places, it really WAS sort of like that! We would have been totes bowled over by glam blonde twins from California!

  99. Lois Waller says:

    actually, i always thought the twins were fat. i mean theyre size 6.. im a size 1 and im 18? o_o but maybe because im shorter.. i guess it makes since for them to be a size 6! also, i always thought being 5′6 was freakishly tall, im sure its not, but in my high school everrryone is pretty short.. most girls are 5′0-5′4 o_o

    I seriously hope you’re joking, but since you’re probably not…UGH.

  100. Andrea says:

    I’m 15, and I’ve really only read about 15 of the 100 or so books that my family owns (they’re all SVH), but I must have started around 50 of them and gotten to the middle before peeking at the end to see if my prediction were correct (they always were,somehow!) and tossing the book.

    Ah, what always had me wondering was when Elizabeth and Todd drove off to some secluded spot to gaze at the stars and be alone with each other and so on, but all they ended up doing (as far as we’re told, anyway) was “kissing and talking”.

    Didn’t people have hormones in the 80s?

    I delight in the descriptions of Jessica’s stylish outfits. I remember reading of one that was covered in rhinestones and sounded absolutely hideous from a book where they go to some little town and ride horses, and thinking “eeeew”. It’s possible that it was from the aforementioned volume where they go to Kansas.

  101. Magpie says:

    “also, i always thought being 5′6 was freakishly tall”

    FYI, the average height for a female of 16 in the US is about 5’5″. The twins are only just taller than average.

  102. Kellie says:

    Which seems about right to me – it was never emphasised that the twins were particularly tall. If anything, being tall was considered a negative in Sweet Valley – remember Lynne Henry (5’9) and Shelley Novak (6′) … their height was a constant source of angst.

    For the record, if I hear anyone say they’re 5’6, my immediate thought is of the Wakefield twins!!

  103. SVH loser says:

    Oh my, does anyone else just want there to be a real Elizabeth Wakefield so you can punch her out? The most uppity, self-righteous, hypocritical pain in the arse in history. And yet I am 23 and still own every SVH and SVU book, the shame of it!

  104. Magpie says:

    Kellie, I remember being 5’6″ and thinking I was finally perfect twin height. Then I carried on growing to 5’9″ and became a freakish Lynne Henry 🙂

    But yeah, I agree that it was never suggested the twins were meant to be tall. I read an SVU book recently (“Shipboard Wedding”, in case anyone wants to know) in which the ghostwriter kept going on about how tall Liz was, and it seemed really inconsistent.

    • Neek1981 says:

      I remember reading one SVU book were the writer kept describing Liz as willowy. I thought it was inconsistent, too. I think the twins are what Francine Pascal considers ideal-looking, but maybe the ghostwriter who described Liz as ‘willowy’ was into tall women. Also, by my standards, the twins were never perfect-looking, I’ve always preferred darker features. Everyone has different preferences, which is one of the reasons I hated that the twins were the ideal beauty of every boy they ever met. Was there no one in town who didn’t go for the blonde hair and blue eyes? Was there no one who liked larger women? Was there no one who preferred dark hair? Why am I questioning this??? GRRRRR…

  105. Amy Slutton says:

    I’m reading All Night Long now. This is the one, in case anyone was wondering, where Todd mentions he has a sister.

    LOL @ the rhinestone jumpsuit. She wears it with leather boots right? I remember drooling over that outfit too 😀

  106. Jennifer says:

    Magenta Galaxy:
    I am re-reading the Sweet Valley Terror mini series ( yay for amazon! lol) right now and you are correct, all through The Morning After Josh’s family is referred to as the Rossi’s but in The Arrest and all the books after they are the Smith’s.

  107. Synergy says:

    Tiny pants said:
    “Shelly Novak for b-ball, and then there’s another one with a girl who’s like a semi-professional tennis player — Kristin Thompson, totally a one-book wonder for SVH. Both wind up you know, semi-giving up their dreams because sports pale in comparison to boyfriends.”

    And to continue the thread on girl athletes in SVH – remember the time Liz decided to learn surfing? I remember being so excited about the idea – and then wanting to kill her for throwing the competition! So that the guy who taught her would stop chasing her and chase some other girl instead! In the first place, why wish that kind of guy on one of your friends?

    But anyway, I love this site and I still have fond memories of these books ;p The new covers make me cringe. Old 80s-90s covers all the way!

  108. Amy Slutton says:

    Forgive me if someone has already said this but in retrospect I think the biggest contradiction is Liz. It is constantly shoved down our throats how she is the “good” honest dependable one, but reading the books now, she is far from. Especially when it comes to Jessica, Liz is totally willing to screw over her friends (asking Enid to hook up her cousin and Jessica, even after what Jessica did to her, in Dangerous Love) and give them dishonest advice (Robin in Power Play and other examples abound). And like it has been pointed out before, Liz was unfaithful to her boyfriends left and right.

  109. Aseya says:

    I just found it hard to believe that nobody swore in Sweet valley, and aren’t all teenagers meant to be stroppy gits, it use to drive me insane when Liz was always so bloody perfect. It just made me want to punch her.
    Also with Jessica spreading it around with every guy(give or take a couple) in Sweet valley, that Alice wouldn’t have put her on the pill or something.

  110. Toys For Big Boys says:

    I loved the books as a child. My cousin had loads of them and I would spend my holiday reading them all!

    The fact that the twins’ appearance was described at the start of every freaking book annoyed me. Total waste of paper and ink.

    I’m seriously tempted to start reading them again…

  111. Stacey says:

    I need Prince Albert help. Did he or did he not actually die in the Earthquake? I thought he lived through it and then he is MIA from Senior Year, but he reappears in SVU. (maybe he and Olivia are playing fetch in SV Field of As Need Demands somewhere)

    Long live Prince Albert, the sanest Wakefield of them all.

  112. P.lily says:

    OMG. I love this site. I stumbled across it after reading about Random House’s new “perfect size 4” re-release of the SVH twins. This totally is a nostalgic trip… allow me to vent my random 2 cents:

    – as an Asian girl devouring the SVH series, I always pondered the lack of diversity in good ol’ Sweet Valley. Other than the return of the token African American character Maria Slater – there wasn’t really much. The only Asian character I recall was Jade Wu – who was stereotypically depicted as suffering from “parental pressure to succeed.” But even if I fantasized about ever joining the SVH posse, I wouldn’t be able to get any guys since everyone there seems to be towering at 6 feet and higher.

    – is it possible to have such a GORGEOUS family? The twins are younger clones of their mother Alice and Steven is a younger “dark handsome” lookalike of Ned. They always insert a paragraph pointing that out in every single book so that you never forget how remarkably good-looking their entire household is.

    – I loved and hated the diary books. Loved it because it revealed how dark and bitchy Elizabeth really was (we knew it all along!). Hated it for its inconsistencies with the series. The diaries basically chronicle how the twins hooked up with each others’ boyfriends. Liz and Sam. Jess and Todd. Jess and Jeffrey. Liz and Ken. The only one that actually surfaced to the series was Liz and Ken (during the whole Pom Pom wars books). I HATED reading about Liz and Sam hooking up because Sam was actually one the characters I liked for Jessica… one of the guys that had the most personality out of all the twins’ boos.

    – Don’t ask me why, but I’m extremely intrigued by Bruce Patman. He was one of the few characters that actually evolved and showed more depth as the series progressed. From the typical cocky good-looking idiot to the sensitive turmoiled guy. In “A Night to Remember” – he showed the most inner conflict, and I think, realistic humanity & introspection, when he questioned why he mistreated girls and realized how he almost had it all before he lost Regina. Bad boys make me wonder.

    – This series really gave me a warped sense of high school, boys, and even twins. Since I didn’t have a sister my age, I used to consider myself as Jessica-like and compared my best friend to Elizabeth. For goodness sake, these characters became my point of reference throughout my identity development! Lame.

    Thanks for letting me vent. Damn you SVH and your delusional world.

    • Claire in Melb says:

      I’d just like to contribute here and admit that these characters have never been too far from my mind, in spite of nearly 20 years’ separation! I too was fascinated by Bruce Patman, and even now think that Tony from NCIS would make the perfect Bruce in movie-of-the-week production. Somebody please make this a reality!

      I also probably suffered unduly from the distance between SVH and my own high-school life – I probably would have even accepted Liz’s patronage as a rescue from my perm and clumsy ways. There was no-one that girl couldn’t fix.

      Love you all xx

  113. Marissa says:

    One word: dances. HOW MANY DANCES CAN THIS SCHOOL HAVE IN ONE, INTERMINABLE YEAR???? There is one is virtually every other book.

    One more thing: Who lived in the Morrow’s gigantic, sprawling estate before they moved in? There was just some huge, empty mansion sitting around in Sweet Valley until Nicholas, Regina, and company rolled in during book 13?

  114. Amy Slutton says:

    Something else I am noticing just within the first 10 books (and trying to work out a rough timeline) is that they seem to have cheerleader tryouts sort of at random. In book 4 Robin tries out and makes it, and then in book 10 they’re having tryouts yet again. Even though it seems Robin tries out in the fall and Annie in the spring, the timing still doesn’t make sense at all, it’s like they’re having tryouts right in the middle of the semesters. From my experience, tryouts for the fall football season were right at the end of the school year, and traditionally the squad would atten workshops and stuff over the summer and build routines. Tryouts for the less-important spring basketball season were right before school got out for Christmas break. And that was all. We didn’t do cheers for track and every single sport like at SVH. Also, EVERYONE had to try out again; even if once you were on the squad then you were pretty much staying there, there wasn’t any of this “oh we only have two vacant spots…”

    Oh and Annie Whitman has brown eyes on the cover of Wrong Kind of Girl, but inside it’s written that they are green… So funny that Jessica is so insanely jealous of her and calls her a slut… talk about a massive contradiction…

    • Anonymous says:

      Back in the 80s they did that. You didn’t have to try out every year. Plus the reason they were holding try outs was to replace a couple of girls one being Lila that were kicked off the squad

  115. Billie Layton says:

    IN SVT, why did the 7&8 Gazette exist but there was nothing for the Grade 6 kids to do? In a school with just three grades, it seems silly to have two different papers. And I know that if they had tried at my school to start up another paper, we would have been told to work on the existing news, and not waste more paper on something probably no one will read anyway.
    I guess this isn’t really an inconsistency, but I always thought it was weird.

  116. Lexy says:

    Anners Scribonia,

    I must say that I have the GW back on this one… I was a damn tomboy in grade school and an evil slut in hgih school… actaully evil bitch, I didn’t cross the slut line till college.

    But maybe I was just following in the footsteps of my fav YA books…

  117. Katherine says:

    Hey Crystal, I’m an Aussie too, and the american school system threw me, too! I guess that would make it easier for us to overlook the inconsistancies in age/grade level that annoys the Americans!

  118. Katherine says:

    Katie, about the typos, yeah I’ve got a couple of books (ok ok heaps, I’m collecting them for my daughter) that have got typos in them. I’ve even got one that skips about 20 pages, then repeats pages from earlier in the book. Perhaps they had people to proofread them, but they gouged out their eyes after reading for the one millionth time “On the outside, the twins were identical from their sun-bleached blonde hair, their blue-green eyes, down to the dimple in their left cheeks……..blah blah blah”. Bitch as I might, the things that annoy me about SVH does not stop me dipping in randomly to read one every now and then.

  119. jc says:

    Anyone know what happened to Ken’s girlfriend Terri? The one he started dating when he went blind? She seems to have just disappeared.

  120. Janelle says:

    Over the past year or two I’ve been reading through all the SVH books (which has actually been really fun!).

    JC- Terri is mentioned again in “Ms. Quarterback”. She’s all jealous that Ken seems to be spending so much time with Claire, the beautiful new football player. In the end, of course, she realizes that she’s just been silly and Ken really loves her and they’re all happy and fine.

    I’m only on book 75, so I don’t know if she’s mentioned again after that.

    I just read #74- The Perfect Girl and was shocked to realize that it was about Anorexia! It was with Robin Wilson- which actually ties in nicely with the weight issues she had before. Of course, it was handled horribly, the doctor actually said to Robin: “You’re anorexic, you know that right?”! But all that could just be a product of it being the early ’90s… Anyways, within the first two pages of the next book Elizabeth makes a joke about Jessica being on a liquid diet (completely forgetting how concerned she was about Robin’s dieting in the previous book!)

  121. Amy Slutton says:

    OK this one isn’t really a major inconsistency, but it doesn’t entirely make sense to me either. I’m up to #20 Crash Landing now, and Jessica gets mustard on Lila’s mega-expensive blouse from Lissette’s (and I think it is mentioned many times over in later books that she shops there). If I recall correctly, Lissette’s is the store that Lila gets busted shoplifting from in the very beginning of the series. Call me crazy but I wouldn’t be very keen on going back and shopping from a store I was caught stealing from! How positively humiliating!

    • Pilotprincess says:

      Crash Landing had a major flaw. The tail number of the aircraft George was flying started with a B. All aircraft registered in the US begin with the letter N. Also Robin Wilson was taking flight training with George, winning his affection. Aviation has that hold on people. Anyway, did she ever get her private pilot certificate?

  122. Amber Tan says:

    “Lissette’s is the store that Lila gets busted shoplifting from in the very beginning of the series.”

    I totally missed this detail, Amy Slutton! No freakin’ wonder the mark up is so high at Lissette’s. BTW, which book was this in?

  123. Dwanollah says:

    And plus, Lisette’s was some exclusive little place that sold import jewelry and trinkets and stuff when Lila was pinching things… and later it’s some awesome designer clothing store?

  124. Amy Slutton says:

    Amber Tan, I think the whole shoplifting thing happens either in Double Love or in Secrets. And like Dwanollah says, when Lisette’s is mentioned for the first time, it is referred to as this tiny little boutique in the mall that is hardly noticeable because of its discreet little sign. Kind of funny when you think about how in Playing for Keeps it is suddenly having a fashion show contest as though it were some mega anchor store. Maybe they expanded due to popularity! 😀

  125. Amy Slutton says:

    OK I have been reading through SVH in order attempting to make a rough timeline, or at least see at which point it loops around and it claims to be fall again. It hasn’t happened yet though, and I found another kind of bizarre detail. In #21 Runaway it is mentioned that they have an upcoming week-long holiday from school. I’d presume it is spring break, but they already supposedly had spring break that takes place in #11 Too Good to be True — and a TWO-WEEK long one at that! I wish I had had 3 weeks off in just one half of the school year…

  126. calico drive says:

    not an inconsistency per se, but Elizabeth in #114 V for victory “todd i promise i will never cheat on you again” LOL

  127. calico drive says:

    kens gf terri is mentioned methinks in the early 100’s (ive just read it recently….) and at methinks a BEACH PARTY lol so unusual Liz or someone is all ken and terri broke up. after that terri begone. at least jeffrey gets a mention in a night to remember. poor old jeffrey…

  128. Stacey says:

    At least Jeffrey gets a second chance at life (And Liz) as a DJ in Senior Year…(God, I still can’t figure out that one)

  129. Amy Slutton says:

    Thanks for the Lila shoplifiting clarification Snapple 🙂

    BTW I recall someone wondering if the Morrows’ mansion was sitting vacant for eons… In #13 Kidnapped! it mentions it belonged to some rich old guy who I believe died with no heirs or something, so the mansion was just sitting there until the Morrows bought it.

