Let’s talk Christopher Pike.

You have your Lois Duncans, your R.L. Stines, etc. but those never truly scared me. The endings were predictable. Christopher Pike on the other hand, wrote the fucking creepiest books ever. I just realized, thanks to my local used bookstore, that he released an adult novel in 2007.

Um, why wasn’t I notified? His adult novels have been hit or miss. However, Season of Passage seriously changed my life. Turn off the computer. Go ge a copy. Read. It. Now.

But, Christopher Pike ruled my teen years when I got too old for Kristy and the Gang and the Wakefield twins. The first one I picked up was Chain Letter and it scared me to the core! In other teen horror, there was some ending where the main character always saved the day. People died in Pike’s books. And died pretty gruesomely. Something about Chain Letter totally had me freaked out but also had me hooked.

Most of his main characters were headstrong teenage girls in their junior or senior years of high school, and seemed really older than their ages. They always were pretty confident in themselves and seemed pretty mature. As in, they were able to hatch their own murderous plans and figure out intricate supernatural conspiracies. I’m getting ahead of myself.

Although I devoured every single one of his books with glee, they always kind of had the same elements:

  • Everything is perfectly fine and normal in their lives until one day….
  • They usually just have recently had sex with their boyfriends for the first time
  • Something that may have a simple explanation turns out to be some convoluted, way out there plot involving time travel, government conspiracies, ghosts, robotronics, the space program, etc.
  • Near the end, the mastermind behind the plot will take the character hostage and reveal all the details of their genius plot
  • the women often dressed in silk shirts and colored slacks

Here are some of my favorites and the plots that I can recall from memory. Sometimes I think I may have imagined these while on a bad acid trip.


Scavenger Hunt: the school organizes the titular hunt but really its a plot hatched by two lizards from an ancient lizard society posing as a brother and sister at the school. One of the other characters starts to realize that they are not what they seem when they see them making out. Wtf kind of drugs would make someone come up with a plot like that?


Die Softly: Two cheerleaders are really murderous scheming coke addicts until one turns against the other and fakes her death in a firey car crash. She sets up the dorky school photographer to see pictures of the killing for some reason that suits her plans. In other words, awesome.


See You Later: A guy befriends an older couple who really turns out to be him and his girlfriend who came back from the future (how he couldn’t tell this I’ll never know). They are back to warn them to not fall in love because somehow them being together is the cause of an intergalactic nuclear war. I also remember this one made me bawl like a baby every time I read it.


Fall Into to Darkness: One rich spoiled brat is jealous of her best friend so she frames her for her murder; she jumps off a cliff so it looks like the friend pushed her, but she really had a hidden rope. The friend that she enlists to help her is secretly evil and actualy kills her for real. The friend is on trial and she finally figures out the plot. Sadly, this was made into a tv movie starring Jonathan Brandis (RIP) and Tatiana Ali. I never saw it though.


Whisper of Death: this one needs to be a movie. Produced by the sci fi channel, but with better special effects. A group of a few teens wake up one day to find that they are the only ones left in their town, save for a classmate of theirs who died recently. She write fables about each of them which turn out to come true, and predicts their deaths, one by one.


Remember Me: This one was longer and more involved. Shari is pushed over a balcony, but wakes up as a ghost and helps investigate her own death. Turns out she was pushed by her brother’s girlfriend, the daughter of their housekeeper, who is really her mother because she and her brother’s girlfriend were switched at birth. That’s right, her brother was actually dating his biological sister. She tried to inject him with too much insulin but ghost Shari and her ghost crime fighting friend save the day. It was actually less cheesy than it sounds.

I missed some of the later ones, like the Last Vampire Series and all the stupid sequels to Remember Me. What was it about these books that were so haunting? They stay with me even today.

189 thoughts on “Let’s talk Christopher Pike.

  1. The Kuus says:

    Did you read The Blind Mirror? That was an adult one too, and was creepy as hell.

    I don’t know what it was about these books. Maybe it was the quasi-religious nature that made them so appealing. My favorite as a teen was The Midnight Club.

  2. The Kuus says:

    Yes, that’s the one! I think there was a young adult novel of a similar theme, but this one was creepier.

  3. jessi says:

    I LOVED Christopher Pike books! I can’t even remember the title of my favorite, but these students put on a play about a murder but then they ended up using a REAL gun and some girl got shot on stage and died. I think they also went on a cruise in one of the sequels. Anyway, it was awesome.

  4. ihatewheat says:

    That was Last Act. It was good. However, the play they were doing was the EXACT story of the issues going on in their lives. How could they not have figured it out?

  5. Sarah says:

    I think the one with the play and the real gun was called “Gimme a Kiss”?

    Die Softly bummed me out so hard bc the dorky photographer solves the mystery but still is so hot for the evil cheerleader that he lets her tie him up and force him to snort poisoned coke by putting duct tape on his mouth. And the whole time he’d set up a camera in the room to record it, which gets sent to the cops so she gets caught. Classic!!!!

    Oh, I also liked “Weekend”, where the main villain gives everyone bad Mexican water. Oooh, diarrhea is scary!

  6. aggrrl says:

    I have only read one Pike book. It freaked me the hell out and I never tried one of his again.

