Yea, because that’s the most logical explanation.

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Andrea Slade is the new girl, that’s who. Instead of Liz putting her hand on her shoulder, we have the other option, Jessica looking with such hatred that it may cause the person to try to kill themselves. However, love Andrea’s “bish plz” look.

So Andrea Slade is the new girl, and her appearance causes many an internal monologue.

  • Liz: Oooooo!!! A new girl! I must insert myself directly up my ass and help her! New girls are usually a pathetic mess, so it can be a project for me! Plus, I am getting bored of this Enid girl who keeps following me around.
  • Nicholas Morrow: Thank god there’s a new girl in the junior class! I’ve dated my way through all the high school girls, and I thought for a minute there I would have to date someone my age.
  • Andrea: Oh my god, thank god I moved to Sweet Valley from New York City. I mean, Sweet Valley is so damn perfect people who don’t live here must be jealous!
  • Jessica: Ugh, any new girl is bound to take any attention away from me. I’m going to completely ignore her. Besides, anyone Liz likes must be boring.

Conveniently, this is then first book we hear about Jame Peters, the hunky rock star that makes Lila, Amy and Jessica squirm in their panties. Conveniently, hmmm, Andrea is secretive about her father…and conveniently, Jamie Peters mentions that he’s going to move to a small town in Southern California.

If you are not a complete moron, you’ll figure out that Jamie is Andrea’s father. She wants to keep it a secret because people will treat her differently when they know her father is famous. I’ve learned this lesson from watching numerous episodes of Hannah Montana. Not only that, it must be weird and icky to hear people mention all the time that they find your father hot. However, from the way he is described, Jamie Peters appeared in my mind as the douchey singer of Puddle of Mudd.

After spying on Jamie Peters’ backyard, the bitch trifecta (Lila, Jessica, Amy) see Andrea hanging out at the house and jump to the conclusion that Andrea is Jamie’s underage girlfriend. Yea, because that makes the most sense? You’d think that being his gf would make Andrea more popular and the envy of the other girls, but in bizarro Sweet Valley World, this makes her someone worthy of being burned at the stake. Because she is judged for supposedly having sex.

So everyone finds out, and Andrea runs away to sit forlornly at the marina, and then who does Jamie call for help- ELIZABETH! Because he’s heard Andrea talk about her new friend Elizabeth a lot. Barf. Nicholas ans Liz find her, bring her back and they all hang out at Casa Peters and make nicey nice with Jamie.

is Andrea never mentioned again? She is another blond, pretty nice girl, who in my mind is played by the same actress as Heather Sanford. She really should tell people Jamie Peters is her father, because really there’s nothing else about her that screams interesting personality.

Also, a funny secondary storyline, and I mean for real ha ha funny, is that Lila decides she’s going to be a musician and is working with a hippy drippy music teacher who tries to find an instrument that speaks to her, which is the marimba. Lila gets all into it and forces Jessica and Amy into listening to her play all the time, and they give her shit for it. I know it doesn’t seem funny when I write it, but seriously, it’s nice to see some scathing humor make into these books.

And do we ever hear about Jamie Peters again? I am surprised he doesn’t write a song dedicated to Elizabeth and her kind heart. Maybe he can perform at a school dance and give the Droids the night off for once.

35 thoughts on “Yea, because that’s the most logical explanation.

  1. Malika says:

    Hmmm, i actually don’t have an allergic reaction to a cover girl outfit! I used to wear a sleeveless black polar neck. I bought it on the school trip to Paris and thought i looked very sophisticated, even though i lived in the back of Dutch beyond.
    Andrea also has the ultimate don’t mess with me, pal look, always a handy accesory to have. Pity she doesn’t show any backbone in the storyline.

    Love the Marimba storyline! Does this ever extend any further into the series?

  2. Janelle says:

    Andrea actually does stick around for awhile after this book. She becomes part of “the gang” and, of course, starts dating Nicholas Morrow (that is, until he needs to be single for the ridiculous game-show thing in the whole jungle-prom mini-series…). She gradually fades into the background though and, around the time she and Nicholas break up, she’s never really heard from again as far as I can remember.

  3. Sarah C. says:

    Debbye Turner, the 1990 Miss America, played the marimba. I had to look up the name and date, but I remembered a marimba-playing Miss America contestant all on my own, so I must have been pretty impressed.

    Now I have to go bang my head against a wall.

  4. Anne says:

    Question: Does Andrea play the guitar? Because why is she holding a guitar if not. Maybe it’s so she can beat the crap out of Liz and Jess. Liz for nosing her way into her life and Jess for.. well, do we need a reason to beat the crap out of Jess. She’s given us plenty.

    With all these rock star connections, why are the Droids the only ones who ever play? Lila should play the Marimba at the next school dance. And didn’t a rock star fall in ‘luv’ with Liz in one of the Super Specials?

  5. Sarah C. says:

    In Malibu Summer Elizabeth is briefly in love with rock star Tony Sargent, who is using the assumed name Jamie Galbraith.

  6. Vanessa Saxton says:

    I could have sworn Jamie Peters was mentioned earlier in the series. The real question is- whatever happened to Johnny Buck?

  7. Rio says:

    Jamie Peters performed the song that Liz and Todd “danced to on the night they pledged their love to one another” (from #131 Fashion Victim).

    As for Johnny Buck, sales of his albums plummeted across the U.S. after Jessica found a hotter rock star to worship. He is now a record producer in San Bernardino. The same thing happened to Melody Power; she hit bottom, went to rehab, then miraculously found Christ.