  130. Stacey says:

    In SVT and Unicorn Club there is a mansion next door that is slightly smaller than Lila’s but has some cool things Lila’s doesn’t that Rachel Grant and her dad move into. They are obviously gone by the time we get to the high school years.

  131. Amy Slutton says:

    Argh, yet another break from school! At the end of #27 Lovestruck, it says that “next month” the twins go on that fabulous spring break in France in that super edition. But what about the spring break they already took in #11?

    Also, I think that by #30, Jealous Lies, it is being implied that it is fall again. The book right before that is when I move back to Sweet Valley, which would sort of make sense that it is the start of a new school year, even if it is the second junior year in a row. Also in #30 people are pledgeing to Pi Beta Alpha, which would also be at the beginning of a school year. Plus it makes reference to some events that took place in the spring as being “several months ago”. I’m curious to see how the continuity continues to flail around, but it is a pain to follow!

  132. Anonymous says:

    ” Marissa // March 30, 2008 at 9:58 pm

    One word: dances. HOW MANY DANCES CAN THIS SCHOOL HAVE IN ONE, INTERMINABLE YEAR???? There is one is virtually every other book.

    One more thing: Who lived in the Morrow’s gigantic, sprawling estate before they moved in? There was just some huge, empty mansion sitting around in Sweet Valley until Nicholas, Regina, and company rolled in during book 13?”

    in the SVH one where Liz gets kidnapped, i think it said that some people used to live in the mansion but after they left, no one else was rich enough to take it.

    “· Billie Layton // April 6, 2008 at 12:55 pm
    IN SVT, why did the 7&8 Gazette exist but there was nothing for the Grade 6 kids to do? In a school with just three grades, it seems silly to have two different papers. And I know that if they had tried at my school to start up another paper, we would have been told to work on the existing news, and not waste more paper on something probably no one will read anyway.
    I guess this isn’t really an inconsistency, but I always thought it was weird.”

    In the SVT one called Choosing Sides, it says that Liz started a school newspaper. Then I think in other SVT books, they mention the Sweet Valley Sixers being the newspaper….

    “Anners Scribonia // April 6, 2008 at 9:50 am
    Why was Amy Sutton a damn tomboy in elementary school and an evil slut in high school?”

    it says somewhere that she used to be Liz’s friend and a tomboy, but that she moved away and when she came back she was more Jessica’s type of person.

  133. eemmiillyy says:

    ” Marissa // March 30, 2008 at 9:58 pm

    One word: dances. HOW MANY DANCES CAN THIS SCHOOL HAVE IN ONE, INTERMINABLE YEAR???? There is one is virtually every other book.

    One more thing: Who lived in the Morrow’s gigantic, sprawling estate before they moved in? There was just some huge, empty mansion sitting around in Sweet Valley until Nicholas, Regina, and company rolled in during book 13?”

    in the SVH one where Liz gets kidnapped, i think it said that some people used to live in the mansion but after they left, no one else was rich enough to take it.

    “· Billie Layton // April 6, 2008 at 12:55 pm
    IN SVT, why did the 7&8 Gazette exist but there was nothing for the Grade 6 kids to do? In a school with just three grades, it seems silly to have two different papers. And I know that if they had tried at my school to start up another paper, we would have been told to work on the existing news, and not waste more paper on something probably no one will read anyway.
    I guess this isn’t really an inconsistency, but I always thought it was weird.”

    In the SVT one called Choosing Sides, it says that Liz started a school newspaper. Then I think in other SVT books, they mention the Sweet Valley Sixers being the newspaper….

    “Anners Scribonia // April 6, 2008 at 9:50 am
    Why was Amy Sutton a damn tomboy in elementary school and an evil slut in high school?”

    it says somewhere that she used to be Liz’s friend and a tomboy, but that she moved away and when she came back she was more Jessica’s type of person.

  134. Sarah Louise says:

    I was 5’10 in high school and so were most of the girls I went to school with. Maybe we were freakishly tall, but I remember always thinking that Wakefields were shortarses and were not realistically the right height for a 16yo.

    Also, there was a book, possibly from the SVT series where the twins and Winston and Todd and… maybe Amy Sutton are baby sitting this family of 5 (?) children and a psycho girl terrorises them in their dreams and tries to kill them (also, in their dreams, but also in real life.. but it’s in their dreams…. hellloooo Nightmare on Elm Street) and it turns out she died when she was a kid and Alice used to baby sit her and thats why she was trying to kill the twins. And then she dies again at the end of the book because nothing can defeat the Wakefields! But… I mean what was stopping her from just coming back to life again?

    Maybe it made heaps more sense than that and I was just an idiot and didn’t read it properly (I tend to do that.)

    Please tell me someone else remembers that book and thought it was as completely retarded as I did.

  135. Amy Slutton says:

    Ick. Taken from #23 Say Goodbye:

    Jessica looked appraisingly at her brother as she slipped off the diving board and wrapped a towel around her slim hips. “He’s so good-looking,” she mused.

  136. Billie Layton says:

    Not exactly an inconsistency, but…

    In the Wakefield Sagas, one of the twins always dies at a young age (i.e. Elisabeth, Samantha, I think there was a boy twin on Ned’s side, I don’t remember).

    However neither of the Wakefield twins are dead yet.

    If one of them kicked off, who’d be the first to go?

  137. Stacey says:

    Elizabeth probably. She’s been kindnapped, nearly murdered multiple times….plus she dated a werewolf for crying out loud. Jessica gets away with everything…she’d never be able to be murdered.

  138. Dwanollah says:

    Well, with the v1.0 Twins, it was Elisabeth, the “good twin” who croaked, and with v2.0 Twins, it was Samantha, the “bad twin” who croaked, so I’d say it’s Lizzie’s turn with v3.0….

  139. Amy Slutton says:

    OK, not that this should be a surprise, but now that I am trying to fit the Super Editions into my rough timeline, continuity gets seriously weird, but I’m doing my best. OK, from the sounds of it, Perfect Summer (which I just now realized I don’t own) takes place before Todd moves away. I’m trying to figure out where exactly it fits in but I can’t figure it out. So that means Todd moves away like right in the beginning of the supposed second time around being a junior at SVH. Then Special Christmas also takes place , where Liz discovers the magic isn’t there with Todd anymore. Then Spring Break takes place shortly after Steve and Cara hook up, but before Liz meets Jeffrey French. Then Malibu Summer takes place, where I believe Liz still isn’t with anyone but has that fling with the rock star. Chronologically it seems Liz meets Jeffrey going into the third time around as a junior at SVH. Then Winter Carnival takes place, which indicates she is still with him. I haven’t really read much in SVH past Liz meeting Jeffrey but I do know at some point Todd comes back and they get back together right? Breezing through the beginning of Spring Fever I didn’t see any mention of Todd or Jeffrey. Anyone know off the bat if she was with either of them at that point?

    To add to the mix, the four original Super Thrillers take place during one summer when Liz is already with Jeffrey. So if Liz is with Todd (or single) in Spring Fever, then the Super Thrillers must take place in some alternate dimension…

    Raise your hand if all of this is making your head hurt too!

  140. Amy Slutton says:

    OK this one is super nitpicky, but I’ll point out for fun anyway 🙂 In one SVH, it mentions that Jessica doesn’t have a clock in her room. But in Special Christmas (written I am pretty sure before said book) she does have one.

  141. Amy Slutton says:

    Haha, whoever was writing Hostage! was a bit distracted… it narrates that Elizabeth takes a carton of milk out of the refrigerator, and then like 2 paragraphs later it says she pours herself a glass of juice. Hee!

  142. Amy Slutton says:

    OK OK, this is a good one. In Winter Carnival, Jeffrey and Elizabeth get into a big fight because Todd is coming down and Jeffrey is jealous, and to top it off Elizabeth is going to miss the opening party to go to a dinner with Todd instead — and she’d been trying to hide it from him until the last minute. Well, Elizabeth is all disgusted with Jeffrey’s reaction, and is all incredulous that he would object to her spending time with an “old friend” (pah-leeze!).

    But if you will remember, when Patsy Webber, Todd’s gorgeous ex girlfriend, moves to SV, Elizabeth is so consumed with jealousy that she literally begins to physically tremble at the sight of Patsy! She won’t listen to anything Todd has to say about it, and locks herself is her room and avoids him for days. She can hardly even stand the idea that he once might have felt something serious for Patsy.
    She also has a complete flip-out when she becomes convinced that Jeffrey is interested in Olivia, and if I’m not mistaken, I think there are various other times where she puts on displays of really pathetic insecurity and jealousy over totally ridiculous things — not even something legit like being agro over your mate going out with their ex.

    And she has the gall to get all condescending with Jeffrey? What a hypocritical bitch!

  143. Cara Walker says:

    Haha.. I still have some of those old SVH books with the mini-stories of some of the other characters like Lila, Mr Collins and Bill Chase. Funny how we were told Lila’s dad wasn’t really her dad in the mini-story and this was never mentioned again. Too bad,,, I think it would have been an awesome storyline to find out Lila’s dad was really a big time Hollywood actor… or really a drunken bum….

    If I’m not mistaken, wasn’t Heather Malone a junior when she first came to SVH, but made a senior for convenience sake later in the series? Obviously they didn’t want her in SVH senior year… would destroy the Jessica/Melissa drama. And I’m sure there is a mention in book #112 of Annie Whitman being in the same homeroom as Heather. WTF! Isn’t Annie a sophomore?!!! I always hated this plasticity of characters ages. I particularly hated the inconsistency between characters in SVH and SVH Senior Year. Like Jade Wu, for example. In SVH #50 we are told her parents are tradiotional Chinese – and a well and truly still together! But in Senior Year Jade’s mum is single and far from a traditional meek and mild Chinese woman! Aaaaghhh!!!

  144. Cara Walker says:

    Oh yeah, and back to SVH cheerleading madness, Rick Hunter was mentioned as one of the guys checking Heather out in the Dairi Burger. WTF! The last we heard of Rick Hunter was in SVT! Kind of reminds me of the Brook Dennis reference in SVH Senior Year #1. Seriously, WTF!!!!

  145. Stacey says:

    Jade should have been an entirely new character in SVSY. It would have made mucho more sense.

    Once again Jeffrey being a DJ kills me too. Stupid writers!

  146. Cara Walker says:

    Oh yeah, that was ridiculous! I mean come on – goody goody photographer Jeffrey as DJ Jeff! That was a totally stupid stretch.

    Thought of another inconsistency from SVT. In Super Edition #3, The Big Camp Secret, Grace Oliver is described as a red head. But in book #52, Booster Boycott, she is described as having dark hair. Also, I love those covers where Amy Sutton has brown hair, even though she’s supposed to have blonde hair (#4, for example)!

  147. Sara says:

    I stumbled across this page and just spent about an hour and a half reading through it.

    I’m so happy to find so many like minds!

    I loved SVT (more than SVH) and read pretty much all of them, and the inconsistencies uesd to drive me crazy. Amy Sutton was another one who had a sibling who then never appeared again!

    Here’s an interesting tidbit: I happened to find out that the ghost writers for each of the individual series?

    They were all the same person. I found her website. I sent her an email but never got a reply. Her name is Kimberley something…

    Also, anyone else love the Unicorn books, that covered 7th grade?

  148. Naomi says:

    My apologies if this has already been mentioned:

    in one of the super specials (the spring break one where the twin go and stay with their aunt and uncle in the small Kansas farming town) Annie Sue mentions she is an only child despite there being an entire chapter including/about Annie Sue’s little sister Janie.

  149. Amy Slutton says:

    Thank you Cara 😀

    Naomi, I can’t believe I JUST re-read the one you’re talking about (Spring Fever) and I didn’t catch that! That is hilarious!

    So about that timeline again… Liz was indeed still with Jeffrey during Spring Fever, as well as during the Super Thrillers which take place that summer. Also, Winter Carnival (all the Super Editions in fact) takes place before #40 On the Edge, because Regina is still alive and well. But I believe she dies before the Super Thrillers take place, because in one of them (No Place to Hide) Nicholas is all mega depressed and still mourning Regina.

    You know, re-reading all of these again, I feel sorry for Jeffrey… she falls for the first guy to cross her path the second she and Jeffrey are apart, and then she winds up leaving him for Todd anyway…

  150. Miss Rain says:

    Ok, ok, thanks to all you lot i’m about to go and get as many of the SVH books off ebay as i can (and that’s probably quite a lot), seeing as i have only the Prom Thriller ones and a couple others left. Anyway as a young girl i remember getting really confused with the inconsistencies…but it never occurred to little me that the authors were just cocking up (over and over and over…) i kept thinking i was misreading everything…
    But author cock-ups, unrealistic-ness and OTT-ness aside, they’re still a great read >_< i’m sort-of ashamed to say…

  151. Cara Walker says:

    Speaking of Spring Fever, I was amused to read in my copy that Jess’s best friend is Cora Walker (as opposed to Cara). I wondered if this was a typo, but the ‘a’ and ‘o’ are on opposite sides of the keyboard…

  152. Amy Slutton says:

    Haha, I saw that too 😀 There is some funny typo in another one of the books where I guess it’s supposed to say Yeah! or Yes! but it just says Ye!

    • i_heart_elizabeth says:

      Best typo is in “Malibu Summer” in which Lila appears to be a lesbian:

      “I am more than excited,” Lila said, “I’ve already decided I’m going to fall madly in love this summer.” “With whom?” Elizabeth asked, amused. Lila gave her a scathing look. “Who knows?” she said airily, waving her hand. “There are lots of great-looking girls in Malibu.”

      LOVE IT

  153. Cara Walker says:

    I love SVH typos. You would think someone would pick up something as obvious as f@#*ing up Jess’s best friend’s name, though! Shows the care factor that went into revisions!

  154. Serena says:

    someone mentioned something about prince albert and his whereabouts in SVHSY.

    if i recall correctly, in one of the last books of the SY series, maria mentions something about how prince albert ran away after the earthquake and the twins were devastated about it.

  155. Amy Slutton says:

    I found a solid reaffirmation of the Lisette’s inconsistency! In Super Thriller – Deadly Summer, Jessica and Lila go to the mall and go to Lisette’s, and it states that they headed towards the makeup counters, “which stretched ahead of them like islands of glitter and sparkling color.” Obviously it’s being implied that Lisette’s is a major department store like Burdines (had to go with the old school reference 🙂 ). So it went from being hardly noticeable little boutique to being the mall’s anchor store… when?

    • i_heart_elizabeth says:

      Yes, and in #49, “Playing for Keeps”, Jessica, Lila and Amy goes to Lisette’s and Amy “wanders off into the shoe department”!

