Francine lives!

Several of you sent me this link, so thanks- Francine Pascal appears on This American Life to talk about prom! Ira Glass and Francine- who would have thought? I haven’t listened to it yet. I am scared to hear Francine’ voice. Do we think Francine is wealthy? Her books did sell quite well. Maybe she is living out her dream in a Spanish-tiled mansion with a fountain in the courtyard, like Lila’s.

I totally just realized that The DB just passed its one year birthday! How could I have missed it? Well, I guess I was too busy because Lila threw me a party at her house- her maid served us finger sandwhiches, and the Droids played and wrote a song especially about me. Although I didn’t hear it because I was too busy getting jealous that my boyfriend was writing letters to someone so I pushed him in the pool. Then I went off with Bruce and he touched my boobs. Then some crazy psycho tried to kill me and my boyfriend saved me and we made up by not having sex. It was a crazy night!

I’m also reading The Luxe by Anna Godbersen. Oh my god, I am not sure if they are good or not, but it’s very SVH.

And just throwing it out there, not saying it will definitely happen, just trying to see some interest, but if it were to happen, is anyone interested in a meetup in the Bay area? Leave a comment or email me. Just throwing it out there.

24 thoughts on “Francine lives!

  1. Steph says:

    That episode of TAL actually first aired in 2001… so the interview is old. But she talks about being a loser in high school and nothing like the Wakefields.

  2. Sara2008 says:

    I just read the Luxe and bought Rumors (the sequel) yesterday. It’s fast becoming my guilty pleasure, Im afraid… 😛

  3. Diane says:

    Happy one year anniversary! Will you celebrate it by baking cookies and going bowling (or to the nearest coffee shop/laundromat) with your boring boyfriend?

    Hope you get to do the pool push at least once! ❤

  4. Jen S says:

    No, go to the one fancy restaurant in town and demand extra butter pats and napkins folded like swans! Than demand the local high school throw a dance in your honor with “Rock Around The Clock” as its theme, and dress in a poodle skirt and sit center floor in a rocking chair demanding adoration–than off to Makeout Point with TWO guys–gotta give the class something to talk about tomorrow!

    In other words, be the Wakefield twins, just for one day.

  5. Danielle says:

    That wouldn’t be the Tampa Bay area, would it? If so, I’m all about it, but I suspect you mean San Francisco…

  6. Fraser Sherman says:

    I think San Francisco is a little out of my geographic range … Just don’t start any brutal gang wars while you’re celebrating, please.

    And may I say that never having done more than glance at SVH books, I still love reading this blog. I’m glad you’ve kept it going.

  7. Amber Tan says:

    Many happy returns, Dairiburger! Wish I was still in the Bay Area so we could celebrate. Maybe Nana can bake you a “Mexican-looking” cake for you to destroy before all your snobby friends arrive. 😉

    “…the interview is old. But she talks about being a loser in high school and nothing like the Wakefields.”

    Well, that explains a lot re: FG. I’m sure her analyst is wealthy too.

    And that Luxe series! Ack! Pure SVH with crinolines. I took the ‘Which Luxe Girl Are You?’ Quiz and ended up as Diana Holland. I’ve zero familiarity with the character/series but based on the description she sounds like Lynne Henry (adventurous, tomboy, bookworm, social misfit) .

    Oh, if you take the Quiz, you can enter the Rumors sweepstakes to win [wait for it] a $1,000 shopping spree!

  8. Stacie says:

    Happy Birthday! 🙂

    also, have you read FP’s first book? It mentioned it on the Wiki article about her, and I’m morbidly curious to see how bad it is.

  9. BadKat says:

    Don’t lie, you want a meet-up to scope out a new crop of older men/gigolos/child-molesters with Jessica and to help Liz find more abductors to feed her frozen delicacies. Or maybe you just want to make everyone snort cocane to see who REALLY has a heart-murmur.
    Damn, I wished I lived in Cali!

  10. Lauren says:

    I live in the Bay Area and would be interested…also Francine sounded totally like Liz on TAL ! She said she was on the school newspaper and that she was “too sophisticated for the prom” among other hints that Elizabeth Wakefield was modeled after herself but with blonder hair and bigger boobs. She also said some pretty sexist crap…no shit right, but I was still oddly offended.

  11. Liz says:

    I’m an East Bay girl, and I’d totally show up.

    (Also, yes, FP lives in France, but I bet she has a ranch-style home on the beach anyway.)

  12. h says:

    Francine is rich. Her granddaughter is unhappy and spoiled and living off SVH money. One of my relatives was her HS teacher. She is not blonde. But maybe a size 4. And, in keeping with the French Francine thing, she went to a French Language HS.

  13. apostate says:

    First time visitor – you are so fucking funny, I’d put you up as evidence that women are funny to that ass Chris Hitchens.

    I’m a Bay Area gal, and long long ago, I read a few SVH books. You do them better.

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