Make Donna’s dreams come true!

Hey Donna, not to single you out, but I’m gonna, but I’m reposting your comment from the request section over here.

Feel free to laugh hysterically at this, but my teenage self is dying to know…is there a real life Sweet Valley?

I will be visiting California in November (I am from Australia)…if anyone knows if Sweet Valley exists geographically (ie if Sweet Valley is based on a real town), I would sooooo love to visit. Given the numerous references to Sweet Valley’s proximity to LA, Malibu and San Diego, I thought SV might have some basis in reality?

Your thoughts and suggestions are appreciated.

Just imagine the shenanigans a non-size six, brunette, Australian girl could have with the Wakefields and their gang.

Thanks in advance!

Donna, I’m not laughing, and I love that a hunt for Sweet Valley is part of your vacation to the States. Now it’s time to break your heart: there is no such town as Sweet Valley. OUCH! Now you must feel like Jeffrey French.

HOWEVS, I do know that there are Southern California towns in the area in the areas that you mentioned that would closely represent Sweet Valley, complete with sparkling blue beaches, shopping malls, burger joints, privileged blond teenagers, large mansions, and a split-level house or two. So, the basis for Sweet Valley didn’t just get pulled out of Francine’s well-toned ass.

Problem is, I’m a Northern California inhabitant and don’t know the rest of California, so I was thinking we can help Donna out? Those of you that know SoCal, maybe you know of some Sweet Valley-esque small towns? That way Donna can get a feel for what Sweet Valley must be like. Maybe I can even arrange for some folks to pat your shoulder or have you kidnapped by an orderly.

13 thoughts on “Make Donna’s dreams come true!

  1. Jessica says:

    I visited Newport Beach last summer and found it to meet that description. 🙂 Complete with private little beaches, sparkling aqua water and bonfire pits. And no one was unattractive. Ha.

  2. Magpie says:

    Santa Barbara springs to mind. It’s slightly further north than Sweet Valley is described as being, but when I visited, I spent the whole time thinking how much it reminded me of the SVH-verse. And annoying my boyfriend by telling him this every 10 minutes or so.

  3. Rio says:

    Either Laguna Beach or Newport Beach; both of those towns have been the subjects of MTV reality shows about genetically blessed blond girls and future Abercrombie model guys who pout a lot. Although Laguna is more likely, since there was a lot less parenting on that show.

  4. Donna says:

    No problems at all for singling me out IHW, it is something I have spent way too many hours wondering about!!

    Thanks for all of your fab suggestions ladies! I will scout them all out and let you know of my findings. :>)

    While the kidnapping and shoulder pats would make awesome travel stories, if I could have any SVH experience it would be to go a school dance (we never had them at our school and after dozens of teen movies and SVH books, I seriously feel like I have missed out on something).

    Although hanging out at Fowler Crest with Lila and Jessica and behaving like I have no responsibility to the rest of the world is also up there.

    Gosh, Liz and Jess must be at least, like, 22 years old now…

  5. Vanessa Saxton says:

    There is a Sweet Valley, Pennsylvania. I have never been there, though so I don’t know if they have split level ranches, sociopaths, creepy high school English teachers, token muliticultural people (one Asian, one black, one Hispanic per school), crazy orderly’s, dances every weekend or Mexican Festivals. If I ever take a road trip through PA (whoo hoo) i may stop by and check it out.

  6. April says:

    I would recommend not going there now, seeing as how if there was a Sweet Valley every glorious palm tree would be burnt to a crisp :-/

  7. Lisa says:

    If you’re looking for something a little closer to LA (and Malibu, kind of), then Manhattan Beach might fit the bill. Beautiful beach, people, etc.

  8. I Heart Sexy Stableboys says:

    Hmm… no one’s posted on this thread since Sept 7 of last year… uhm… did Donna get kidnapped by Carl the Orderly? Donna, if you’re out there, I’d love to find out about your Cali holiday! 🙂

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