The Odd Couple

You ask, you shall receive. Recent polls indicate you all would like some non-SVH stuff, and would really like the BSC. I also just spent some time locating some Sunfire romances, so stay tuned for those. One day. I will admit, I didn’t reread this one, but it was very memorable.

Dawn looks gorg, as usual and I totally wanted to look like her. MA looks beyond horrendous. She looks about 45, and has the highest waisted jeans I’ve ever seen, and don’t even get me started about women over the age of 12 who wear their hair in pigtails. Or even women in their twenties, who think it makes them look adorable. And if you reading this do that, even at the gym, I am so judging you. Live with it.

Speaking of judging, the one thing I remember from this book is that MA is getting ready to go to a dance with Logan, and Dawn is at home but not going, and MA pulls some shit like “Dawn, when you get a boyfriend, you’ll understand about making yourself more attractive.” ZING! Seriously, the BSC are constantly looking for ways to insult each other and put down their friends.

But let me back up. This one takes place right after meth-addicted Sharon and anal retentive Richard get hitched, and MA and Mr. Spier move into the farm house. Instead of taking the spare room, Dawn and MA decide to share a room. For real? What 13 year old girl wouldn’t want her own room? And then, I believe, they push the beds together. Wtf? Isn’t that a little much? Are they going to spoon or something?

Eventually they make up and I think they realize that they should have separate rooms. And then fast forward a little and the farm house burns down. ZING!

And you know I love this new poll feature, so here’s one that gets to the heart of MA’s core.

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33 thoughts on “The Odd Couple

  1. Melandry says:

    I work at a boarding school and you would not believe the number of roommates who have the beds right up next to each other – it totally is a thing teenage girls do, apparently, though it never occurred to me until I started working here.

  2. katee says:

    I never knew why they decided to share a room. I roomed with my best friends and even sharing an apartment they annoyed the carp out of me!

    Did Sharon and Richard stay in the marriage for the long haul or did they divorce somewhere down the road?

  3. Magenta Galaxy says:

    Katee, Sharon and Richard stay married. In spite of Sharon’s ohsofun habit of leaving hedge clippers in the bread drawer and whatnot.

    I love how at the end of this one, when Dawn wants to have separate rooms, instead of talking it out, she comes up with an elaborate plan to scare Mary Anne to move to another room. Now THAT’S sisterhood.

  4. Ms. M says:

    I’m excited that you’ll be covering the Sunfire romance novels. They’re great fun and good for you too in terms of teaching history.

  5. BartTempleton says:

    I don’t think Sunfires are going to provide enough snark material, much to my chagrin.

    I still have a large chunk of my old collection, saved from the 80s, and I periodically re-read them. In fact, I re-read three of them this year.
    A lot of them–especially the ones by authors like Jane Claypool Miner who later became famous–are pretty well-written and chock-full of unassailably competant heroines and actual history.

    I’d like you to save your snark for the truly deserving amongst 80s-90s YA lit. I don’t think I need to name names, not to this illustrious readership…

  6. BartTempleton says:

    Oh, okay, I can’t resist naming at least one:

    SORORITY GIRLS series. (Ann Hunter Lowell).

    Anyone with me on this one?

    If IHW recaps even one of these, I promise every reader of this blog will die and go to heaven.

    The fashion alone is a hot 80s mess train wreck/glorious montage of aqua leather pantsuits, cream satin blouses with pearl buttons, and teal knit sweater dresses.

  7. Enid Rollins says:

    I read a book called “Becoming Anne of Green Gables” or something along those lines, which analyzed the wannabe lesbian desires behind the intimate friendships like Anne and Diana’s, which happened in real life. Because girls were urged to have close friendships and to treat boys as scum until marriage, some of their ‘primal urges’ came out in feminine cuddling…er, I’ll shut up now. The BSC girls had cute little crushes, but they were still urged to have ZOMG! FRIENDS! or they might be looosers!

  8. Janet says:

    They pushed their beds together? Maybe my eyes glazed over at that part. Wow.

    Oh yeah, and Tigger throws up on Sharon’s oriental rug. It’s a good scene.

  9. bookslide says:

    Enid, I looked up the book and it seems to be called _Looking for Anne of Green Gables_ by Irene Gammel. I MUST read this!

  10. nancy says:

    Dammit ihatewheat! Sometimes people have massive ears and need low pigtails at the gym because it covers them more than a ponytail!

    And yes I am aware of how ridiculous that just sounded.

  11. Sarah says:

    They didn’t push their beds together. I’ve read this one more times then I care to admit, and (sadly) know it really well. They tried to fit both beds, both dressers, both desks, etc. in Dawn’s room and it didn’t really work. Mary Anne eventually moved into the guest bedroom. BUT not after Dawn does the most horrendous thing she ever did in the BSC. Instead of just apologizing and admitting she made a mistake and that it was hard for her to adjust to two new people in her house (which, I think, is totally understandable), she decides to scare Mary Anne out of the bedroom, by haunting the secret passage when Mary Anne is home alone. Terrible.

