An Open Letter to Diablo Cody

Hey Diablo! I hear you read this blog on occasion, so I thought I’d give this a try. A few days ago I posted my first reactions to the news that you are going to adapt Sweet Valley High into a movie.  I have to say I was premature in my judgement. I’m waving the white flag here (or a purple one, if The Unicorns designed it) As far as calling yo0u overrated, that was perhaps kind of hasty as well. I found Juno enjoyable, but I believe what made me kind of annoyed by it was all the hoopla around it- people were quoting it constantly who shouldn’t be quoting it, and it kind of became like Napoleon Dynamite, which is a good movie, but now seems kind of annoying because people quote it too much, you know? I haven’t seen Jennifer’s Body yet, and I do plan to- despite if I enjoy the movie or not, the whole concept is completely awesome.

And then my brain fart- I had totally forgot about United States of Tara, which is fantastic. How could I forget that? And then, reading your twitter posts, you get it. You are one of us! Not someone who will take our beloved book series and make it into some Hollywood rom com or typical teen comedy! You won me over when you told Bruce Patman: “Bruce, you’d better stop lightly touching breasts.” and then you told Liz: “You’ll need to suffer personality-changing skull trauma if you really want to be popular. Now get on that motorcycle.”

Many of us are still holding onto the dream that Sweet Valley Heights will still be published. [Damn you Francine!] I’ve already given up on that, but now I have the new hope that I will see Sweet Valley High on the screen as it should be! From someone who read all the books! From a quick check, we are exactly the same age, so I’d imagine we first read the books around the same age, and possible had the same reactions.

I also want to give my support to a woman working in the film industry who doesn’t just write rom com vehicles for Katherine Heigl. Or whose female characters sole purpose is to have a happy ending with a guy. On a shallow note, who also wore leopard print to the Academy Awards, which was so Very.

I know as the writer you don’t have complete control over every aspect of the film, but I am sure the community here has some suggestions for you. I wrote up mine but I can’t publish it here because I’ve already published it at so please check it out over there.

I know that other folks in this community are extremely excited and invested in the idea, and have suggestions as well, and I am sure will leave them in the comments.


Robin (aka ihatewheat)

76 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Diablo Cody

  1. Janelle says:


    I was also won over by your twitter responses and agree wholeheartedly in calling you “one of us.” I read Ihatewheat’s list of requests and have one or two of my own!

    1. I actually would prefer if you found real identical twins, although better find the right girl and parent-trap it than the wrong girls. I think that Malin is too old- go for actual teenagers please!

    2. I think that Nina Dobrev from ‘The Vampire Diaries’ would make a great Lila!

    3. It would be tricky- but maybe try to incorporate plots from multiple books- we need as much of the core characters as possible! (Liz, Jess, Todd, Ken, Bruce, Lila, Enid, Cara, Winston, Steven…)

    4. Football game and cheerleaders!!

    Thanks so much for taking this on and listening to input from those of us who really care about these books! I hereby officially offer my services to help in any way possible!!


  2. Shauna says:

    I need to add to Janelle’s #4… a dance. There must be a dance. Otherwise, I can only assume that the entire script will take place in less than a week, and we need at least a week’s worth of SVH shenanigans.

  3. anastasia says:

    LOVED the list!! Especially #5 – the shot of 1BRUCE1 – if the movie has nothing else, it MUST have this!! It totally reminded me of Beverly Hills, 90210 and Steve Sanders! LOL

  4. HelenB says:

    If nothing else, the movie has to have Jess impersonating Elizabeth to impress a guy, Liz and Todd breaking up (and it being all Todd’s fault) and Winston being awesome.

  5. Nicole says:

    Great list in the open letter!

    I also agree that there has to be a twin switch.

    And also, Lila must toss her hair. A lot.

    If John Pfeifer could be run down, preferalby by Lila’s lime green Triumph, that would be good, too.

    Otherwise, I’m just hoping that it comes to full fruition.

  6. Malika says:

    Actually, i would like to see ludicrously ancient actors play these sixteen year olds. The cover art mostly portrayed them as staid 40 year olds anyway. And didn´t Courteney Cox pose for one or two covers? Could you give her a role as a tribute to the crappy cover art?