  156. Cara Walker says:

    This is not an inconsistency, per se, but I always wondered where Liz and Jess (particularly Jess) managed to find the money to buy all the clothes in their closets. I mean, they were no Fowlers and they had an allowance! My allowance never came close to the kind of comforts Liz and Jess enjoyed. And I never really understood why Mrs. Wakefield always entrusted Jess to her credit card. 😉

  157. Amy Slutton says:

    Yes Cara, that annoys me to no end! And then Nalice never misses an opportunity to remind them how tight their budgets are and how they can’t afford luxuries, yet the twins have closets full of leather pants and boots and 500 bikinis and cashmere and angora sweaters and all kinds of clothing made of silk. That always drove me berserk as a kid. Even then I could see it made no sense.

  158. Dwanollah says:

    I KNOW! Just once, I wish someone would have worn an outfit more than one time. Me with my ragbag JC Penney’s mom-jeans was totally jellus of the Wakefields’ Bottomless Closet.

  159. Amy Slutton says:

    The red string bikini makes more than one appearance, I believe. Maybe the pink angora sweater too 🙂

  160. Amber Tan says:

    “The red string bikini makes more than one appearance, I believe. Maybe the pink angora sweater too.”

    Ewww…hopefully not together. Ever! 😉

  161. Cara Walker says:

    Hey, even now that I make a full time wage (and not a bad one at that!) my wardrobe isn’t a patch on either Liz’s or Jess’s! I do own a red string bikini, however (although not a pink angora sweater… ewwww!).

  162. Amy Slutton says:

    I used to have the pink angora sweater. I used to wish that there would be a store that would sell the stuff described in the SVH books. It was a pain trying to put together my own 90’s versions of the outfits :/

  163. Cara Walker says:

    Oh, the pink angora sweater so scary! Amy Slutton, the numerous silk dresses Jess and Liz owned ticked me off, too – hello! So pricy! I think Liz actually wore some silk number on her date with Nicholas in #14, and I always wondered how a 16 year old from a middle-income family (with an allowance!) could afford dresses like this! I was (and still am!) exremely jealous!

  164. Melody Power says:

    Since all of you, my SVH loser internet friends, are re-reading the books to look for inconsistencies and typos, I decided to do my own half-assed version of the same project (and it’s been awhile since I posted, anyways). So far I have found only one funny typo worth mentioning, and I can’t decide if it’s actually a typo or if the book’s previous owner altered it somehow, or maybe someone working in typeface at the Bantam printing press back in the day…

    It is the Super Edition “Malibu Summer,” where the twins become mother’s helpers for the summer with Lila (and Liz “falls in love” with a pop star in disguise, btw, which is never ever mentioned again in any book). The edition I have is apparently an original print (August 1986)–thanks, Amazon marketplace. I refer you to page 9, 8th line, where Lila is talking about wanting to slut it up in Malibu all summer:

    “Lila gave [Liz] a scathing look. ‘Who knows?’ she said airily, waving her hand. ‘There are a lot of great-looking girls in Malibu.”

    Great-looking GIRLS? That’s pretty funny, coming from Lila, but what’s weird is that while the letters look a little wonky, like someone spliced them in, there are in the right font and look like, if someone was messing with the typeface, it happened during the printing…

    Does anyone else have this edition of the book? Is there error there? And if you have any other edition, does your copy have the same prank?

    The cover for this book is the best, however. The twins looking cute in their bathing suits–it was one of my favorites to obsess over.

    • i_heart_elizabeth says:

      See my comment above, I wrote it before I read yours, re: Lila typo. And yeah, the cover is for sure one of the best! I think this was the first one I ever read, so for me, Elizabeth’s true love is always going to be Jamie! 🙂

      • i_heart_elizabeth says:

        Also, I’m wondering if that cover was awesome b/c (I don’t remember which twin it was) had a bathing suit that was striped blue and white, which looked like the outfit that Jem wore when she was Jerrica, I had a Jem doll with the outfit and I loved it, I thought it was so stylin.

  165. Dwanollah says:

    I remember that, Melody! I remember being really confused and wondering if Lila was commenting on the competition, but it made no sense, and finally I decided that the ghostwriter was just totally stupid and I could write better than that.

    I wanted a pink angora sweater so bad in 8th grade. Hell, any color angora sweater would’ve been awesome!

  166. Amy Slutton says:

    LOL Cara, I recall Jessica owning leather pants, which are obviously not going to come cheap. And lets not forget all the extra money Liz and Jessica have laying around to get out of scrapes, like when Prince Albert eats the washing machine tube, or when she has to get the Tofu Glo hauled away, etc.

    Melody, I am going to have to check that out straight away when I get home. I don’t have an original book, I have one of those stupid 90’s cover ones, yuck. I’m dying to see if it’s in there too! 😀

  167. Amy Slutton says:

    OK this isn’t really a big time inconsistency, but I thought it was weird. In #35 Out of Control, Aaron gets pissed off when “Roger Collins” accidentally steps on his foot while dancing with Olivia. OK first of all, a teacher dancing with a female student? Inappropriate? But the weird thing is they almost make it sound like it was a different Roger Collins, not the teacher. It says that “Roger Collins” was one of the most easygoing “boys” at SVH. And then later Liz refers to the incident as “some guy” stepping on Aaron’s foot. Beats me…

  168. Amy Slutton says:

    Melody — in my Malibu Summer, Lila says there are a lot of great looking GUYS. I intend on replacing this book with an original circle-cover book though, so I wonder if it will have that misprint! LMAO, I just re-read the paragraphs you were referring to. Lila is talking about how she is planning to fall madly in love this summer, with any number of the great looking girls in Malibu. That is just too much 😀

  169. Melody Power says:

    I am completely waiting for someone else to have a copy with that same funny typo/prank/whatever it is! If someone who owned the book before me went to all the trouble to change “guys” to “girls,” they A.) didn’t do a bang-up job, and B.) have a lame sense of humor. Although, like we’ve said, coming from Lila Fowler it WAS kind of funny…. SVH never did touch on sexual identity issues (as has also been discussed)….

    Anyone else out there with a copy of “Malibu Summer?” Put your 2 cents in!

  170. Cara Walker says:

    Amy – re #35, what a total crack up! I’ll have to find my copy of that book to check it out. Maybe there was a new ghost writer who wasn’t familiar enough with the characters? I always wondered if there were some ghost writers who wrote both SVH and SVT books, because every now and then a ref to a SVT character would pop up in a SVH book. But not knowing who Roger Collins is would be a total faux pas… :)You’d think it would be picked up in editing or something!

    Re Malibu Summer, my old copy says ‘girls’, too. This used to crack me up. Although when I was young and a bit naive I thought maybe Lila was sizing up the competition.

  171. blakvelvt269 says:

    I just started reading Sweet Valley again, and I started with Senior Year, but over the years I have read a bunch of them. Anyways I was reading through the comments and confused. I thought that all the kids at SVH were “better” off, in Senior Year isn’t that why the El Carro kids were into the resentment thing. Plus the twins lived in a big nice house, and thier mom is a designer and dad like a laywer or something so they can’t be that bad off. SVH to me was the nice ritzy school that all the kids wanted to be at.

  172. Sarah Louise says:

    Melody – I don’t own the book any more, but I used to and I remember that fuck-up like I read the book yesterday. I was really confused for ages, trying to decide if Lila was secretly a lesbian or if I was dumb and didn’t understand it properly.

    The text in mine wasn’t all screwy though.

  173. Amy Slutton says:

    LOL Cara, especially LIZ of all people not knowing who Roger Collins is. Ever notice how in every single book there is one of those mandatory “Mr. Collins gives advice” scenes?

  174. Cara Walker says:

    Amy, yes and it makes me laugh. I think Liz goes to Mr Collins for advice more than she goes to her parents or Todd. So believable. I know I confided in my teachers all the time at high school… lol. Hmmmm….

    I am currently reading SVH 2008 Secrets and noticed they have kept this role for Mr Collins. Although I am LMAO so hard because it is like they have tried to fuse Mr Collins with Mr Bowman from SVT (ie. English teacher adviser for the Sixers with a shocking dress sense). Oh, but he is still soooo good-looking, of course…

  175. annakelly says:

    Re: “Roger Collins”

    There’s a great recap of #35 on 1bruce1 that you all ought to read in your spare time, and the recapper assumed that “Roger Collins” meant Roger Barrett-Patman, the rags-to-riches guy. I think that must be where the mistake came from.

  176. Cara Walker says:

    I vaguely remember this now that you mention it(somewhere deep in the recesses of my mind!), but I think I might head on over to 1bruce1 to check it out anyway.

  177. Amy Slutton says:

    Annakelly, I had been thinking the same thing myself. That’s probably what happened.

    So I had a feeling this would happen eventually. Anyone remember that Ned is supposedly like deathly allergic to Chinese food? Well, guess what the Wakefield clan feast on in #41 Outcast? 😀 At first I thought it was going to be foreshadowing of the demise of Nalice in that whole section of SVH “Trouble at Home”, “Who’s to Blame” etc. but it seems the ghostwriter just wasn’t aware of Ned’s allergy, because those books don’t come up for a while yet.

  178. Cara Walker says:

    LMAO Amy – I remember that one now! Yeah, at the time I thought ‘hey, isn’t Mr Wakefield allergic to Chinese food?!’ Hmmm… wish my allergies were so easy to fix! 😉

  179. Jessica says:

    Nothing to add except that I am now logging off to race to the library before it closes. Cross your fingers there’s some SV goodness just wating for me!

  180. Tor says:

    I wish conner and liz would stay together…Ive gotten to PROM NIGHT on SVH SY what comes after sweet 18??!!
    is the next series any good?

  181. Janelle says:

    3 things:

    1. When does it say that Ned Wakefield is allergic to Chinese Food?

    2. Now I really wanna check my copy of ‘Malibu Summer’ next time I’m home to see where Lila’s “interests” lay….

    3. Tor: the next series is Sweet Valley University and I liked it. You’re gonna just have to forget that the whole Senior Year thing happened though, as most of it was written before the Senior Year books were.

  182. RollingStone says:

    I don’t have these books in front of me so you’ll have to forgive my paraphrasing.

    In SVT #7 “Three’s a Crowd”, the twins are disturbed by the fact that their classmate Mary spends a lot of time with their mother. In one scene, Liz overhears Mrs. Wakefield telling Mary the story of how she met Mr. Wakefield, and Liz says something like “Everyone’s already heard that story a million times!” The story itself isn’t described.

    But later, in #24 “Jumping to Conclusions”, Liz spends the whole book trying to find out how her parents met! It turns out to be a slapstick comedy about Alice spilling Italian food on Ned at the restaurant where she used to work.

    Then there are the family saga books with yet ANOTHER version of how they met…

  183. Amy Slutton says:

    Janelle – I am not sure of the exact places where it states Ned is allergic to Chinese food, but I have seen it mentioned in more than one of the books.

    Now that The New Elizabeth has been recapped (which I have not read), I believe it mentions at the end Jessica wants to learn to surf? Well, if I recall correctly, in one of the earliest books, Jessica supposedly already knows how to surf. I think it’s at the beginning of #2 Secrets where Cara is watching Jessica get ready for a date, and she is trying to placate Jessica by listing her many talents, including surfing. I may be mistaken but I do know it is somewhere in those early books in the parts where they list all the things Jessica is good at. I recall precisely because it was on my mental checklist of “what makes one cool according to SVH standards”, and I was thinking how surfing would be impossible where I live. 🙂

  184. Cara Walker says:

    I think Mr. Wakefield’s Chinese food allergy is first mentioned in #17. The Wakefields were thinking of moving to San Fransisco and Jess mentioned that Mr. Wakefield would hate it because he’s allergic to Chinese food and wouldn’t deal well with the whole Chinatown thing.

  185. Cara Walker says:

    By the way, Jess’s surfing talent was definitely brought up in one of the first books. I think you might be right, Amy, with it being Secrets. For some reason I seem to recall Elizabeth mentioning it in one of the early books, too.

  186. KELLY says:

    Did you notice that in SVT #90 (The Cousin War), Jessica said “..paging Robin Wakefield…” Isn’t that weird? I thought Robin is from Alice’s side of the family? Unless Robin’s father, Kirk is also a Wakefield…. BTW, where did they mention that Ned has a half brother?

    • Jennifer says:

      I just noticed that there was an earlier post about Robin being a Wakefield. I guess I had totally skipped over it before.

      But BTW, with the whole Robin wanting Todd, it also seems strange that with as close as the family is supposed to be, and with Todd going to school with them since 2nd grade (probably preschool!!!) that Robin had NEVER been told anything? But then again, whatever suits the story, right?

  187. Sarah C. says:

    Kelly, in #25, Nowhere to Run, we learn that Ned’s father has a son, Lucas (I think), from a previous marriage–hence Ned’s half brother. Although that still doesn’t explain Kirk.

  188. Janelle says:

    So I was rereading an older recap (Jessica Against Bruce) because I just finished reading it myself and there was a lot of discussion about making out with Bruce Patman (which I wouldn’t mind doing myself!) It got me to thinking though— if you could make out with any of the Sweet Valley guys, who would you choose? Bruce would probably be near the top of my list along with Sam Woodruff.

  189. Sarah C. says:

    I call dibs on Mr. Collins. He’s a sensitive English teacher and single parent, and he looks like a young Robert Redford.

  190. Cara Walker says:

    As much as I think Nicholas Morrow was a total twit in Deceptions, I have to agree with you, IHW. Good looking, rich AND intelligent (well so says Francine!) is just too much for a girl to pass up…

    • i_heart_elizabeth says:

      I am all about Bill Chase. I love how dreamy and spacey he is but also really smart. I love him on the cover of “Heartbreaker” – the picture makes me shiver. But on the cover of “Too much in love” he looks like a total douche. I love the cover art but the inconsistency of it is mildly annoying.

  191. Janelle says:

    So I’m currently reading #87 My Best Friends’ Boyfriend and in it Ginny somebody is working at the Project Youth hotline and Shelley Novak (the tall basketball girl) calls to complain about being too tall. It says in the narration that Ginny knew that Shelley had tried out for the boys varsity basketball team- but I’m fairly certain that that never happened. Ghostwriter having a little confusion between Claire Middleton and Shelley Novak here?

  192. Christa says:

    I am so glad I found this website! I’ve spent the past 45 minutes reading through it! About six months ago I got all of my old SVHs and SVTs from my parent’s basement moved to my house and am digging through the storage container as I write. . . .

    RE: “Malibu Summer,” I have the 1986 edition, but mine says “guys.”

    Serena, Prince Albert is mentioned in SVU – I have the first book in that series (I think it was the only one I bought), and at the end of the first chapter it talks about him running outside and Liz getting all mushy about the dog and not wanting to leave him. B-O-O H-O-O.

    Also, in that same SVU book, it talks about them making the two-hour drive across “sprawling” Sweet Valley County to the university. That was one thing that always confused the hell out of me – how far away did they live from SVU? A half-hour, an hour, two? That was one of the many things that never stayed the same.

  193. Janelle says:

    haha- so I’m reading #90, Don’t Go Home With John, and in it Steven sends his family a postcard because he “only occasionally gets home for a visit”! If occasionally means every other weekend….

