Thanks for Bein’ A Friend…and guest posting

Back in the day, the Baby-Sitters Club show was a straight to video trainwreck. And R.G. Quimby is here to capture it at its finest. Check out more at Little Snarky Two Shoes.

As the theme song swells, we find the ladies chillin’ out max and relaxin’ all cool on the front steps of Stoneybrook Junior High. Surprisingly, none of them acts like they’re high on substances, which might be a first for this show.

As the BSC make their way back home, they pause on the outskirts of the soccer field so that Dawn can resume drooling over her latest crush, a sporty fellow named Jamie Anderson. According to Dawn, he’s the most beautiful guy she’s ever seen, California surfers be damned.

Dawn thinks he’s a hottie with a body and nearly drops her panties on the spot when Jamie wanders over to retrieve a runaway soccer ball.

Later, as the BSC discuss how they’ll be decorating the school cafeteria for the upcoming Sweetheart Dance, Dawn is still in full swoon. After some talk about romantic color schemes, all the girls concede that Jamie (with his soccer cleats and fine-looking bowl haircut) is pretty darn foxy, though for some reason they all think it’s hilarious when Kristy says she might ask him out herself.


Yeah, well, anyway. Since we’re talking about the BSC here, snaring Jamie for Dawn has to be some kind of freaking group project. The girls brainstorm ways for Dawn to attract Jamie’s attention, including taking up sports and/or prank calling his house. Ugh. Seriously, between the baby obsession and the unhealthy co-dependency, if I were Jamie I’d stay the hell away from this quagmire.

Like a dutiful step-sister, Mary Anne puts a good word in for Dawn the next day when she picks up li’l Jackie Rodowsky from his soccer practice with Coach Jamie. In addition to the obligatory jokes about how stupid and uncoordinated Jackie is supposed to be (you know, because making fun of ginger kids never really loses its appeal)…

…we also get some useful tidbits of sports advice when Coach Jamie pulls the kids in for a huddle and tells them how the attacking half should use back-passes when on the center mark.

Actually, he just talks about the importance of practice, but I guess we’re supposed to be impressed by his knowledge of soccer or something.

Anyway, Mary Anne’s attempts to seduce Jamie (on Dawn’s behalf, of course) mostly involve giving him info about the BSC and repeatedly mentioning how much Dawn loves children. Because, you know, most guys find that really sexy.

Still, apparently Mary Anne’s PR spin did kind of work. Soon, a new client calls and says that Jamie Anderson provided the reference. The gang takes this as a very good sign, and rightly so, since we all know that most teenage boys will signal their interest by throwing extra work in your direction.

The next day at school, Mary Anne and Dawn bump into sexy-ass Jamie. Soon, MA high-tails it out of there so Dawn and Jamie can make with the googly-eyes. Dawn makes some clever jokes about how clumsy Jackie Rodowsky is (again, because those gags never get old) and Jamie complains about how annoying he is to coach. Somehow, this ginger-bashing ends with Jamie asking Dawn for her phone number.


Jamie doesn’t keep us waiting long for his phone call, either. MA and Dawn are chillaxing upstairs after school when their mother yells that there’s someone on the telephone. Dawn rushes downstairs and immediately accepts Jamie’s invitation to the big soccer game.

Long live Jawn!

For the next couple of days, Dawn’s all freaked out and super-excited about her outing with Jamie. She even takes several hours to get ready for their date, but the results are well worth it:

Jamie arrives and meets Dawn in all her day-glo-spandex-and-big-banged glory, a look almost worthy of Claudia Kishi herself. But, oh noes! Jamie’s all, “Who are you going to the game with?”

And Dawn realizes that Jamie was actually trying to ask Mary Anne out when he called the other day. Buuuurn.

R.I.P., Jawn.

Dawn’s reaction to this is about as objective and mature as you might expect: she runs upstairs and proceeds to treat Mary Anne like a piece of crap for supposedly stealing her man. There was probably a scene where Dawn tells her step-sister that she’s a stank-ass ho, but I’m sure it was cut out due to time constraints.

