Chat with Francine

I almost forgot to post this on here:

Please join us live on Twitter (@SVConfidential) and Ustream for a live Fan Chat with Francine Pascal on Wednesday, May 18 at 8pm EST. Feel free to post your questions in advance to Facebook ( as well. We’d appreciate your assistance in helping to promote this unique opportunity for Sweet Valley fans to interact with Francine.

Ustream Event:

Things I want to ask Francine but I probably won’t:

-What do you think of my blog?

-Why do you dislike overweight people?

-Can I pick your brain for an hour?

-Did you ever actually read any of the books after they were completed?

-Did you intentionally make Jessica a sociopath?

-Did you intentionally make Elizabeth condescending?

-Why did so may students read The Oracle?

-What happened to Ellen Riteman?

7 thoughts on “Chat with Francine

  1. Tia Ramirez says:

    Oh please. You already made your life and this blog criticising the books you love to hate. You reviewed almost all the series (minus the SVH Senior Year: WHY, WHY, WHYYYYYYYYYYYY?????) Now you got a chance to ask Francine all those questions and you won’t ask her? What about her ghostwriters? You can ask them too, why you didn’t take the chance to meet one of them and ask them?

  2. Jenna says:

    I don’t think its so strange that most of the students of Sweet Valley High read the school paper. Everyone at my high school looked forward to our student paper, The Falcon’s Cry.

    What I do find strange is that everyone at Sweet Valley Middle School read The Sixers. It was a sixth grade paper, for and by sixth graders, and yet the 7th and 8th graders read it as well.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’m a little disappointed that you will not be asking where the hell Ellen went. I need to know.
    Something else that always bothered me, was, if I remember correctly Twins was a spinoff of SVH to appeal to younger readers…so why were only some of the character from High brought down to Twins. OR If I am wrong and they were written simultaniously, or Twins then High, where are all the members of the Unicorn Club? I know that some of them were extremely important EIGHTH graders, but some were in grade seven…wouldn’t they be seniors when the girls were juniors?
    Perhaps there was a massive sexual assult of a club meeting and all the other girls except Jessica and Lila were doomed to post trumatic stress disorder and were cast away to some place where “those” kind of people belonged. Maybe Detroit?
    More likely you were spot on when you implied that no one invoved in the creation of this fluff bothered to read anything. Perhaps there was a computer style mad-libs device and someone would just plug in an arbitrary character’s name and a secondary character’s name a location, a color an a problem, and pressed print.

  4. The Purple Unicorns says:

    We–as a book club–just finished Sweet Valley Confidential and held a bi-coastal conference on the book.

    I love that there are other people discussing this important work.

    I hope to post soon about an important and SHOCKING theory that we have we have not seen discussed yet on your blog.

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