    This is also the book with the Pike Plague, where Mallory gets the chicken pox, and then all of the family – even the parents – gets sick or injured in some way.

  12. LAK says:

    I lurk here all the time, the ShadysideSnark gals told me about your blog, and I love that you are doing more then just SVH as I didn’t read many of those till the last bit.
    Great poll for the book! You should do one on why Dawn is such a b#tch.

  13. Natalie says:

    I remember this one because Mary Anne can only study in complete silence (like a normal person) while Dawn needs to blare the radio. Seems like a problem that could have been solved with headphones.

    My other best “Dawn is a crazy person” memory is the book in which Dawn gets a pen pal/boyfriend and wants to take some sexy pictures to send him, and for some reason she thinks she smiles too much, so she sends him some model pout pictures and he’s all “Whatever, sourpuss…”

  14. Mandy P says:

    ZING! I am one of those twenty somethings wearing pigtails at the gym. Sigh. You may judge me if you wish.

    Anyway, love it when you do BSC recaps. I have really missed the BSC Headquarters blog. Next time can you give us a Claudia outfit description? Those are the BEST.

  15. Magpie says:

    Dawn used to be my favourite babysitter when I was little. I can’t believe I never noticed that she’s actually really harsh to the others sometimes! Now I think about it further, I don’t think I like any of those girls. Apart from their outfit descriptions, naturally.

  16. Cat says:

    I used to wear pigtails all the time as a teen. 😦 But I was a gymnast, and it was the 90s, so that’s my excuse. I had this purple crushed velvet leotard and matching purple scrunchie (my homage to the unicorns?) that I just adored. Hey, I was 14, ok?

  17. Malika.. says:

    A YES for the sorority girls, it sounds beyond dire!
    Actually, any recaps of ‘vaguely succesful hardly ever heard of them’ highschool girly romances would be a big hit..

  18. Taren says:

    I like how the supposedly tiny Mary Anne practically towers over Dawn. Not all pigtails are bad, but those are. The high waste on her pants makes my special place hurt.

  19. Nathalie says:

    Count me in on the pigtail club (and pigtail braids). I wear them to the gym, hiking, swimming and just around the house. Sorry by the way my hair is layered ponytails just don’t work.

    Judge me if you must. 😦

  20. Vanessa Saxton says:

    I love how Dawn looks like Stacy on the cover. They looked so much alike but the covers (in my memory) were never consistant. Then, the BSC tv show had Stacy with a frizzy Felicity-esque fro. It wasn’t my ideal Stacy at all.

  21. ADL says:

    OK so while we’re at it…I will admit I never made it this far with the BSC…stopped reading somewhere around #25. But if we’re picking on Mary Anne, why don’t we just point out that not only is she taller than Dawn, not only does she have pigtails, not only does she have jeans that are almost Urkel-esque…but that her shirt looks like a bumblebee! AND *drumroll please*…she’s got the tight rolls going on! Paging Katie Holmes! See how long ago this was popular? LOL!

  22. Lauren says:

    Not only does Maryanne look 40, but her pants make her look like she has a little belly pooch, which either makes her look 2 months pregnant or like she has already popped out a couple of kids and they have left their mark on her body….all at the age of 13?!

  23. Kati says:

    It drove me crazy how the covers were incongruous with the descriptions of the characters! Why was Dawn described with long waist length white-blonde hair that was never depicted?!

  24. CNJ says:

    I always loved the BSC series; great series, but it’s always fun to read spoofs on all books series, even ones I love and laugh at them.

    I agree that this is not one of the best pics of Mary Anne; she actually stopped with the silly pigtails in the middle of seventh grade; pigtails definitely did not suit her at all and I was so, so glad when she got rid of them for good.

    I actually thought that along with Stacey (she’s sweet also), Mary Anne, despite her shyness and sensitivity, was among the most sophisticated of the BSC and I was glad that it came out more in later books. She often seemed adultlike at times and was so mature I often forgot she was still a 13-year old child in this series.

    Mary Anne was always my favorite character right along with Harry Potter, Beverly Crusher (from *Star Trek the Next Generation*), and Jackie and Roseanne Harris (from the popular 1990’s sitcom *Roseanne*).

  25. CNJ says:

    That’s another thing I noticed also…Mary Anne appears TALLER than Dawn when in reality, Mary Anne is much shorter than either Dawn or Jeff. Mary Anne was always a short little funny thing.

  26. Kae-Leah says:

    I’m so anal that it used to bug me that Dawn’s hair was always yellowish, ash, or strawberry blonde on the BSC covers instead of the “white-blonde” they always describe it as.

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