I’ll skip over the passive-aggressive crap that Dawn does to Mary Anne, her sister and supposed best friend. Let’s just say that Dawn’s suggestion to create a schedule for the bathroom so she and MA can more effectively avoid one another is the least annoying thing that happens.

Meanwhile, in the midst of preparations for the Sweetheart Dance, Dawn also announces that she’s always hated the color purple, mumbling something about heavy-handed social justice themes and an overly simplistic portrayal of race relations.

Anyway, after days of giving Mary Anne the cold shoulder and making life really hellish for the rest of the BSC, Dawn’s bitch-storm finally comes to a climax when she and MA get in a fight over the proper construction of a giant papier-mâché heart.

The two of them struggle to gain control, ultimately breaking the heart into two unusable halves, symbolizing the broken state of Dawn’s emotions as well as the severing of their sisterly relationship.

This show works on so many levels!

Of course, Miss Kristy is not about to let the BSC fall into ruins because of Jamie friggin’ Anderson. She calls an emergency meeting of the Baby-Sitters Club and forces the two of them to talk it out, Dr. Phil-style.

Dawn admits that she really liked Jamie and felt like an ugly hag when he chose Mary Anne. Meanwhile, MA re-states her innocence and tells Dawn that she would never do anything to hurt her. The two of them hug it out as Kristy announces, “No dog ever peed on a moving car!”

Cut to: the Sweetheart Dance, which is in full swing. The decorations look great! Underneath a flurry of papier-mâché crap, all the kids in school are having mini-seizures to the canned 90’s party music.

As soon as they arrive, Jamie Anderson asks Dawn to dance. She enthusiastically agrees and is soon hypnotized by his spastic gyrations.

The show ends with all the ladies shakin’ some booty on the dance-floor just as the theme song starts piping in.


113 thoughts on “Thanks for Bein’ A Friend…and guest posting

  1. Kim says:

    I remember how much I loved this episode when I was a kid. Mainly because of Shane McDermott aka Jamie. He was on that short lived show Swan’s Crossing I was so pissed when they canceled it. He was also in that movie Airborne.

    I always thought that Mary Anne looked hella old on the show.

    Where was Logan?

  2. girltalkread says:

    See I thought for some reason when it said ” thanks for being a friend” it would a golden girls post! LOVE me so GG! But those Baby Sitters Club shows were sure great- the Xmas episode is my favorite!

  3. nikki says:

    Huh. I thought I had seen every episode, but this one doesn’t ring a bell. It sounds craptastic though; I wonder if it’s on YouTube?

    Also, Jamie Newton’s middle name is Anderson. Just sayin’ that’s a lot of James Anderson’s for one little town.

  4. Sadako says:

    I thought it was so weird that his name was Jamie when there was already a Jamie Newton.

    And man, Dawn was mean to MA! Though it was pretty clear from the start that he liked MA better. The whole time I was watching I was just thinking YES, DUMP HER!

  5. inthemainstream says:

    Haha, this is fabulous! It’s one thing for A.M.M. to write about the fashions, but it’s so another to see it in play. Delightful.

  6. Abby says:

    Shane McDermott was also on All My Children for several years. He was super foxy back in the mid 90s. Now I hear he sells high end real estate down in Texas.

    I loved, loved, loved this video. But really, the whole mixup was Dawn’s mom’s fault. She calls up the stairs something like, girls! telephone! it’s Jamie Anderson! Or maybe she just shouts, telephone! Wouldn’t the person who answered the phone try and track down who the caller was trying to get? Whatever, so contrived.

    Yeah, Dawn was a super bitch in this one, but she had one of the best lines in the series:


    Dawn: Can someone remind Mary Anne to bring an extra pair of scissors?
    Mary Anne: Someone tell Dawn that I’M not the one who forgets things.

    …next scene
    Mary Anne: Can someone hand me the scissors?
    Dawn (smirking and handing them over): too bad we don’t have an EXTRA PAIR.

  7. Rio says:

    Both BSC and SVH make me realize how lucky I was not to date before university.

