Is there a real-life Wakefield?

I love when you all give me ideas for posts! There was some spec that there is an actress/model out there that may have been the model for the early, wispy-banged twins. Who are out front runners?

The popular gal from Teen Wolf, which is my pick. Maybe because she has the hair and the Donald Trump bangs, but she also has the rounded face and a dimple.

Next up, Haviland Morris of Sixteen Candles fame. Also has the hair, and the Jessica attitude.

And this may be a stretch, but Betty Childs from Revenge of the Nerds (um, how good is that movie?) but because she plays a stuck-up blond cheerleader.

I think it’s univerally agreed upon that the Daniel twins are quite annoying and don’t really fit the image, but my vote if they are still running it now are the contact lens commercial twins, otherwise known as the emotional twins on the model reality show 8th and Ocean. Did anyone ever watch that but me?

Next up on my random list: Tiny pants, on her blog, reminded me of a movie that I thought only existed in my subconcious- Private School. You all know my obsession with private schools, so I of course loved it when I saw it late night when I was a child. Of course, watching it now, I was embarassed for everyone involved. Excet for the dreamy Matthew Modine (Vision Quest, anyone?) Also, lots of boobs and horribly timed rape jokes. Jordan, the character I worshipped, was obsessed with guys taking pictures of her naked and showing her breasts to anyone with eyes. After that, everytime I played Barbies, I named my character Jordan in homage to the character. Ah, role models.

Finally, after an ebay search for a specific book, I found this! There were actual dolls! Was someone ever going to tell me?

Now, call me crazy, but aren’t those outfits the ones they wear to the jungle prom (where Sam gets killed) or Lila’s Christmas party (where Margo tries to murder them). So why not make it into a fashion doll?

37 thoughts on “Is there a real-life Wakefield?

  1. annakelly says:

    Thank you for putting up that pic of Caroline! She totally gets my vote, but it’s a hard one to call. And I love those dolls! Liz looks like a little kid in her picture in the box … like a little girl dressed up as a fairy princess.

  2. Em-Jay says:

    Olivia Newton John in Grease. She is Elizabeth back when she’s Sandra Dee, and she’s Jessica when she decides to change herself completely for a man and become a slut!

    This is how I pictured the twins when I first read the books as a kid, and I am convinced the cover artist had her in mind when s/he created the twins.

    Check it out:

  3. Amy Slutton says:

    OMFG, those dolls! Haha! What an awesome find! I wonder what year those came out, because I don’t remember ever having seen them.

    I still maintain Jessica looks the most like Betty Childs 😀

  4. maybeimamazed02 says:

    OMG, Kelly and Sabrina from 8th and Ocean…I totally watched that show, and lived for their stupid bitch-fights! That show was craptastic.

    Haviland Morris has my vote. Sixteen Candles is the greatest 80’s teen movie EVER.

  5. maybeimamazed02 says:

    Also–I wanted to say that the only time I’ve liked a Daniel twin is when one of them played a tranny on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Hilarious.

  6. Vanessa Saxton says:

    I’ve said it before- Pamela from Teen Wolf is my pick. She even has the Jessica “I’m up to something” smile. Haviland does look like Amy, however, keep in mind she wore a wig for Sixteen Candles- she’s a natural curly redhead

    It’s funny- there was a girl who lived across the street when I was growing up – Wendy Warner- and she was a spitting image of a Wakefield. She looked exactly like Liz on the Double Love cover. I always pictured Wendy when I read the Liz parts.

    PS- I love the dolls. They went for hundreds on Ebay, but my husband wouldn’t let me buy them. Is that a book cover in the box? Which one? And yes, they are wearing the Jungle Prom dresses.

  7. Vanessa Saxton says:

    And if Pamela really was the inspiration to the Wakefields, perhaps her boyfriend Mick was the real life Bruce Patman??? Any takers?

  8. Janelle says:

    I think it’s a fake book cover with the dolls…

    My vote is for the Revenge of the Nerds girl- but I think this is a better picture:

    I also was never a fan of the Daniels twins, in fact, I was severely disappointed by the entire cast (except Winston!) of that horrible tv show! I mean, Lila had RED hair!!

    I also don’t like the girl on the new covers- she’s just not beautiful enough!

    P.S. I went to high school with a girl who looks exactly like Lila Fowler!

  9. kimkelly says:

    Does anyone think that Jennifer Conelly modeled for the covers for Lila? She used to be a teen model in the 80’s.

    As for the Wakefield twins, the Teen Wolf girl looks the most like them to me. Kristy Swanson could be another possibility.

  10. Kristin says:

    I had the Jessica doll and my sister had Elizabeth. Ours came seperate though and in “street” clothes. My Jessica doll had a hideous lime green mini skirt and pleather vest ensemble. In the little book that came with her, it said she bought it at Lisette’s. Elizabeth was wearing some un-Elizabeth outfit and Todd’s letterman jacket. I wonder if they are still at my parents house….

  11. BartTempleton says:

    How is Betty Childs (if she’s the creepy one in the blue in the middle, holding a candle) a stretch? She beats the others hands down.