    It must be kept in the eighties! I am so glad you are not planning on remaking it as a tame lame version of GG. Mister Collins pervy tendencies will be in full view, Lila will toss her hair and Jess psycho tendencies should be on full display. No moralistic redemption for Jessica at the end of the film!

    I was rather unsure when i heard the news, but i am confident that you will make a snarkworthy film that will obliterate any memories of the horrendous TV series!

  7. saucytemptress says:

    I should be too old and too smart to still have a mega-crush on Bruce Patman, but I am all up in your suggestion of 1BRUCE1 as the opening shot.

  8. maybeimamazed02 says:

    One word, Diablo: BARRETTES. As in, Liz must have them in at least one scene. Preferably ones that match her polo shirt or cotton sweater and don’t clash with her chinos.

    Also, Jon Hamm as Ned Wakefield? He’s quite foxy and about the right age.

    I entrust my childhood to your capable writerly hands! You rock.

  9. Suzanne Devlin says:

    I second Malin Ackerman as the Wakefield twins. She would be PERFECT. Way better than the Daniels twins from the TV series.

    Please incorporate as many of Jessica’s identities as possible, including Jessa Fields and Magenta Galaxy. And of course Liz has to impersonate Jess at least once to disastrous results. Liz and Todd need to break up and get back together a few times during the movie.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I third Malin Ackerman as the Wakefield twins. Also the Droids definitely have to have a part in the film. Perhaps a couple songs on the soundtrack.

  11. Rio says:

    1. Todd needs to punch a guy, preferably for looking at or talking to Liz the wrong way.
    2. The majority of the school day needs to take place in the cafeteria and the Oracle office.
    3. Steven needs to come home every weekend for stupid reasons.
    4. Someone needs to be pushed into a pool.
    5. Every first date must take place at the Box Tree Café.
    6. Liz must give someone a condescending shoulder pat.
    7. Jess needs to get a crush on a guy with whom Liz ends up cheating on Todd.
    8. There should be at least one real/attempted/made-up sexual assault/murder/kidnapping.
    9. Cartoonishly dramatic aversions to alcohol.
    10. Liz and Jess stuff their faces full of fries and milkshakes and still never get so much as a zit. (Also, Nikki Blonsky as Lois Waller.)
    11a. The Droids must play at every event that could possibly require music.
    11b. Except for Lila’s costume party, or masked ball, or whatever fête she throws involving finger sandwiches.
    12. Miller’s Point. And have at least five couples making out there.
    13. Jon Voight as Chrome Dome Cooper.
    14. Find a way to work in this exact quote: “Elizabeth and Jessica look so alike, down to their long golden-blond hair, ocean-blue eyes, and perfect size-six figures. But they’re so different on the inside.” Put it on a plaque in the school entrance if you have to.
    15. And, of course, we need the Dairi Burger. 😉

    Diablo, I’m confident that I’ll love whatever you throw into this movie, but PLEASE try to tone down the hipsterisms and obscure indie-rock references from now on. They tend to be the Achilles heels of your writing.

  12. Donna says:

    I am also super excited about this SVH film!

    Please keep the oft-repeated details: the connecting bathroom, the spanish tiles, the copper coloured refrigerator, the fiat, the triumph, the porsche, Liz’s journal and the typewriters in the Oracle office. Of course, every student and resident in SV will be drop-dead gorgeous and I expect the sun to be shining brightly in any outdoor scene. I would also love to see sorority hi jinks, Liz and Todd breaking up over a misunderstanding every 10 – 15 mins and an English class with Mr Collins.

    This would also be more for the SVH purists amongst us, but I wonder if there should be inconsistencies in the film plot or timeline (like those in the books) and I also thought that some of the dialogue in the books between the teenage characters was not particularly realistic, I don’t know if this could be captured in the film script?

    I am loving all of the suggestions from others – keep them coming!

    Does anyone know if Francine will be involved?

  13. Bart_Templeton says:

    1. All the teens must be played by people over 30. This is not a joke; I am in deadly earnest, Ms. Cody. Malin Ackerman is indeed a bit young, but I’ll let that one slide due to her heart-shaped face and aquamarine eyes.

