The Grand Finale: The Book and Beyond


What’s that, a book?

If you are connected to me on Facebook/Twitter, etc., you already know this, but my book is finally available on the Amazon Kindle Store and for Nook.


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The book includes the recaps of the first 100 Sweet Valley High books, which first appeared on this here blog, but the book also contains recaps of the second hundred-or-so books in the series which are not on here. I’ll keep this blog up for posterity (and there’s also some non-SVH recaps on here, see the categories on the left) but it’s officially come to its grand finale.

There’s not much more to say but thanks for hanging in there with me the last six years. I appreciate the support and even the fact that you have taken the time to read things I wrote amazes and flatters me.

After spending the last seven or so years revisiting Sweet Valley High, I’m excited to move on to other things, including

The Golden Girls Reviewed By [a Golden Girls recap blog]

The Unwatchables

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Keep in touch and let me know how you like the book.