Vote or die! Round 2 of the search for the best SVH book ever.

The Evil Twin looks like an early lead, but Dear Sister may be a strong contender.

And, in a weird technicality, we’ll need to do a do over for our last contender, so vote for your favorite out of these three.

8 thoughts on “Vote or die! Round 2 of the search for the best SVH book ever.

  1. Tiff says:

    Yeah, Dear Sister vs. Wrong Kind of Girl was pretty rough.

    I actually love Alone in the Crowd, but it’s just no match for the awesomeness of Margo. The Evil Twin is widely acknowledged (by 1bruce1 readers) as the best SVH ever. Sorry, Dear Sister. Temporary insanity never beats real insanity.

  2. Magpie says:

    Regina Sorrow, mine too 😦 And it was difficult to choose between Power Play and On the Edge… but then I remembered there’s nothing quite like having the eternal fear of drugs drummed into your brain thanks to the SVH “touch cocaine once and you’ll DIE!!!” approach.

  3. Bart_Templeton says:

    While I was taking this poll, I realized I feel really bad for those people who started SVH in the 80s (like I did) and then, unlike me, never “graduated” to the later books in the series (the books over #100 that came in trilogies).

    As someone who usually pooh-poohs the “revitalization” and reinvention of old favorites, I must say that sticking with SVH till late in the series is a requirement for anyone who wants a comprehensive grasp of the SV canon. Trust me, skeptics, you *need* to experience SVH’s devolution into no-holds-barred mayhem: the wrath of Margo (THE EVIL TWIN); British werewolves’ reign of terror (LOVE AND DEATH IN LONDON); and facial reconstruction-surgery-Alice-stalker-psychos (MURDER IN PARADISE).

    Having said that, if, in future polls, I am forced to choose between THE EVIL TWIN and an old school gem like DEAR SISTER …I think I am going to have to have to go with the latter. If only for nostalgia’s sake. (And because Bruce Patman touches his second Wakefield breast of the series).

    BTW, choosing between KIDNAPPED BY THE CULT and the NEW JESSICA was like choosing favorites among my own children. Jessa Fields, there’s no one like you (except Madonna’s faux-British self. How prescient was Francine.).

  4. ihatewheat says:

    Good point, Bart. It’s no secret that I consider myself an SVH purist. And, since the ones I actually read as a teen are the early ones. those are the most nostalgic to me. I red a lot of the miniseries when I was a senior in high school, when a high school friend and I read them in secret and cackled over them. Also, it’s hard to pick a stand-alone book from those later ones, because they don’t really stand alone apart from the miniseries.

    Maybe I’ll de a “favorite miniseries” later on.

  5. Amy Slutton says:

    Man, picking between Dear Sister and Wrong Kind of Girl was tough! I chose the latter – I always loved that book since I used to be one of those underdogs that got on the cheerleading squad. And I’ve always loved Power Play, it was one of the first SVHs that I got. 🙂

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