  194. Sarah C. says:

    So I just read Double Love and there’s a school dietician (WTF) named Ms. Waller. Is this chocolate bar queen Lois Waller’s mother? Is there a later book that I missed that emphasizes how ironic it is that Lois is overweight and her mother is a dietician?

    Also, is anyone else bothered by the way this series deals with mental illness. Phrases like “looney tunes” and “the men in white coats are coming to take me away” abound. Also apparently all mentally ill people are non-functional psychopathic, dangerous stalkers/kidnappers/murderers. See Kidnapped! and practically every super thriller as well as the infamous Evil Twin arc.

  195. amanda says:

    In like every book it storms and its right when elizabeth is getting home from somewhere and she comments on how that rarely happens then she gets like a bad feeling and then something bad happens. Ever notice how they always ‘just’ got something but unless its clothes they never shop for it and they never seem to buy pants always dresses but liz always seems to be waring pants.

  196. Ms. Fowler says:

    Haha! Im so glad I stumbled across this page. Nostalgia. 🙂

    I read SV kids, twins, high, and some univ (along with the diaries and the legacies and other special eds). Whatever happened to Caroline – the blabbermouth in second grade who had the porcelain dolls? And in 2nd grade, the wakefields had an above-ground pool. In Twins, can’t remember… And in high, they have a normal pool (the one below the ground) but it was never mentioned that there’s a construction going on in their house. 🙂

    And whatever happened to the Twins’ cousin Kelly who, if you dress the three of them up in similar clothing, would look like a Triplet of the Jess and Liz? Like three peas in a pod?

    Haha, and yes, I remember the Magna Editions, one of which was a fave of mine: Magic Christmas, when the Twins’ harlequin dolls morphed into two princes at midnight. hehe…

    I’d have imagined Lila and Bruce to attend a snotty high school but perhaps their parents would like them to experience what it’s like to be on top of the (social) food chain, thus, they were stuck in SVHigh. And, Liz, since she’s supposed to be very bright, a great writer, a good athlete, and all that, wouldn’t she have been accepted to any other school? Berkeley? An Ivy League School? Any where else? Maybe SV U was her only choice because… well, Francine Pascal didn’t really create SV Univ and U Penn with Elizabeth Wakefield.

  197. Janelle says:

    I’m pretty sure someone mentioned some of the inconsistencies within the “terror” miniseries above, but I’ve been reading those lately and there are just so many of them! The first ones (The Morning After) goes along really well with A Night to Remember, but then a completely different person- who hadn’t read the other two- wrote the next one!

    -the timeline changes
    -the last name of the family Margo babysits for changes
    -Maria Santelli is referred to twice as Maria Santini
    -All of a sudden Nicholas Morrow and Olivia Davidson are best friends and the boyfriend Olivia had about ten books ago ceases to exist

    I’m only two books in so I’m sure there are many more to come!

    I’m also always really confused about who Bruce Patman’s friends are supposed to be

  198. "perfect size 4" Ha!! says:

    Someone said that in the earlier books it talked about how “awesome” of a surfer jessica is..
    so why does she need “surfing” lessons in the later books. The ones when she cheats on Ken w/ Christian.. and he dies…
    those 3 and the pompom 3 were my most favorite! haha

  199. Anna says:

    I was a huge fan of SVH and SWT when I was growing up, and have just recently started to read Sweet Valley University…

    Was anyone else amazed at the racist rhetoric in the early books?! I know it was the early 1990’s, but still…Especially when Isabella warns Jessica of going out with Danny and the first thing Jessica says is ‘oh I know he’s black’!

    Amazing. Am still loving it though.

  200. Alicia says:

    Oo! I just found one. In the 3-book series where they go to the camp in Montana, the name of the lead girl in the play Liz writes gets a name change from the first to second book. Talk about lazy, ghostwriters.

  201. Magpie says:

    “Kelly, in #25, Nowhere to Run, we learn that Ned’s father has a son, Lucas (I think), from a previous marriage–hence Ned’s half brother. Although that still doesn’t explain Kirk.”

    This is SO inconsistent with the family history in the Sagas, it’s hilarious! Ned’s father Robert joined up to the Navy when he was 16 during WW2 and fell in love with his future wife (a POW) via the radio. So, where did he have time for this mysterious first marriage that produced Lucas?? Either he was married at 15, or he had a quickie wedding and divorce that we weren’t told about during his time in the Navy.

    You’d think somebody would have thought to do some research into these family details before writing the Sagas!

  202. Anna says:

    Does anyone know where I can get hold of Sweet Valley University books cheaply? So far, I’m ordering 4 at a time from Amazon, but the posting charges are through the roof. £2.75 per book?! Anyone know anywhere cheaper?

  203. amanda says:

    hey i have doubles of tons of suh books some svus and i think im gonna sell the svt ones(i have almost all me them). so if anyone is interested you can email me at it would save me the time it would take with amazon

  204. Cara Walker says:

    I always thought it was funny that it was mentioned in the SVH series that the twins were tone-deaf and sung terribly. However, in SVT Super Edition 2, the twins won places on the middle school choral team. Apparently Jess was a great soprano! 🙂

  205. Amy Slutton says:

    Haha, that’s a good one. It reminds me how in one of the early SVHs, it mentions that Lila is in the choir and she tells Jess she would “just die if I don’t get lead sporano!” Of course, that is never mentioned again…

  206. Rio says:

    1. Why did the series have so many characters whose last names started with W? For example, in #12 College Cruise, out of fourteen people to go on the cruise, there were six of them. They were:

    Wakefield, Elizabeth
    Wakefield, Jessica
    Waters, Denise
    Watts, Tom (Waters and Watts? Also, Maia StillWATER would have gone if she didn’t have mono.)
    Wilkins, Todd
    Wyatt, Danny

    Furthermore, Elizabeth has dated at least four guys whose last names started with W: besides Todd and Tom, there was Sam Woodruff and Devon Whitelaw. Nothing against the letter W, but I just would have liked to see a little more originality with the surnames.

    2. Out of the SVH books that ihatewheat recapped alone, there are FIFTEEN dances, and five of them took place in the first ten books.

    3. Why are Mr. Collins and Ms. Dalton the only teachers who matter at SVH?

  207. Laura-Kate says:

    I’m pretty sure across the SVH series they actually manage to change Todd’s dad’s name, I remember it being Bert, (which may be from the later books) but I was pretty sure they messed it up once. Names was something that drove me nuts.
    And oh how I hated SVSY! Jessica can’t not be popular and Elizabeth would so not leave Todd for Conner. It just destroyed the whole Sweet Valley effect in a few badly written ‘trendy’ books.
    I’d totally make out with Todd. (I know boring) however I can’t say I’d turn down Bruce Patman either (come on! A porsche!) 😛

  208. I like toast says:

    Here’s my question: everyone keeps mentioning that Ned Wakefield is allergic to Chinese food. How the heck can you be allergic to Chinese FOOD? I don’t get it.

  209. Penni says:

    Me too, I’ve been sitting here giggling about it. Like an inane fool.

    I’d love to know what sort of information/instructions the ghostwriters get, like is there a ‘style’ sheet, a dossier on Sweet Valley etc.

    And if there is going to be a Sweet Valley Confidential (grown up SV in a gated community), do you think Liz will be somehow miraculously married to and spawning with Todd?

  210. Mee says:

    Did anyone notice that sometimes the cover art was wrong… like, Todd had blue eyes on some of them and Lila had blue eyes as well. WTF? this always got me mad as a kid. I guess I just liked looking at the covers @_@ although I hated the twins’ hair.

    Anyways, I was reading on here that today, the twins would be about a size 0-2? I don’t think they would be that at all. I mean, they are 5’6! Not 5’1, 5’2. Aoki, the shortest supermodel at 5’5 wears a size 4 in the US. I would think that the taller you are, the more you weigh (doesnt mean your fat or anything, you just weigh more than a shorter person) and you’d wear a bigger size. I know everyone’s body is different and what not.. but if the twins were 5’6 and wear a size 0- or 2 wouldn’t they be like SUPER stick thin? that’s just my opinion, dont want to offend anyone!

  211. Janelle says:

    So I’m reading the whole Jeremy/Sue miniseries and finding tons of inconsistencies (surprise surprise!).

    1- I’m pretty sure that Sue said originally that she met Jeremy after her mother died, but then later she’s all “my mom never approved of Jeremy and thought he was just after my money”

    2- Jeremy’s friend Robbie is originally his really good friend, but apparently they only met a about a week before the series started…

    3- Lila stopped by one morning to pick Jessica up from school and Alice told Lila that Jessica was staying home sick. Then at lunch that day, everyone is wondering where Jessica is and Lila’s like “I have no idea”. Then later she’s talking to Robbie and wonders why Alice was acting so weird that morning…

    That’s all I can remember at the moment but I’m sure there’s more!

    Mee: the eyes thing goes beyond the covers themselves! There are some books that say Lila has blue eyes and some that say she has brown eyes. Also, I’m pretty sure some say she has dark brown hair, some say light brown, and some just say brown…. I tend to think of Lila as having medium-dark brown hair and blue eyes.

    Todd, of course, has brown eyes!

  212. JuJu says:

    I am sooo loving this page! I no longer have to hide in shame over my obseesion! I’m not alone. Like others have mentioned, It always drove me nuts that the twins were always so damn good at EVERYTHING, especially Elizabeth! I just stumbled across SVSY, (unfourtunatley all my library has availiable) and I love it and hate it. I hate it because it throws off all of the plotlines from earlier additions of SVH that are now forgotten.(The cheesy 80’s ones are the best for nostalgia.) But I love it because the characters are a little more “fleshed out” and real. The twins actually have after-school jobs, their friends have alcohol and depression problems, and the “twinkies” actually swear every once in awhile. Some gripes though: How in the hell do the twins have the time for school, studies, sports, The Oracle, social lives, romantic lives, and after-school jobs? ( and they always manage to do it looking gorgeous) nobody can do all that! And how do they always find the sweetest, most romantic, deepest, most handsome guys on earth at seventeen? I’m 23, and my boyfriend is nowhere near these guys! I want a Jeremy or a Todd! Where’s mine? =)

  213. Janelle says:

    Haha JuJu I do believe one of our favorite topics here at the Dairi Burger is the unrealistic expectations about life we all grew up with- courtesy Francine Pascal! I wouldn’t mind a Jeremy or a Sam or a Jeffrey of my own – but I don’t think they exist outside of Sweet Valley!

  214. Dani says:

    Yep, Janelle, I noticed the discrepancies between descriptions of Lila’s eye colour too. I think I’ve read more descriptions of her with coffee brown eyes, but there’s plenty referring to her having blue eyes, also.

    The Steven/Billie thing is a glaring error too – according to the SVH miniseries where Lila is suspected of arson, Steven and Billie had already broken up. But in the SVU series, they are very much in love and living together.

    One thing I’ve noticed about Sweet Valley books – they keep re-using the same plots. E.g. Liz and Jess keep stealing each other’s boyfriends.

    Liz has been with Ken and Sam, two guys who went out with Jessica.

    And Jessica briefly had a fling with Todd and I think she was into Jeffrey at one stage, also.

    Why don’t they just have a threesome the next time they date a guy? It would save all the drama of cheating…

    Oops, that’s probably too raunchy for a SV book!

  215. paris says:

    in SVT- Jumping to Conclusions, amy has one version of how her parents met.
    then in “the twins go to college” (SVT super edition) she has an another story!

  216. Katelovespie says:

    “it was okay for perfect-size-six girls with naturally fast metabolisms to constantly stuff their faces with Dairi Burger crap, hot fudge sundaes from Casey’s and massive pancake breakfasts practically every other day… but when Robin Wilson (in her fat days) shows signs of a less than perfect diet, it’s one big “tsk tsk” from Elizabeth.”

    Yeah whats with that?Anytime Robin or Lois “The Walrus” Waller pulls a chocolate bar out of their bag/pocket its like theyre the sickest individuals ever created!

  217. Cath says:

    Mr. Collins is “in his late 20s” in the early books and he dates Mrs. Wakefield in the mid-60s. Cougar! Rawr!

    Lila turns 16 in Too Good to Be True, and again in that book where Jessica convinces her she forgot her birthday. (MEAN).

    Nicholas Morrow has black hair when we first meet him in #13, Kidnapped. On the cover of #14, Deceptions, he is blond.

    That’s all I can think of right now.

  218. Cath says:

    Sorry to post so much but totes just remembered a good one! In SVH #25, Nowhere to Run, Grandma Wakefield tells a touching story about her stepson. But we know from The Wakefield Legacy that Hannah Wakefield was a POW who met her husband when he rescued her, and he definitely didn’t have a stepson then. Either Bob Wakefield did some runnin round or GRANDMA WAKEFIELD IS A LIAR.

  219. Outraged Giggle says:

    It annoys me that no one gets their period like real women do. I don’t mean Jessica getting upset because Elizabeth got hers first (tho this is pretty stupid in itself). I am referring to the horrible, embarassing, inconvenient ways women get their monthlies.

    I wish there was a book where one of the Wakefield twins got uncontrollable and explosive diarrhea.

  220. Rachel says:

    I am loving this discussion! I was obsessed with the SVH books when I was 8 and I still re-read them now (aged 26) when I go home. Does anyone have any more info on the Sweet Valley Confidential series?

  221. Bec says:

    Here’s my question: everyone keeps mentioning that Ned Wakefield is allergic to Chinese food. How the heck can you be allergic to Chinese FOOD? I don’t get it.

    So I was re-reading another SVH book and Ned ordered out for Chonese adn mentioned he loved it..I just can’t remmeber what one it was, an early one I think.

  222. Jennifer says:

    I have recently started re-reading some of the SVH books, starting with the whole miniseries idea. I noticed the name change from Rossi to Smith (at first I thought Josh was going by that name, then realized they were ALL referred to as Smith). Another thing, is that when Margo strangled the old lady, she wasn’t in Cleveland anymore. It pointed out clearly that they were in Houston, or past it. However, in the next book, it referred to her strangling the lady in the Cleveland bus stop and was forever after that referred to it happening there. Also, why was Margo’s last name never mentioned until Return of the Evil Twin, and at that point it was all over the place? Also, how did Josh find out Margo’s real name? And what always got me was on the back cover of Return of the Evil Twin, it talks about how Nora is capable of far worse than Margo ever dreamed. However, the only thing she did was ended up killing Margo, thinking she was Jessica. To be perfectly honest, how was that worse than Margo’s killing of Nina, Georgie, the old lady, the hit-and-run, and who knows what else? That was just sa big irking to me. Because after reading that, you really think you’re onto something good, but it’s kind of disappointing. In my personal opinion, after re-reading all of that, I honestly think that the whole mini-series idea was really the beginning of the end. I mean, Jessica is distraught over losing Sam, then she falls for James, who also dies. Then suddenly, after all the Margo disaster is over, Jess is in love, AGAIN! And then there’s the werewolf thing, and then Jeremy, and then Ken Matthews and Christian Gorman and then whatever happened after that (I stopped reading them after the high school wars series). I mean, was it that Jessica was SO distraught over losing Sam that she just fell madly in love with EVERY GUY SHE MET? Not to mention that all of this was supposed to happen in the same year. Mind-boggling.

