Cecilia, you’re breaking my heart

Really, Aunt Cecilia? Really? You are going to let that brat Jessi talk to you that way? Really?You are seriously nervous that you don’t think you can be as good a baby-sitter as Jessi? She’s eleven! Really, you are going to give and let her get away with that crap? Really? Even when she doesn’t seem to care that her mother has just got back into a career and wants the best for her? And doesn’t even care that your husband, her uncle, just recently passed away? REALLY? I say go ahead and hit her with that spoon. If not for being a self-righteous brat, then for wearing that Bill Cosby sweater.

But you may not know this, Aunt Cecilia, but Jessi is about to teach you a valuable life lesson that she learned from meddling in poor innocent children’s lives. She’s helping Jackie Rodowsky with his science project, only she’s going to do it for him instead of coaching him to do it himself. SEE? Just like you are doing. Be prepared, she’s going to throw that in your face. Maybe you can throw something back in her face: tell her to get friends her own age and stop hanging out with the kids they babysit for.

Also, you may need to check on Squirt. He looks a little funny. Kind of like Benjamin Button when he was born.

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23 thoughts on “Cecilia, you’re breaking my heart

  1. girltalkread says:

    GAWD I laughed tons when I read this posting!! Jessi was an utter brat in this book and needed to be SLAPPED! I wish Aunt Cecilia had smacked her with that spoon, and I do not advocate spanking!!

  2. Rio says:

    “Jessi doesn’t need a baby-sitter – she is one!” She sure is . . . except at night. Oh, yes, I went there.

    Jessi on the cover: “Uh, talk to the hand, beeyotch!”
    Squirt on the cover: “One day, your soul will be mine, Becca. . . .”

    Of course, the one thing that makes this cover interesting is that it shows a family in Stoneybrook that is BLACK. I mean, HOLY SHIT.

  3. perfectsize12 says:

    I’m loving Jessi’s double socks! I totally remember wearing two pairs of socks. They were always neon to match the double lacing on my L.A. Gear hightops. Yikes! Maybe somebody should have hit me with a spoon for making such bad fashion choices.

    By the way, it’s ridiculous that Jessi thinks she can school an adult. She’s only 11 years old. Now maybe if she were 13…

  4. cnester says:

    Double socks are awesome. More awesome were the socks I bought at Burlington Coat Factory in 8th grade that looked like double socks, but were really just a trompe l’oeil as they were just one amazingly thick two toned sock.

  5. Malika says:

    Of course, she doesn’t need a babysitter because she is one… The cover model looks all of 27, so who needs an aunt Cecilia? And they deemed her black family worthy of being shown on the cover.. Which out of the gazillions of babysitter covers is the only one i can think of that portrayed it… Wow, i’m just SO grateful.

  6. Elizabeth says:

    I also came to post about how Jessi may act like a bratty 11-year-old, but she looks like a bratty 20-something on the cover. Actually, they all look way older to me on the covers than the actual characters were supposed to be. Could be convenience of using older models, but I’m thinking it’s a conscious plan to appeal to younger readers’ wish-fulfillment sensibilities. What nine-year-old doesn’t want to believe that 11-year-olds are practically adults? And isn’t Jessi’s absurd outfit the kind of thing a young kid would think is cool on an older one… at least in the ’80s?

    Also, Rio: your comment cracked me up!

  7. BartTempleton says:

    I find it exceedingly difficult to believe that a non-Black aunt would have been portrayed threatening a child with a long wooden spoon.

    Because, y’know, only Black woman are threatening, sassy, and take-no-prisoners enough to visit physical abuse on children, or even to threaten it. It’s a “fact,” after all, that Black women (irrespective of geographic region, education level and socio-economic background) frequently say things like “I’m gonna whoop yo’ ass!”

    Cheers to the illustrator and possibly AMM for indulging in gross ethnic stereotyping.

    Yeah, and that baby is the anti-Christ.

  8. Anne says:

    Jessi is black??? Why didn’t anyone tell me? You would think they would have mentioned it at least once. Funny true story: I borrowed one of the early BSC books from the library, and some kid wrote in the book “Stop Reading” when it started describing the different characters and how the BSC worked and then “Start Reading” when it stopped. Kudos to that kid…saved me some reading time. But then, maybe that’s why I didn’t know Jessi is black.

    Also, what is the food that is on the cover? The one they have four of? Raisin Bread? Red Rose Tea? Anyone know… why do they need so much of it? Maybe to appease Squirt, the spawn of the devil?

  9. Fuzzy says:

    I was never cool enough to wear double socks, but I SO wanted to be. All my mom would buy me was white athletic socks. I tried to make them cooler by drawing on the cuffs with markers, but my mom got mad at me and the other kids just thought I was lamer than before. Oh, middle school. How cruel you were to so many of us.

  10. Jener says:

    I blame Jessi’s parents. They rope in poor Cecilia and don’t bother to tell her anything about what the kids are/aren’t allowed to do, what their bed times are, etc. Of course, I always thought Cecilia was kindof a bitch (grounding someone for being ten minutes late? Insane), but now I see that she has reason to be; no one seems to give a damn that her husband is dead! Arseholes, all of them.

    Or maybe Cecilia’s just pissed because she’s the size of an eleven year old.

  11. Nancy says:

    Urgh I can’t even think of something funny to write, I’m too rage-filled. I never NEVER understood the whole Jessi/Mallory being babysitters thing. Ok, so 11 might be the age where you might start to argue you’re too old for a babysitter, but how the hell does that automatically make you old enough to babysit for others? It’s bullshit, man!

    God, I hate Mallory.

  12. Mary-Anne Bruno says:

    Jessi was easily the most mature of the BSC. Especially in Jessi’s Horrible Prank and Jessi Ramsey, Pet Sitter.
    And the wierd part is that Mallory goes from being a bratty kid in the first 13 books to Super Sitter in book 14.

  13. Sadako says:

    yeah, I feel super bad for Cecilia. The woman’s raised kids of her own and she is a little strict, but it’s not like she’s being paid to be here, so shut up, Jessi!

  14. Jo says:

    I can’t tell if Jessi is wearing a black skirt with a sweater or if that whole thing is one sweater dress. Regardless, I’m pretty sure I owned the exact outfit she’s wearing. Only I would have switched my socks so that on one foot, the purple sock was on top and on the other, it was on bottom. And I would have been wearing L.A. Gear high tops instead of those plain canvas shoes.

  15. katie says:

    she looks pretty tall for her age!! unless her aunt is a midget.

    When I was 11, I could barely look after my goldfish..let alone my siblings and other ppls kids. i couldnt even look after myself.

    jessi looked rele weird in that cover. and the clothes…horror!

    haha squirt!

  16. Neek1981 says:

    I never read much of these books. They didn’t speak to me in the way SVH did (Ha Ha Ha).
    Anyway the things I remember right off the top of my head:
    –One of the girls sat for a kid who always spoke in rhyme, can’t remember his name.
    –Claudia’s journal entries were always terribly misplelled. She also had a ding dong fetish and hid them under the bed. (is this freudian?)
    –Stacey was a little slut. How many boyfriends could a 13 yr old have in one yr?
    –I coveted Claudia’s clothes. I thought they were so fresh and sharp. She dressed just like the kids from Ghostwriter! Anyone remember that show?

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