Secret Circle: republished!

Someone had mentioned previously that it was going to be republished, but as I was in the teen section of Barnes and Noble (I always shamefully head there first) I saw it. Yipee! I don’t remember much, but I remember it was awesome and I wanted to be in the Secret Circle. It’s like if Charmed was a good show or if The Craft was a good movie.

In other news, The Hills has become a parody of itself.

18 thoughts on “Secret Circle: republished!

  1. maybeimamazed02 says:

    Don’t worry, ihatewheat…I too always head to the teen section first. In my city, I even know which Barnes & Nobles and Borders have the best YA sections.

  2. Lila Fowler says:

    I just read the Secret Circle books for the first time last month cause they were recommended by someone here. I like Nick better than Adam!

  3. Amanda says:

    Lila, I am with you. I always liked Nick better then Adam. He didn’t go prancing around behind his girlfriend’s back with someone else (even if they are “meant to be”). I always felt so bad for him.

  4. ADL says:

    I liked Nick better too. I kinda felt bad for Diana after Adam and Cassie got together. I seriously wanted to kick Faye’s ass though. Loved these books! I reread the Vampire Diaries not long ago, and The Craft has been on TV several times lately…now I wanna reread these lol.

  5. Cassie says:

    Excellent, more Nick fans – I agree, he’s so much better than Adam. I just got part 1 but will wait to reread it until part 2 is released. Part 1 finishes in the middle of the second book – I don’t remember where the big makeover falls but I’d hate to be interrupted mid-makeover!

  6. snickerdoodle says:

    omg. how i loved these books when i was younger. i totally wanted to be in the Secret Circle and had such a crush on Nick. I remember writing stories where i was an additional member and became bffs with cassie. If i were cassie, i so would’ve stuck with Nick. i’m such a dork. can’t wait for you to recap these, ihatewheat.

  7. Lila Fowler says:

    yeah nick’s definitely sexier! i’m glad you guys all seem to agree. cassie and adam had no bond besides some silver cord. at least she liked nick’s personality. maybe diana should get with him. haha

  8. sheriadn says:

    yeah i love nick. (merry me!)
    adam was stupid.
    but i still think that he wasnt that bad.
    i mean he did tell the truth to dianna.
    and he took most of the blam.
    he is sweet.
    but nick. god nick. he want cassie to love himso bad. but he knows that she wont.
    dont worrie nick i love you. forget cassie and come to me!

  9. Crystal says:

    I just got done reading the second one today.
    I was so sad when Cassie “broke up”, if you will, with Nick.
    I’m sorry but i think i have to agree with all of you here, Nick is definitly…better for Cassie.
    But I think we all think like this because we got more from Nick than we did from Adam.
    You got to know him more, and it told you more about him than it did with Adam.
    And I think we all felt bad for him because he wanted Cassie to love him, but she couldn’t.
    I really think Nick loved her.
    I mean it’s all right there.
    Talking about how he disliked Adam, and how he had never liked any other girl before.
    It just doesn’t seem fair to me that Nick gets the short end of the stick.
    I think the author should write another book in this series.
    I feel the need to read on so bad.
    But anyway, I think i’ve rambled on enough.

  10. TajaVi says:

    Oh my God, I loved these! I read them the summer before my junior year, in 1994, on loan from my best friend…who made my day when she let me keep them. I thought they were better than the Vampire Diaries, because those just seemed too Mary Sue and emo to me.

    I have to say, though, I liked the original covers better. These just look to generic-goth.

  11. Amy says:

    I remember wacithng that Ira Glass video on youtube which is really inspirational and for Nick to put all that down so succinctly really helps. Having left Unniversity not so long ago, people like James, Nick and Fabio really keep me focused.

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