    Oh, and one last thing. The whole age thing, and with Steven, the funny thing is, Steven and the twins were always the same amount of years apart (he was a college freshman when they were juniors) and while he was a high school freshman while they were sixth graders, he was 14 while they were 12. And I can’t remember his age/grade in SVK. A thing I ccame up with to help explain why he was a college freshman while they were juniors if he was really three grades ahead of them, maybe Steven laid out a year after high school. Who knows? Hmm maybe we need Steven’s Secret diary or something to help explain all the stuff that happened to him during the breaks between series.

    Another thing that really bugs me, not really a continuity issue, but still. How big is Sweet Valley exactly? I mean, the town I live in isn’t huge, but we still have alot of elementary schools as well as middle schools. Unless Sweet Valley is so small that there is only one elementary school, and middle school, why would Lila and Bruce, who live in the “rich” part of town” go to the same school as Sophia Rizzo, who lives in the “poor” part of town.

  223. Giselle says:

    Hi , im from uruguay and i have been reading the SVh books for years. But is just kind of difficult to get them. I have them until the 43 i think, i would like to somebody to tell me if know, where to find the rest of the books. and i would like to know what happen with liz and todd? how finish all the things between them
    well my english is not very good, but i hope you understand

  224. sweetvalley says:

    Melody Power
    there actually is an identity crisis.
    in one svh tom mckay thinks hes gay

    and also why did they grow breasts and have periods at 12? and then their periods are never mentioned again??
    im nearly 14 and i still havnt got mine

  225. Jennifer says:


    I’m not really sure where you can get the rest of the books, although there are many sites where people list the ones that the no longer want.

    also, about liz and todd, pretty much anything and everything happens between them (well, except for sex). they break up, and then make up and then cheat on each other, decide they need to see other people, etc etc. Pretty much, i fyou can imiage in, it’s probably happened.

  226. Jennifer says:


    About the Jeremy/Sue thing, I think the inconsistency that you first mentioned was that Sue was trying to hide Jeremy at first (I may be wrong). but I do remember that her mom didn’t approve of him, and that’s why he came up with this scheme to have her and the money, so he could end up with the money in the end. But then, it’s been awhile since I read that mini-series, so I’m not really sure. I just remember that he had it all planned out for the money and ended up using both jessica and sue.

  227. Jennifer Patman says:

    Ok, so I’ve been reading over some of the comments on this page. One, about Cousin Kelly, that always bugged me too. She was mentioned in SVK “Cousin Kelly’s Family Secret” and then later in SVH “Family Secrets” (coincidence?) but never, at least to my knowledge, in SVT. Just like cousin Robin was mentioned in SVK and SVT but never in SVH. In SVT Super chiller 4, The Ghost in the Bell Tower, Aunt Helen (who was also never mentioned in the Sagas) invited the Wakefields and then Robin and Stacey. Why wasn’t Kellly invited? Also, Kelly was dealing with her parents divorce in SVK. So she’s dealing with it in SVH? I mean, yes it’s devastating, but ten years later, she’s still having the same problem? It doesn’t make sense.

    As for the comment about ghostwriters. I think a lot of time each ghostwriter probably puts some of either themselves or their families into the characters that they are writing about. Maybe the writer for the SVT Super Edition 2, the writer was a good singer and did well in a competition once? Because they did mention later that they can’t sing.

    And about the pool, I don’t remember the above-ground, but I guess we’re just supposed to think that it happened sometime between 3rd and 5th grade or 7th through 10th grade.

    Also, did it ever mention when Amy moved away? And also, if Enid moved to Sweet Valley in 8th grade (mentioned in Return of the Evil Twin) that would have meant that she was super wild and a drug addict at 13-ish) while now that’s not quite so extraordinary, for the time that it was written, that seems a little extreme. When it talked about her being a drug addict, it seemed like it had happened the year before, which would have fit in when she and Elizabeth became friends in 10th grade (mentioned in ROTET). I really doubt the ghostwriters had some kind of list to go off of about the characters, because if they did, I don’t think there would have been so many discrepancies.

  228. Rachel says:

    “and also why did they grow breasts and have periods at 12? and then their periods are never mentioned again??
    im nearly 14 and i still havnt got mine”

    I know a lot of girls who got their periods at 12. I also remember that most of my friends started wearing bras at 11/12, even if they were only 28AAs or whatever. It really depends on each individual person – for all we know, some of Liz and Jess’s friends might not have got their periods until they were older, but it’s never mentioned.

  229. Jennifer says:

    I know I post on here a lot, but that’s just because I’m re-reading the series and find all these little issues I never thought about before. I haven’t read any of the Jr High books (not sure if I ever will) but I just read the back of the last one #30 Too Many Good-byes where it says they move to another state. Now, I haven’t ‘read it, so maybe they don’t really move. But if they do, I’m pissed. That totally disrupts the entire series. And just saying they move back later doesn’t work for me, because in one of Jessica’s secret diaries she mentions a girl who followed her around all of 9th grade. Just thought I would mention that.

  230. Jennifer says:

    Laura-Kate –

    I never paid attention to Todd’s dad’s name, except yesterday. In the SVT books #97-100 (that Frightening Four Miniseries) Mr. Wilkins is named Jim. Amy’s mom is named Dyan (which somehow stayed that way throughout all of the series, and btw, how do you pronounce Dyan?) and Winston’s dad is named Walter. Somewhere, I’m thinking that I heard it being Walter somewhere else, but I can’t remember for sure.

  231. Magpie says:

    “2- Jeremy’s friend Robbie is originally his really good friend, but apparently they only met a about a week before the series started…”

    Janelle – I totally noticed this, too! It really annoyed me, because it’s quite a huge fact to get wrong. I mean, why the hell would Jeremy ask some guy he’s known for about a week to be his best man??

  232. Mindy says:

    In response to Jennifer on #30 too many good byes.

    I actually read most of the Jr high books and they were really close to moving. Ned was about to accept a position in a different state and had a going away party. But of course being SV they did not move. Typical SV.

    Why waste time writing about a potential move when they could have closed up the series in a better way??

    The Jr high books were written differently than the SV twins Series. Added more characters of course (rezoning) and resembled more of the layout of the Babysitters club. Where each chapter started out with a different character voicing their everyday lives. Each chapter was written with a different name. I actually enjoyed this series and thought some of the characters were definitely more developed.

  233. Mindy says:

    They say Ned is allergic to chinese food but in Outcast (SVH # 41) Alice picks up chinese food and the whole family (including Ned) eats it!!!

    I wish they would just get their facts straight!

  234. Jennifer says:

    This is in again to response about the pool. I accidently happened upon a passage in #1 Double Love
    “She and Jessica were even luckier now, with a new in-ground pool in the backyard”. So I guess that sums that one up, but I guess in 1983, pools in the backyard were still something new (I was only a year old then, so I have no idea). I guess, like anything else, in order to keep it all perfect, you’d have to re-read every single book written before-hand, right before you wrote it, and when you get to like, #100, you’re bound to forget a few details. Which again, is why they should have had a character lay-out for the people, not just relied on people to be writers that were fans of the series.

  235. Lila Flower says:

    YES! someone picked up the jeremy robbie inconsistency. in the first book they talk about their college friends whilst in the LAST book robbie tells lila he only met jeremy when jeremy came to SV that week.

    fair enough they get their facts wrong when the books are a couple of years apart, but seriously.

  236. Jennifer says:

    Again, I’m sorry for so many posts but I just can’t help. I was reading over the backs of some of the SVU books where it talks about an earthquake, where Lila is trapped in a collapsed building and Tom’s dorm room was destroyed. And then there is a SVT book, Jessica and the Earthquake. Now, I’m not from California or anything, and I know that earthquakes are common, but is it just me or if you had gone through this many devastating earthquakes, wouldn’t you move? Or maybe that’s just me…

  237. Magpie says:

    Jennifer: Not to mention the earthquake that hits in the final books of SVH, and destroys the Wakefields’ house! Instead of moving away, they actually chose to rebuild their house in the EXACT same earthquake-prone spot.

    Lila Flower: YES, that’s what bugs me about the Jeremy/Robby inconsistency, too! It’s just so lazy to miss important details like that. Did they think that all their readers would just entirely not notice this??

  238. Jennifer says:

    That was exactly my point. I mean, after the first one in SVT, I’ll go with another one happening. But like you said, rebuilding in the SAME spot where this has happened twice is a little too much. And then while their at SVU it happens AGAIN? I mean, if that were me (and if I were still there after all that) I’d get the hell out of dodge. I mean, enough is enough. And so the entire town (for the most part) is destroyed, right? The Wakefield’s house, Annie Whitmans house (I know it said it there that it was on fire, at least I think it was her house), the Dairi Burger was destroyed, so was the Beach Disco and who knows all of those other places, and didn’t they mention something about the public library? I mean, wasn’t that where Alyssa died? And then, at the start of Senior Year, it’s like, ok so they Wakefield’s are out of a house, and El Carro high is burned down, or whatever, but everything else is perfect? i mean the house of java? healthy? the riot? (which none were EVER mentioned before, excluding the Riot since it’s in El Carro). And what really bugs me is that its never explained exactly how far Sweet Valley is from Big Mesa and El Carro. I mean, from th esound of it, they are quite a distance. But for the students to have to commute there every day, they must not be that far…right? For a split second during starting SVHSY I actually thought that maybe all the high schools were actually in the same town, but apparently not. So it’s like, it’s a small town, but really a large town, and there’s a huge interstate, but really close together at the same time?

  239. Jennifer says:

    Ok, so I just finished reading the last SVH Senior Year book. And while I know this site is more for the original SVH books, I couldn’t help but being disturbed. It mentions all of the people that they lost. Olivia Davidson, Ronnie Edwards, and then ROGER PATMAN is mentioned. WTF? I mean, Roger made a statement at Olivia’s memorial. So what was the deal with that? not to mention that I always kinda wondered where he was. Same with Winston, he was never mentioned, EVER, until the last book, and it was like, Hey Liz, what’s up? And then Robin Wilson makes an appearance. it was like, hey we didn’t mention any of these people, let’s bring them back for some happy times. I’m sorry, but that was just a little too much for me.

  240. Magpie says:

    Yes, the Roger Patman thing is a HUGE inconsistency. He never died in the books, so I think that was a ghostwriter not doing his/her homework properly! Also, Robin Wilson randomly popping up in “Sweet 18” is stupid, because Robin moved away to Denver in the cheerleading trilogy, making way for Heather Mallone as co-captain.

    Re: your earlier comment, I spent WAY too much of my childhood twisting my brain in knots, as I tried to work out the size of Sweet Valley and how all the other towns related to that. It’s headache-inducing in the Senior Year series; suddenly all these kids from El Carro, which was always supposed to be a distance away, can hang out constantly in Sweet Valley. And they don’t have to spend half their day commuting to SVH!

  241. Jennifer says:

    I know! That was what got to me. I mean, I knew the towns weren’t THAT far away, but still, in order for them to all drive back and forth, hang at each others houses, etc, was weird. And then with the guys being from Big Mesa, Trent and Jeremy, do we forget about the huge Big mesa thing that happened the year before at a prom? It just bothered me, because it makes it seem like the schools are about a block away from each other. Except when Jessica goes to Melissa’s house, because they didn’t tell her they were meeting at school, and she talks about how long it takes her to get back. It was like the entire town was re-written. And it seems like Sweet 18 was just a way to re-visit people that weren’t mentioned since it was the last book. I mean, would it have hurt to mention Winston a little more? And the thing with Enid…although it does make a little sense, with the way she changed in SVU. Maybe that was their goal? To try to make the continue? Although, if say Jessica and Jeremy were so in love, why within about two weeks of college does she fall head over heels with Mike and lose her virginity to him? I mean, that’s not really anybody’s fault, since it was written prior, but still….then again, I guess it’s just me trying to make it all make sense.

    • Natalia says:

      I’ve been trying to make sense of the whole darn thing for 15 years…and found the only way to do that is to pretend senior year and junior high never happened. I mean, vampires, werevolves, evil twins I can suspend belief for, but the gaping character inconsistencies…. too much for brain to handle

  242. Janelle says:

    I guess I always thought of them bringing all those characters back at the end of Senior Year as a way to try and bring a slight bit of continuity to the series (who knew, right?!) It’s been awhile since I’ve read it, but I seem to remember them bring Lila and Todd back and starting to reestablish their relationships with Liz and Jess because, obviously, once you start reading the University books Lila and Jessica have always been best friends and Todd and Liz have always been together…

    • Natalia says:

      only SVU #1 mentions Liz and Todd having dated for 4 years and going to Guido’s pizza and the Dairy Burger and the Beach disco.. places which cease to exist in SVHSY

  243. Jennifer says:

    Ok, it’s me again :). I have just started reading #14 Deceptions. I have started re-reading all of the books, to try to pick up on all of these little nit-picky things. It sort of seems to me as if almost the same person wrote #1-13, because there is a great sense of continuity, and everything flows. However, at the beginning of Deceptions, it’s already different than the end of #13! It talks about if only Elizabeth could see the Morrow’s house (and before, it was said that they moved into the house that had once belonged to a client of Ned’s, and how Jess had been in it before, so we would assume that Liz had at least seen the outside). Also, Jess goes crazy talking about Nicholas, like Liz had never heard of him before, yet she was at least aware of his presence in the prior book. It mentions how the Patman’s live next door, which was totally not mentioned before, which could be ok, but it just seems a bit out of place. But one thing I noticed, at least up until this book, is that we are often reminded of Liz’s accident in #6, which is a surprise that it’s mentioned up to 7 books later. It’s like I said, it seems that one person wrote all of these and then suddenly it was someone new, and that was the downfall of all continuity. You would think a requirement to write would be to AT LEAST read the book prior to one they were writing.

    Well, that’s all for now. I’ll be back after a book or two 🙂

  244. Magpie says:

    Jennifer, the inconsistencies drive me mad in these books (you could say I’m slightly anally retentive about these things), so I am really interested to see what you’re picking up as you re-read them 🙂 However much I tell myself that I should probably be thinking about more important things, I still find myself putting far too much mental effort into figuring out how the bizarro SVH universe could possibly work.

    At which point did they retcon Jessica into a virgin? Was it before/during/after “Wrong Kind of Girl”? I’m pretty sure we were meant to assume that she was sleeping with Bruce in “Playing With Fire”, but then later on it is definitely specified that she’s never had sex, so I’m interested to see where that change happens.

  245. outpostroad says:

    Magpie, I don’t think she ever had sex with Bruce. From the first book, she’s always talking about how she can “handle herself” with boys, which leads me to believe she’s just a cock-tease and knows it and has no intention of ever giving it up.

    Another inconsistency: I might be wrong, but in the first five or so books I think Steven’s age changes back and forth from 18 to 19.

