7 thoughts on “I couldn’t resist.

  1. Rio says:

    Poll: Who from YA lit is most like Obama?

    1. Liz Wakefield, for being so honest and squeaky-clean. (Typing that made my teeth hurt.)
    2. Caitlin Ryan, for being really fucking rich.
    3. Jana Morgan, for her leadership skills.
    4. Jessi Ramsey. Do I need to explain this one?

  2. BertTempleton says:

    IHW– Did you scan your inventory of SVHs to find a suitable Jessica cover? Or did you just have that one in mind?

    I ask because that cover (can’t remember the book but I know it was from the early 90s era–maybe it was one of the super editions about the prom?) is PRECISELY the one I carry around in my mind when I think of Jessica’s self-absorbtion. It would be weird if we both had that mental association burned on our brains.

    Oh, and as for Liz’s Condescension: I think all of us here know how amazingly quick and easy a task it was to come up with a cover illustrating that.

  3. BertTempleton says:

    It’s the cheekbones, by the way. Something about Jimmy’s perfect rendering of rounded cheeks and pursed lips bespeaks just the right combination of self-pleasure and sauce. It’s not the airy hauteur of Lila or the smug self-satisfaction of sanctimony.

    The best Jessica covers showcase her indelible essence of “I not only love myself–I take pleasure in being me and being as outrageous as I wanna be.”

    Can you tell I’m a Jessica fan? (Not as much as Lila, though. Lila doesn’t send me on a roller coaster of “I love you…no, you madden me…nah, I think I love you.”)

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