    I don’t remember the title, but the main character has sex with her boyfriend, gets pregnant, and has an abortion. After the abortion, she finds she is the only person left on the planet. The details are fuzzy because I was about 13 or so when I read it.

    But, yeah, I was freaked.

  7. aggrrl says:

    Alright, I’m a dummy.

    I just googled and realized the book I am talking about is Whisper of Death. Duh.

  8. Rachel says:

    My favorite CP book is sadly one that I can’t remember the title of. It was about this girl who picks up these crazy-ass hitchhikers who have weird names (one of them was named Poppy Corn. I will never forget that.) Anyway, they tell her this story about a doomed teenage couple, who of course turn out to be them, and it turns out the girl driving is…in a coma maybe? Or something? She’d tried to commit suicide, I think. Anyway, because I was 12, the most memorable aprt was when the driver girl and the guy hitchhiker stop at this castle on a cliff (as you do) and have sex. And she loses her watch amid all the sex00ring, saying later that she left it in the sheets with her virginity.
    To this day, that book may be the most cracked out thing I’ve ever read.

  9. Renee says:

    I started reading Christopher Pike books while still reading BSC and the like. I remember my mom not being pleased because Pike books always seemed so much more overtly sexual than the innocence of the BSC clan, at least I think they were…my memory could be thinking of another series of books tho. I read Weekend as well, and its the only one that sticks out in my mind right now…yeah lots of horny teenagers lol.

  10. Kat says:

    Rachel: That would be “Road to Nowhere.”

    Sarah: “Gimme a Kiss” was actually one where this girl was mad at her boyfriend (for some reason) and faked her death by falling off a boat on the senior cruise (or something). She’d stashed some scuba gear at the bottom of the boat, so she was fine, but her boyfriend jumped in after her and drowned. Then it turned out that some other girl had masterminded the whole thing because… the guy gave her herpes? My memories are pretty fuzzy.

    Oh, also, the main character had a diary and it was stolen and all the pages were photographed and passed out. It was all very Harriet the Spy or Mean Girls.

  11. ihatewheat says:

    yea, at least everyone got laid before they died.

    Also, in the book Monster, a girl turns into a cannibal, eats her friend, and then pukes him up. Yikes.

  12. MG says:

    Christoper Pike must have been burned by a cheerleader bc he loved writing about them being evil and killing everyone in the book..good times

  13. amandahugnkiss says:

    Uh, yeah, Monster was the only Pike book I read and it scared the shit out of me. I think I was eleven or twelve, and I remember that she was massaging her boyfriend, and then all of a sudden she broke his neck and ate him. And then she puked. And then she turned into a weird bird or something.

  14. Kathryn says:

    Didn’t he also write a book where a group of girls goes away sking for the weekend, then one-bny-one they disappear and its one of their friends getting revenge for the night years ago when a fire burned her? They thought it killed the youngest sister, but she lived and came back as Celeste … He also wrote a trilogy and I still get mad I only read the first book. It starts out with grape juice being spilled on a leather jacket. Am I making this up?

  15. Merrie says:

    I forgot that the evil cheerleader made the photographer snort poisoned cocaine! I think that convinved me more to ‘just say no’ than Reginia Morrow’s overdose!

  16. The Kuus says:

    Kathryn, the one with the fire is Slumber Party, and the one with the spilled grape juice is the Final Friends series.

  17. ihatewheat says:

    oh my gawd, I just remembered another one.

    A girl’s VCR sees the news of the future, and one day she wakes up and finds out that she’s really a robot adopted by a priest and and night she plugs her finger into the VCR and creates movies. Does anyone else remember this or did I smoke crack?

  18. megan says:

    I have a few Christopher Pikes, but for some reason I never got into him much, because I don’t think I’ve read any of those books up there. I have read Remember Me, but I don’t think I ever read the first one, because I don’t remember that plot at all. I read the second and third ones tho, and they were awesome.
    I was more into RL Stine. Especially Fear Street.

  19. BadKat says:

    Chain letter scared the absolute crap out of me also.

    Which one was the one where they were in Hawaii or whatever and there was some scuba diving shit going on?? That one scared the bejeezus out of me, but I learned what SCUBA stands for from that book. And what was the one where the kid was super fucking rich? I remember thinking it was weird that an ATM gave him enough cash to pay for a brand new car. Who knows, with my memory these my not even be Pike books.

    Man, now that I think about it, I was like 9 or 10 when I read these books, I remember my fourth grade teacher Mrs. Bitchface trying to take them away from me. I am sure my mother was resisting trying not to call the Civil Liberties Union but decided to bitch out Mrs. Bitchface instead. I don’t think if my mom knew that I was reading books about graphic sex, violence and drug use at age 9 or she might have taken them away too.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hahahaha!!! Oh, that was SO funny!!! “Mrs. Bitchface” – I LOVE it!!! Crackin’ up here reading this stuff at 1:51am, with my Hubby & kids sleeping all around me 😉

  20. ihatewheat says:

    The gal in Fall Into Darkness actually got the idea for framing her friend for murder when she read “Gimme a Kiss”. Pike wrote himself into his own book. Kind of an egomaniac!