  246. Amy Slutton says:

    Now that y’all are talking about it, I think probably the biggest shocker to me was finding out much later down the road that Jessica was supposedly a virgin. I always felt that all the hints in Playing with Fire were pretty suggestive that Jessica was sleeping with Bruce, or maybe doing just about everything but that.

  247. Maria Slatenelli says:

    Here’s a couple that bug me.

    In the SVH book where Michael and Maria get engaged (don’t remember the name), Mr Santelli’s name is Frank. Later, when he’s running for mayor, it becomes Peter.

    In “That Fatal Night”, Ken’s parents are together. In SVSY, his mother has been living in Florida for years.

    In one of the early books, the twins have another cousin, Jenny from Dallas, who is never mentioned before or after.

    And not an inconsistency, but totally annoying- Before the John Pfiefer thing, Scott attempts to rape Jessica, Bruce tries to rape Liz, Ronnie attacks Enid, Kirk tries to rape Kelly… but none of them are ever charged or even reported to police.

  248. gemma says:

    I found this site by chance last week and it rought back memories for me. I never noticed at the time how unrealistic these books were!

  249. gemma says:

    I found this site by chance last week and it brought back memories for me. I never noticed at the time how unrealistic these books were!

  250. Magpie says:

    Amy Slutton, I totally agree. I really think the writers were trying to imply that Jessica was having sex with Bruce in the early books. And then changed their minds later, for some reason I’ve never quite worked out. Or, as you said, at the very least going WAY further with him than she says she has later.

    Also, yes, all those attempted rapes are SO annoying. Add to that the fact that Jessica lied to everyone and said that Todd had tried to force himself on her- but not once did anyone encourage her to go to the police about what they thought he’d done!

  251. Daniella Fromage says:

    One of the things that annoys me about SVH is that I never could imagine why Elizabeth Wakefield, the writer for “Eyes and Ears”, a gossip column, ALWAYS covers the important stories in Sweet Valley. Does Penny do any other job besides being editor-in-chief?

  252. Amy Slutton says:

    I just found something else that bothers me: if Phi Epsilon is supposed to be the equivalent of PBA, for all the typical “popular” guys, then why is everyone in it? I’m reading #47 Troublemaker, and it says Winston is in Phi Ep. Since when? Isn’t he supposed to be a nerd? It also says Bill Chase of all people is in it. “Loner/I’d Rather Be Surfing” Bill Chase, who isn’t into the big social scene or superficial activities? Plus he’s all acting like an ass. I thought he was supposed to be a genuinely nice guy. Maybe becoming an up and coming celebrity actor went to his head?

  253. Jennifer says:

    Ok, I know this is suppossed to be about SVH, but there are a few SVT mess ups that I had to mention. Early on, in several SVT books, as well as an SVK book, their cousin Robin is mentioned. She is very clearly mentioned as the daughter of Nancy, who is Alice’s sister (that is also explained in the Saga). She has a sister, Jenny, who is a few years younger, about 8 in the SVT years, and I think 3 in the SVK years. Anyway, in SVT #90 The Cousin War, on the first page she is introduced as Robin Wakefield, who is staying with the Wakefields because her parents are in Europe. That just totally irked me.

    Second, in #83 Amy’s Secret Sister, we meet Ashely, who is Amy’s half-sister. They also talk about Mr. Sutton’s mother, who has since died and was once a ballerina. However, in #103, Elizabeth Solves it All, Amy makes a very clear statement of being an only child, and talks to her grandmother Sutton who has just moved to Sweet Valley. I mean, it’s nice to see that granny came back to life 🙂 And Ashley never again makes an appearance.

    And this one, I don’t know if its so much a discrepincy or what. But I just finished SVT Super Edition 12, Goodbye Middle School. All of the sudden the twins just finished 7th grade, Janet Howell is gone, Amy has moved, etc etc ( all of the things that happened during the Unicorn club series). What threw me off was the fact that it was considered a SVT book, but actually happens AFTER the Unicorn club. And what was really weird, at least to me, is that it is July, and they STILL don’t know which students will go to the new JR High and who will stay, and the mention of an accelerated program as a possibility. Wouldn’t they have like, taken tests or something during the school year to place them? Even if they just had to apply for it, giving only a month to figure all that out is rushing things. I mean, it just seems weird for the school district to leave all of this as a last minute thing during the last month of summer. I know its just a series, but still… Same with the mentioning of Secca Lake Middle School. This kind of bugs me the same way Big Mesa and El Carro are mentioned all over the place in SVHSY, but from reading SVH, you’d think they were at least half an hour away.

    BTW, has anyone read The Unicorn Club Trapped in the Mall? I can’t remember the number, but I think it’s supposed to be the last one. Is it about the end of their 7th grade year? Or does it just end? I’m curious…

  254. penny ayala says:

    hi all
    the striking parallels between the vampire jonathon cain and devon whitelaw just 10 BOOKS APART suggest the ghosties are regurgitating the same old formula:
    both ride a motorcycle [uh, rexy anyone?]
    both are described as “dark and mysterious with slate grey eyes”
    they both wear black
    they both take advanced chemistry with mr russo
    jess is after both of them [surprise, surprise]

    another thing that has always bugged me is sensible, monogamous liz dating not only todd and jeffery but at least 11 other guys in her junior year. i dont know about the american way but in aus we have a word for that… heres all the ones I can remember:
    nicholas morrow
    eric from on the run
    jamie galbraith [malibu summer]
    john marin [disguised as ben someone]
    bruce patman, ken matthews and sam woodruff [the wakefields share boyfriends too]
    laurent the french prince
    joey mason
    luke shepherd
    devon whitelaw

    • Jennifer says:

      exactly. Not only that, but Todd and Liz were “together forever”. However, they would have gotten together around, say September? Then if Todd moved away, let’s say, in December, she would have dated Jeffrey from Jan through March, and then Todd again from March until well, all the other happened. So they were the couple of the millenium, though they really only dated, say 6 months? It’s just too much.

      Not to mention that Jessica always found the man of her dreams, only to have him die. I mean, if you’re 16 and have even one boyfriend die, wouldn’t you be a little hesitant to date for awhile? And then especially if it happened AGAIN?

    • Amy Slutton says:

      Not just that, but the way goody two shoes Liz always cheats on her boyfriends! Deceptions descrbes Liz as “honesty personified” – um, that’s the book she goes on a date with Nicholas Morrow behind Todd’s back. And pretends to be Jessica to his face when she gets busted!

    • penny ayala says:

      Ooh two more: Chris the face-transplant guy from Murder in Paradise, and Rene from Spring Break, which brings the total to 15 guys who Liz dated/ hooked up with/ fell in love with in her junior year alone.

  255. Jennifer says:

    There was a post about this awhile back, about Steven’s age, which got me thinking. In SVK he was 10 while the twins were 7 (I think, been awhile since I read one) in SVT he was 14 and they were 12, in SVH he was 18 and they were 16 in SVHSY he was 19 and they were 17 (I assume, I don’t know if it were ever mentioned) and in SVU he was 20 and they were 18. Besides this, what bugged me was the fact that in SVT if the twins were 12 and in 6th grade, that would mean Janet Howell would be 14 and in 8th grade, however her brother joe was the same as Steven, and in the same grade (14 and freshmen). So Joe and Janet would be the same age, yet a grade apart. Did anyone else ever see this one, or was it just me?

  256. Roger Patman says:

    Here’s my Steven goes to SV. But the Fakefields meet him at a town for a Mexican (of course, it is California, bring on the racial stereotypes) dinner about 20 miles outside of SV, ‘halfway’ between the school and the town. So where exactly is SVU? Sounds to me like it’s in Big Mesa. So shouldn’t it be BMU?

    • Jennifer says:

      I’m thinking that I either got this from someone else or it was mentioned in one book or other, not sure where it came from, but that Sweet Valley is actually in Sweet Valley county (it may have been mentioned at the beginning of SVU #1.) So maybe all the towns, El Carro, Big Mesa, Sweet Valley, Secca Lake (remember, all of the sudden Secca Lake Middle school appeared at the end of the SVT series) would be enclosed in Sweet Valley County, and so a town between Sweet Valley the town and SVU could be Big Mesa, or El Carro, etc. At least that is my take on it, and helps make it make a little more sense. Not to mention that in SVU #1 they all talk about driving in a caravan, Winston, Todd, the Twins, Bruce, which would be dumb if the university were like, 10 miles away, it made it seem like it was at least an hour away.

      • Magpie says:

        Yes, SV County is mentioned in one of the SVU books, but I can’t remember which one 🙂 Also, in “Home for Christmas”, SVU #8, they seem to spend about half the book driving back to Sweet Valley, which also suggests it’s quite some distance away. (The other half of that book is dominated in my memory by the total awesomeness of somebody FINALLY punching Todd.) But then again, Steven seems to pop back and forth between the town and the college every other book in the SVH series, so once again the inconsistencies are rife!

  257. Jennifer says:

    Today I was re-reading SVT #12 Keeping Secrets and in it, the substitute teacher mentions that the regular teacher was taking a leave of absence and she would stay til the end of the term. I just had to laugh. That must be the LONGEST end of term someone has ever taken on 🙂

  258. amy's true love says:

    gaaa – In #119, Jessica’s Older Guy, the twins are watching an SVU football game starring Tom Watts. Byear aheadut 2 years later, when they’re at college, Tom is only a year ahead when he dates Liz

  259. amy's true love says:

    gaaa – In #119, Jessica’s Older Guy, the twins are watching an SVU football game starring Tom Watts. But 2 years later, when they’re at college, Tom is only a year ahead when he dates Liz

  260. Rio says:

    Why is it that whenever two people hook up, they fall in love, or wonder if they’re about to fall in love? I’m all for monogamy, but let’s be realistic; almost everyone between the ages of 16 and 19 acts as if they’re preparing to marry whomever they make out with in that book. Can’t you just make out for the hell of it once in a while? Go to see a movie because you’re bored that evening?

    Example A: SVH #94, “Are We In Love?” Steven makes out with Cheryl (the BLACK GIRL! OMG!!!1!!1!) once and both of them speculate that they might be each other’s true lovey-poo (to quote a BSC book).

    Example B: SVH Super Edition #6, “Spring Fever.” Jess spends one evening getting a riding lesson from a ranch hand, then tells Liz the next morning that she thinks she’s in love with him. Two days later, they kiss for the first time, and then he says, “I’m starting to fall in love with you, Jessica Wakefield.” (Also, the full name thing. YUCK.)

  261. Hot Clam Special (aka Propagatrix) says:

    All TV and radio call letters in California begin with the letter “K,” yet the TV station at Sweet Valley University is “WSVU.”

    This is what happens when stupid Midwesterners are allowed to touch the hem of the Wakefield garment.

  262. Janelle says:

    More inconsistencies within miniseries… I’m reading the ones where they’re counselors at summer camp. At the end of the first book Elizabeth walks up from the lake with Joey (her latest boy to cheat on Todd with) to find Todd talking to Liz’s enemy Nicole. Todd then says something like “Elizabeth we have to talk” and it’s clear that Nicole has told him what’s going on. At the open of the next book, however, Nicole isn’t there (she joins Todd and Liz a few minutes later) and Todd isn’t angry and doesn’t know anything. Then, a smaller, but still annoying one: Jess plays the lead in the camp play (Alexandra), but during the recap at the beginning of the third book the character is referred to as Cassandra.

    And- another recycled plot- Lila meets Bo and they both pretend to be something they’re not (in this case outdoorsy types- but isn’t that exactly how her relationship with Robbie started (her pretending to be artsy?) and then they realize that really they’re both rich and so perfect for each other!

  263. penny ayala says:

    ooh and I cant remember the exact books, but I recall Mr Patman being called Hank and Henry.
    And, another HATE-Liz moment – in #4, Power Play, she says that infamous, condescending line about the twins “watching their figures like hawks” unlike Robin Wilson. Then, in Out of Control, she bitches about Aaron Dallas’ girlfriend, saying something about dieting being a symptom of her superficiality. HATE!

    • Magpie says:

      I’m pretty sure that in one of her Secret Diaries, Liz says something about how she acts as though looks aren’t important to her, but in reality she loves that she’s so beautiful. This was a HATE-Liz moment for me.

  264. Janelle says:

    To be fair, Hank is a nickname for Henry, so that’s not really an inconsistency- unlike, say, Maria Santelli’s dad who goes from Frank to Peter (or something like that)- I think that’s already been mentioned on this list though.

  265. nicki says:

    Hi Guys, this brings back so many memories,
    Do you remember the svt book when they each get a £100 dollars from i think aunt helen? and jessica is able to buy her friends all diffrent presents? the money certainly lasted back then lol.
    what happened to jessica and aaron in the end?

  266. marla fields says:

    “The gals have been 16 for 15 years”
    I hate wheat, you should check out the back covers on the senior year series, where Francine pokes fun at the warped timeline of SV:
    “It’s about love.
    It’s about life
    It’s about time.”

    Too bloody right its about time

  267. Lori says:

    It always bugged me how Wakefield family and Sagas never matched. In the Sagas Ned doesn’t have a brother or half-brother but in the Emily Meyer one he has half-brother. Where did dead Rexy Wakefield and all their other cousins come from? Jenny? The Walkers? In SVT and SVK there’s Great-Aunt Helen. You know Alice’s mother’s sister. Her mother doesn’t have a sister in Sagas. She’s an only child since her mother dies at birth. Where did she come from? Don’t get me started on the Johnson relative in SVU.

    Why the twins rarely if ever have jobs. Even in college their parents’ are footing the bill. Even when they get their own place to be you know independent their parents are paying for it. Why are the parents paying for it? How were the parents paying for it?

    I always wondered if Mr. Martin the town drunk actually fathered all of those Tricia look alikes. I mean he was the town drunk living on the bad side of town

    No one has sex? Really Jessica was a virgin all this time? All those guys not once? All those sixteen year olds and no sex? Or why having sex makes you a horrible person. Believe it or not Francine teenagers do have sex. Especially the popular kids.

  268. Lori says:

    One more thing. Why didn’t Margo kill Jessica in the Return of the Evil Twin? I know the lead charactors can’t die (darn) but really after all the planning, stealing, killing and waiting Margo opts to just kidnap Jessica, tie her up and leave her in the school? I don’t think so.

  269. bubblebobblegirl says:

    There was a very special Sweet Valley Twins when the twins get their first period, but Liz gets hers first and assumes Jessica got hers too! OMG! So Jessica fakes it? How does she do that? Gee I don’t remember… makes me want to read it again.

    I had to search a long time to get that one, for some reason Waldenbooks didn’t keep it on the shelf. I think I special ordered it from them.

  270. bubblebobblegirl says:

    Also I remember Francine’s writers used the word “make-shift” a lot… my sister really hated that word. I used to read the books out loud to her and she’d always freak out everytime I said that…

    You’ll notice it, if you read just one.

  271. Anisa(: says:

    haha, i love this!
    & it really always bugged me that Elizabeth was always described as honest, respectful, AND FAITHFUL, and her diaries reveal the bitch she always was.

    lmfao at the Cora walker crap. that was in my copy too;)
    weird huh?

    also the fact that they’ve been in love about a million times all throughout middleschool, high school, & college.

