Who the hell are you and what have you done with the BSC?

The scariest thing about this: it was released when I was a senior in college. Ann, can we please advance these students past the eighth grade? This is the series that was birthed after the end of the original series, after Dawn moved back to Calfornia and got angsty, and Mal and Jessie got lost in the secret passage, Abby peaced out, and then…the barn house burned down!

Maryanne is becoming all feminist and shit, and wants to think for herself. Logan always makes the decisions for her. Well, MA, when you run home crying because your shoe flies off at a dance, someone might take you for a pushover.

MA talks about her relationship with Logan like she’s 38. Finally it takes the magical teachings of the contractor fixing up the barn to tell MA that she’s her own person.

For a bit, MA thinks Logan is hitting on Kristy. Shyah right.

Why in the hell can’t they advance a year? Are we supposed to believe that Stacy moved back and forth from NY to CT about eight times, Dawn and MA’s parents fell in love and got married, Ms. Brewer adopted a foreign baby, and the club took like 10 vacations all in a year. What’s more is that MA actually mentions that it’s currently October. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?

At least there was less baby-sitting in this one. You know what? I actually missed it. With the dumb handwritten entries. At least I am a purist.

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25 thoughts on “Who the hell are you and what have you done with the BSC?

  1. Eli says:

    Wow…I did not know BSC went on this long. I guess the upside is that the girl on the cover actually LOOKS 13…unlike the people on the hand painted covers that looked about 38.

  2. Kathryn says:

    I have a few of these books. I didn’t like them. Especially when Claudia and Stacey stopped being BFFs. But I had to see how the series ended. In my opinion, it should have stopped long before Abby joined — then left — the cult. I mean club.

  3. Donna says:

    I totally share your pain with the BSC timeline (not dissimilar to SVH either). But the biggest c#ck-up with BSC timing is when Stacey moves back to New York for the first time she tells her parents that she hopes the move will not be until after she graduates 8th grade with Claudia (which presumably is not that far away if she is already looking forward to it). This is in, like, book no. 13 and yet we have, like, another 100 books to go and they are still not in high school yet. What did the ghosties think would happen if they advanced them a year anyway????? It could only result in more babysitting and boy adventures surely.

  4. Jo says:

    I try to look at it like the comic strips where people are the same age forever (like, Calvin and Hobbes. Calvin had about 10 Christmases and just as many summer vacations but was always just 6). But now that I actually type that, I realize that they refer back to these weird plots that make the timeline impossible.

    I don’t know. It’s lame.

  5. tinypants says:

    The BSC time issues are SO weird, since every book always takes place very specifically in the month it was released (the later ones like “Claudia and the First Thanksgiving” and the Mallory Christmas one totally take that to the next level), yet after the first dozen or so books they are stuck in the eighth grade for good. I mean seriously, even if you just look at the Super Specials and ignore the regular series, they are neck and neck with Jessica and Elizabeth’s “junior year of high school” when it comes to the number of vacations, spring breaks, and of course, most unforgettable summers of their lives.

    A personal pet peeve of mine is that I also feel they have issues with space — so Stoneybrook is supposed to be a suburb of Stamford, CT, which is like 45 MINUTES BY TRAIN from New York City. You can take a freakin’ express train, there aren’t even any other stops! Yet Mr. McGill has to uproot his family not once but TWICE? Honestly, he can’t just take the train to work? The way the subway is most mornings in the city, it probably takes him about as long to get to the office from their apartment (which is usually described as being on the Upper West Side). The thing that really kills me though is that then when the Abby character gets written into the series, her mom TOTALLY COMMUTES from Stoneybrook to NYC like it ain’t no thing. Which indeed, it ain’t. Anyway that had always bugged me, but having never encountered any of the Abby books until recently, now I feel like her mom’s totally unproblematic commute is just the icing on the completely illogical cake.

  6. BartTempleton says:

    See, I never, ever minded the quantum leaps of time and space that allowed for nine spring breaks and a half dozen Christmas and such.