  21. Johnny Friday says:

    God I remember even as a kid being like ‘wtf?’ at the end of Whisper of Death!

    In that one weren’t they having sex in a barn and then the guy fell on a pitchfork?

    I read a lot of Christopher Pike as a kid and only now just realised how effed up they were.

    I do get them confused with the Point Horror books though, did anyone read those?

  22. Abby says:

    “Omg, Herb! But then his mother beat the shit out of the cheerleader at his funeral, I think.

    Nah, she just spit on her. But Alexa (evil cheerleader) was arrested and they led you to believe she would pay for her crimes.

    “The gal in Fall Into Darkness actually got the idea for framing her friend for murder when she read “Gimme a Kiss”. Pike wrote himself into his own book. Kind of an egomaniac!”

    He always did that. He referenced the Eternal Enemy in another one of his books…I think Remember Me? He also referenced the Season of Passage in Whisper of Death.

    BADKAT- That book was Bury Me Deep.

    Whisper of Death is indeed the book where a guy falls of the loft of a barn and impales himself on a pitchfork. He’s not really dead though– the girl with him is dreaming/in an alternate universe the whole book.

    See you Later is my all time favorite book, and it can still make me cry. I have one bone to pick though wheat- The future couple comes back in time to tell the present day girl and boy that they need to be together, not break up. In the present the couple aren’t dating, they are just friends, because the girl has a boyfriend who will eventually become an army general who will push a button releasing weapons of mass destruction and destroy the world. They figure if the present day girl breaks up with her boyfriend they won’t fight for the next 50 years and and be driven to start a nuclear war. And oh yeah, the future couple bleaches their hair blond and both wear blue contacts, and the present day boy and girl are both brown haired and brown eyed. Guess that was enough to throw the narrator off.

  23. ihatewheat says:

    Oh yea, I remember a little bit now. And don’t they take a ride on a moving oil rig or something and she starts crying so they lay all night cuddling? I think that book was actually sex-free.

  24. negativecapability says:

    Holy crap! I have a Ph.D. in English and I’m constantly ranting about how Christopher Pike’s books made a permanent dent in my psyche and all other YA horror is crap.

    Seasons of Passage needs to be some kind of two-year HBO series or something.

  25. Suzanne says:

    Christopher Pike’s books scared me so much when I was younger, yet I kept on reading them anyway! Remember Me was one of my favorites, and I also loved Slumber Party. I think it was Chain Letter that scared me the most. Didn’t one of the characters live in a house that was in a new development or something, and nothing was nearby? That always freaked me out.

  26. Sarah says:

    SLumber Party! That one was BRILLIANT, becuase all I remember about it was that the girl was trying to fire a flare gun because she got stuck out in the snow storm or something and was freezing and trying to get help, but her hands were freezing, so she peed on them to thaw them out. Peed on her hands!

    I also totally remember Road to Nowhere, and yes, that book was completely cracked out. I totally remember the leaving the watch in the virginity sheets line too.

    I think Scavenger Hunt has to win for most disturbing though, like when the kid in the wheelchair gets his neck snapped and then thrown off a cliff into an abyss or something? That shit stays with you. Terrifying!

  27. Bianca Reagan says:

    …the most memorable aprt was when the driver girl and the guy hitchhiker stop at this castle on a cliff (as you do) and have sex. And she loses her watch amid all the sex00ring, saying later that she left it in the sheets with her virginity.
    To this day, that book may be the most cracked out thing I’ve ever read.

    Hee hee hee!!!

    Rachel, you obviously have yet to read Sweet Valley Twins Super Edition #1 The Class Trip.

  28. anonymous says:

    seriously so excited when i saw this post. never read fall of darkness or whisper of death, but the other ones you included were my favorites, as well as monster, last act, and spellbound…

    god those books terrified me and i think i cried at the end of every single one

  29. perfectsize12 says:

    My favorite one was Lost Mind. The main character wakes up covered in blood in the middle of the woods and has no idea who she is or how she got there. It turns out that she shares a soul with her best friend and some crazy guy who slices his mother’s eyeball with a knife. The crazy guy took over her mind and made her kill her best friend.

  30. glittergirley says:

    there was one about how this guy was playing some computer game about world conquering or world wars .. and each time he plays he could never beat it no matter which country he chose to start a war with.. until finally he chooses “start war with no one” and he wins the game. Does anyone remember that? i know it was a pike book bc i read it again in college (after finding my stash) but now i cant remember it at all…

  31. Kate says:

    After the year after I finished with “Fear Street” I read Christopher Pike, until I grew too depressed at the endings.

    It was either Chain Letter or Chain Letter 2 where one of the characters had to kill her puppy? Which one was set in Greece where the main character’s friend killed her with ground glass in her hamburger? I’m still paranoid about someone doing that to me.

    My favorite was Remember Me. Despite the main character’s death it wasn’t all that depressing.

  32. cyanne says:

    The Immortal is the one that stuck with me: hot girl goes to Greece with her ugly friend. There they find out they are reincarnations of feuding Greek goddesses and ugly friend tries to get revenge on hot girl for some ancient wrongdoing. Hells yeah.

