Stacey’s mistake…..was having that ‘tude


Whoa! My eyes! A forest green cardigan with an olive green skirt! It’s like she dressed like baby puke. The look on the little girl’s face is painful. What the hell did she do to deserve those looks of utter disappointment and punishment? Try to steal the rhino bones?

So lots of other retro YA blogs have pointed out Stacey’s shitty attitude, and remembering this book, it totally makes sense. She invites the gang in New York and then gets annoyed at them the whole time, because they are not “New York cool” enough.  And conveniently there are children running the streets who are in need of babysitters. Well, what an opportunity for the BSC! Because even on vacation, they need to babysit. Although, I do get this one confused with the Super Special where they go to New York.

I remember how Stacy was all hot shit about living in New York, but from what I remember just hung out at Bloomingdale’s and like, the Empire State Building. Really, nothing that actual New Yorkers do. I mean she is a kid, but even city kids have a clue about the real New York. Although I do remember her taking cabs around the city by herself. Like it was the most normal thing ever. At thirteen? I don’t know about that. Although, back in the eighties, New York was still pretty dangerous, so the subways were probably worse. (Now NYC is one big Bed, Bath and Beyond, so I can see it happening now). I also recall there being a homeless woman that lived outside her apartment building, and she treated it as just another quaint feature about living in New York. Like her fucking purpose is to remind Stacey that she lives in New York.

Oh yea, and Laine Cummings was a holier than thou friend because she got mad when Stacy wet the bed once and she has permed hair. And lives in the Dakota. Which, as we are reminded almost as much as we are told Jessi is Black, is where Rosemanry’s Baby was filmed.

I don’t even remember how it ends, I guess they all make up and Kristy says some gross comment about food and they all have a good laugh over it.

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35 thoughts on “Stacey’s mistake…..was having that ‘tude

  1. Kristin says:

    Yeah, I believe this is the one where they bond over bagels and lox at the end and Stacy says they are all finally “true New Yorkers.” I read this one a bunch of times when I was a kid, although looking back now, it doesn’t seem very good.

  2. nikkim602 says:

    I remember this one – MaryAnn was freaked out about all the crime and Kristy mispronounced filet mignon and while the rest of the girls laughed about it (as normal people would do) Stacey was all embarrassed at how uncouth her Stoneybrook friends were.

  3. Diana says:

    It’s strange the things that I actually remember about these books. For this one, my only vivid memory is Kristy mispronouncing filet mignon.

    “Oh yea, and Laine Cummings was a holier than thou friend because she got mad when Stacy wet the bed once and she has permed hair.”
    I remember her getting mad over Stacy wetting the bed! I think it was a section in Stacy’s portrait/scrapbook thing.

  4. Alicia E. says:

    I’m pretty sure Kristy mispronounced ‘filet mignon’ at the Hard Rock Cafe. Guess what, Stacey? They’re probably used to tourists there.

    I remember they went to a Broadway play at the end of the book and took a limo. Laine’s dad may have set it up. I secretly love Laine, even though she’s awful. I especially like that book where she comes to Stoneybrook and is a total bitch and just talks about how she misses her 15-year-old boyfriend, King who calls her “babe.” It is endlessly amusing.

  5. Nancy says:

    Yeah, Stacey wetting the bed is in that super special where they all try to recall their most ‘vivid memory’. Jessi is the one who suggests it and they’re all super impressed with her suggestion because the ‘most embarrassing moment’ is SOOOO last year.
    I actually felt sorry for ol’ Stace in that one. Laine is a crazy bitch.

  6. Merrie says:

    My greatest memory of this book is carefree and independent Dawn freaking out about crime and later Mary Anne mocked her in front of Stacey’s friends. Tell me again why these girls are best friends …

  7. glittergirley says:

    wait, i thought dawn freaked out about crime in the new york super special? I know I read this book but forgot most of it. Stupid dawn and her stupid fears! go back to california!

