Best YA boyfriends, part 2

5. Almanzo Wilder: yea yea, calling Little House books YA may be a stretch, but I had to put in my Manly love.

Who would play him:

Dean Butler, duh!

4. Dead Peter from Christopher Pike’s Remember Me. He totally can ghost-spy on me in the shower any day. Shari wouldn’t have made in the afterlife without his help. Although he did dork out on her sometimes. And it’s good she got the support, after her boyfriend Dan did it with Big Beth in the jacuzzi at her birthday party.

Celeb who would play him:

Josh Radnor: I don’t like HIMYM, but I want to make out with him.

3. Adam from The Secret Circle Series. Two of the qualities in a guy that for me is an automatic drop of the panties: aloof and has supernatural powers. Same reason I totally want to have a brothel that includes Max and Michael from Roswell and some of the X-Men. That’s a fanfic for another time. I don’t remember too much about this series, haven’t read it in a while, but there was lots of drahma. He was attached the sassy long-haired coven leader, but new girl in town Cassie totally nabbed him.

Celeb who would play him:

Garret Hedlund.  Don’t know why, I just think this guy is hawt.

2. Joe from The Jellyfish Season: sure, he dated a fourteen year old when he was twenty, but he didn’t know! He treated her well and even gave self-esteem to Kathleen and treated her cousins nicely. Plus, there was mention of his hairy legs more than once. That sold me!

Who would play him:

Z-Quint, father of my children

1. Billy Sampson; Sunset Island. Swoonsville! He’s the lead singer of a band, check! He goes for the “curvy”, brainy brunette, check! He’s actually smart and into photography, check! He has his own house on the beach, check! He’s super smokin’, check! It was half cheeseball, half kind of sweet when he pops Carrie’s cherry later in the series. And when Carrie would get all hysterical and self-doubting he’d be all, pull your shit together. I’m going to ignore the fact that half his lyrics seem to be written by Michael Bolton.

Who would play him:

Sebastian Bach, circa 1990.

Coming soon: the most ANNOYING YA boys.  You know I saved that second because I will enjoy it more.

31 thoughts on “Best YA boyfriends, part 2

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  1. BartTempleton says:

    “I totally want to have a brothel that includes Max and Michael from Roswell and some of the X-Men.”


    You…you…you’re a mad, mad beautiful genius.

    I have no other words, none.

    Just thoughts.

    My own personal brothel…my own prostitutes to use at my discretion…WOW.

  2. Keri says:

    While I think your pick of Sebastian Bach as Billy Sampson is pretty spot on (at least based on the picture – I’m more familiar with him as the singer in Hep Alien from Gilmore Girls), Billy didn’t actually pop Carrie’s cherry. She did it with her college boyfriend (Josh?). Sam and Emma were the ones with the virginity issues.

    Man I love those Sunset Island books.

  3. Deathy says:

    Wow, Sebastian Bach was really hot. My step-dad knew him back in Jersey before he was famous and had drug parties at his house and sad he was a real jerk. Anyway…

    “I totally want to have a brothel that includes Max and Michael from Roswell and some of the X-Men.”

    I have a personal harem. I have Bruce and Winston from SVH, Michael from Melrose Place, and a bunch of anime and manga characters. ^_^

  4. Amber Tan says:

    “My own personal brothel…my own prostitutes to use at my discretion…WOW.”


    “I have a personal harem. ”

    I’m totes jealous ’cause I’ve only got a Pool Man and two Cabana Canines. If y’all don’t mind sharing, I’ll take a piece of that Sebastian Bach c. 1990 with a smidgeon of Hugh Jackman/ Wolverine on the side please. 😉

  5. maybeimamazed02 says:

    Susan…I LURVED Lyle! Sweet, smart, and made sure whats-her-name had a satisfying sexual experience. My 17-year-old self was all over that (actually, so is my 28-year-old self…but not with high school boys, of course).

    Modern YA-wise, it’s all about sensitive yet awkward guitarist Tobey from When It Happens (Susane Colisanti) and reformed bad boy and music aficionado Owen from Just Listen (Sarah Dessen). In my dreams, Owen is played by Jason Dohring from Veronica Mars.

    As everyone has probably guessed, automatic panty-dropping qualities for me include slightly dorky and musician and/or filmmaker. Like Jason Segel. Sigh.

  6. Amanda says:

    Lila, The Secret Circle definitely is a must read. It’s a 3 part book series that is based around descendants of the Salem witches. It was released twice, so you might have a chance of finding it. But yes, awesome series.

    I’m glad I’m not the only one that remembers it!

  7. bookslide says:

    DEATHY: I wonder if your stepdad knows my dad? Was he in that circle of Jersey shore musicians?

    MAYBEIMAMAZED02: YES YES YES to Owen! No no no to Jason Dohring, though (Damon, if he could pull off the accent?), because Owen’s supposed to be just a huge guy, tall and big. Like a football player or a tree, yes? I can’t think of anyone good like that, though.

  8. maybeimamazed02 says:

    ihatewheat, Lyle was the love interest in It’s Okay If You Don’t Love Me, by Norma Fox Mazer ? (I think that’s who wrote it, someone correct me if I’m wrong). I thought the narrator chick (who took his virginity) was kind of a beyotch, but he was super adorable. Plus, it’s actually a cool YA book because it presents sex (including oral, gasp!) as normal and enjoyable (kind of like Forever).
    bookslide–yeah, I know that Dohring’s all wrong for Owen physically. I think it’s the brooding thing that they have in common, plus the fact that (like you) I can’t think of any actor with that body type, that made me picture him. And come on, dude is mad hawt.

  9. Deathy says:


    “DEATHY: I wonder if your stepdad knows my dad? Was he in that circle of Jersey shore musicians?”

    He very well could. He was in a band called the Syrinx (I think I’m spelling it right) in the late eighties. ^_^

    • Jim says:

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  10. Amanda says:

    Oh man…Secret Circle has been reprinted? I need to get a copy. My copies are beat to shit and back. I have the original…originals? They books were colors, like blue and purple. Then they re-released them a few years after that with the circle in the middle of it…now these. Seriously, I’m excited. I love these books.

  11. Nathalie says:

    Peter from “Remember Me” is my absolute number one, all-time fictional crush. Not even YA. Like ever. Yes I have a sickness.

    I recently re-read it and realized that I still love him. Sigh.

    Number two YA lit boyfriend is Jeff from “Stranger with my Face.”

  12. Crystal says:

    Man I want in on that brothel. Everyone I know calls me crazy for thinking Jason Behr is hot but oooooooo, he is!

    Garrett Hedlund is hawt too, don’t you worry 😉

  13. Rei Ant says:

    MMmm I’ll take some Gilbert Blythe too. And that Roy guy that Anne nearly married. For the sheer fact his full name is Royal Gardner.

    Garret Hedlund is rather attractive for some with volumes of hair.

  14. tinypants says:

    You know the Sebastian Bach circa 1990 photo just made my day. Though New York magazine describing Candace Bushnell’s “Sex and the City” YA series as “for people who wished the ‘Sweet Valley High’ series involved dildos” is a close second.

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