Great find!

Donna sent me this pic of an album cover for the Australian band TISM.

Look familiar? Donna says”The tag line reads “Will Greg destroy Melissa and Jason’s happiness?” Unfortunately the lyrics do not parody SVH (the song is about speeding) but I really really wish I had a picture of the back of the cover of the single because I remember that it read like a blurb to any SVH book and concluded with “and does anyone really give a shit?” which pretty much sums up our feelings now towards SVH.”

I also love the name of the album. Kind of in the same way I love the band name “Hey that’s my bike!”.

11 thoughts on “Great find!

  1. James says:

    That’s the cover to SVH#35 Out of Control! It explored the tense homoerotic relationship between Jeffrey French and his best friend Aaron Dallas. Seriously, even as a teenager I could feel the sexual tension between those 2.

    The plot had something to do with Aaron lashing out due to his parents divorce but in typical svh fashion, this was depicted by constant frowns and talking really loudly at people, topped off by one fight where, you guessed it, he got to roll around on the soccer field with a teammate. I recall Jeffrey blowing Elizabeth off many times to console his lov-err, his best friend, I mean-and taking his side when the inevitable showdown between Aaaron and Elizabeth ensues. But my poor memory isn’t doing this story justice I’ll wait for the recap.

  2. Vanessa Saxton says:

    This is the best album cover I have ever seen! But, I am a bit confused. Was this cover part of “stock photography” or did the band intentionally rip on SVH?

  3. Jener says:

    It was intentional. The song is about a series of TV ads that were on Australian TV in the early ’90s, one of which shows a bunch of teens in a car, drinking beer, not wearing seltbelts that runs through a stop sign and gets hit by a truck, and the last thing that is said by one the teens in the car (before it gets hit by the truck) is “Greg, the stop sign!” Hence the name.

    Overly dramatic, badly acted, lots of violence… sound familiar?

    And TISM stands for This Is Serious Mum. The clip for the song is famous for showing a dog eating vomit.

  4. Donna says:

    It’s a cover to a single that TISM released around 1995, I don’t think they are together any more, they formed in the early 80’s from memory.

    They are more or a cult band rather than a mainstream one and are famous for playing their gigs in balaclavas so no one can guess their real identities.

    For another 90’s reference, probably one of their more well known songs is “I’m on the drug that killed River Phoenix”

    I have always loved them for their biting satire :>)

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