Fuck it you guys, I’m just going to wear pink leggings and heels: Episode 2, “The Big Dance”

Episode 2 and there’s already a dance! What is this, Sweet Valley? Voula is still mad at Steph for prostituting herself for the grade eight presidency, although now she’s getting really snotty about it. In other news, Mr. Voula still won’t let Voula talk to boys or wear non-dresses. Hello Richard Spier! Oh, also we get to meet a new character Lucy. And Lucy likes to dress like this:

It’s like something Stevie Nicks and Steven Tyler had a secret baby that they dumped in the dumpster of a Goodwill store. Really Lucy? Two bandanas? And a batwing logo sweatshirt? I don’t like to rag on people’s personal appearances other than their clothes, but let’s just say…Lucy is unfortunate looking. And I remember my junior high bff going on about how pretty Lucy is. We are no longer friends. That may be why.

We also get to meet Heather and Erica, the frizzy brown haired twins, who are no Elizabeth and Jessica. At least until a few years later until one gets preggers. But I’m getting ahead of myself. These gals speak in unison and generally need dental work and hot oil treatmen, a theme among students at this school. And both of them look about 32. Voula, being the goody goody she is, is sponsoring a foster child and want to present the funds to the organization. Usually the class prez does it, but Steph is just a girl! She can’t do it! Everyone kisses Voula’s ass until she agrees to do it. Only problem is? her dad won’t let her go to the dance.

Also, Steph, stop trying to make pearl bolo ties happen.

Also, Voula, stop trying to make lipstick happen. It’s awkward.

Steph and the twins gather at Lucy’s house to pre-game for the dance. Her parents aren’t home. That’s cool, because that means Lucy can do what she wants. The twins notice the abundance of liquor and brag that they got drunk at their cousin’s wedding. They ask if they can have some and then obnoxiously yell “paaaart-aaay!!” and dig in. Steph comes down just in time from slutting herself up.

I tried to get a screenshot that accurately captured the awesomeness of Steph’s Golden Girl chic. Those are pink leggings. With kitten heels. and two belts intertwined and a silver button down. Claudia Kishi is freeeeaaaking out you guys. Steph also joins in the drinking, and they act just like freshmen at their first frat party.

Voula tricks her dad into letting her go to the dance, saying it’s a meeting about the foster children. She shows up at the dance and it is still light out. Looosers! Meanwhile, Steph and the gang role in drunk. Steph grinds on Wheels until Mr. Raditch, the deejay for the night, tells them to do the “crazy dance”! Steph stops and realizes she needs to ralph. She rushes into the bathroom, her kitten heels slowing her down. Also, Mr. Raditch = Mr. Collins.

Mr. Voula shows up to drag Voula home. Damn her for helping those foster children! But not before Voula can give a disapproving sneer to drunk Steph. The girls check on Steph, and we get a glorious full view of their outfits:

Lucy is dressed as the Flinstones, and Heather (Erica?) is looking to marry into an FLDS clan.

Lucy takes Stephanie home, who laments on how she treated Wheels, who asked her to the dance. She surmises that she will talk to him later “if he’ll talk to her”.  Wear another tube top and I’m sure he will.

13 thoughts on “Fuck it you guys, I’m just going to wear pink leggings and heels: Episode 2, “The Big Dance”

  1. Shay says:

    I always thought that was Voula’s brother, not her dad. I wish I had my Degrassi DVDs with me. Moving sucks 😦

    Oh well, guess I’ll just have to watch my Full House DVDs. But there’s no School’s Out movie at the end where they drop the f-bomb 2 (3?) times. Sigh.

    • Ms Avery says:

      That was the replacement Greek-Canadian girl they got after Voula left; she lived with her mother and her brother, and strictness ensued. But I’m not sure what her name was — it might have been Alexa.

  2. Jan aka Girl Talk Read says:

    I beg to differ- Lucy was a terrible dresser but I also thought she was pretty damn hot like your BFF did- esp in high school. And I liked the curly haired girl twins- I’d rather see some curly girls on TV than bunches of girls with the same blown out straight hairstyles- but as a major curly girl myself I am biased 😉

  3. Sorcia MacNasty says:

    ihatewheat, I adore you. I thought I’d never again have the opportunity to laugh full-throated at Degrassi. I had completely forgotten how reliant the show was on Aquanet, discomforting arrays of neon, and Claire’s Boutique. Thank you.

  4. seejanesew says:

    I admit it, I watch degrassi TNG. Mostly to snark, but a lot to keep up with the characters who are left from the old days.

    So, the one I watched the other day had Spike about to give birth to baby Jack and all her girlfriends have thrown her a baby shower. Who should be in attendace but Heather and Erica? Time has not been their friends, they still need that hot oil treatment.

    Also, Spike’s bff from highschool, Liz (who I refer to as “judgemental bitch”) is now a midwife… who knew?

  5. Emily says:

    Voula looks as though she’s going to take a bite out of that lipstick.

    Shay, I think you’re thinking of Diana, who became kind of the replacement Voula. She appeared a couple of seasons later and was also first-generation Greek, or came from a super-traditional family. Her brother was her guardian for some reason, and caught her smoking. There was more to the episode than that, but Diana battled with her brother over his ultra-traditional/misogynistic treatment of her just like Voula did with ehr dad.

  6. Vanessa Saxton says:

    I never got into Degrassi, though a girl in HS told my older sister and I that we were just like the Degrassi twins. Eww. I thought that was a compliment but apparently not.

  7. Shay says:


    I think you’re right. Thanks for reminding me about Diana. I’ve watched way more Degrassi than anyone should and somehow still forgot about her 🙂

  8. Jen says:

    Ahhh! I just recently watched Degrassi Jr. High seasons 1-3 so this ep is still fresh in my mind. So hilarious. I like how all the kids are awkwardly normal looking. I remember Lucy getting like a foot taller in the next season and sort of growing into her looks. I always thought Liz (judgemental bitch, ha!) was the prettiest. I loved her weird half shaved, half bleached look.

    And I was really bummed when Voula moved away after the first season.

    I want more!!!

  9. Nan says:

    I am months late with this reply, but…

    I adored the 1980’s Degrassi years and watched it obsessively when it was on CBC back in the day. I will be putting the DVDs on my Christmas list for sure.

    I thought Lucy was THE coolest. person. ever. As for Spike and Liz… I actually had friends my freshman year of high school who had hair like that.

  10. Bella says:

    I’m disappointed you didnt comment on Wheels’ amazing skin tight, acid wash jeans that he wears to the dance! they are spectacular! it’s like he’s wearing leggings!

  11. franz chong says:

    Those twins were no Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield who were by comparison Princess Diana and Mother Teresa god bless their souls and for actually being quite attractive.I feel sorry for Prince Charles Now having a wife as ugly as those twins or worse.

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