2 thoughts on “Self pro-mo

  1. Rio says:

    Quiz: If you were a bartender and Spencer started hitting on you (including asking you to dance on the bar), you would:

    A. Do what he asks. He IS Spencer Pratt, after all; maybe he can score you a record deal!
    B. Giggle and refuse to dance, but keep flirting banally and then blow him.
    C. Tell him you’ll dance on the bar if he does first. And then don’t do it.
    D. Mix up rum and drain cleaner, pouring it into a cocktail glass, and telling him, “This is our speciality, on the house.”
    E. Grab him by the hair (head or facial) and smash his face into the bar repeatedly.
    F. Pretend to be deaf.

  2. Bart_Templeton says:


    I’ve tried so many times to register for film.com just to comment on your articles, but their system always has technical problems.

    Very disheartening since I had *plenty* to say about this year’s THE BACHELOR.

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