    • Averne says:

      The immortal was the one that i kept remembering from back in the day and I could not for the world remembered who wrote it. Now thanks to you lovely ladies I am reliving some really great stories from my teenager hood. Thanks ladies and i look forward to letting my daughter read them when she is a little bit older. No sex scenes for her. She’s only 9. There is another author that i Remembered and he is L.J smith I am sure some of you ladies have read him, The CW is about to do a series on Vampire diaries. Can we say OMG I feel like a teenager all over again seeing that and thinking oh I remember that story.

    • camp says:

      Have you guys noticed that whenever Pike wants to make one friend “ugly” she always has short brown hair? I don’t know its kinda funny, like to him that is the most unattractive look imaginable to him.

  33. Linared says:

    Squee! I love Christopher Pike books. I wish I hadn’t given mine away.

    I loved Gimme A Kiss, I always wondered what would happen to the girl at the end.

    I also loved Witch- the one about the girl who can see into the future and the Immortal- the girl who was a greek goddess.

  34. cyanne says:

    The ground glass in burger was The Immortal–I just remembered.

    I also remember being shocked that they actually had a character getting an abortion in Whisper Of Death.

  35. janevain says:

    i got addicted to christopher pike in, like, the fifth grade when i read “whisper of death.” it’s probably my all-time favorite. me and my boyfriend still read these books. like, constantly. we’re in our late 20s.

  36. distracted spunk says:

    I think there was one about a possessed car, and there were multiple sequels about it. I think after that, I refused to read any more Christopher Pike because I was too disturbed. It sounds like I got it easy. (Cannibalism? Eek!)

  37. alk says:

    i didn’t know they were awesome. i actually saw remember me and a sequel lying around the house and i never thought much of them.. i thought they were really cheesy

  38. Kat says:

    I loved Remember Me, though the two sequels were meh.

    Pike was always at his best when the plot just consisted of friends secretly hating and killing each other. Later on, when he got all new-agey and crap, they were never as good. I remember that a lot of his later books (well, later meaning “mid ’90s”) would always have a lonnnnng chapter explaining how SHE WAS REALLY A ROBOT or THEY WERE GREEK GODS or SHE WENT THROUGH ALL OF TIME A BUNCH OF TIMES, but they were always so convoluted and lonnng that I’d just skim them for the basic information.

    The Hawaii one was “Bury Me Deep” where the girl is on a plane to Hawaii and a guy dies in the seat next to her, but then it turned out she just dreamt it, except that it actually DID happen on an earlier flight that she wasn’t on.

    Last Act always annoyed me, since the author of the play they were doing was an anagram of the REAL KILLER, except the real killer’s last name was obviously not really a last name at all and just the best thing he could come up with using those letters.

    Still, from when I was about 9 until I was 12 or 13, I thought Christopher Pike was a friggin’ GENIUS.

  39. HK says:

    Yes, let’s talk Christopher Pike! My favorites were Die Softly and Remember Me. I started reading them when I was about 13 and was convinced that when I got to high school, I would suddenly be pretty and know how to talk about sex, and possibly even have it, because that’s how they did it in the CP world. I also liked the Weekend one.

  40. LimeGreenTriumph says:

    Final Friends! I loved that trilogy – my favorite of Christopher Pike.
    Pike could be an egomaniac – his books kicked ass!

  41. Eli says:

    I loved Christopher Pike books. The thing I always thought was ironic is that he also wrote some of the Cheerleaders books. Not books where anyone was murdered (although I htink there was a kidnapping at one point)…just fluffy books about a high school cheerleading squad written by various young adult authors.

  42. Abby says:

    “And don’t they take a ride on a moving oil rig or something and she starts crying so they lay all night cuddling? I think that book was actually sex-free.”

    They do. Mark (the narrator) takes Becky (the present girl) out on a date after Becky finds out her boyfriend cheated on her (with Kara, her future self) and tells her how he used to ride the oil rig as a kid. Becky is intriuged and wants to try, but she gets stuck and sick and Mark has to rescue her. Later, Kara tells Mark that when she was on the spaceship dying during the nuclear war, she saw something out in space that looked like oil rigs, and it made her think of Mark. Definitely a fascinating story, far superior to anything YA had to offer back in 1994.

  43. Robotitron says:

    Ooh, one of my friends had all of the Christopher Pike books, and I’d go over to her house for a sleepover and we’d each pick a book and hang out and read. She had a shelf going around her bedroom near the ceiling for them all.

    What was the one with Sita the vampire?

  44. calico drive says:

    yup Sita was the Last Vampire Series. but the best most omg this book changed my life was SATI. i totally gave a copy to like 4 of my friends and said Read this book! “whisper of death.” was equally awesome:) the cover alone was worth the $7.95 or whatever it was. and scavenger hunt was a totaly bad acid trip. Final Friends kicked ass too i read it in high school and it was like OMG when is the next final friends coming out! “Bury Me Deep” was totally trippy as well.
    i think Monster was one of the first ones i read and i was like this is the best – completely cracked out but awesome. i recently read The Hollow Skull and what the ??? cracked out ending kinda like See you Later in the WAY that it was cracked out. and magic fire omfg (!!!) i didnt know it existed until i saw it on ebay and i won it and i was like WTF this is the shit.
    okay rant over. everyone go dust of their Pike collection now …(Except mines all on my bookshelf shelf it dont need dusting LOL)

  45. calico drive says:

    “Bury Me Deep” where the girl is on a plane to Hawaii – i read this while i was ON A PLANE …freak out factor instantly multiplied……

  46. WickedWonder says:

    Slumber Party was my first CP book. Celeste/Nicole and all the rest… man, was that scary. I did Final Friends, Weekend, Scavenger Hunt (with skinny dipping!) Chain Letter (which made me cry at the end) and there was another, but I’m not sure it was a CP book, about a girl that had met this other girl, and insisted that they were best friends back in the day, but they weren’t and then weird things started happening- good times!

