The Secret Language


I totes read this one because Jessi mentioned it in a BSC book. Of course that means I just had to read it!

I mean, this is supposed to be a sweet story, and it’s about boarding school, so you think I’d like it, but really it was kind of grating. One of the girls was super homesick and wouldn’t stop fucking whining about it. Then she met this kee-razy friend and they did totally kooky stuff together! Like had a midnight feast! And dressed like ice cream cones! And made up a dumb language that had a vocab of about three words!

I think this is supposed to be a classic or something. Anyone else remember it?

Edit: I just remembered another part: One of the girl’s chores at home was to wash all the dishes. She would pretend that all the utensils were wounded soldiers and that she was a kind nurse who would wash their wounds.  Interesting.

20 thoughts on “The Secret Language

  1. xsquared says:

    Delurking to say, I think I read this one! Didn’t ring any bells until “dressed like ice cream cones” but I definitely remember that from some book in my past.

    Damn you, now I’m going to have to track this down and read it again 😉

    LOVE the site, btw. I’m horrified by the number of details I remember from SVH books I read 20 years.

  2. southcitysadie says:

    I also read this because of Jessi’s shout-out in BSC #16, or maybe Mallory mentioned it in “The Trouble with Twins.” And I thought it kind of sucked. Note to self: Don’t take book recommendations from BSC characters/Ann M. Martin.

  3. Kathryn says:

    I always assumed she was talking about ‘The Secret Garden’ which, if you don’t type correctly, will lead to women’s erotica. Made that mistake when I was a teen working in a book store.

  4. BadKat says:

    I remember this one; I think it was part of the book club I participated in as a child. I did not care for it much.

    Midnight feasts? Is this Sleepover Friends? Do we get a dip recipe too?

  5. The Black Sheep says:

    Midnight feasts makes me think of the sleepover club, and those books made me want to cut myself.

    Hahaha, well we all want to be like Jessi, so therefore doing things she reccommends is a must.

  6. Jen S says:

    Never read this one, but I remember in one of the All Of A Kind Family books the two youngest girls buying shitloads of candy and crackers to secretly eat in bed after everyone went to sleep. They made up games and ate the stuff in a certain order. Kinda made nine people sleeping in a two bedroom tenement unairconditioned building in the middle of a New York summer sound fun!

    • Lynn says:

      YES, that was one of my favorite chapters in the whole book. ❤ I think I tried to emulate Charlotte and Gertie and get my frinds/sister/cousins in on it, too.

  7. toni says:

    Ithigi dithigon’t rithigemithigembithiger thithigat bithigook bithigut ithigI rithigemithigembithiger thithige twithigins’ sithigecrithiget lithigangithuage ithigin Swithigeet Vithigallithigey Twithigins Nithigumbithiger Twithigleve Kithigeepithiging Sithigecrithigets! Dithigo yithigou? 😀

  8. patience says:

    Yes! I remember this book. I read it when I was like 8 years old. I remember I liked it, but it sounds like it’s not one of those books you can reread as an adult and still like.

  9. Lauren says:

    Ahhh! I do remember this book!!! My mom made me read it….I think I liked it ok, but it was nothing to write home about for sure.

    ihatewheat–did you ever read the books by Candice F. Ransom that were a YA series like “Thirteen,” “Fourteen and Holding,” “Fifteen at Last,” etc…it was about a girl named Kobie and we followed her from like age 10 to 16. They were actually AWESOME YA books…very sarcastic and just plain hilarious! Kobie is not “cool” or popular, but still smart and talented so she’s admirable to readers. anyway, they strike me as a series that i think you’d love–very cheap to buy on ebay or amazon.

    sorry, that was random, just wanted to bring it up haha.

  10. corduroyspocket says:

    I read this book because AMM name-dropped it and was really disappointed. it soured me on British boarding-school books after that (which is why I didn’t start reading Harry Potter until after #5 came out in paperback).

    Lauren, my sister had “Thirteen”…that WAS a great book and I was curious to see how the rest of the series turned out. never read them though.

  11. Malika says:

    Jen S… Those All-of-a-kind book are great! I read three of them when i was a kid, did the author ever publish anymore? I remember the sneaking of sweets into bed vividly. And one of the girls had a crush on a guy in his 20’s, and he ended up with her teacher, a bittersweet story but very good!

  12. Erin says:

    I remember this book! It was all about a random girl at an even random-er boarding school, and she overcame her shyness by befriendind the groundskeeper and a troublemaking classmate or whatever. And the groundskeeper, for some reason, lets the two dig a hole on the school’s lawn and fill it with water and pretend it’s a swimming pool.

  13. Megan says:

    TOTALLY remember this book, and would never have remembered the name of it if it weren’t for this place. I’m sorry, but I loved this book and how old-fashioned it was, and I totally loved the part about washing the dishes. And guess what I did after that while I was washing the dishes?

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