    2. Conversely, Nalice must be played by people no older than 40.

    3. Jessica’s bedroom must be The Hershey Bar incarnation of it.

    4. Jessica must wear a bronze lame bikini, a turquoise jumpsuit, and a tuxedo at least once each.

    5. The following essential plotlines must be included: Robin’s weight loss; Liz’s motorcycle crash and subsequent date rape by 1Bruce1; kidnapping by Carl the Orderly; date rape of Lila by John Pfeifer; one token minority storyline (take your pic of the five) in which it is generally noted by the characters that there are exactly 3 ethnic minorities in SV and that their problems are essentially insignificant compared to those of The Gang; Regina Morrow OD’ing or in a hospital bed; someone getting a makeover; Tricia Martin’s Memory (TM); Suzanne Devlin stealing Todd; Jessa Fields; Enid’s jealousy of Liz (SECRETS or ENID’s STORY); at least one spring or summer vacay; and Liz having flings with no less than three men (Ken, Nicholas, Sam).

    6. The following non-essential but deeply important plotlines should be shoehorned in in some fashion, even if only by passing reference in the dialogue: Margo. Anything involving Lila and her Daddy issues (LILA’s STORY preferably). Enid’s drug addiction. Margo.

    7. CAMEOS. Jimmy should make an appearance as the art teacher. Bless you, Jim; your moment in the sun has come. Robert Redford as Mr. Collins, but of course. Perhaps Screech/Dustin Diamond as Winston. Elizabeth Berkeley as Olivia (must have mane; otherwise, no good). Margaret Cho as Jade Wu.

    When I think of more, I’ll get back to’ya. I know you’re waiting with bated breath.

    • Vanessa Saxton says:

      No- no Screech as Winston. No way. Winston was a hottie. Even in Lost At Sea Jess mentions that he is attractive. He had glasses but was a popular dude at good old SVH. We all know glasses = nerd, especially in the 80’s. But let’s make him a hot nerd with glasses.
      I do love the Jimmy cameo, though. Perfect art teacher. How funny would that be?

      • Bart_Templeton says:

        Shucks, you mean you were attracted to the kind, goofy, clever boy? No good in SVH, where athletic prowess and pressed chinos–not integrity, intelligence, or personality–are barometers of studliness.

      • HelenB says:

        Plus Winston got a cheerleader as a girlfriend! He was more dorky than geeky, and I’d hate for him to be tainted with Dustin Diamond’s fail.

  14. Bart_Templeton says:


    I think there are two ways to go with this: way over the top, or complete, ironic deadpan. I can’t decide which I like better.

    Stilted diaogue throughout the whole movie would quickly bore the audience (unless they’re..well, the readers of the Dairiburger; we cut our teeth on the real deal). They could have a few examples of the discomfiting plastic wholesomeness of the Wakefields: Nalice robotically issuing platitudes (“Oh, Steven, honey. Tricia may be gone, but she’d want you to be happy” “Now, Jessica, that’s not nice!”), and Tiz (aka Lodd) shouting out the side of the Fiat, Jeep, or Datsun: “Come on, Gang! Let’s hit the beach!”

    BTW, I think a sufficiently funny and ironic Alice would be that blonde woman who does the new Laughing Cow cheese ads (I haven’t Googled, but perhaps they’re on YouTube). Ads are weak; actress is good.

    Actually, it would be best if Nalice were played by actual robots/androids.

  15. Shauna says:

    Ack- forgot to read the letter before posting previously. The dance was already mentioned.

    I seriously get more excited for this movie every time I come to this site to read the comments. I don’t really know how we are expected to wait through the writing process, casting, filming, and all the other parts of film production that I don’t know a thing about.

    I really don’t envy anyone for having to squeeze all the essential SVH awesomeness into approximately two hours of movie though. That would be super hard. So many things would have to be cut. It would drive me nuts. So, Ms. Cody, if you are reading this, good luck! I wish I had the talent to do what you’re doing.

  16. Roger Patman says:

    In the spirit of casting for the SVH movie, how about filling the roles of the ‘lesser’ know douche bags. And perhaps, just maybe, this movie could be a ressurection of ‘those whose careers have taken the road less traveled.’