  47. Jenny says:

    I stopped reading Christopher Pike because I started getting really skeeved out by his weird sex issues. It’s not such a factor in the early ones, but it started to seem like every book I read, there would be this “SEX IS BAD! CELIBACY IS PURE!” undertone. Sex lead to bad things, and sometimes sleeping with your sister (which was a bit of a theme for him– something he had in one of his adult books as well as the point horror one).

    But the early ones were some of my favourite, before the skeevy issues with sex started to seem so prominent.

  48. wendy says:

    OH CHRISTOPHER PIKE! My god. Awesome. I loved these things. I tried telling my (British) husband about them and he was surprised that a young teenager read such things.

    Whisper of Death was not my favorite, but for some reason, it sticks with me and pops up in my memory at the weirdest of times….

    Oh, I wish I were back at my parent’s house so I could whip out some of these oldies.

  49. Tannaqui (Amy) says:

    Love Christopher Pike!

    Remember how he’d ALWAYS slot in a character called (or has a middle name of) Anne?

    One of the characters pointed it out in one of the books (‘Master of Murder’ maybe, story about a best selling YA author & sex and killings, so all good). And I still want to know why…..

    He did get a bit 90s New-Agey,….blah, blah, meditation, blah, blah, crystals…
    But I loved his mix of themes.
    Particularly the ‘Spellbound’ where the new girl is possessed by the spirit of a vulture ‘cos of whacked out African voodoo/hoodoo.

    ‘Remember Me’ I loved, particularly as I too break hairbrushes by forceful brushing. And always *just* before going out.
    Puts me in a great mood ^_^

  50. Heidi says:

    The second I saw “Christopher Pike” I immediately thought of Fall into Darkness. It’s the only one I remember specific scenes from. Including how, when she lept off the cliff, she jumped OUT and swung back in and broke her elbow against the rock. Oh my god those books freaked me the hell out. But I loved them SO MUCH!

  51. Daisy says:

    New here, but I had to throw in my two cents on this one. I LOVED the Final Friends trilogy. Murder mystery aside, 11-year-old Daisy was pretty sure that high school was going to be just like that. Everyone was going to be hillarious and bitchy and spend their days getting drunk and having sex. I might have to dig through my childhood bedroom to find those for a re-read.

  52. I_ate_my_twin says:

    The absolute best was “Spellbound”. This was the one where the mysterious new girl at school had switched souls with a vulture and was killing people.

  53. Rei Ant says:

    When it became hard to find Fear Street books, I moved into Point fiction when were mainly early editions of Christopher Pike and Diane Hoe (sp?).

    I still read them every now and again – “Road To Nowhere”, “The Immortal” and “The Lost Soul” are probably my favourites. Final Friends Trilogy was pretty awesome too…the guys always sounded so hot. I’m really surprised no one has mentioned “The Lost Soul” yet – girl wakes up in the forest with a sword covered in blood, next to a dead body and no memory. It’s pretty much awesome.

  54. Merrie says:

    Remember in the movie Scream when Skeet Ulrich’s character says Sydney has to to die because she gave it up and is no longer a version? He obviously read a lot of Pike’s books!

  55. kris says:

    I also loved Christopher Pike. I got sick of R.L. Stine pretty fast, just because I thought the books were so predictable. Also they didn’t have a fraction of the character development…

    My favorites were Fall into Darkness, the Final Friends series, Spellbound, and Witch. There WAS always a lot of sex/sexual tension in those books. A huge chunk of Final Friends 3: The Graduation, is about the main characters plotting to have sex on the cruise ship??? Right? Or am I making this up…

    No, I distinctly remember the girls buying condoms or something and being all embarassed. And then doesn’t one of the guys turn out to be gay or something? And then one of the girls takes a shower with one of the guys and his head is bleeding? Or something?

    I always thought a lot of the main characters in Pike books were a little trashy – like waaay too nonchalant about sex and very mature for high schoolers. But I still loved the books.

  56. Tannaqui says:

    Kris: Yes, that is the Final Friends 3 book.
    He doesn’t turn out to be gay, just doesn’t want to push the relationship too fast. (Which makes no sense as he was in Jail, thus should be hard up for it!)

    Yep, the other guy injured his head, and they “wash it out” in the shower. Together.

    No wonder I was expecting high school to be such a fun, sexy time 🙂

  57. Renee says:

    Wow, I forgot I read Diane Hoh along with Christopher Pike. Now Im having Nightmare Hall flashbacks as well lol. They just don’t make YA fiction like they used to, I used to love all of this stuff…and still reread Pike and company from time to time.