    “Mary Anne’s attempts to seduce Jamie (on Dawn’s behalf, of course) mostly involve giving him info about the BSC and repeatedly mentioning how much Dawn loves children. ” Because Jamie is looking to plant his seed right now.

  8. Magpie says:

    Wait, is this that TV show version that was made in the mid-90s? I don’t remember them all looking like that. Also, I just have to say that Jamie’s hair is making me laugh. Thank God that hairstyle died out.

    Rio, I totally agree with you, BTW. Especially that screencap of Dawn and Jamie dancing at the end. It’s making me really glad I don’t have any embarrassing ex-boyfriends from school who might reappear and tell my current bf that I ever danced like that.

  9. Jen S. says:

    “No dog ever peed on a moving car?” The HELL??? Totally nonsensical AND swearing? You wash your mouth out, young lady, or you’ll be pregnant before you’re fifteen!

    Dawn’s mile high hair and sherbert shirt combo was HILARE. I’m sure her so called “freinds” pull those screen captures out on every birthday.

  10. maybeimamazed02 says:

    My sister and I can still sing the theme song to these crappy videos. Word. For. Word. And I thought Stacey was soooo pretty.

    Sidebar: anyone wonder why Logan was always HORRIBLY cast? I know he’s not in this one, but the actor in Mary Anne and the Brunettes was sorely lacking. As was Austin O’Brien in the movie–and I felt like the movie got at least a few of the girls right.

  11. megan says:

    I think this was the first BSC ep I watched! I always thought Dawn sounded weird in these videos. The rest of the cast was awesome though, I liked them better then the ones in the movie!
    Also, I remember Jackie saying ” guys you broke my heart” and I wondered why the kids were helping decorate for a high school dance!

  12. RollingStone says:

    I never knew that the BSC was a TV show. How many episodes were there? Is this the same cast that did the direct-to-video movie? The only name that I remember is Schuyler Fisk, the daughter of Sissy Spacek.

    • Magpie says:

      No, it was a different in the TV series. I’ve never seen any of them in anything since, although a few of the girls from the film version have been more successful. Weren’t Rachael Leigh Cook and the girl who played Alex Mack (whose real-life name escapes me) also in the film?

    • tygre says:

      There were maybe 8-10 episodes, I think, of the TV show. HBO and Disney ran them in the 90’s. They are also available on VHS — pop up on eBay now and again.

  13. Jessi says:

    Oh, man. I remember going to my great aunt’s house and watching this series on HBO. At the time, I was excited to see the series translated to television, but now I’m just embarrassed about it. I totally remember that theme song, too, and will probably be humming it for the rest of the day. Which is a good thing, as I saw Ponyo earlier today and have been humming the song that plays out over the credits for the past four or five hours. I need better earworms. 😦

  14. Kitten Whitman says:

    “If I’m feelin’ down and out,
    If I’m feelin’ blue,
    I know I can lean on you
    My friends will see me through
    Growing up together never to paaaaart
    Sendin’ you my love straight from the heaaaaaart
    Say hello to your friends! (Babysitters’ Club)
    Say hello to the people who care,
    Nothin’s better than friends (Babysitters’ Club)
    Cause you know that your friends are always theeeeeeere.”

