And the winner is…

Are you all ready for the reveal of the BEST! SVH! BOOK! EVER!

It just proves that the classics always shine through. What more could you want? Feathered hair, look of despair, pic of Liz in barettes. Comas, head trauma, Brucer the Seducer, Jessica gets pwned, need I say more?

30 thoughts on “And the winner is…

  1. katie says:

    this is one of the best covers of jess. she looks rele pretty.

    of course, behind those blue-green sad eyes, she is still a sociopath bitch.

  2. jms says:

    This definitely beats anything involving Margo, but IMO, the best.SVH.ever is The New Jessica, followed by Double Love and Power Play.

    I do like this cover. Despair suits Jessica. And it’s interesting to see a cover on which the Great Barretted One doesn’t have a reassuring hand on someone’s shoulder.

  3. gnatalby says:

    I was about to say that Jessica looks really pretty, and I kind of want to see more of this shirt to see if I own it.

  4. Jan aka Girl Talk Read says:

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! And this is a fetching pic of Jessica! I remember being soooo scandalized about Bruce almost raping Liz when I was 10 years old- it was the raciest stuff I had ever read up to that point!! Of course then at age 12 I read a book called ” Fame and Fortune” where a woman actually GETS brutally raped- ugh….

    • Aurorha says:

      Thank you thank you thank you for the dance description. Oh my god. . . Sweet Valley noibodes’ must hate the Wakefields with a passion. I know I do![] Reply:December 31st, 2009 at 12:59 amI thought you’d like that! I totally hate them, too.[]

  5. sarah says:

    This is as it should be, for sure. Maybe we should tell all head trauma patients with resulting personality changes that they too can be cured by an attempted date rape and a head smacking on an expensive antique side table at a mansion.

  6. Megan says:

    And to think that the people who decided to republish SVH stopped just before this book because sales were so low! Little did they know that a revamped Dear Sister could have been quite the money maker, relatively speaking. Perhaps it is not too late.

  7. Kathy says:

    I really do love this one. And it is perhaps my favorite cover. As campy as the SVH series could be, there really were a few genuinely “good” books scattered in there. And then there were some that were so bad you wanted to throw it in the trash. Wrong Kind of Girl being the ultimate. That one was just embarrassing. No redeeming qualities.

    In fact, can we have a poll for WORST SVH book?

  8. Magpie says:

    I would have been happy with most of the last few choices as the winner, but Dear Sister is definitely one that stands out when I think of SVH. Plus, while I was a ’90s SVH reader, and I love the crazy of the books from Margo onwards, I really think they were best in the ’80s, when they were oh-so-earnestly attempting to tackle relevant social issues and failing horrendously.

    Seconding the call for a poll of the WORST book… though I don’t know how I’d ever choose in those votes!

  9. Kae-Leah says:

    Congrats, #7 Dear Sister!
    Yeah, I would like a poll for worst SVH book…there are some that aren’t even “so bad it’s good”, they’re just boring. #53 Second Chance and those oh-so-captivating, glorified clip-show Secret Diaries come to mind. #102 Almost Married was so full of typos it wasn’t even funny after a while.

  10. Vanessa Saxton says:

    Although my initial vote was for Margo, I did love Dear Sister as well. So yeah, classics shine through. As far as the cover, I just wonder why in the world does Liz have a black and white headshot? I believe Bruce has one, too. It’s featured in On the Edge (I think).

    I also vote for a poll for the worst SV book ever. My money’s on My Best Friend’s Boyfriend (87), The Long Lost Brother (79) or Camp Killer (one hundred something).

  11. Malika says:

    Yep, we definitely need a poll for worst SVH book ever. The one where they reduced the Mexican protagonist to a bunch of mind-numbing burrito cliches would surely take the biscuit!
    Ah, Dear sister.. Wherein Liz brings out her inner scheming slut, It was a worthy win!

  12. amanda says:

    I would totes vote for the worst SVH book! Can you say Out of reach? Rosa’s lie? In love with a prince? Second chance? Enid’s story? All just terrible.

  13. Amy Slutton says:

    Yay! I agree with everyone saying Jessica looks so pretty on this cover. It’s one of my favorites 🙂

    We totally need a Worst SVH Ever! Return of the Evil Twin would have to win, hands down. That book is just ridiculously awful. It put me off SVH for a while.

  14. Regina Sorrow says:

    All I remember from that book is when Lila hears about Jessica’s death, drops to her knees and cries, “She was so young!”

  15. snickerdoodle says:

    worst book ever, without a doubt, has to be that spa weekend where that chick tries to steal alice’s face. so horrible i completely forgot i even read it. until now.

  16. katie says:

    i agree. SVH does have some insane plots.

    I thought Sweet Valley was suppose to be perfect…but the crime rates seem to be pretty high. Murderers…kidnappers..attempted rape…and the list goes on.

  17. noonelikeslois says:

    worst svh book ever: murder in paradise, spring fever, who’s to blame and that god-awful are we in love …. wtf was the point of that book anyway??????????
    thumbs up 4 dear sister altho i have 2 say the super chiller where that teacher that used to go to svh and was a cheerleader but had a facial tic that made everyone hate her and she got booted off the squad was great. plus, it was one of the only books where chrome dome didnt take it in the ass from one of the wakefields and there was some actual teacher supervision on student activies. altho, the fact that the teacher kidnapped the entire squad and tried to drown them (everyones dream at high school im sure) sent this really werid message abt not trusting teachers and they should stay the fuck out of student activities.
    actually, this gets one of my ‘worst svh books ever’ vote also. can anyone tell me wat it was called????

  18. Laura says:

    I think if we voted on worst SVH, we’d have to stop at a certain point. That could just be my bias, though. I think ALL the regular-series books sucked after, let’s see, what was the last tolerable ones I read? Oh, the ones with Sue and Jeremy and the faked kidnapping for her inheritance.

  19. kimkelly says:

    No, worst and most boring would go to the super thriller No Place To Hide, where Nicholas discovers that girl held prisoner in that mansion.

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