  58. Heather says:

    Which book was the one where the villain is a girl who killed herself to become immortal in some kind of satanic ritual – she fell on a knife she had propped up in her bedroom, and then dyed her naturally blonde hair a dark blood red. I think she ends up sleeping with the protagonist girl’s boyfriend at some point… I remember reading that one but can’t for the life of me remember the title – anyone remember??

  59. dslice says:

    The “Fall Into Darkness” movie was actually on the Lifetime Movie Network a few months ago. I had no idea it was made into a movie until then.

    Remember Me is my all-time favorite. That’s the one that needs a movie! I read the sequel but I don’t remember what happened…but I will always remember Shari and Jimmy and the hairbrushes and Mrs. Parrish and crazy gray-eyed Amanda Parrish and Beth with the big boobs…jeeez.

  60. Deborah says:

    I LOVED CP!!! I totally forgot about those books until I read your site today. My favorite was Witch, but I don’t really remember the plot now. Just that the main character is a witch (duh) and something involving a gas station hold up. I think the girl dies at the end (of course!). CP books were really twisted. I remember the Scavenger Hunt one was SOO crazy. Wasn’t there one where a people keep dying at someone’s house and it turns out a girl is killing people off because she is on dialysis?? Did I make that up? I also remember one that was basically the same ploit as I Know What You Did last Summer. Am I making up that one as well? CP was my world in 5th and 6th garde, but then I moved on to Stephen King. Once you go SK, you don’t go back!

  61. Daisy says:

    Re: Final Friends 3. Actually one of the characters does turn out to be gay. The brunette girl in the story tries to seduce the smokin’ hot star QB and is rebuffed, so she does it with the valedictorian in the shower while he’s got a concussion. It all turns out okay though, because he’s her “true love.”

    Her BFF, the redhead, tries to seduce the track star who’s in juvie, but he shoots her down because he loves her and wants to take it slow, and she’s too embarrassed to tell anyone that she’s still a virgin.

    And it all happens on a boat that some crazy girl is trying to blow up because the ghost of her ex-boyfriend tells her too. Or something.

    It has been over 15 years since I read those books, but as soon as I saw the name Christopher Pike it all came back to me in a flash.

  62. Abby says:

    “Wasn’t there one where a people keep dying at someone’s house and it turns out a girl is killing people off because she is on dialysis?? Did I make that up?”

    Not exactly. The girl on dialysis isn’t killing anyone. Her sister is the mastermind behind the plot, but she isn’t actually killing people either. She’s only making the group think people are missing, because she wants to scare the group. The dialysis girl drank a beer spiked with rat poison which caused kidney failure, and her sister knew that someone in that group put the poison in her drink, and she figured if they were scared to death and focused on survival, the truth would come out who did it. Turns out it was one of the sick girl’s lifelong best friends, but she didn’t mean for the poison to go to her– the spiked drink was meant for the dialysis girl’s sister.

  63. Robyn says:

    So glad we’re talking Christopher Pike, since his books were always my favorite. I loved Road to Nowhere and Remember Me. I recently bought a few off of Ebay, but unfortunately not those two. I’m still trying to hunt them down.

    And Season of Passage is a great freaky book and I still think that we should not try to explore Mars for the reasons very clearly outlined in that book!

  64. Merrie says:

    WITCH! Isn’t that the one where she isn’t supposed to look in the magical pond at night, but of course she does, and sees the boyfriend of her BFF being killed, and of course she loves him, so she ends up being killed in his place?

  65. katrynanne says:

    Kathryn – The trilogy that you’re talking about is Final Friends. It was true to Christopher Pike form; super convoluted and awesome.

    I just found this adult book and another one and bought them. One was pretty good and screwy. The other one reminded me that Christopher Pike must have a serious acid trip as it involved body snatching and elaborate revenge fantasies.

    My favorite was Weekend; and Fall into Darkness.

  66. Diane says:

    I could be conjuring this out of thin air, but isn’t there one about a girl who gets a muse to help her write? But he’s really an ugly demon or something? And he wants to have sex with her and it’s super sketch? It might be part of a short story set or something, because I don’t remember it being super long. Anyone else remember this?

    • Alex says:

      That 1 is Immortal. She is a muse (but doesnt know it). Her best friend’s real dad is the ugly demon that spits blood. She wanted 2 hav sex w/ a hot guy she met in Greece I believe. It was 1 of my favorite books.

  67. fshk says:

    Oh, man. I read I think all of those books in my tween years. The Final Friends trilogy was my favorite, I must have read it four or five times.

    I actually found the sequels to Remember Me in an airport bookstore when I was traveling by myself, so I must have been an adult, maybe in my early 20s? when I read them. I remember liking them pretty well, although all I really can conjure up plot-wise was that the two ghosts from the first book wind up in new bodies but have amnesia and wind up going to a yogi who helps them find themselves or whatever. It helped probably that the characters weren’t in high school anymore.

    I don’t even like horror books/movies, but I loved Christopher Pike. I have no explanation for that.

