on hiatus

Hey everyone, sorry for the no posts, I’ve actually been – gasp!- out of the house a lot with not a lot of time to write. I have no Bachelorette recap this week because unfortunately, I may not be writing them anymore. But we’ll see. Plus, I’m headed out of town for the next week and a half and it is doubtful I’ll do any recaps on the road. Where am I headed? One of my favorite cities, Washington, DC. If this were an SVH super special, Jessica would meet a mysterious handsome stranger who is secretly an international spy and would save her from perishing in a twerrorist act. Then the government would give her a medal and one for Liz for apprehending the nation’s only drug dealer. Liz would also casually be taking the White House tour, and overhear a cabinet meeting about the economy. She would offer her help and be asked to give her unput, and Barack would thank her personally.

ANYWAY Jezebel is one of the best blogs ever, and this BSC reference when talking about sperm whales made my life.

Also, here are some pics from The Campire Diaries Show. Man, is that going to suck. Plus, the cast looks blah. Ian Somerhalder maybe, but isn’t he about 35?

Behave yourselves, don’t get into any motorcycle accidents. I’ll be back in about two weeks with the compelling story of Jennifer Mitchell and John Pfeifer. Who? Exactly.

16 thoughts on “on hiatus

  1. Magpie says:

    Have a great time in DC! It is a beautiful city, even though it damn near boiled me to death in its heatwave when I was there.

    In all the pics I’ve seen so far, The Vampire Diaries seems like a bizarre Twilight-90210 hybrid. Doesn’t The CW already have enough shows about beautiful teenagers?

  2. EQH says:

    Wait! What? No more Bachelorette recaps? Does that mean I can’t use that as an excuse for watching the show anymore? Well, we’ll at least watch it one last time in my cute little condo when you come to DC!!!!

  3. bookslide says:

    Magpie: The Vampire Diaries is breaking my heart. The moment they turned the main character brunette, they ruined the show for me. ELENA HAS BEEN BLONDE SINCE 1992, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

    The puns in the comments of the Jezebel post are killing me.

    Have fun in DC, ihatewheat! I’ll be there next week, myself. I’m hoping to fall in love with a young, newly-appointed senator that my twin sisters finds boring but flirts with anyway, and then I’ll find out he’s secretly a rock star as well!

  4. Rio says:

    Have a great time! D.C. is going to be my home in five years, so I’m hoping you’ll provide us with plenty of dirt from there.

    New SVH novel: “The Wakefields Do Washington.” The twins, Todd, Enid, Winston, Lila, Bruce, Cara, and Ken go on a class trip to D.C. with Mr. Collins and Ms. Dalton over their fourth or fifth spring break. The following hilarity ensues:

    * Todd gets jealous when Elizabeth gets a tingly feeling in her chinos upon meeting a hot Republican freshman senator from Georgia. However, she dumps him when she learns that he’s sponsoring legislation that would regulate the sale of junk food (read: french fries and milkshakes) in school cafeterias. She and Todd make up with a tender kiss at the Reflecting Pool.
    * Jessica and Lila compete to impress Michelle Obama with their fashion sense, but she’s too busy drafting work/family balance policy to bother with them. They end up humiliating themselves in front of Malia and Sasha, who tease them mercilessly.
    * Bruce tries to buy the Senate seat that Norm Coleman and Al Franken are fighting over. He calls it “[bleep]in’ golden.”
    * Winston becomes President Obama’s official joke writer.
    * A California state senator who is campaigning for governor spends a weekend in the Sweet Valley area while Steven is visiting. She looks exactly like Tricia Martin.

  5. maybeimamazed02 says:

    Have a great time in DC! Just don’t go home with John. šŸ˜‰

    The Onion once referred to CW shows as “Beautiful, Interchangeable Teens Hurt Each Other’s Feelings.”

    Rio, LOVE “The Wakefields Do Washington!” Malia and Sasha are WAY cooler than Liz and Jess.

  6. Bart_Templeton says:

    I wonder if we should attempt to arrange meetups for Dairburger-ites in the major cities.

    Sorry to hear IHW won’t be doing her recaps –I read them, even though that #$@!* film.com site won’t process my registration so I can comment.

    Rio, why in exactly 5 years?

    WTF? Elena’s blond hair was mentioned like 137 times. There must be a reason behind this, something we’re not getting. Anyone in TV who can explain? Are brunette heroines considered more “relateable” to tween demographics now, or something?

    • Rio says:

      maybeimamazed02: Indeed. Apparently their word-for-word response to Britney being a hot mess has been “yuck,” so just imagine what they’d say to all of the SVH hot messes.

      Bart: I was referring to the fact that their junior year has had multiple spring breaks (and summer breaks, winter breaks, Christmases, proms, etc.).

    • FormerElizabethWannabe says:

      Yes…that was the first thing to pop into my head too. I live in DC! Is it too fangirl to want to meet up with IHW and fellow Dairburger fans?

  7. Laura says:

    You forgot to mention the shoulder-pat Liz will give the President after she straightens out the economy for him. I can see her now, standing behind him during the State of the Union address, nodding her head with a condescending smile and her hand on his shoulder.

  8. sunstreakedblonde says:

    I saw a commercial and it looks like they’re trying to rip off Roswell. The Elena actress reminds me of a cross between Shiri Appleby and Rachael Leigh Cook.

    Ian does seem a bit old for a teen show, but I don’t even care, boy be foine.

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