    Annie Whitman = Shannen Doherty
    Kristin Thompson = Monica Seles
    Caroline Pearce = Lindsay Lohan (but please bring back your natural hair color)
    ‘Chrome Dome’ Principal Cooper = The principal from ‘Back to the Future’
    Molly Hetch = Tawny Kitaen
    Dana Larson = Pat Benetar (suck on that Lynne Henry)
    Roger Patman = Andrew McCarthy (total Hottie)

    • Bart_Templeton says:

      No, Shannen D should get the most biotchy roles: Suzanne Devlin, anyone? Not Lila, though; Lila’s not as wicked as Shannen D; she’s just bratty and stuck up.

      Pat Benatar for Dana Larsen = BINGO

      Wait, who were Molly Hetch and Kristin Thompson?

      • Bart_Templeton says:

        Shoot,as a pre-teen, I used to actually *purposely* skip the ones with nobodies on the cover and back synopses. I duly absorbed the Pascal party line that Wakefields and their closest chums are the only ones worth reading about.

  17. Mary-Anne Bruno says:

    I vote for actual twins. And I second the inclusion of oft repeated details and themes: twins perfect size 6 figures, the hershey bar room, all vehicules, some random celebrity (Jamie Peters?) that Jessica and Lila feud over, Spanish split level home with tile, Nicholas Morrow hitting on all new girls, Trisha Martin sightings, Enid fawning over Liz, the beach disco, the droids at every dance, Lissetts, Dairi Burger with everyone consuming obscene amounts of food and remaining thin, yet judging Robin and Lois Waller, etc
    Oh and the afore mentioned condescending Liz shoulder pat!
    Even if there is no explanation for some of these things, true SVH fans will catch these references!
    I’m excited. 🙂

    Oh and everyone MUST be gorgeous.

    I nominate myself for the role of any token minority. I am a petite hispanic girl, but I can pass for an asian too.

  18. Jen S. says:

    Yes, ye Gods, whatever you do, a Tricia Martin clone must come back from the grave to haunt Steven and break up his teen marriage to Cara. Then she must be revealed to be a shallow cunt who only speaks French, and Stara rebonds into boring smugness.

    Or Tricia could be a werewolf, your call, you’re the creative one1

  19. pibetaalpha says:

    “No moralistic redemption for Jessica at the end of the film!” Absolutely, Malika! That’s important…like keeping Becky Sharp wholly evil is important, or the entire tenor and message of the film will be erroneous (a.k.a., Vanity Fair).

    Lots of sorority hijinks… Power Play (#4), Jealous Lies (#30), The Perfect Girl (#74), Rosa’s Lie (#81).

    How about Deadly Summer… Jessica and Lila, annoyed with Elizabeth’s complacent smugness, enlist Bruce’s help in causing havoc in Elizabeth and Jeffrey’s relationship. Crazy Donald Redman sets off a bomb in the stadium. Bruce emerges heroically, soot-covered but safe.

  20. Robyn aka Robin says:

    But will there be a silver and blue christmas tree? There needs to be a silver and blue christmas tree!
    And you know, everything else ihatewheat mentioned, because I actually got chills when she described the 1Bruce1 opening shot.

  21. Magpie says:

    “No moralistic redemption for Jessica at the end of the film!”

    I would go so far as to say that the ending of the film should actually reinforce Jessica’s bizarre values. That’s basically what the entire series does. For further reference, see “Double Love”, “Power Play”, and “Miss Teen Sweet Valley”.

    I’m torn between wanting the film to be all about the corny side of life at SVH (eg. slam books, school dances where everybody eats finger food, sorority plots, etc), and wanting it to focus on all the hilariously insane storylines. I think a film based on the Margo plot would be the very definition of awesome, and it even has a built-in sequel with the “Return of the Evil Twin” book! Similarly, I love the idea of “Murder in Paradise” being adapted. Who wouldn’t want to see a film about a crazy woman trying to steal Alice’s face?!

    Basically, I am just ridiculously excited about the prospect of new SVH in any form. It could be deadpan or spoof, and I will still go to see it and enjoy it.

  22. Neek1981 says:

    For what it’s worth, here are my suggestions:
    1)Jess tries to seduce a guy who isn’t into blondes, then she gets bitch slapped by his chubby, dark-haired girlfriend.