  68. Danielle says:

    Dude, Christopher Pike was totally my world as a teenager. I can’t tell you how many Friday nights I stayed up in bed until 3:00 AM reading “Last Act” or “Remember Me”. I so wanted to be the main character in Last Act, with the cool drama friends and the budding relationship and the starring role in the school play. Awesome.

  69. RollingStone says:

    My older sister used to read these books, but I never did because just reading the covers always made me think, “This guy sounds totally sick!” After reading all of THIS, I think I made the right choice!

  70. Jeaniy says:

    Um, embarassed to admit, but all I ever remember when I think of CP is a conversation between 2 girls where one was like, “yeah, my BF is totally paranoid so he wears 3 condoms when we have sex.”
    “So, it’s like a plastic banana?”
    “Actually, it’s more like a plastic pear.”

    Seriously! All I remember!

  71. Tamz says:

    Ok, I had to de-lurk for this. Chain Letter and it’s sequel destroyed my life. The girl with the maroon hair stole Alison’s boyfriend, and I remember them always saying she stunk of embalming fluid. The Neil scene in the first one made me cry.

    Immortal was awesome. I was also paranoid of someone randomly grinding up glass in my burger.

    The Remember Me series was one of my favorites. Didn’t the narrator go into the air of the air bubble the sister was trying to inject into the bubble?

    My absolute fav is Midnight Club. The stories they told were awesome, and then they began dying off……….and one of them wasn’t even terminally ill and got to leave.

  72. Tamz says:

    Oh! And Weekend! The tension with the de-poison-sacced rattlesnakes! The hated Lena, with the red bushy hair and heart shaped mouth! Robin and the dude that turned out to be her half brother and donated her a kidney! I am nerding out over here.

  73. Suzanne says:

    Thanks Tamz!

    I just checked, and my local library doesn’t carry any of the older Christopher Pike books anymore! I am so disappointed. They only have the newer adult ones. I was hoping to re-read some of these!

  74. Jen S says:

    OMFG, where have I been? I don’t remember reading ANY Christopher Pike, but I do remember one book where a group of friends accidentally run over a guy when they’re out drunk driving, and than a year later they get a bunch of threats from a “Caretaker” to do things or they’ll be killed, and in the end it turns out it was one of the group who has cancer and went crazy and decided they had to pay for running over the guy. Is that Pike? I recall thinking when I read it that the parents of these teens seemed unusually obtuse–he makes a point of them not noticing anything wrong even when reality is running off the rails at 100 mph.

    My sister had a collection of horror books I remember reading over and over–kinda like Goosebumps or Fear Street, where they had lots of authors writing for the same series. There was one where a girl buys an antique mirror that’s holding the spirit of a nutcase girl that killed her family a hundred years ago. Anybody remember these?

  75. Beth says:

    I JUST re-read “Season of Passage” when I was on vacation! It’s one of the very few books that I was able to get my boyfriend to read and enjoy.

    The first Pike book I remember reading was “The Listeners,” which I think I also picked up on a vacation in eighth grade or so. I didn’t realize it was an “adult” novel until someone said so, despite all the sexin’s. Then again, the young adult novels were the same way!

    I must have read “The Last Vampire,” “Final Friends” and “Last Act” a hundred times each!!

  76. tinypants says:

    Whooaaaa IHW, I think this has got to be one of your all-time most popular posts! Clearly you’ve struck a nerve.

    I will say tho, not so much with me — I did read a lot of R.L. Stine (even tho I kind of hated them — I esp’ly hated how if the character had a pet, that pet was GONNA DIE pretty early in the book). But the only CP I read was “Monster” — I think till I reread above, I had actually forgotten all about it except for how she’s shivering and looking at the meat in the grocery store, and feels all nauseated.

    Maybe that’s why I’m a vegetarian now… : )

  77. Roxy says:

    Oh man, I read “Die Softly” when I was thirteen and it traumatized me. I was a wimpy kid- not ready for that. There was another one that scared the crap out of me- “The Grave”. Quasi-zombies and Satanic cults and anti-christ fetuses- very frigging scary.

  78. Tannaqui says:


    I think that Muse story was in Remember Me 2.

    Though I can’t recall if it was Shari’s or Peter’s story. And the male love interest in the narrative turned out to have his OWN ugly troll-like muse.
    I thought muses were supposed to be beautiful, but whatevs…

    Whenever someone mentions ‘muse’ I always think of that story!

    Man, I wish they made movies (proper, not just TV ones) of CPike books. His plots and characters beat most of the weak teen marketed crap that’s out there at the moment 🙂
    Ooh, and start with Remember Me.

  79. ihatewheat says:

    The teenagers seemed so grown up not only because of all the sexing, but also because they were mature enough to hatch these complicated murderous schemes.

    Ah, the Midnight CLub- I loved the romance between two of the characters. I also loved that there was a teen hospice. It was like, even a hospice can be a place to meet boys.

  80. ihatewheat says:

    Also, there have been several movies that seem like they are borrowing from the Season of Passage plot. One is Mission to Mars (with Tim Robbins and Jery O’Connell, of all people) and the other one is the recent movie Sunshine, which is a little TOO similar, but it’s amazing.

    Making it a miniseries would be awesome. Especially staging the younger sister’s fantasy story.