  8. Magpie says:

    Yeah, Jamie Peters was mentioned very briefly quite a few times before this book. But not so much afterwards, if I remember correctly. I’d always assumed that he was the new, hot rock star in his 20s, and then suddenly it’s revealed he has a daughter of 16, and it seemed a bit weird. Also, Jessica and co. clearly bash Andrea for being JP’s “girlfriend” because they’re jealous that she got there first.

  9. ihatewheat says:

    No, Andrea does not play the guitar. And the cover concept is dumb, because didn’t she NOT WANT people to associate her with her rock star father?

    Jamie Peters will soon make an appearance of celebrity rehab, celebrity fit club, and then have his own dating show a la Rock of Love.

  10. tygre says:

    I more pictured Jamie Peters to kind of look like Ozzy. Urk.

    Even if he had Andrea super early, he’d still be in his mid-late 30’s…kinda old to be crushing on.

  11. Donna says:

    I think Andrea gets the Bruce Patman experience in the Jungle Prom series, other than that, I recall that she just becomes a background character for the next while.

    I also remember that Penny Ayala found out that Jamie Peters had moved to SV because she “had a friend who was an entertainment reporter at SV News”. How many journalists are friends with sixteen year olds anyway???

    This book contained one of my favourite SVH conversations ever, where Andrea was being a little evasive about where she lived and Olivia was trying to help her out with directions and asked if she lived east or west of the Marina OR lived closer to where the Wakefields live. Yes, the Wakefields truly are the centre of the universe when their residence is used as a geographical landmark for those who have lost their way (both physically and metaphorically).

    Another great re-cap :>)

  12. Vanessa Saxton says:

    See when I read this I pictured a Billy Ray Cyrus type as the stand in for Jamie (I only just recently read this one- somehow i missed it in the 80’s 90’s)

  13. Heidi says:

    This book reminds me of one from the Sweet Dreams series called “The Two of Us” a rock star (actually, she pretends to be the about a girl who pretends she has a twin sister who’s twin sister.)

    I wonder if anyone pretends to be a rock star (the punk rock kind, not the partying kind) in today’s YA novels. I was browsing through some of the “Gossip Girl” novels and wow, SVH was tame (and lame) compared to the stuff nowdays! Sheesh!

  14. Heidi says:

    OK, half of my comment vanished into thin air so it made no sense. Let me try again.

    This book reminds me of one from the Sweet Dreams series called “The Two of Us”. It is about a dull girl at a new school who only makes friends with some chubby nerd so she lies and says she has a twin sister who is a rock star so she can hang out with the “cool” crowd (actually, she pretends to be the twin sister. I think her name was Stephanie or Stormy or something lame like that!)

    How sad I remember all that, but I liked the book so much I read it three or four times!

    I wonder if anyone pretends to be a rock star (the punk rock kind, not the partying kind) in today’s YA novels. I was browsing through some of the “Gossip Girl” novels and wow, SVH was tame (and lame) compared to the stuff nowdays! Sheesh!

  15. Janelle says:

    Heidi- that book sounds like Hannah Montana in reverse! (which also fits in with that Billy Ray Cyrus comment made earlier… weird!)

  16. Lauren says:

    I never read this one, but there’s a Sweet Valley Twins book with almost the same plot – their friend Brooke’s mom is the rock star they’re all going insane about. I remember reading it and thinking how highly unlikely the whole thing was… and now there’s TWO books with pretty much that same plot?! Holy crap.

  17. Anne says:

    Okay, so completely random, but I’m reading SVK “Lila’s Christmas Angel” and came across the best line. It’s told from Lila’s pov, and says…

    “Elizabeth looked worried. I didn’t want her to know I was upset. Once she new that, she would try to figure out why.”

    Lila sure had her pegged early.

    Lauren – I seem to remember that SVT book. I’m re-reading Sweet Valleys (all the ones my local library has anyway), if I come across it, I’ll post the name 🙂

  18. Alison says:

    “tygre // November 14, 2008 at 12:08 am

    Even if he had Andrea super early, he’d still be in his mid-late 30’s…kinda old to be crushing on.”

    Nah. Dave Grohl is 39 and still very much crush-able. And Jess has hat-hair going. wtf, cover artist?

  19. Maybe I'll Catch Fire says:

    Hell, I think Alan Rickman is super sexy, and he’s older than my dad!

    In an effort to avoid do uni work, I’ve called one of the towns in The Sims 2 Sweet Valley. I’m naming the roads after various characters, and have made a Jessica sim and an Elizabeth sim. Jess has been given the romance aspiration, and Liza got the knowledge aspiration. I’ve got them living together…

  20. Krysten says:

    I can picture Jessica, Amy and Lila doing Rock of Love in their later years. Amy actually reminds me of that Ambre girl who won..although can you really win on that show? Maybe if you’re on the show and you don’t catch anything then you are a winner.

  21. 88keys says:

    What the heck is up with Andrea’s arm on the cover? It is freakishly long and brown and hairy-looking. No wonder Jess is scared!

  22. Sonnie says:

    I just read this one and I like how Jamie Peters’ house is also “Spanish-style”. Now I’m reading #19 Showdown. Guess what? (Elizabeth and Todd) climbed out of the pool, where to one side of them lay the Fowler’s “Spanish-style” patio. How Fucking original. The only people who don’t live in a Spanish-style house are the “overweight, wearing glasses” type people.

  23. Monic says:

    I always liked Nicholas Morrow better than most of the other guys in the series. I liked the description of him and I just liked his name. Nicholas Morrow, Nicholas Morrow, Nicholas Morrow. It has a nice ring to it, huh?

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