    AND.. the annoying fact that in SVU#1 College girls, todd wants to bang with lizzie and she thinks shes not ready, but shes perfectly willing to make out with a guy she met at the library.
    strange? just a bit..(:

  272. Shannon says:

    I don’t know if someone else mentioned this but have you noticed how many times the number 137 is mention throughout all the Sweet Valley books?
    ex- SVH #35 Out of Control- Jessica uses it in a reference to how many tons of Tofu-Glo products she will sell. She mentions it twice just in this book.
    SVH #9 Racing Hearts- Jessica says she must have 137 things to do.
    Sweet Valley Saga- The Wakefields of Sweet Valley- Samantha says “But I really don’t want to have this conversation for the hundred and thirty-seventh time”.
    These are the only ones I can think of right now but it is mentioned alot more than that. Anyone else notice?

  273. amy's true love says:

    Oh and I found another Xmas [what is that, like the 6th?] in Olivia’s story.

    Also, does anyone remember in SVU, on the college cruise, Jess meets a handsome stranger who turns out to be Randy Mason, the nerd from school? But, I found that he’s mentioned occasionally in SVH, e.g. Lost at Sea, which happened less that 2 years before she would have met him at uni. How is it that someone she’s known since elementary school can turn into so much of a babe that she can’t even recognise him 2 years later??

  274. Janelle says:

    I know we’ve discussed Lila’s eye color on here before- blue or brown? But I just finished reading The Fowler’s of Sweet Valley in which she apparently has green eyes! Seriously- just pick a color and stick to it! She has brown eyes on the cover so let’s just go with that!

  275. Natalia says:

    I was speaking to a geneticist colleague, and apparently there is no pattern of inheritence of a tendency to have identical twins, it is just a chance occurrence; although the tendency to have non-identical twins is hereditary. This made me wonder – how is it in the Saga stories about Alice’s ancestors that there are blonde, identical twins in every bloody generation?? A chance occurrence? I think not!

  276. Natalia says:

    Oh and in my copy of #8, Heartbreaker, it says “Roger and Lila have big surprises in store for them in SVH #9, Love on the Run”. Love on the run?? But that book was called Racing Hearts! Gotcha, ghosties

  277. Anonymous says:

    This site is hilarious! I grew up reading the SV books, more SVT than SVH, and one of the all-too-consistent things I noticed that always bothered me is the fact that Elizabeth is always portrayed as the “good” twin while Jessica is portrayed as the “bad” twin. They have very different personalities, but these same personalities could have been shown differently. They could have described Jessica as being adventurous, modern and open minded. Instead, they chose to portray her as manipulative, shallow, and materialistic. Only the negative aspects of her personality were focused on. And Elizabeth is shown as a saint, when she can be very closed-minded and self-righteous at times, and not very accepting. Only the positive aspects of Liz’s personality are shown. I read somewhere that Francine Pascal created to personalities of Jessica and Elizabeth to represent the good and bad sides of one person. There are good and bad things about both of them. But the books make them so polarized!

    And everything dramatic seems to happen to Elizabeth. Who does Claire hone in on in The Carnival Ghost? Elizabeth. Which twin does Margo want to be? Elizabeth. Who gets kidnapped? Elizabeth. Who sees what Sweet Valley would be like if she were never born? Elizabeth. Oh, and by the way, in that book, Sweet Valley is of course a horrible place. If Liz had never been born, Sweet Valley would apparently not be sunny anymore, her family would be white trash, and Jessica would have glasses. How does Liz being born or not affect Jessica’s eyesight? If they ever wrote a book about if Jess were never born, everything would probably be better in the books.

    I just think Jessica is misrepresented!

    • me says:

      i agree. also, it seemed francine actively portrayed jessica negatively even when she was having just realistic not-perfect feelings or reactions (like in that she’s envious of liz but since she was happy liz was back she kept her mouth shut, or when she pretends to be nice to steven about tricia, cmon, at least she’s trying). and cmon. jessica kept having “evil schemes” just for plot purposes. that status quo was something francine apparently loved, she took a situation and milked it.

  278. Janelle says:

    I just started reading “R” For Revenge and it says that Heather Mallone is a senior, but I’m pretty sure she’s described as a junior in the other books that she’s in. Just another of many many inconsistencies to add to the list!

  279. Jamie says:

    I found this site by accident and now I can’t stop reading this page! lol. I grew up reading sweet valley and was absolutely certain that my life would be just as perfect as it was in the books when I turned 16. That definitely didn’t happen 😛
    I’ve books from all the series – kids, twins, jr.high, etc.. but havent been able to find SO many books so i’ve missed out quite a bit. the only mini-series i read completely was the ‘elizabeth’ series that happened after svu. has anyone else read those? what do you think about them?

  280. Natalia says:

    ooh and in SVH senior year, when Nalice does some parenting for a change, Jessica isn’t allowed to have a cell phone. But in SVH book 140, please forgive me, she plans a massive barbecue with her friends… on her cellphone. Explain??

  281. Holz says:

    Don’t know if anyone has mentioned this before, but about the distance of the university:

    In SVH Love Letter’s. Caroline (gossip supreme) says that her sister communtes 5 miles to SVU. Don’t they live on the same street as the Wakefields?

    Lazy Steven! 😛 That always annoyed me!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow. It was 5 miles away? No wonder Steven was home every 5 minutes. It couldn’t have been far away if they live in the same small town, right? That always bugged me, cause if you’ve read Sweet Valley University, I think it says SVU is a two hour drive. Also, someone mentioned Lila and Bruce sometimes flew home from college at SVU in a private jet. These books were never consistent with the location.

  282. Kendra says:

    Way fun to read the comments; they take me directly back to when I first read these books as a teenager. I’m curious what will happen to Steven Wakefield’s girlfriend Tricia Martin in the “modern” updated series. I distinctly remember her death leukemia and how it impacted Steven in future books, including meeting TWO! of her doppelgängers. The prognosis for leukemia patients is more hopeful nowadays, even being one of the more easily treated cancers. So now I wonder if Tricia will die from a different kind of cancer. I remember she was “on medication” and lost weight. However, the books never depicted her going through chemotherapy, radation, surgery, no mention of hair loss, vomiting, radiation, bloating and all the other gruesome side effects of cancer treatment. Will they have her undergo a bone-marrow transplant? Will she not be able to afford treatment due to being poor? Will a suitable doner not be found in time? It will be interesting to find out. I thought she had the potential to be an interesting character due to her disfunctional white-trash family. It was a shame they just had her die in Victorian romance style instead of taking time to develop her!

    And add me to the ones who found Bruce darkly sexy and complex! I just found Todd boring. Yeah, yeah, I know Todd was supposed to be the heroic side and Bruce on the dark side but Bruce was capable of being very romantic as he showed with Regina. Apologies to any Todd fans I may have offended by my comment about his boringness. ;0)

  283. Janelle says:

    Kendra- Unfortunately- they’re not making any more of the re-issues so we’ll never see the updated death of Tricia Martin.

    And don’t worry about the Todd thing- most of us find him boring! If I had to pick my favorite Sweet Valley boy- it would have to be Sam:(

  284. Janelle says:

    I just finished the special edition ‘Mystery Date’ and talk about a train-wreck of a Sweet Valley book! It starts, where else?, with a school dance where all the different cliques (which are suddenly very defined- unlike in the other books) get into a fight about what type of music should be played, which then escalates into an all-out clique-war for the rest of the book. Michael Somebody, who Jessica dates in the beginning of her last Secret Diary and then we never hear from again, puts in an appearance, as does Nicky Shepherd- does that kid even go to Sweet Valley? He’s the one that Jessica almost runs away with, isn’t he? I guess I don’t really remember where he ends up, but he’s not ever mentioned as being at school later… Anyways- horrible, horrible book- although the last chapter was sort of entertaining. It’s another school dance (two in one book might be a record!) at which everyone has to borrow clothes from someone else in school and wear them to the dance- it’s mildly entertaining to see who’s dressed up as who!

  285. MT says:

    I bought the entire SVH series off Ebay and am re-reading them (actually, reading many of them for the first time since I never got to the post-100’s books); I’m currently on #23, Say Goodbye. The books are even more ridiculous than I remember! Also, talk about your random characters who are mentioned once and never heard from again! Book 22 has at least 4 of those and Lila has already had like 50 one-shot boyfriends. Also, love how Jess is still traumatized by her relationship with Bruce, then it turns out that both Cara and Lila dated him the previous year and neither of them seem to give a crap anymore.

  286. Kendra says:

    Janelle, when the writers killed Sam Woodruff during the Jungle Prom series, that’s both why and when I stopped reading SVH! I actually wrote my own fan-fiction story with an alternate outcome in which Sam turned out to be alive. That was in 1993 shortly before I met my husband. By the late 1990’s, people had begun sharing their own SV fan-fiction stories on the Internet where they could be enjoyed by other fans free of cost! The fans had some brilliant ideas which beat the stuffing out of anything that had been going on in the published series. Alas, the story I had in mind for Sam and Jessica had to remain unofficial; it was similar to the story the series writers of SVU gave to Nick Fox and Jessica.

  287. briarose710 says:

    I just found this and I think I love it to death! Oh th einconcistencies that would drive my little brain nuts! I did however always picture sweet valley county to be set up like Orange county, ca So it’d be feesible for all the high schools to be fairly close but different schools. the towns down here aren’t ten miles away from each other or whatever if you’re in Orange you cross the street and you’re in Anaheim. So that always made sense to me. The magical distancing of SVU never did though.

    I’ve only ever read the first and the last SVHHSY the first because it came next after the earthquake books and I decided it was ridiculous and too much change to the series I’d loved FOREVER and the last because it came packaged with a special edition of “Double love” and i couldn’t resist (although I think this packaging might have had something to do with why so many random characters from SVH showed up in it.)

    I so need to pull out my box of these books again!

  288. Karla Keffer says:

    Great call about Liz and Jess “watching their diets like hawks,” penny ayala! Forgive me, but, um, don’t they all pig out on quadruple orders of onion rings every day after school??? How the hell does that line up with watching their diets like hawks, ghostwriters???

  289. MT says:

    Yeah, I always loved the way Robin was eyed with distaste for keeping candy bars in her purse but Liz and Jess eat cheeseburgers, milkshakes and that damned Dairi Burger clam special with complete abandon

  290. Karla Keffer says:

    Yeah, MT, and you know they weren’t, ahem, “evacuating” because the Wakefield twins are PERFECT and thus never fell victim to eating disorders.

    Also, this whole dynamic makes me think of those little vox pop interviews in like YM or wherever in which some boy would claim to “like girls who eat a lot.” Right, as long as she’s a size 00 while she’s doing it, you little hypocrite ass weasel.

  291. Janelle says:

    So I’ve been reading the ones with Devon Whitelaw and the last two have just said such random things that I have to share them with you! In one of them they start talking about the Dairi Burger as a popular spot for *brunch*, and suddenly they serve herbal tea and are known for their omelets…. Let’s forget about the fact that in almost 200 books this has never been mentioned before!

    Then, in the next book, Jessica is planning a party (of course) and is making everyone meet her at the Dairi Burger to help and none of the guys show up, so everyone pulls out their *cellphones* and call the guys *houses*… prior to this I think Lila has a car phone, but no one, especially not Jess, has had a cell phone and suddenly all the girls do, but apparently the guys don’t… craziness.

  292. MT says:

    HOLY CRAP. I’m reading #24, Memories, and Ned just casually mentions to Steven that he is named after Ned’s college best friend who was killed in a car wreck. This seems monumental to me, but I won’t be at all surprised if it’s never mentioned again. Not only that but Steve is just like, “Yeah, thanks for trying to relate Dad.” He couldn’t care less that he is NAMED AFTER HIS DAD’S DEAD FRIEND AND IS JUST NOW LEARNING THIS. And, his reaction is all, “Whatever” — way to treat your dad’s sharing this with you! (The funniest part in this book is when Alice tells Jess, “jokingly”, “Oh, Jess, I never count on you for anything” Ahahaha)

  293. MT says:

    OH and here is one more that comes to mind, that may have already been mentioned on here — they say Jess always gets her man, but it’s definitely not true. Todd chose Liz over her, Bill chose DeeDee over her, and Nicholas chose Liz over her. Robbie October and Bruce didn’t want her until she engaged in some over-the-top flirting with them. And I’ve got plenty more examples but the bottom line is — she isn’t quite the man magnet they portray her as!
    ~MT (still reeling over the casual bit I mentioned in the last comment! “Steve, you’re named after my dead friend”)

  294. neco_z_alenky says:

    I remember in one SVT book (I think it was #96 Elizabeth the Spy) the twins had to go to the shops to get “sanitary napkins”, which means they were on their period.

    I’m not sure if it’s been mentioned but one thing that always peeved me was that no other girl their age could be blonde with blue/aquamarine eyes. they could be brunette with blue eyes, blonde with brown eyes, blonde with hazel or green eyes etc etc but the twins were the only blonde haired blue-green eyed girls.

    • Peach says:

      yes i WAS unfortunate enough to read the ‘jess falling in love with a vampire’ book. i think it was a ‘miniseries’ but i only remember reading one of the books. it was so ridiculous! as an 11 or 12 year old i was a bit shocked by the fact that the book started at a party in an old house and jess and the vampire guy were said to be in the bed upstairs i was like ‘omg they had sex??’ but yet jessica was still meant to be a virgin when she started college wasnt she?

  295. Lila_Fower_knows_best says:

    I just finished reading everyone’s comments, and I have to say that you all just stated everything I’ve ever thought about the SV books!! Now, time for my two cents. Elizabeth just digusts me pretty much during her entire time at SVU. You just get tired of her self-righteous, attitude over her precious virginity. I get that the writer wants young girls to know that they don’t have to sleep with their boyfriends, but Liz is way over the top. And of course, the guys she’s rejected can’t get over her. What a bunch of bull.

  296. Emma says:

    One thing that annoyed me is that Janet states in the first SVT book that the Unicorn club has a limit of 12 or so members to make it special, and only a few sixgraders are allowed. When Jessica is accepted she’s the third sixgrader. 25 books later, several more girls have joined the club, all of them sixgraders.

  297. felicia says:

    Except the Patmans and the Morrows, wealthy people are portrayed as being so absorbed in work, travel, and being snobs that they don’t care about their kids. Lila, Suzanne Devlin, the girl Todd dated at Lovett, the girl AJ saved from drowning, Taryn in Malibu Summer and the girl who goes on the bike trip in Perfect Summer.
    I’m sure there were more.

    And when Cara and Steven plan to get married, Cara muses about how strong and kind Steven is and how he’d never let her down. Funny, he treated her like crap throughout their entire relationship, either chasing someone who looks like Tricia or ignoring her for Abbie. Then Cara moves to London and Jessica is so sad that she goes to London about 20 books later but doesn’t even give her a call?

