just a thought but…

I am so stoked to see there are other Little House fans out there, and I have been loving the comments. You all make my day just a little bit better. However, I don’t want to sway too far from my original concept, which was SVH and other YA series. And, since so many others have watched the show as much as I have…would anyone else…consider contributing to a new blog just to snark on LHOTP episodes? I first thought about making it another blog by myself, but trying to be realistic because I already write like eight blogs (okay, two) and am thinking of starting yet another about living in the East Bay. If you are interested, and would seriously consider contributing, shoot me an email (thedairiburger[at]gmail.com and we can chat.

Come on, Manly will take you to the barn dance if you do!

14 thoughts on “just a thought but…

  1. Nan says:

    Oh yes, please make a snarky blog about lhotp! And please make fun of Laura and Almanzo’s nicknames for each other. Manly and Beth? Wtf?

  2. Suzanne says:

    I have a blog recapping Sleepover Friends. Can you please add me to your blog roll? It is:


    Thank you! (sorry if this posts twice… my first one didn’t show up)

  3. That one says:

    Dude! I’m going to talk to my best friend about this (she’s on vacation, so stand by.)

    She’s a freak for the Little House and if she could get it out here instead of in my friggin’ ear, thank Manley’s broad shoulders and Laura’s baby clown whore makeup.

  4. identicalgoldlavalieres says:

    oooh, oooh, count me in. i would help. i have thought about making one myself, but didn’t think I could post enough to make it awesome, as it needs to be.

    To keep it on the SVU topic, should I be ashamed of myself or proud of myself that I got new neighbors and the first thing I noticed about them is that the last 3 letters on their license plate are PBA??? Pi Beta Alpha y’all!

  5. tonapah says:

    Yes to a Little House blog! Your observations on the series have been spot on (and hilarious!). Finally someone else has mentioned the ridiculous lack of chairs/sofa in the Ingalls house, as well as Pa and Ma having to get it on two inches from Grace and Carrie and right underneath Mary, Laura, Albert, James, Cassandra, and whoever else was stashed in the loft.

  6. Lacey says:

    Oh yes! Please do a Little House blog! I love that damn cheesy show and watch it every day. There is so much to write about it, lol

  7. identicalgoldlavalieres says:

    hey dwanollah,

    don’t be all watering those trees by yourself now in the blazing sun while you are pregnant and your husband is gone for like 3 months off delivering some such something with your Pa. That ain’t good for you, you could like, PASS OUT. Right on the ground in the dirt, all sweaty like. And your Ma and your Bro Albert MIGHT not arrive just in the nick of time. And maybe your students just might not come trooping out to water your trees for you while you sit your ass in the shade and drink lemonade.

    It could be really horrible. Just a warning.

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