Thanks to Sweet Valley Confidential’s tumblr, I was reminded of the awesome commercial for the board game:

Mini-Enid: “Jessica, you stole my boyfriend!”

Mini-Jessica: [Shrug] “Just like in the books! Which is reinforcing that stealing boyfriends and a disregard for any decent behavior towards friends makes me a winner!”

Also, good job on the depiction of the school. And how I pictured the twins. And the school  Students busting down the halls skipping at smiling at all times. Lots of high wasted pants and feathered hair. Gazing into each others eyes over a large popcorn at the movies. High school parties where a card table is set up for  a punch bowl. But wait, why are Liz and Jess both cheerleaders? Didn’t anyone involved with the production of Sweet Valley actually read the books?

7 thoughts on “

  1. Renee says:

    I own this game.

    My older sister got it for Christmas, and I got the BSC game. Enid was the color green, which was funny to us, because it’s like, “gawd, could you make Enid any less appealing??” The only thing I didn’t understand is why they made Lila yellow. EVERYONE knows she looks best in lavender.

  2. Whallie says:

    I actually bought this game on ebay a while ago and played it with my husband – a lot. I forced him. He liked being Jessica because just like in the books, she had the most “pick up a card” that allowed her to move ahead in the game, therefor ensuring an easy win every time. HATE HER in the game too!

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