    Also, yes, im such a baby but the name laine “cummings” totally makes me smirk now that im “older” ahahahah.

  8. Sara Millionaire says:

    I always loved the New York books as a kid but I’ve been re-reading them recently and it’s pretty funny how off they are. I always liked Laine, though — she was like the BSC’s Lila.

  9. BadKat says:

    Was the Dakota being known for where John Lennon was killed to macabre for the BSC? Who would let their child watch Rosemary’s Baby anyway? Doesn’t she get basically raped by the devil in that?

    I love whenever the BSC and Stacey’s New York crew get together it is always a disaster. I can imagine why. They are all Rosemary’s baby…

  10. kristin says:

    I just re-read this a few weeks ago!

    It’s terrible! Dawn was totally paranoid about being in New York, Mary Anne was a total tourist, Claudia and Laine fought all the time..

    And KRISTY ends up flirting w/ a new york guy at a party?!? wtf!?

  11. Jessa Fields says:

    Oh man, twenty years later I still practically have this one memorized. I actually had it autographed by the divine Ms. Martin herself and then my mother cruelly denoted it to a library. For shame! But I still remember Claudia’s suitcase with wheels, the trip to Mythology (which really was an awesome store before it closed), “fil-let mignon” (on a babysitting salary, Kristy? Really?) ,Mary-Anne’s endless facts, Dawn’s fear of the alligators in the sewer, Laine’s oh-sosophisticated fashion sense…ah memories. I’ve got to get this one back!

  12. Mehreen says:

    Haha, I remember Dawn being horrified and petrified at the train station and someone takes out their wallet to give $ to a homeless person and Stacey freaks out like it’s a giant no-no. I liked that Stacey was from NY (b/c I am too) but she really is uber-bitch when the girls go to the city.

  13. Jennifer says:

    I remember some of the outfits (Laine’s and Mary Anne’s) so vividly from this one: Laine’s “sophisticated” little black Lycra dress with silver “squiggle pin” and Mary Anne’s “Laura Ingells” outfit with long, flowing skirt, ruffly blouse, and boots… so very early 90s!

  14. Krysten says:

    I agree, who would let their kid watch “Rosemary’s Baby” and everyone knows it as the place where Lennon was shot. Is this the one where Mary Anne’s almost hauled off to jail for taking a makeup sample?

  15. Kristin says:

    Jennifer and Alicia E., I forgot all about the squiggle pin! I also thought those were the height of coolness. I think my mom had one that she sometimes let me wear to school when I was 12 or so.

  16. Eli says:

    Yeah I got a squiggle pin from Maurice’s b/c of Laine.

    I think Stacey stole that cardigan from the grandfather that gives wee Billy a Werther’s original in that commercial.

  17. Magpie says:

    This book taught me how to pronounce filet mignon correctly! Stacey would have been ashamed of me, but to be fair, I was about 8 at the time, which I think is a perfectly acceptable age to have no knowledge of steak.

    I’d forgotten the squiggle pin and MA’s dress, though – was it from Laura Ashley, or was that another dress in the series?

  18. Kathryn says:

    I remember using all the BSC go to NY books as my personal travel guide for when I finally visited the city. I’d list where they went so I could go there, too. But I hope I didn’t include a Laura Ashley store.

  19. fast times at sweet valley high says:

    Doesn’t MA’s dress sound eerily similar to Ashley Wyeth’s in BSC #12? Yet it’s “quaint” and “so Mary Anne” when she wears it, and “weird” when Ashely does.

    I also think “fil-et mig-nun” when I see it on a menu 🙂

    This book is like one giant “Visit New York” brochure. I’m surprised Stacey didn’t walk around wearing an I ❤ New York shirt.

    Laine was actually pretty cool in this book; the rest of the BSC were the ones acting like bitches (GASP!!!). My 10 year old self thought it was awesome that they made up by going to a Broadway show, but my 29 year old self thinks Laine was just trying to buy their friendship.