    You see, that was my signal that I needed to suspend my rational, logical self to enjoy these books. If I could not suspend my disbelief for this most basic of contradictions, how then could I accept–much less enjoy–Margo, _Love and Death in London_, Carl the Orderly (TM), eleven-year old babysitters, and all the other delicious falsehoods that 1980s YA lit sold me?

    BTW, this was the first I ever heard of this series, as well. It’s such a slap-inthe-face wakeup call to see a real kid on the cover. When I read YA books as a preteen and young teen, the kids seemed ageless. Of course, as others have noted, the many combovers and sweaters tied around shoulders and bad Ogilvie curly-perms of the cover art contributed to that misimpression.

  7. prettyhowtown says:

    time in the bsc world is a very magical thing. those girls were in middle school from the time i was in third grade to the year i graduated college, and yet they crammed more life experiences into their two years than i had in my corresponding fourteen. or in any of the years since.

  8. Colie says:

    I just read this!

    Kristy was such a bitch in this. She’s all, i can go to the dance with Logan if i want to! Uh no bitch, you can’t go out with him only days after your best friend finished her like, year- long relationship with him.
    Dude, it’s like the #1 Friendship rule

  9. Krysten says:

    I remember being much younger than the BSC, then the same age, then older…and now I think the series is a graphic novel so one day my kids can read it and then my grandkids will be reading the series and the girls will still be in the 8th grade.

  10. Courtney says:

    If it’s only October of grade 8, doesn’t that mean that MaryAnne and Logan have only been dating a couple of weeks (or possibly a negative amount of time – I can’t remember when they supposedly got together)? She can’t be all that choked up about it…

  11. Katy says:

    I read the final one published in this series when the whole “it’s the end of the BSC” got some minor hoopla in the media.

    Am I remembering right that all of the BSC friends totally broke up? They ended up growing apart and forming separate cliques? That is the first realistic portrayal of the social dynamics 8th grade girls in the entire BSC oeuvre.

  12. bookslide says:

    >>Mal and Jessie got lost in a secret passage? Dare I hope it was permanent?

    Sounds vaguely like code for “became lesbians” to me.

  13. Mandy P says:

    Hey there! This is totally unrelated to this post (although I had idea these BSC follow-ups even existed!) But I have way busy and I am just now catching up on like 2 months worth of your blog. I saw that you are starting your MLIS, and I just started mine as well. I hope you’re enjoying your classes, and wow, I don’t know how you do everything and keep this blog updated too! But I’m glad you do cause I really enjoy reading it.

  14. RollingStone says:

    I think the funniest thing about the time warp in this series is that it’s called “Friends Forever.” Logically, it should be called “Friends For a Month.”

  15. Taren says:

    When this series came out I think I was (finally) the same age as the girls, but by then the books were too young for me. I wish AMM would pick the series up with the girls being a few years older.

  16. calico drive says:

    “Uh no bitch, you can’t go out with him.”
    dude LMFAO !! so true! this series freaked me out. i remember kristy was all “everyone is hating on me by leaving the bsc” (i.e. jessi abby like who cares no loss) and dawn is in calif which leaves the original 4. and stacey and claudia arent bffs anymore coz they fight over some dude, so then claud starts dating alan gray (WTF!) and kristy is all ‘aw u guys are hating on me dont leave the bsc i have no life otherwise’. for reals…so lame..

  17. Bec! says:

    I never realised how funny oit was the MA’s shoe went flying off at a dance and she ran away crying. Just imagine it, it’s relly funny.

  18. CNJ says:

    Poor Mary Anne; she also got so scared at all the attention she got at her own 13th birthday party and ran out in terror. Mary Anne’s life sure isn’t easy. Good cover on this one; I agree this girl looks like Mary Anne. The only thing I’d remove is the freckles since Mary Anne, while she has that fair, pale complexion that contrasts so nicely with all that dark, dark hair and those huge solomn brown eyes, doesn’t have freckles.

    I agree, they were in 8th grade WAY too long!!! That’s why I wrote about them growing older and in high school.

  19. Chelsea says:

    I think I only read the first book from this series and that was enough! Friends Forever was to the BSC what Junior High/Senior Year was to Sweet Valley. =(

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