Whit Stillman would love Sweet Valley High.

I’ve purposely tried to stay away from posting about current films and movies, because once I open that can of worms, I’ll post everyday about some sci fi stuff I want you to watch. However, I am rejoicing because The Last Days of Disco is finally being released on dvd! Hallelujah! This was in the theaters for about five seconds in 1998. It’s the third film by Whit Stillman, who makes movies about rich white hip people that love to hear themselves talk. It’s like Bret Easton Ellis without the extreme violence. And it is fucking fantastic! I think folks here would love it because he captures the 80s so well!

I don’t know why his films captivate me so much. They have no morals, not much plot, and involve people that incredibly self-absorbed. It’s what Sweet Valley High COULD be if the ghostwriters were competent. You’ll either love or hate the characters. If anything, you will love the 80s fashion! Chloe totally rocks the sequin tube top.

TLDOD (as us superfans call it) is his third film. The one before this is Barcelona, which was enjoyable, but not quite as super fucking fantastic as his first film, Metropolitan; A kid from the Upper East Side home on break from college accidentally gets swept into the world of New York Socialites. I’m pretty sure Cecily Vonwhatevs ripped off Metropolitan when  she wrote Gossip Girl.

15 thoughts on “Whit Stillman would love Sweet Valley High.

  1. ChrisD says:

    I saw this film when it came out, I liked it too.
    The Brunnette character never could keep her mouth shut, so when the blonde character once asked for a non alcoholic drink she said ‘you always drink alcohol,
    ‘Why aren’t you drinking alchohol? Are you on antibiotics? Do you have the clap?’.
    The funny thing was she really was on antibiotics and she really had caught an STD, moreover from one of the men who was right there at their table.

  2. Malika says:

    I heart Metropolitan! I’ve watched it five gazillion times and love it when he says that he never reads books, only the literary criticism.. Pretentious wanker quote #1!

  3. nikki says:

    Wow, I’ve never even heard of this, though I did really like both Metropolitan and Barcelona. I’m excited to know that there’s a third Stillman movie out there!

  4. Becca says:

    I’m excited this is finally out on DVD! I’ve only seen it once, but I definitely remember loving the 80’s clothes, and the music was really great too. Time for a re-watch!

    PS: I’m okay with more movie talk on this blog if that’s what you want to do!

  5. eejm says:

    Chris Eigeman, who plays Des in The Last Days of Disco (and was in Metropolitan and Barcelona too), is an absolute dead ringer for a good friend of mine. My friend is also gay, which prompted me ask him if he’s actually just telling girls that he THINKS he’s gay but sleeping with Jaid Barrymore the whole time.

  6. ihatewheat says:

    Chris Eigman is awesome! Shame he isn’t super famous now. Aside from Kate and Chloe, no one really broke out from his films. Have I mentioned that I wanted to BE Chloe in TLDOD?

  7. Jen S. says:

    I saw this in the theaters! Ah, memories of sitting bewildered in a small movie house in Ashland, Oregon, wondering if there was indeed an entire city where people behaved this way.

  8. Lauren says:

    I also wouldn’t mind if you wanna suggest more sci-fi stuff to watch, read etc. even though I know this is a YA blog. I just happen to be sort of a sci-fi freak who also has unhealthy obsession with YA lit. Maybe there could be another thread for sci-fi stuff in case others are interested, but that may be too much extra work. I dunno, just a suggestion 🙂

  9. Becca says:

    maybeimamazed02 – I totally agree with you on that! Chris Eigeman was my favorite Lorelei boyfriend as well. Too bad he wasn’t around that long.

    He was also in Kicking and Screaming (not the Will Ferrell soccer movie) and is awesome in it. Which is odd because I was just talking about TLDOD with my friend who had pre-ordered the DVD and we were thinking about watching it and Kicking and Screaming as a double feature because she thinks Whit could have also directed that movie. If you haven’t seen it, highly recommended! Eric Stoltz is also in it if that helps.

  10. Alicia E. says:

    Oh, this movie is great! I love Whit Stillman, too. And Kate Beckinsale is so delightfully bitchy in this movie.

    I don’t know if you’ve ever watched “Big Love,” but Chloe Sevigny and the actor who plays her co-worker in this movie are Mormon siblings on “Big Love.” It’s so weird to see them in this, acting so differently.

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