Hold on, don’t go all Margo on me.

No internet in my new place = lack of updates. Later this week I should be all set. To make it up to you, I am currently reading Return of the Evil Twin. Oh, that Margo.

I also have the ultimate lost & found.

Does anyone remember some sort of mail order “Especially for Girls” book club? Maybe they advertised on tv, I am not sure. The books came imprinted with the logo, and #20 Crash Landing was one of the books in the set, and it came in hardcover. Anyone with me here? There was also a book called “Dreamboy” or something about a girl who starts going out with a guy who is mysterious and then ends up breaking up with him at the end…for no apparent reason. The cover was a photo of the guy and the girl as if they were posing for the picture. Anyone? Anyone?

61 thoughts on “Hold on, don’t go all Margo on me.

  1. eliz says:

    yesyesyes! also once they came with a bottle of petit nate perfume!
    i don’t remember that much else. but i feel like i got a penpals book through that club?

  2. maybeimamazed02 says:

    Yesyesyes! My mom wouldn’t let me join because she thought it was a ripoff. But my cousin (who was NOT a big reader) had the Dreamboy book, and I read it one night when I was staying at her house. I think…was the dude slightly controlling, and that’s why she broke up with him? I feel like there was a reason, though it might not have been a legit one.

  3. Janet says:

    Yes! I got the books when I was in 5th grade. I have Dreamboy sitting on my shelf, as well as:

    Karen Kepplewhite is the World’s Best Kisser
    Comedy of Errors

    I had others, but these are the ones I kept. There were SVH books that came out in the book club.

    • Anonymous says:

      Do you happen to remember a book in this club or around the same time about a girl living in Carmel California? She decorates her place with white wicker bedroom furniture and meets a boy.

  4. KB says:

    Karen Kepplewhite is the World’s Best Kisser!!! I remember that book!! And I had Cassie, too. I don’t think I was a part of the club . . . one of my friends got the books and her mother complained that my friend never read them, so she gave them to me because she knew I would.

  5. ADL says:

    Yes! I got these books too! The ones that I read repeatedly were Memo: To Myself When I Have A Teenage Kid, Buddies (the one where Dinah goes to camp with the freak Fern), several SVH books…and can’t forget those HUGE binders that you’d get the cards for every month too! The fashion cards, the boyfriend advice cards…omg!

  6. ADL says:

    And now that I’m on my whole “Especially for Girls” trip…I just HAD to go to eBay and look up these books. Oh, the memories! Just Plain Al, Rivals, Lies…Janet Hamm Needs A Date For The Dance, Karen and Vicki…one of my faves I had forgotten about was Belonging, the one where Gustie gets meningitis at the beach and then goes deaf. Another one that has a line in it that stuck with me all these years is The Leftover Kid by Carol Snyder. Don’t ask me why I can’t forget this but for some reason the line where she’s talking about her sister in law (I think) made dinner for her and she called it “chicken cheese roll-up glop.” OCD is taking over now…I’ll probably wind up ordering one of these lots off of eBay so I can reread these lol. Once upon a time I did still have those cards, but I’m sure my mom threw them out after I got married.

  7. Magpie says:

    OH! That explains why my copy of “Crash Landing!” is in hardback, and is annoyingly mismatched with the rest of my SVH collection! I always wondered why.

  8. Rita says:

    Ahhh! Thanks so much for bringing this up! I also have a bunch of these books as well as the binders…somewhere in my parents’ attic. Next time I’m there, I just might have to get them down.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Yes I have Dreamboy. I think they break up because he’s supposed to be just like his dad, all flaky and sometimes won’t contact her for days just because he didn’t feel like it.

  10. katee says:

    I never belonged to that book program. I managed to convince my parents to let me join the Girl Talk book club (until I realized my paltry allowance wouldn’t cover the price.)

    My friend’s older sister belonged to “Especially for Girls” and as a perk I got to read the books. (My friend wasn’t a big reader.)

  11. Annushka says:

    YES!!!!! My favourites were Karen and Vicki, Fantasy Summer, and- oh, god, this was such a grat book- Do You Call That a Dream Date?


  12. maybeimamazed02 says:

    Yes, thank you, Anonymous! I remember liking the ending, because she was empowered enough to call him on his shit, but she also didn’t regret being in a relationship with him. I thought that was very mature.

  13. Janet says:

    I remember the cards — I never bought the binder/kit, but I kept the samples for a long time — I might still have them, but I’d have to do some digging.