  20. Nicole says:

    The Laura Ashley dress you’re thinking Mary Anne wears is actually Dawn’s. MA borrowed it for their parents’ wedding, I believe. As for comparing her Laura Ingalls Wilder outfit to Ashley Wyeth’s, Ashley wore more tie-dye, headbands, fringed stuff and long-ish skirts that made her style hippie, so that’s where Ann M. Martin probably made her distinction.

    Also, yes, this was the book where MA was almost “arrested” for stealing the Clinique sample in Bloomie’s!

    One last item: Dawn was scared stiff about alligators in the sewers and fire escapes in this book. In the NYC Super Special, Dawn camps out at the Cummingses’ apartment until their poor neighbor (was Richie his name?) takes her out on a culinary tour of NYC.

  21. Tamz says:

    Count me in as someone who’s life has been ruined every time I see filet mignon on a menu.

    I also remember in the book, at the Mythology store they had mirrors that screamed or laughed when you looked at them and I VOWED to have one someday. I thought it was so awesome.

  22. Magpie says:

    Another thing I’ve thought of that confuses me about this book is the way that Dawn is so paranoid about crime in NYC, as though she’s never encountered any before. She’s from LA, which, if I remember correctly, has a higher homicide rate than NYC!

  23. Cara Walker says:

    It’s so funny that so many people remember Kristy’s filet mignon mistake because this is the part of the book that stands out to me the most, too. Well, that and Lane living at the Dakota, because we just aren’t allowed to forget that with it being mentioned every other page…

  24. Abby says:

    I refuse to believe a 13 year old would order a filet mignon when she was out with her friends. If she knows what it is, she would have to know how to pronounce it. And mispronouncing it is more of a sign than being young than a sign of being a tourst, STACEY. Odds are adults from the sticks could pronounce it before 8 year olds from the Big Apple (which super sophisticated Stacey always calls NYC).

    “Another thing I’ve thought of that confuses me about this book is the way that Dawn is so paranoid about crime in NYC, as though she’s never encountered any before. She’s from LA, which, if I remember correctly, has a higher homicide rate than NYC”

    She addressed that in the book. In Cali she lived in the ‘burbs. Spending time in LA proper probably would have killed her.

  25. glittergirley says:

    I think Dawn lived closer to Anaheim (where Disneyland is) than LA, so Abby’s right – she was much more in the suburbs than in actual LA. I thnk i even remember a book that said Palo City (where she lives) is close to Anaheim…

  26. Magpie says:

    Thanks for providing their explanation 🙂 But it still seems tenuous to me, since if she lived that close to actual LA, she’d almost certainly have spent time there and she’d know what it was like! Why am I even expecting logic from residents of Stoneybrook, where it’s deemed acceptable for 11-year-olds to babysit??

  27. Vanessa Saxton says:

    Because of this re-cap I dug up my old BSC books (I only have about 15 of them) but I did have this one! I re-read it. It was awful. Simply awful. I can’t believe I ever liked it when I was younger. SV is much much better.

  28. Leigh says:

    Hahaha you make me laugh 🙂
    I just stumbled across your blog and I have GOT to read the rest of it when I have time 😀
    Lovin it!

  29. Holly says:

    I specifically remember Mary Anne changing outfits from the more sophisticated one to her “Little House on the Prairie” dress. Oh, and she accidentally swiped a thing of eye shadow from the sampler counter at Bloomingdales. (That WAS in this book, right?)

  30. CNJ says:

    This book was kind of funny…I always knew the BSC were NYCers at heart. I remember one funny scene when Mary Anne and Dawn kind of argue when they’re getting ready for bed and Mary Anne, the funny quiet, sensitive mouse she is, gets these quiet tears welling in her eyes and she gulps hard as they spill down her face…I laugh picturing it and it’s so Mary Anne. Mary Anne was always a good crier; I loved how she cried.

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