    For all the people who are seeing the Teen Wolf girl: compare her face, Betty’s, and, say, the cover of DOUBLE LOVE. Go on, go get your copy.

    Teen Wolf= a thin turned-up nose, a thin upper lip, and brows that are closer together. Also, average-slant cheekbones.

    The middle girl in blue (Betty?) and the DOUBLE LOVE twins= wider nose, fuller lips, more space between the brows, and, all-importantly, the combination of higher cheekbones and full, rounded cheeks.

    We have a winner.

    Havilland is a runner-up for the same reasons that Betty wins, only in lesser proportions.

  12. BartTempleton says:

    Oh, I forgot the jawline. The jawline of Betty Childs alone is an almost perfect match to the DOUBLE LOVE gals of the first 70-80 or so book covers.
    Ditto what I said about Havilland, above.

  13. BartTempleton says:

    Janelle, I thought the pic you gave is of Julia Montogomery, not Betty Childs (at least that’s what IHW called her, above).

    Both closely resemble the twins, though, although the pic with the candles above really brings it home.

  14. Janelle says:

    BartTempleton- I think Betty Childs is the name of the character that Julia Montgomery plays in Revenge of the Nerds- I’ve been trying to find more pictures of her online but it’s not easy!

  15. Vanessa Saxton says:

    Sorry, Bart, I am not seeing the similarities with Julia/Betty to the twins. The Teen Wolf pic isn’t a great one, but unfortunately there aren’t any out there on the net. However, if you watch the movie there are definitely some more Jessica type characteristics you can see in her (plus I hear she’s a perfect size 6…)
    Here’s the only other pic of her that I can find, and it’s blurry.

  16. Magpie says:

    Vanessa Saxton, Julia/Betty doesn’t look right to me, either. Haviland Morris looks the most similar to me of these three- she really reminds me of Liz on the cover of “In Love Again”

  17. Jen S says:

    Haviland Morris, definitely. She could certainly wear a lavender minidress with aplomb! I had no idea the hair was a wig, though. Makes sense–committed to my craft or not, I wouldn’t want my real hair chopped off by a drunken Sarah Jessica Parker, and Molly was the redhead in that movie, so-wig! I remember her voice being very low and sexy too, for a high school girl.

  18. BadKat says:

    Would Jessica have ever gone near a Farmer and left a Jake Ryan for a Ted-like character, drunk or sober?

    I saw Haviland in an episode of Homicide: Life on the Street once with her red hair and I barely recognized her.

  19. Ellen Riteman says:

    I totally had those dolls. My sister had The Campus Cool ones, like someone said above: hideous lime green and purple outfit for Jess and skanky mini skirt, halter and letterman jacket for Liz.
    Too bad I hadn’t known about Margo and Nora back then. That would have made playing with those fug dolls much more fun!

  20. anonymous says:

    Yes! Olivia Newton John from Grease! The first time I saw that movie (I was about ten), I thought that Sandy was Elizabeth.

  21. Robyn says:

    Private School was on just last night! I could only stand to watch if for about five minutes before I got annoyed with it, but if you loved it, maybe I should give it another go.

    It just confused me when that girl let the creepy boys take pictures of her naked. Why? Why would she want that? Can anyone enlighten me on that?

    Oh and Haviland FTW. She is pure Jessica.

  22. tinypants says:

    Thanks for the link! Yes, Private School is really… um… honestly, it doesn’t even really have a plot other than nudity. But Matthew Modine is so dreamy!! When I first saw it I was immediately like, omg, I have to lose my virginity on a beach … though when I watch it now I’m more, “ew, sand.”

    My vote is the gal from “Sixteen Candles,” I feel like I commented on that resemblance on here a long time ago but I might just have thought it.

  23. Katie says:

    omgggosh, the other day I was thinking about who would look like who if Sweet Valley is real (WAIT IT HAS TO BE REALL AHHH).. anyways, I was totally thinking of those twins from the contacts commerical!! (for a modern jessica and liz) but sandy from grease fits it so well for the 80’s type.

    Also, when I see Michelle Trachtenberg, I immediatly think “LILA!” for a modern Lila. Only, Michelle has blue eyes. but i swear that would be my Lila. HAHAHA

  24. Krysten says:

    There was a girl who won one of the Top Model competitions that looks like Jessica. Don’t know her name, but it might have been the last winner cause I saw her on the cover of Seventeen & in like In Touch or Life & Style. She has that Jessica look down

  25. Wendy says:

    I think she was too famous by then to have modeled, but doesn’t Jessica look SO MUCH like young Madonna on Double Love? I’ve always thought they were trying for that.

  26. Deathycat says:

    I’ve always pictured the twins as looking like Kirsten Dunst. But as for who would match them best from the original covers I’d definitely have to go with Havilland.

    I so want those dolls! I’ve tried again and again to get them on ebay to no avail. So I made my own. ^_^

    I need to get a Margo and a Nora. ^_^

  27. coaxer says:

    I had those dolls and LOVED them! The Elizabeth doll even had a mole on her shoulder. My mother sold them at a garage sale when I went to college, or I’d dig them out again. Good times.

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