    In Pretenses, Ned is given six tickets to a Laker game, which is described as the Lakers playing the Celtics in the Playoffs. But since Lakers and Celtics are different conferences, if they are playing each other in postseason it would have to be the Finals. Even in the mid 80’s, these tickets would cost thousands of dollars each. Who gives away six of them and is even able to get one more when the plot is resolved and everybody is able to go together?

  298. Holz says:

    A few things, In the high school war mini series Olivia’s boyfriend changes from Harry Minton (Who she had broken up with a in the college mini series, can’t remember them getting back together) to Rod Sullivan, all this occurs within the masked costume dance from the end of the first book in the series into the first chapter of the second book of the series.

    Also in “Love Letters for Sale” Liz and Todd chat about how Shelly had self esteem problems until she met Jim and Todd is all like “yeah that was a hard time for her” He was in Vermont at said time and I doubt he caught up on that scintillating bit of gossip. Maybe he got The Oracle delivered, as he couldn’t go Sweet Valley High cold turkey.

    The thing that really annoyed me was when Cara and Steven are going to elope and Cara is thrown a surprise bridal shower. Maria Santali is giving her sexy underwear and saying how excited she is for her, when she was engaged, 30 or so books before she was all like 16 is too young for marriage, major mistake! What a GIMP! And all the girls are excited about sex then! Same at Sue’s bridal shower when it has a lingerie theme, everyone loves the sex!

    On the subject of empty mansions, the mansion which Andrea Slade moves into in “Rock Star’s Girl” called the Kitterby Estate has been empty for years. Lots of random empty mansions in Sweet Valley then! Can’t be such a hot place to live after all or property would be snapped up, tut tut.

    Don’t even get me started on the werewolf mini series. I live in London and nothing in that book is remotely correct! Notably NOT EVERYONE IS FRICKIN RELATED TO THE ROYAL FAMILY OR A POOR COCKNEY!!! ARGHHHHH

    • Peach says:

      I pissing hated that werewolf series. For one thing the ‘werewolf’ story itself was laughably stupid but also the portrayal of Britain and London was stupidly stereotypical and nothing like reality. As u said it was so stupid how they made it seem like if u went to london u would randomly bump into royalty all the time. wtf.

  299. Laura says:

    Yes, the chronology of the series really bugged me as a child, but since reading Jameson I’ve decided that Francine was in fact assuming a po-mo stance against grand narrative…maybe.

  300. Jessica says:

    WOW. That’s all I can say is WOW. So my deep dark secret is that I started reading the Sweet Valley Twins series at 11. My very first book was “Jumping to Conclusions”. I have been a die hard fan ever since. I’m 28 and I STILL read them and reread them. I really thought I was the only die hard out there but it’s nice to know that’s not true! My husband thinks I’m kind of freaky about my books. I have a bookshelf in my closet totally devoted to SV books. lol. I’m not crazy, but old habits do die hard. You’re all right about the inconsistencies and I was glad I wasn’t the only one that noticed them. They never really bugged me though. It’s Sweet Valley! None of it makes sense anyway! But we can dream right? Did anyone else have the dolls, the neon sign and the TV series on dvd? I feel so great knowing I’m not alone!

  301. al says:

    The covers always bothered me because they don’t look like highschool kids. They look like grown women to me. I like “all night long” cover to make the college guy look older he has a little moustache.

    • felicia says:

      Aaron Dallas is described as blonde in an early book, but the cover of the one where he fights with Jeffrey he has dark hair.

      Betsy alternates between being Tricia’s older and younger sister.

      Steven gets together with Billie during the evil twin series while he is a college freshman. In SVSY where I assume he is a sophmore, he is a boy slut and has tons of girlfriends, which annoys Jessica. In SVU, him and Billie are together and it appears that they have been all along.

      Jessica is an outcast in SVSY because people believe that she slept with Matt Wells. Seriously? I remember high school well and people had sex! A gorgeous blonde that had been the prom queen and Miss Teen Sweet Valley would not be branded a loser and laughed at by freshmen because she did the nasty with a football player!

      The juniors run the school. They make up the entire varsity cheerleading squad, get the lead in every school play, win every popularity contest, and are the star players for every sport. Seniors, with the exception of Bruce, apparently have little presence at SVH.

      In the first ten books or so, Elizabeth is described as a goody goody straight A type, yet she is always so distracted by Jessica’s antics or fights with Todd that she can’t concentrate on her schoolwork.

      Todd is a piece of crap and I am glad Liz cheated on him so many times. He flirts and cuddles with Mandy in book 6, then gets mad because Guy gave Liz a ride to the Dairi Burger. In book 8 he is rubbing suntan lotion on Patsy’s back with her bikini strap untied, but he doesn’t understand why Liz is upset about it. Really Todd? You don’t think Liz should ride in the car with someone else, but no problem at all for you to have your hand all over your half naked ex-girlfriend????

      Lord, I could go on all day….

      • felicia says:

        Almost forgot about Jade Wu. In SVH “Out of reach” she is a sophmore with married parents from a socially conservative traditional Chinese family whose father is called Dr. Wu. In SVSY, she is a senior, and a slut, who lives with her mother, a tramp and has been divorced since Jade was seven. Her father, who is now Mr. Wu and is remarried and living out of state, refuses to pay child support unless Jade has a job, and her mother works so many hours that she ends up in the hospital. Hey, Mrs. Wu… ever hear of child support collection agencies? Since SVSY made such an effort to be diverse by including Tia (the token hispanic), and Maria Slater (the token African American), I guess they needed an Asian too. Fine, but maybe her character could either slightly resemble the one from SVH, or they could have made up a new one entirely.

  302. Shirley says:

    I was directed to this site in another forum I frequent and talk about flashbacks! I started reading this series when it first came out in ’84 or ’85. I must have had a serious hard on for Liz because I don’t remember her being such a sanctimonious bitch or cheating on Todd every other day. I’ve been loving the recaps. I was in the 7th/8th grade when I started reading these and I was SO sure HS was going to be JUST like SVH (snort).

    I have to ask my mom if she still has my old books. I’m feeling a burning desire to re-read them.

  303. Bruce's Girl says:

    Looks like the inconsistencies carried over into Sweet Valley Confidential… The biggest being that it is insinuated that Bruce was in the same graduating class with the twins and the rest of the Sweet Valley gang… But he was actually a year older than everyone else in the SVH series. Not sure how old he was supposed to be in the SVT and SVU books, though.

    Also, Lila’s father was referred to as Richard in the new book. But in the SVH series he was George. In the SVU series he was referred to as Robert.

    It also appears that the whole senior year series was disregarded, as none of those characters or the circumstances that led to them coming to SVH were mentioned. I was surprised that there was no mention of Olivia Davidson or her death when Pascal listed all the characters who had died over the course of the series. Especially since she and Ken were the hottest couple at SVH before the earthquake hit.

  304. Katie Grant says:

    Elizabeth and Jessica both commence menstruation in Sweet Valley Twins #42: Jessica’s Secret. Elixabeth actually starts hers first, hence “Jessica’s Secret”. She eventually gets hers, and the Wakefields celebrate the occasion with Submarine sandwiches for dinner followed by cream puffs.

  305. Kym says:

    Love this website. I was 10 when I started reading SVH as Double Love hdd just come out, I am nearly 38. Guess it shows how old Jess & Liz really should be 🙂

    I made the mistake of seeling the first 20 books to a second hand book seller and they were all first publications and bought them again. I stopped reading at about 50 but kept buying them just to complete the set but I was never that diligent and only got to about 80 or so with all the special editions etc. Many years ago I gave them to my friends daughter on the agreement I got them back if I asked. That child is now 22 and was 8 at the time!

    In book 2 Enid definatly had a brother mentioned as she almost tripped over him through her tears. I once remember alcohol mentioned in an early book as Lila was pinching some but never again – they were all such goody two shoes!

    When I was 15 I compiled a list of anomalies and got up to about 50 but this is great as soon as they are all here!!!

    • DanaLarsonRules says:

      i am also glad to have found this, though i have learned i’m not quite as huge of a fan as i thought…
      i am 31 and still devour anything sweet valley, it has been my crack since i was 10 or so.i have no shame admitting this, it’s fluffy perfection.i find comfort in curling up with any sweet valley book, but i don’t have a “thinking seat”.boo.
      but i just wanted to say that although there are obvious inconcistencies, mistakes, plot re-runs, etc., it has never bothered me.
      i know that in sweet valley, anything and everything is possible, regardless of the past.
      now i must get back to my enchanted forest by way of unicorn.(and by unicorn, i mean janet howell.)

  306. Leanda says:

    The biggest discrepancy I found was in slam book fever it was jeffrey/olivia & Liz/A.J that Lila put together in the slam book then in Broken-hearted they said it was Enid/jeffrey & Liz/Aaron. I know these books were like only 20 apart but still aren’t they all written by kate williams under francine pascal.

    • Lizzie's Barrettes says:

      i read somewhere that there were multiple ghostwriters for the series over the years, but they all wrote under the name kate william. this explains the disgusting amount of inconsistencies in each individual series.

      at least the inconsistencies in the varying series can be chalked up to being written out of order, although considering that SVH was the first series, surely that should have been the basis for the SV bible that all good ghostwriters should have had??

  307. Regina Morrow says:

    Why does Liz alwayz drink root beer? in The Parent Plot # 67 she is refrenced having root beer twice.
    “I’m thirsty” Maria said ” I’m going to get us something to drink. You want a root beer as usual?”.
    And later
    “And root beer” her father added ” Lets see if we can get them to put it into a champagne glass”.
    And this is only in one book! I’ve heard Liz order root beer at least five other times. And if were going for a PSA thing shouldnt she be choosing milk? or water?something healthier?

  308. Sonja says:

    Lol. All these comments have taken me back in time! I remember being about 11 and telling my friends I was an expert surfer because I knew how to “hang ten”. I’d never been surfing In my life but it didn’t sound hard in “the new Elizabeth!”

  309. Kimmet says:

    Thank you for this hilarious blog. Like so many of you, I ADORED the original SVH books. I borrowed one of the books from my friend when I was 9 or 10 years old and I became instantly hooked. I’m disappointed now because I can’t remember which book I read first, but I was so elated back then when I realized it was a continuing series and there were plenty of books I had to catch up on. That infatuation probably lasted at least five years.

    Now, many, many years later, with the Sweet Life reigniting my childhood delight, I decided to reread Double Love as it was one of my favorites (I know it’s not a favorite of many, but I simply loved it) and read (for the first time) the last few books in the series pertaining to Liz/Devon/Todd. So here are some discrepancies:
    * Todd and Liz had chemistry class together in DL, but when Devon comes to town she has chemistry class with him and Todd is nowhere in the class. Did he get transferred out of that class when his family relocated for a few months?
    * To say their Junior Prom was approaching, I’m surprised narcissistic Jessica or Lila weren’t trying to run for Prom Queen. Why is it that The Jungle-themed Prom had king/queen but this one didn’t?
    * Why Is Courtney Kane’s dad VP at Varitronics when he was the CEO before? I always thought Mr. Kane’s status in the company trumped Mr. Wilkins’s?
    * I used to try and justify the inconsistincies between the regular series, the Super Thrillers, the Super Editions and a host of other Super Somethings as the Super series being their own standalone books. It bugs me that FP and the writers would handpick certain occurences from the Super series and incorporate them into the regular series while blatantly ignoring/omitting some other critical elements. If Ken and Elizabeth’s supposed romance from her Diary can be incorporated, then why can’t Jessica and Todd’s little “fling” from her diary be incorporated as well?
    * And, I know some aren’t fans of Todd, but as a kid, he was my favorite. Yes, he was boring and rarely did anything wrong, but that’s why I liked him. He seemed like a genuinely good guy, who tried doing the right thing, who was liked by most of his school peers and the fact that he was described as being extremely good looking helped ;). So, I don’t understand why they had to dumb him down toward the end of the series. They described Todd as being intellectual in the beginning of the series but then he acts like a baffoon who’s only a dumb jock..
    * Why is someone as arrogant and as pompous as Bruce hanging out with junior kids when he’s a senior? That seems so beneath him.
    * When did the Fiat morph into a Jeep Wranger? Did it happen overnight or was there some explanation for the car switch?
    * Why are Todd and Liz acting as though they’ve known each other for their whole lives? I know they’re trying to tie in the SVT element, but considering SVH came out before SVT, you’d think the writers would have just not included Todd in the SVT series instead of making up fake memories for them.

  310. burn fat fast says:

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  311. MiyaMiya says:

    Oh God, how this has brought back the memories. D’you ladies know what; I harp on so much about how Twilight is damaging to the teenage mind, and my tween obsession with Sweet Valley is nothing if not testament to exactly how dumb teen girls are and how, despite being smart in our own rights, we can be fooled into loving awful fictional characters and believing in ‘true love!’ when two idiot teens have only just met. For example, no matter how many times we were SHOWN that Jess is a selfish sociopathic hobag and Liz is a condescending nosy hypocrite, because we were repeatedly TOLD that Liz was sweet and honest and Jess was ‘impulsive’ (lol, read: insane) I believed it. I wanted so much to be an ‘ideal’ Wakefield twin that when I was 12 I GENUINELY got my hair died blonde (whether my mum allowing that makes her the collest parent ever or the most negligent is up for debate). Because I’m a dark brunette, suffice to say it turned out a bit orangey. I wanted a Spanish Tiled house despite not knowing what the hell it meant, and I wanted to much to be 5’6 when I grew up.

    Like many of you here, despite being 23 now these books still haunt me; and in horrible ways you can’t imagine, because I’m a writer. I wrote about twins once and I’d written them as ‘4 minutes apart’ before I realised what I was doing!! (eventually decided to leave it in as a cute reference – as SVT/H was a big part of my life that I’m happy to remember and mock).

    After recalling these books I can no longer honestly state that Bella Swan is the biggest canon sue ever. Perfect size six figures? Gag me. Hilarious blog, though. I remember when the Chateu D’Amour collection was the most romantic thing I’d ever read – I thought French Laurent was such a hunk. Poor, delusional little 12 year old me ;__;

  312. me says:

    LOL another character inconsistency (at least for me) I remember John Pfeiffer became a rapist when he’d always seemed like a laid back guy and a doormat to Bruce.

  313. how to get pregnant with twins naturally fast says:

    Excellent goods from you, man. I have understand your stuff previous to and you are just extremely excellent.
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  314. Anonymous says:

    Has anybody ever thought of creating a book series just like Sweet Valley High and actually making it realistic and chronological?

  315. Anonymous says:

    Another inconsistency is Enid/Alexandra. In most of SVH, she is Liz’s best friend, but in the series with the vampire (yep) she is a gothed out sex kitten, and in SVHSRYR, she and Liz aren’ts friends and remarks are made about her appearance, but at SVU they are excited to be going off to college together, and then aren’t friends.

  316. Ray says:

    Thankyou for the comments and the hilarity.

    I love the world of sweet valley. Ridiculous and inconsistent and with insane standards of what beautiful looks like (blonde hair, aqua marine eyes and dimples in the left cheek)

    Love this page and all of you so much xo

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