  14. prettyhowtown says:

    i remember those! i don’t think my mom let me join, either.

    (was cassie the one with the girl who makes friends with the troubled rich klepto? in that series about the four sisters–lydia the feminist, cassie the pretty one, daphne the shy one, phoebe the tomboy–who all found out that their troubles could be solved by boys? i loved those books.)

  15. nichole says:

    Oh and I totally remember having Karen Kepplewhite is the Worlds Best Kisser and Janet Hamm needs a date for the Dance. There was also one about a girl who falls in love with a ghost. There was some kind of necklace involved and the ghost was of a teen who died in the 50s.

  16. Deathy says:

    I had the Crash Landing one, which I mutilated and turned into an altered book. But I have another Crash Landing that looks exactly the same except without the “Especially for Girls” Endpaper. Tis weird…

  17. Heidi says:

    Yes, I belonged to that club! I got the hardcover “Crash Landing” and “Dreamboy”, too. I also thought there was another book…wasn’t it about having good self-esteem or something?

    Like Magpie, it annoyed me to no end that book #20 stuck out like a sore thumb from the rest of my SVH collection. I had all of my books lined up perfectly on my bookshelf and there was that damned hardcover one. “Crash Landing” was one of my least favorite books so somehow I managed to refrain myself from buying the softcover version.

  18. ADL says:

    nichole, the book you’re thinking of is Mad Mad Monday and the girl’s name was Miranda…I never did get this book in hardback from the club but bought it at a book fair at school, it was another one that I read several times. I’m so glad I found this site and a bunch of people with their heads stuck in YA novel land right along with me!!

  19. JoJO says:

    I am looking at the book “Supercouple” right now in my bookcase…a book courtesy of the “Especially for Girls” club! Does anyone ever get the feeling that you imagined half the stuff you remember until you came to this site?

  20. Lauri says:

    I had Janet Hamm needs a date for the dance and On the Edge in hardcover. I was organizing my books yesterday (yes I’m a freak) and was annoyed again that On the Edge is totally a different size than all the rest.

  21. Janet says:

    There was Stealing Josh — about this girl who moves to her cousin’s town, and basically falls in love with her cousin’s boyfriend and “steals” him.

    Comedy of Errors — I really love this one, it’s about a girl who tries to date, but her goofy family embarrasses her.

    Sister of the Quints was really good, and I expected “Quints” — a disney tv movie — to be the same thing, but it wasn’t. And I was disappointed.

    There was another, about 2 girls who are going to star on a tv show together. One girl was a child star and the other is just a regular girl who happened to get the part.

    Broadway Chances — a good one about a girl who performed in plays with her parents, and the life of living in NYC, trying to make it on broadway.

  22. maybeimamazed02 says:

    OMG, Janet, I LOVED Broadway Chances! In fact, I think I still have it around somewhere…I read it in eighth grade, when the theatre was my life, and I was sooo jealous of Fitzi and her New York performer family.

  23. Nicole says:


    I remember The Dreamboy.

    I think she broke up with him because there was that other girl who was wearing his ID bracelet, and it was implied that they were screwing around, or made out or whatever. And I think, in the end, the main girl was tired of the drama and constant anxiety of going out with someone who didn’t really want a steady girlfriend.

    I would so love to see that book again!

  24. maybeimamazed02 says:

    Oh Lord…I just spent $4.00 of my hard-earned moolah for a copy of Dream Boy. What did we do before Amazon?

    I am such a dork. At least I know that you guys won’t make fun of me, right?

  25. paige says:

    Yes! I had a subscription to that “Just for Girls” book club but only got a couple of books… I only really remember “Karen Kepplewhite.” I’d checked it out once from the school library and there was a part in it where some guy was talking about fallopian tubes…but in the “Just for Girls” version they cut it out (no pun intended?)! Didn’t it come with some kind of journal, too?

  26. Vanessa Saxton says:

    I totally remember that kit! I remember buying it through Scholastic Book Clubs or something through school. I wish I kept all my childhood stuff!

  27. VisAce says:

    EEE! I loved Karen Keppelwhite and Dream Boy. But there was another book in there (I got mine from yard sales, my mom thought they were “trashy”), called “Golden Boy’s Sister” about a girl who was kind of awkward and her shining star brother, and there was one, I forgot the name, but the girl was a martial arts student who dressed all wacky and had to sneak around on dates–does anyone remember that?

