[slow clap]

Thanks to everyone who contacted me about this. You all know me so well! People magazine has revealed the cover to Sweet Valley Confidential. I have to say, I like it. And St. Martin’s Press didn’t even have to bribe me to say that. I think it is a good combination of modern graphic design with a vintage look, and not such a literal translation. But great iconography representing the original series.

6 thoughts on “[slow clap]

  1. winstonegbert says:

    You like the cover? In all its scarlet-woman-lavaliere-flashing-circle-art glory? While Winston appreciates the circle art, he also thinks that Liz/Jess looks a little less Wakefield and a little more Annie Whitman working a pole at The Shady Lady. Or Alice Wakefield on a “business trip” with Hank Patman. You get the drift.

  2. kiwimusume says:

    While Jessica still lives in their hometown, Elizabeth has moved to N.Y.C. – and is looking for revenge toward her sister. What did Jessica do to cause the rift?

    I just assumed she was still pissed about the Sam/England/scullery maid thing. 😛

    Still, I’m dead curious to read the book now I’ve seen the synopsis. I’ll be pre-ordering it!

  3. 1979semifinalist says:

    But which is which. I can’t enjoy it until I know which is which?!

    At first I thought it was obvious…but the more I thought about it…I’m not so sure.

    I’m currently at Jess on the back thanks to the lips and “more coiffed hair” but really it could go either way…

    • Vanessa Saxton says:

      About the lavalier. Who in the world wears the same necklace 10 years later? I pre-ordered this book and I have yet to see it. WTF? IHW, when will you post your re-cap? I am just dying for the DB to re-open its doors once again!

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