    2)Should have one minority character who tries desperately to assimilate, but with humiliating consequences (ala Rosa’s Lie). Another minority character moves to town and threatens the twins popularity.

    3)Liz meddles, but is told to back the f*ck off.

    4)Todd breaks up with Liz ’cause he reads the contents of her secret diary, then he publishes parts of the diary into the Eyes and Ears column of the newspaper. Once they all find out what a slut she is, Liz is harassed at a school assembly, and both Robin Wilson and Annie Whitman get to throw the first stones.

    5)The twins go on a field trip to Los Angeles and encounter the real world, which is filled with blacks, Hispanics, gays, the homeless, ugly people, and real-life models who are not blonde, blue-eyed, or five foot six.

    6)Alice lives vicariously thru the twins and isn’t nearly as sexy as she thinks she is. She lounges by the pool in a two piece, completely oblivious to her cellulite and papery skin. Meanwhile, Ned is constantly touching, kissing, and hugging the twins’ girlfriends.

    7)One of the twins is kidnapped, but no one notices. (Example: At dinner, Steven asks where Liz is, and Jess says, “Oh, she’s spending the night at Mr. Collins’ house.” At breakfast, Alice asks about Liz, and Ned says, “Oh, she’s making her rounds, giving advice to her classmates.”

    If you could snark on any of these shitty details of the books,I would laugh so hard I’d cry:
    -The Swiss cure for deafness

    -The location of Sweet Valley Univ. It would be awesome if Steve packs his car, waves goodbye with tears in his eyes, then drives a total of three blocks and arrives at school. Then he runs to a payphone to call Alice and announce he made it safely. I mean, Steven lives at school and they act as if he goes AWAY to college, but how far could he possibly go if the college is IN their town?

    -Regina Morrow dies of a heart attack in Liz’s arms, but just before she goes into the light, she talks about how much she hates Bruce, Amy, and Liz. She convulses violently instead of dying with a serene look on her face.

  23. Little Edie says:

    My thoughts for the cast:

    Hayden Panettiere as Jess and Liz, I think she could really embody both twins simultaneously and her look is very Wakefield.

    Possibly Emmy Rossum as Lila, though I feel she’s a bit too wide eyed to play our girl…Leighton Meester could also be good.

    Michael Cera as Winston, he may not have the perfect physical look, but I believe he possesses the right spirit.

    and maybe Chris Pine as Todd, but I’m not sure about this one yet. have to put more thought in it.

    • Bart_Templeton says:

      Chris Pine is a very good suggestion. I only know who he is because of STAR TREK. He has the wholesome yet fratty look, and IMDB tells me he was born in 1980, thus almost fulfilling my rule that all teen roles be played by people 30 or older.

      But can the makeup artist find coffee-colored contacts for him?

      • Little Edie says:

        i know, i know, Lila is the best of course. I wasn’t totally sold on her as Li, i’m just trying to think of someone who is dark haired and pale…and I think Malin Ackerman should play Alice, not the twins.

  24. sunstreakedblonde says:

    Hello Diablo,

    I admit that I too might have been hasty in my judgment. Robin trusts you with our dear SVH, as do I. My biggest nightmare was that someone would try to update it and make it “hip” so basically you’d get a CW show with the Wakefields. But I see that you aren’t going to go that route.

    I know you’re being swamped with requests here, but so I will merely ask that 1BRUCE1 be a part of this movie. There will be lots of Bruce… right?

    Oh, and my only casting suggestion… ZEFRON for Todd. Come on, he was born to play that role.

    • penny ayala says:

      Zefron for Toddles!! Ooh and if the movie takes place before Jeffery French has been relegated to a secondary character – Tom Felton [Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter]should play him. I always imagined Jeffery would be albino…

  25. Bart_Templeton says:

    Here’re my reasons why I think the teen cast should be 30 or older:

    1. With the possible exception of Jessica and Lila, all of these teens were depicted as thirtysomethings. No, I’m not talking about Jimmy’s masterworks, although that’s another, weaker point (see below). Todd and Liz actually were spiritually older than thirties; their ethos is positively middle aged (see, for example, IHW’s post before this one, where I commented on their “Kidnapping” to Re-light the Spark scheme).