  28. Leatt says:

    I belonged to the Especially for Girls club. The 3 that I know I still have are Dreamboy, Comedy of Errors and Karen Kepplewhite is the worlds best kisser. I would have to look through my chest of old books to see if I have anymore. Some of them might have been thrown out by my mom or dad at various points in my life. My dad wasn’t happy when I read and bought all my young adult books when I was younger. I don’t think he’d be too happy if he ever found out that now years later I am in the process of buying those same books.

  29. Leatt says:

    I knew I had more than those 3. I also have:
    Out of the Blue
    River Heights- Between the Lines
    How I Broke Up With Ernie
    Marci’s Secret Book of Dating

  30. ADL says:

    Oh yeah I forgot about the journal! It was purple with a pink or white flower on the cover and the flower on all the pages…I still have that somewhere and it has stuff I know my mom read that is now *totally* cringeworthy…I was still using this journal when I was with my first boyfriend…ack!

  31. Kitten Whitman says:

    What about the series about the four girls who worked in the pizza parlor? Was it Pizza Paradise? I remember one of the girls was nicknamed Casey and someone else was maybe Renee…? Anyone, anyone?

  32. Cat says:

    I remember this club! I don’t think I was ever a member, but somehow I ended up with the Especially For Girls journal, which I LOVED. (Maybe it was a free introductory book?) I was never a big journal writer but I used that one right up through high school.

  33. eejm says:

    I got the Especially for Girls books! There was one I loved called Allegro Born, Allegro Dead, about two girls who think their summer camp is haunted. (Summer camp obsession!) In actuality, a bank robber is hiding out in the newly renovated camp. I still think it was a fairly decent plot for a YA book.

    One of the characters is shot in the leg, and I remember having a very weird, short-lived fascination with being (non-fatally) shot. I was a weird, weird kid.

    The book was written in the early 80s. One of the characters remarks on some of the current “hot” stars – Henry Winkler and Erik Estrada. Heh.

  34. bookslide says:

    It’s been crazy for me lately–I found almost an entire shelf of SVH *AND* a copy of _Two Guys Noticed Me…and Other Miracles_ at the local community center! And then there are a ton of older books at the nearby used bookstore, including _The Trouble with Toni_! ~*~*~*IN HEAVEN*~*~*~

  35. TajaVi says:

    I’m a stranger here, dropping by on a search for info about that Especially For Girls series that I’m so glad to find out that I didn’t actually dream up!

    I loved Belonging, Buddies and Dream Boy. We had to cancel the subscription because we moved, but I do remember that I got a mauve diary, that had places to write your height and eye color and favorite foods, etc. I was in 10, so it would have been…1988.

    I still have the diary. I actually wish I could get my hands on another one…so 80’s!

  36. Alex Maldonado says:

    OMG!!I just came across all my stuff from Jr. high school – I have the binder with the cards!!! It’s the pink one with the Purple lettering – it’s called “Teen Works” LOL.. I just spent an hour reading thorough them! I am glad I’m not the only one who remembers those books!! :o)

    I just ordered my very own copy of Dreamboy too!! lol..

  37. Leanne says:

    This post is awesome! I actually was watching an episode of SVH on youtube and remembered these books! All I remembered was Dream Boy and found it on Amazon…then found the name of the book club “Especially for Girls” and googled that to find you guys! Ahh, nostalgia. I decided to jump on the bandwagon and order Dream Boy too. I loved that book as well, but as a kid, didn’t quite understand everything. I also remember this other book, but don’t remember the title! If anyone remembers, please let me know..here’s the summary of what I can remember..

    This girl has divorced parents and goes to visit her father in Hawaii(I think). She wants to hate him because he left her and her mom, but finds herself liking him and his current gf/wife. She also gets a brief summer job as a lifeguard and meets this hot lifeguard who is interested in her…and I think might be a little older. At the end, she has to return back home and I think says goodbye to him or keep in touch or something..Sorry..my memory is foggy.

    I hope this jogs someone memory and they can help! Thanks in advance 🙂

  38. Daniela says:

    OMG! It is so good to know other people read some of these books! I have been searching for some time now. Does anyone remember the guide or tip/trips to being beautiful or something book? It had info like how to polish your nails, nutrition, exercising, brushing your teeth, etc. Please help!!!

