Massie Block needs an old-fashioned spanking

I tried, y’all.

It was painful. Mostly because I wasn’t sure if Lisi was being satirical or or actually realistic. The clique girls, mainly Massie, were such little witches I wanted to slap them all. And where are the parents and don’t they know that Massie is a little wench? The gals are also wearing Missoni and Jimmy Choo sandals and they don’t even have boobs yet.

Claire is the middle-class girl that is staying in Massie’s guest house and the meaner the girls are to her, the more Claire wanted to be accepted by them. And when I am saying mean, I’m talking pouring food on her and ignoring her when she is in the room mean. Which, is kind of true to life, but Claire totally forsakes her indivudalistic spunky new friend anytime she thinks there is a chance she can gain Massie’s approval. Ugh.

I also feel like we are in a throwback to the 80s with a resurgence of obsession with the rich and consumerism. [We’ve talked about this before.] I mean, it’s always been there, but I think back to the yuppie period. (For social commentary, read American Psycho).

Good lord, there’s like 10 more books of these. Pass.

19 thoughts on “Massie Block needs an old-fashioned spanking

  1. Rio says:

    That’s the thing about children of old money: Unless they get a clue and start rebelling against their families, they NEVER stop being materialistic twits, even in the 90’s.

  2. Massie Block says:

    i kinda like these books…part of the fun is the name brands they are wearing. the author,lisi, says that she is trying to show what we are like. u no trying to fit in and all….
    yeah..claire is a MAJOR DOORMAT LIKE LIZ

  3. BadKat says:

    My theory is that most of the people who were Yuppies in the 70s & 80s have grown (or nearly grown) children by now. So those children are used to seeing and being a part of that life-style. My boyfriend is one of these prototypes…

    I have never heard of these books, not that I am sad about it.

  4. Christopher says:

    Are these anything like Gossip Girl?? I have to admit I have become obsessed with Gossip Girl. Lila Fowler has nothing on Blair Waldorf.

  5. Laura @ Hungry and Frozen says:

    Actually please don’t read American Psycho. It made me want to hide in a nuclear bunker for a month 🙂 although I’m okay with it now. I can’t stand these modern uber-rich-skinny-bitchy novels but I guess Sweet Valley was doing exactly the same thing with its hammering home of “perfect size six” etc.

  6. tinypants says:

    Don’t bother with more if you didn’t like the first — “The Clique” basically continues in exactly this vein. And how could you forget that Alicia — of course, since she’s the only vaguely nonwhite one — has C-cup breasts? They mention this in EVERY Clique book.

    For some reason, I found Massie having rhinestone-encrusted stirrups the most obnoxious part of this book (which is saying a lot, since every part of this book was obnoxious). I like my horse-YA as realistic as possible, but this may just be me.

    Also — I’m never clear if the author’s in on the joke or not. One sign she is is the school acronyms are all psychological disorders — OCD, ADD, etc.

  7. Francheska says:

    I loooove the clique books their awsome and very realistic how could they not be ? well anyway i have like all off them and no the author isnt obssed with designer clothes some rich girls only know of these designers and you cant blame them for wanting ralph lauren r dolce and gabbana coach or versace their clothing designs are beutiful i would know i love buying there clothes

  8. Coolgirl says:

    Hey haters, I’m a real girl in middle school who actually gets this book.

    GIrls luv this book because theirs a real Massie in all of their lives. Like my Massie, although she’s supposedly my BFF, sometimes she backstabbs me! Reading these books teach u to deal with it! Second of all, Lisi did not have a bad childhoon. She wrote this to teach girls that being in the “in” crowd aint all that great and that ur designer clothes dont bring u happiness. Since I read this book, I have stopped yearning to be as great as the great and powerful Massie in my life and learned that even thought I’m popular( kind of like Alicia) doesn’t mean I must be in a position to hurt people. this book is like a fashion what not to do while still having the hilariously funny stupidy that these girls have to themselves. Oh and BTW, seventh graders like us DO have boobs. Most girls in my grade have c-cups so Bam

  9. ziraulo says:

    I agree with you. This series is facepalm-inducing. And what life lessons?!? The girls in my who read this series ended up acting like Massie! As in like immature brats!!

    And I didn’t even get to mention the oh-so-very flat characters. Seriously, what can Claire even like about them?!? In my opinion, any sane girl would pass on these.

  10. massieblocklove says:

    The Clique books are actually about Lisi’s experience when she was working at MTV. She is making fun of the fact that teenagers are growing up so fast. By naming designer brands and having Massie’s parents not pay attention to her, she is showing what it’s like when you’re right out of college and trying your hardest to make a break in the television, modeling, and acting life. I think the books are hilarious because I am older and I can see the sarcasm that Lisi is actually trying to portray.

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