    The other teens–Enid, Olivia, Ken, Nicholas, Regina, Patman–were all spiritually in their early thirties, judging by their behavior, habits, care and concerns, and slang and speech patterns. I lived through the 80s. Even though I was a young’un for most of that decade, I absorbed TV, movies, and other pop culture enough to know that these “kids” in no way resembled people like my older sissy and her friends. Yes, the 16-year olds of the CW/WB, High School Musical, Gossip Girl, and Us magazine in no way or shape resemble teh 16-year olds of Sweet Valley…but, remember: neither did the 16 year olds of 1986 in any way or shape resemble those lunching on finger foods at Lila’s; caroling “Hey, Gang, let’s hit the Dairi Burger!”; and exchanging ceramic heart sculptures for Secret Santa.

    Writers and fimmakers rarely get it (exception: John Hughes); even ’50s TV teens did not resemble actual teens of the 1950s, according to my older friends.

    2. It’s an ironic wink-wink to use actors who fit squarely within the prime demographics of the majority of the SVH reading populace: i.e. those of us, pre-SVU/Senior Year/the Daniels twins who actually waited every month for the new SVH to come out.

    3. Jimmy.

  26. Bart_Templeton says:

    Ok, haters, how’s this for Winston: Colin Hanks or Tobey MacGuire–goofy, yet not completely without appeal.

    Ken Matthews: Scott Wolf

    Liz/Jess: Malin Ackerman (breaking age minimum due to heart-shaped face)

    Todd: Chris Pine (shout out to LittleEdie for suggestion)

    Nalice: custom-made androids. On a low budget: wigged dummies seated at the table in the Spanish-tiled kitchen

    John Pfeifer: Jeremy Piven

    Enid: Anne Hathaway with a feathered brown ‘do

    Nicholas Morrow: Robert Sean Leanord

    Collins: Redford

    Patman: Jason Patric with a hair transplant, or Rob Lowe (other suggestions???)

    Bill Chase: Sean Penn, but since he would never stoop his high-art-lovin’ self to star in this flick, real choice would be Matthew McConaughey

    Olivia: Elizabeth Berkely with big hair

    Rick Andover: Colin Ferrell (or as I think of him, Colin Feral)

    Robin Wilson: Jennifer Love Hewitt (with CGI or padding pre- insta-diet)

    Tricia Martin: Amy Adams

    Betsy Martin: Brittany Murphy

    Suzanne Devlin: Shannen Doherty

    Cara Walker: Shannon Elizabeth (or Amy Adams in a wig)

    Regina Morrow: Jennifer Connelly

    Sam Woodruff: Chris O’Donnell

    Steven Wakefield: Matthew Fox

    Tom McKay: Brad Pitt

    Carl the Orderly: Cillian Murphy (alternates: Dane Cook or Peter Stormare)

    Lila Fowler: Selma Blair or Minnie Driver…

    …but, oh, my darling girl, how can anyone ever fill your Sam and Libby’s? I can’t think of anyone who emobodies Lila’s snobbery-as-smokescreen-for-Daddy-issues, bourgie middle-brow consumerism, and latent vulnerability. In the absence of truly viable candidates, Blair and Driver are good actresses and can affect hauteur while retaining vulnerability…I think either would do a serviceable job. Far better than teenybop fodder like Leighton Meester.

  27. Janelle says:

    Although many of the above suggestions are quite entertaining, I think that some of us are forgetting that we’re talking about an actual movie here- one that the studio is going to want to make money off of. It needs to be a marketable film and if she’s “playing it straight” then we’re talking actual teenagers (or the hollywood version of that), and only two or three story lines weaved together (not twenty!).

    Keep in mind that Universal is hoping this will turn into a movie franchise and so not all plots need to be incorporated right away. I think that Diablo should try to stick to some of the earliest storylines- maybe take Double Love as the basis for the film with a few others things tied in. Of course, many many references can be made for us true fans- but they can’t be big elements of the film or it won’t make sense to a general audience. Maybe Margo can be the sequel!

    Maybe we should start another post where we can discuss all the many fun things and jokes that we would imagine in the film, but as this is supposed to be suggestions for Diablo and her actual movie- let’s take it seriously, keep it realistic and get the most important things in there!