  39. Mayelin says:

    I came across a copy of dreamboy today at a charity sale…it definitely reminded me of so many good times long ago…great to hear others remember it too.:)

  40. Romina says:

    I also have a few books from “Especially for Girls”, but not the whole collection because, as I recall, every month there were a new books so my parents went along for only a couple of months. Dream Boy is one of them, as well as Karen Kepplewhite, Janet Hamm, Second Chance (SVH), A Stranger in the Dark, a Nancy Drew one that I can’t remember the name right now, and a few others. Believe it or not, I still have all them! Every once in a while I still read them (in hiding, of course! hahaha!), they’re the best! I also had the hot pink diary and I do remember the book about beauty care, I have it somewhere also….

  41. Renee says:

    I’ve never met anyone else who’s even heard of Especially for Girls! LOL I’m 31 now and I still have all these totally random books. I loooooved Karen Kepplewhite, but my all-time fav was The Kidnapping of Courtney VanAllen and Whats-her-name.” That had to be the strangest book I think I’ve ever read! And what about Allegro Born Allegro Dead?? I have Dreamboy too, but I don’t think I ever read that one. I also still have the journal and I totally remember the book with all the “tips.” Thanks for the blast from the past! LOL

  42. lizzpoo says:

    I do remember Especially For Girls and was a member…I still have Sweet Valley High #20 Crash Landing, What’s Happening To My Junior Year, The Trouble With Thirteen, Memo: To Myself When I Have A Teenage Kid, and Out Of The Blue, all of them have the EFG logos, which as of today, I am passing on to my 11yo daughter in the hopes that she loves them as much as I did…I would love to enroll her into a book club too if I could find one like EFG!!!

  43. Angie says:

    Oh my gosh! I remember these books and found myself “googling” them for my 13-yr-old niece. I’m 36 now & LOVED Those books. I practically begged my mom to let me read them (but then, I always loved to read so it wasn’t too much of an argument except for the $$). I had forgotten about the binder though, thanks to those for sharing. And I still have the diary in my cedar chest @ parents’ house. WOW. I was a member from about age 12 through 15 or something. I’d forgotten alot of the titles but not the stories. Wish I would have kept a few to re-read again as an adult, but lacked the space. Ah the memories!

  44. Laura says:

    I just picked up my old books from my mom’s. I wondered if anyone else was part of this club AND Google lead me here. What would we do without Google to let us know we were all part of a bigger club? 🙂
    And that said, I am considering following all of the tips in my Teen Girl Talk book. I just flipped through it and there are ankle exercises! Did we worry about our ankles as teens?? 🙂

  45. Andi says:

    Yes! I had saved all of those books that my Mom had ordered for me back in the 1980s and just gave them to my 10 year old daughter. I don’t know what ever made me think to hold on to them, of all things, but she thinks it is so cool to be reading the exact same books I read at her age. I would love to know if they are still around for me to get more for her.

  46. Corinne says:

    Yes, I am at my Mother’s home and she found an old journal of mine that is from that bookclub, I remember it was the best, I wonder if it is still around for my girls.

  47. Anonymous says:

    Very late, but that theme song popped up in my head today and I decided to do a search for it. I remember the book Dream Boy, the girl’s name was Gwen and I think the boy Eric and she left him because he was flaky and was fooling around with another girl. The kidnapping of Courtney Van Allen, Karen Keppelwhite is the world’s best kisser, the allegro camp book, and Janet Hamm. I also had the book with the beauty tips and the binder also. Brings back memories 🙂

  48. Anonymous says:

    ….Also, I do remember Crash landing and I think that led me to reading SVH and collecting almost all of the books until they went to college. Don’t have them anymore, though.

  49. ErinPatricia (@ErinPatricia) says:

    Does anyone remember the name of this one?? All I can remember is she was into the song Mr. Tambourine Man, was desperate for frosted lipstick and a poorboy sweater and went to a dance and talked to a girl she called Wind Tunnel???

  50. Jacki Demchak says:

    I loved this book club! I’ve been trying to remember the names of two of the books I had so I can find them again. One of them is the beauty care book and the other was this book about girls at a boarding school of some kind. I remember one of the character’s names in that one was Amy Ho and that there was a girl who liked to make peppermint tea on a hot plate. If anyone remembers the names of these books, let me know.

  51. Rachel says:

    Oh, look, here are a few places where you can see some of the books that were in the club!

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/18-HC-Book-Lot-ESPECIALLY-FOR-GIRLS-SERIES-Various-Authors-Young-Adult-FREE-S-H-/370590434976?pt=US_Fiction_Books&hash=item5648e946a0 (Love Story, Take Three!)



    There was another I’ve tried to remember. The girl has to move to a house that turns out to be haunted, and falls into a sink hole in the end. Everyone eats “pasties” and has a strange accent.

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