I’m excited for these two updates:

I was lucky enough to be interviewed for the Fully Engaged Feminism Podcast. Check out the other episodes, it’s really fantastic.

I’m still living the dream by revisiting the late 80s/early 90s. I hope you all will follow me over at my new blog Down on Jump Street where I will be watching and recapping 21 Jump Street, a shining gem in the history of television. I actually never watched it when it was on (and I have no idea why- I used to read all about the stars in Dynamite magazine.). Here’s the thing about it: it’s actually a pretty entertaining show. Sure, it’s also horrifically cheesy at times so there is never a shortage of things to make fun of, but there is something endearing about it.  You can also find all the episodes for free online, so I hope you will watch along with me. And crush on Peter DeLuise along with me. And envy Holly Robinson’s wardrobe with me.

6 thoughts on “updates

  1. Mary Anne Bruno says:

    Be still my beating heart. 21 Jump Street?!!
    I didn’t watch this show when it came on (I was too busy gushing over BSC and SVH), but I watched most of the episodes this summer and I can’t wait for you to recap these.

  2. cashapillar says:

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