  28. Neek1981 says:

    Janelle, I agree with you. I think we all realize she cannot put 150+ books worth of material into one movie, but it’s just so damn fun to post suggestions and laugh at all of them.

  29. Mary-Anne Bruno says:

    Love the idea of Nalice as dummys with wigs!! Hilarious.
    I agree that most of these ideas and casting suggestions aren’t realistic, but they are fun. 🙂

    I second the idea of Double Love. It is still by far, my fave SVH book. Its got most of the main players, a dance, sorority, the droids, random bad boy(Rick Andover), Bruce being condescending but then being rejected by Liz, Jessica’s bitchiness and thoughtlessness, Elizabeth’s sickening over achieverness, Mr. Collins creepiness, the dairi burger, lame Winston jokes, one of the few times where Liz grows a brain and takes revenge on Jessica, and Todd and Liz end up together. PERFECT!!

    • EmilyKate says:

      Don’t forget cool water swirling around Jessica’s breasts when Bruce undoes her bikini top . That was never to happen again in any of the other books, even with Rick Andover.

  30. Mary-Anne Bruno says:

    Oh and I will recant my vote on using actual twins if Hayden Panettierre is cast as Liz and Jess! She is the right height, looks like a size 6, can be the perfect Jess (hello typecasting!), though not too sure if she can pull off Liz, but she is an actress so maybe she can???…

    • Vanessa Saxton says:

      I don’t know I think Hayden is too young and too overrated. The Wakefields were older spirits. I like the idea of real twins but I don’t know of any talented twins who can pull of the Wakefields. It would have to be newcomers. They will do a national search. In fact, it could be like an American Idol casting call for the next set of Wakefield twins. If only Malin had a twin sister…

      • Magpie says:

        Totally agree about Hayden Panettiere not being right for the twins. I used to think she was OK, but the more I watch Heroes, the more irritating I find her acting style.

        I also love the idea of starting with Double Love – as long as they ditch that crappy subplot about the football field and replace it with something more interesting. It’s a good introduction to all the characters, and two girls fighting over the same guy is classic movie plot material.

  31. Robyn J. says:

    OK, i would LOVE it if the movie took place in the 80’s. that way we’d have the 80s fashions that made these books SO enjoyable. and please start at the beginning of the series. i really hope this is awesome!!!

  32. Ravenous World says:

    Can a new movie be any worse than the really crap n corny 90’s tv series? Ok, ok it was my secret pleasure when I was 13, but even then I felt they butchered it and went “Saved by the Bell” rather than “90210” and the Daniel twins I never got use to (don’t get me started when they used them for the book covers, that = pure blood splitting hatred). I would love to see SvH turned into 1980’s using 1980’s styles of drama. Back in the days when everything had a “OMG” factor, I’m talking 1980’s Home and Away, the brat pack movies, Days of My Lives – only not as crap lol. Although the Margo story line was when SVH went all Days on our ass. Als0, as others have pointed out, SVH crew acted 30 with almost absent parents, and looked over 30, I cant picture the cast being teens, and yet I don’t think an ancient cast would work. I prefer unknown actors. But most of all my vote goes to REAL LIFE twins that are PERFECT (don’t find the next Daniel Twins with overly broad shoulders, stingy hair, and an average prettiness that resembled Amy Sutton more).. The whole “Parent Trap” solution always bugged me… too fake. Plus as a promotional tool imagine all those twin shots. I see one with leopard print short skirts, purple tanks and snake skin boots with the twins sprawled across sports car sporting the number plate 1Bruce11

    • Vanessa Saxton says:

      Eww, I don’t like Eliza Dushku as Lila. I don’t know why, I just don’t see it. I DEFINITELY see Leighton Meester as a few people have recommended. I also like Nikki Reed for Lila. She could definitely capture everything Lila-esque.

      • EmilyKate says:

        I still like my choice of the Dark Slayer, but I can concede Nikki Reed would be an excellent choice too. My minds eye can very easily superimpose either actress onto the cover of Showdown or Racing Hearts, they’d both be more than capable of casting that supercilious gaze and both have the hair.

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