And we’re live!

Little House blog is up and running. Thanks to our awesome contributors, there’s some great stuff already. And we have about a hundred thousand more episodes to recap.

If anyone ever wants to contribute, please shoot me an email! The more the merrier.

5 thoughts on “And we’re live!

  1. Amber Tan says:

    Cool! Major snaps all to ihatewheat & Co. for setting up Olsen’s Mercantile. ‘Cause there’s no such thing as ‘enough’ when it comes to LHOTP snark IMO. 🙂

    Please, please, please re-cap that episode in which a teenage girl gives birth in a cave without her crazy religious-fanatic father knowing. And then Mom floats her newborn baby down the river in a basket Moses-style to where Laura finds it.

  2. Heidi says:

    Hi, I just wanted to let you know I will be contributing to the LHOTP blog shortly. This past week I have been crazy busy with work and job interviewing so I haven’t had time. I have tons of ideas though – can’t wait!

  3. Jen S says:

    AWESOME SAUCE! Oooh, do the one where what’s her name feels guilty about something and tries to drown herself in that pond with the big mountain looming in the background. You know that one! From my incredibly precise description.

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