    All from memory. –hangs self–

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    Два одинаковых глаза, две одинаковых щеки, два одинаковых уха…
    А под вашим симметричным лбом находятся два симметричных
    полушария вашего мозга и вы находитесь на симметричной планете,
    у которой два ПРОТИВОПОЛОЖНЫХ по своему значению полюса.
    Даже когда под своими ногами вы видите якобы не симметричный
    камень, не забывайте о том, как симметрична его кристаллическая
    решетка. Симметрия повсюду. Только слепой не увидит ее, но он
    обязательно обнаружит ее, потрогав своими симметричными руками.
    Вот почему, когда вы видите симметрию, вы видите ЗАКОНОМЕРНОСТЬ,
    а если вы видите закономерность – значит, вы видите ЗАКОН.
    – Но как я могу увидеть Закон?
    Неужели не ясно? У вас два ПРОТИВОПОЛОЖНЫХ (левый и правый)
    глаза, две противоположных руки и так далее. И вы видите, что
    ПРОТИВОПОЛОЖНОЕ ОДИНАКОВО – то есть (на языке науки)
    КАЧЕСТВЕННО СООТВЕТСТВУЕТ друг другу. Другими словами,
    когда вы видите симметрию, на самом деле вы видите
    Закон Качественного Соответствия Противоположного и за
    примерами ходить далеко не нужно – пример перед вами в зеркале.
    Мы (познавшие Истину) называем этот Закон Принципом
    Вы спросите – Этот Закон и есть Истина?
    Отвечаю – Нет, этот Закон еще не Истина, но он является ее
    ИСТИНООБРАЗУЮЩЕЙ – неотъемлемой частью: потому что этот Закон
    также очевидно подразумевает другой.
    Я же обещал вам, что вы увидите Истину (“лучше раз увидеть,
    чем сто раз услышать”) и сдержу свое слово.
    На этот раз, предлагаю отойти от зеркала и отправиться
    (мысленно, разумеется)… в цирк! 🙂
    Почему в цирк? Потому что только там можно сегодня найти
    “живого” канатоходца, который, демонстрируя на радость публике
    свое искусство, покажет нам Истину. Я бы мог показать вам
    Истину на чем угодно, но канатоходец – самый очевидный и всем
    известный пример.
    Если вы спросите нашего воображаемого канатоходца, который
    балансирует над пропастью, что для него является ДОБРОМ, он
    обязательно ответит – РАВНОВЕСИЕ. Почему? Потому что, утратив
    равновесие, он неминуемо упадет и…
    С помощью чего канатоходец поддерживает равновесие?
    Ответ также очевиден – с помощью балансировочного шеста,
    который он держит строго посередине. Вот она “Золотая Середина”
    Гаутамы Будды, которая делит балансировочный шест на ДВЕ РАВНЫЕ
    ПОЛОВИНЫ – Качественно Соответствующие друг другу (одинаковый
    Другими словами, Закон Качественного Соответствия
    Противоположного подразумевает Закон Тождества (РАВНОВЕСИЯ)
    Противоположного. Если вы увидели СОСТОЯНИЕ РАВНОВЕСИЯ, в
    котором находится канатоходец под куполом цирка, значит, вы
    увидели Закон Тождества Противоположного, а еще увидели, что
    это состояние достигается только с помощью Качественного
    Соответствия Противоположного.
    Этот Закон мы называем Принципом Существования: потому что
    все существующее ТОЖДЕСТВЕННО и, наоборот, все, что прекращает
    свое существование, ПРОТИВОРЕЧИВО.
    Так вот о чем свидетельствовала симметрия, которую вы увидели
    в зеркале! Она свидетельствовала о том, что вы существуете.
    Сомневаетесь? Если сомневаетесь, представьте что будет с вами,
    если нарушится биологическое равновесие в вашем организме, или
    представьте, что будет с Солнечной Системой, если в ней
    нарушится равновесие – тождество (противоположных) центробежных
    и центростремительных сил. Все еще сомневаетесь?
    Если же вы это представили, то увидели действие Закона Эволюции,
    А еще вы увидели Истину, которая является СУЩНОСТЬЮ всего
    существующего. Вот почему Истина пронизывает все сущее и
    кажется нам непостижимой: так как “форма богаче сущности”,
    но если не будет сущности – не будет и формы. Ничего не будет.
    Я сдержал свое слово и “показал” вам Истину.
    Разумеется, вы еще не знаете (или знаете?) как использовать
    это знание. Поэтому пример его использования вы найдете на моей
    странице (в профиле) в статье о демократии.
    Ах, да. Этот Закон (Закон Эволюции) мы называем Принципом
    Правосудия: так как Природа отрицает несоответствие его
    противоречием, а Разум судит преступника его злом.
    А еще, вы теперь знаете, что есть добро и что есть зло.

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