Reader of the Month: Not even trying

Brandy Denton from Texas writes:

Three cheers for Sweet Valley! A gang of witty , humorous, lighthearted teens makes the Sweet Valley High series so enjoyable to read. I’ve been reading Sweet Valley books for years, and loved every book. For fun I write small adventures about the twins myself. Once at a slumber party, we girls acted out a Sweet Valley book and videotaped it. Francine Pascal’s style of writing makes me feel like I’m here in Sweet Valley. The characters are so real I forget that the books are fiction. She even covers subjects that teens can relate to, and I like that. There are morals to the stories, and the good always comes out. Francine Pascal’s positive attitude is a good influence on today’s teens. As my love for reading continues to grow, I intend to keep reading the Sweet Valley books.

A gang of witty , humorous, lighthearted teens? Yea, because Winston’s pizza-eating contests and clown costumes arem just sublimely hilarious. Lighthearted? Werewolves, rape, comas, dead boyfriends. Yea, that’s light.  And she forgets the books are fiction? What does that even mean? That she starts seeing the characters talk all around her? And the good always comes out? The only thing that comes out is Tom McKay. BAM! I’M HERE ALL WEEK FOLKS!

12 thoughts on “Reader of the Month: Not even trying

    • Paanqeesiitaa says:

      Sex? Well, Jessica got married at University so one imgaenis there was some degree of expectation that she would consummate it. Actually reading through the recap of the first one (Double Love), Bruce Patman takes her bikini top off in the pool! I so didn’t remember that. Meanwhile, I read the last SVU one and Lizzie was still a virgin. They ‘made out’ a lot, which is such a USian term, I never was quite sure exactly what that meant.OMG Susannah, Dear Sister was TOTALLY my favourite. It was one of the few I actually owned and I loved everything about it.Todd might be the wettest boyfriend in all fiction, except I think Jeffrey (Liz’s other boyfriend) would probably closely rival him. In fact Liz has had a string of duds, including William White the poet who was secretly poisoning Bruce Patman in order to steal his screenplay. Or something. But he was so obviously totally repulsive, even in fiction.

  1. RollingStone says:

    “Francine Pascal’s positive attitude is a good influence on today’s teens.” (?!?!?!)
    Yes, she has a very positive attitude toward perfect size 6 blondes, although I’m not so sure about her attitude toward Lois Waller.

    And yes, “there are morals to the stories and the good always comes out [in the end].” The moral is that if you are conventionally beautiful, good things will happen to you, and everything will always turn out fine in the end because people will forgive you for anything, including being a sociopath and torturing the unpopular kids, who are losers in life unworthy of anything more than a condescending shoulder pat.

    That attitude had a WONDERFUL influence on me as a teen.

  2. Namrata says:

    Okay, someone HAS to get a hold of that video!! I wonder which book they were acting out…and if they kept to the “light-hearted” theme by playing werewolves, or vampires, or psychotic serial killers, or just jessica.

    On an unrelated note, I picked up the new edition of SVH #3: Secrets, and noticed that perfect Liz says ‘crap’ an awful lot. Is it possible she’s slightly more human in the re-releases? IHW, could you explore this paranormal phenomena?

  3. maybeimamazed02 says:

    You wanna know something sad? I’m REALLY surprised my friends and I didn’t think to act out a Sweet Valley book on camera. Really surprised.

    Namrata, I didn’t hate the re-released/updated SVH’s. I was going to see if I could recap one for this blog (that or a Sweet Valley Senior Year, aka Sweet Valley Goes Emo).

  4. Magpie says:

    “She even covers subjects that teens can relate to”

    Uh-huh, I can totally relate to the issues in Sweet Valley. In fact, when I was at school I won a guest spot on a soap opera without even auditioning. This happened just after my fifth boyfriend in a row died under tragic circumstances and just before a vampire moved to town. What the crap is this girl on about?? SVH could not be less relatable to high school students if it tried.

    I’d be a total hypocrite if I snarked on her videotape though, as shamefully I also used to act out the SVH books with my sister. All I can say is, thank God my parents didn’t own a camcorder.

  5. Janelle says:

    haha- I must admit that I, too, used to act out the sweet valley books- during recess in elementary school. I was always Jessica and my best friend Katie was Lila- and there were some other girls/characters that would join us sometimes! We even took it a step further- in jr. high Katie and I had a notebook that we’d pass back and forth- writing notes in a way that the teachers supposedly wouldn’t notice- and we signed everything Jessica and Lila- just in case the notebook was intercepted!! (’cause as 13 year-olds we had such deep secrets to keep!) The other day I read one of the vampire SVH books and found a note written in the front- apparently Lila (aka Katie) gave me the book for christmas one year!

  6. Jen S. says:

    SNERK! Why, oh why did I not act out the Sweet Valley books?? I guess I was too busy proving some guy murdered some other guy’s mom twenty years ago and set up his lookalike neice to drive other guy crazy or something. Or maybe I was too busy dodging a stepmom trying to send me to Switzerland for playing my drums too loud. Yes, I can totally relate.

  7. Lauri says:

    The videos so need to be on YouTube! You mean, they are fiction? Why just the other day as my two serious boyfriends were fighting over me, this girl who looked just like me attacked me because she was jealous I was a perfect size six. So I was really trying to find a good book to help me realize the perfect, moral solution to my problem.

  8. Enid Rollins says:

    They should put these books on reading lists so all the teenagers can read them and learn from them! The realism will teach teenagers what a good book is, and all about realism; like lie when you make a loved one drunk on half a little cup of vodka and she crashes and kills her BF!

    Also, FP’s style of writing? Dearie, Francine handed most of the series over to Kate William…

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