  81. Tannaqui says:

    I think I really have to find this Season of Passage book.

    Jerry O’Connell, lolz.
    Used to have a *huge* crush on him, lord knows why….Ok, he was pretty cute in Sliders (season 1).


  82. Kathryn says:

    So I swung by the library last night and was very disappointed by their Christopher Pike collection. I checked out Remember Me. The cover is familiar, but I don’t think I ever read, but since most of the Dairi Burgerettes say it’s awesome, I’m sure I’ll love it. Last Act, though, was my favorite. Looking back now, it was freaking obvious but I loved how slowly it built rather than BOOM! Someone is terrorizing people from page 1 on.

  83. Lemur says:

    Holy Christ! Christopher Pike … I effin’ loved these books. And was so disappointed my high school years weren’t filled with sex and murder.

    And Slumber Party was the shit yo! When the plot go described up above, the first thing that flashed through my mind was “PISSED ON HER HANDS! PISSED ON HER HANDS!”

  84. Chance0508 says:

    Jen S. – you’re thinking of the Twilight Series. The one you mention is Blood Red Roses.

    Christopher Pike books…man that takes me back. I had a whole collection of YA horror and probably still have a few floating around down in my basement.

  85. Inspiderwiht says:

    I was sort of surprised to see a book that I recognized here… Hehe.
    As a young child, I would collect whatever horror novels I could get my hands on, most of them from a small flea market which wound up with plenty of random content. I saw ‘Whisper of Death’ amongst the GooseBumps books, and decided to buy it.
    The only line I remember is “The sex was better than ice cream”. After reading that, I very carefully closed the book, and slipped it into the trash the first chance I got.
    I was prudish little thing, just happy that my mother never found out what I was reading.

  86. Courtney says:

    Oh my God – CHRISTOPHER PIKE!!! AND HE WRITES ADULT NOVELS NOW?? Okay, enough with the caps. But, damn, I remember those books! I especially remember the lizard people one as being just so crazy. I’m going to have so spend some time in the YA section of the bookstore next time I go – your posts always take me back!

  87. Nominoo says:

    OMG, I’m a total lurker and have never posted a comment anywhere ever, but this was SO AWESOME I just had to chime in. Did you ever read the Cheerleader series by Caroline Cooney? It was pretty much an insipid SVH redux featuring cheerleaders, but I remember reading a few of them because Christopher Pike had written one of the books. Also, wasn’t there a book about a girl who starts having flashbacks to incidents from a past life and figures out that she had been murdered when she was little by a boy who was now an old man who was missing a finger, or was that by Lois Duncan?

  88. Nathalie says:

    “Spellbound” was so creepy. It was probably my favorite. Either that or “Remember Me.” Both of them would keep me awake at night. But I couldn’t stop re-reading them compulsively.

  89. Heather says:

    Please recap the Last Vampie books! I remember reading them way back in middle school and finding them really intense, although i guess all his books were…

  90. bookslide says:

    I still have most of my Christopher Pike books. My favorites were Last Act, Spellbound, Remember Me (only the first one, although I liked the muse/troll story), Sati, and See You Later. Season of Passage was TOTALLY AWESOME but so darn scary I can’t count it. I picked up The Blind Mirror when it came out, but haven’t read the new one yet. But I will. Oh yes, I will.

  91. Wendy says:

    Christopher Pike! Yes! Chain Letter was the first book of his I read, conveniently right after my own family moved into an otherwise deserted new housing tract–just like Allison’s in the book. I slept with a light on for, like, a month. Then I read the Final Friends series and totally wanted to become Jessica.

    Kat: I had the same reaction to the anagram in Last Act! The mastermind’s name was Susan Trels, and the play she wrote had the name Stan Russel. Wasn’t that also the same book that featured a character named Rindy?

  92. Jamie says:

    Talk about irony! May 20th was the day I got my first CP Book: The Last Vampire, and last night while cleaning out my closet, I found my copy of Season of Passage. I have to admit, that book is kind of weird, reading now, where it was set in the future, it’s now the past. =)

    I loved that silly The Last Vampire series so much I tracked them down in hardcover. But only the first one was really good. After they killed off the head vampire it got really weird.

  93. Diane says:

    Thanks, Tannaqui! It’s been bugging me for a while, actually. I knew it was some sort of “story within a story,” but I didn’t even know where to start. =)

  94. Jen S says:

    Thanks, Chance! I knew the series had a title.

    and Nominoo, I think that one was Lois Duncan–I still have that book somewhere. I remember them quoting that Emily Dickinson poem ” A Narrow Fellow In The Grass”. Duncan also wrote that one about the high school sorority “Daughters Of Eve”, right? That one was intense, man. Don’t ever mess with a woman’s affections or it’s a BOTTLE ! FOR YOU! IN YOUR FACE!

  95. Chance0508 says:

    Nominoo, it was Carol Beach York’s On That Dark Night. Toddy was the little boy/old man with the missing fingers, Julie was the girl. She went to an antique store and found a music box that played three blind mice with a few notes missing, and that’s what triggered the memories of her past life, when she was killed.

  96. Diane says:

    Jen S- The first book you’re talking about might be Lois Duncan’s “I know what you did last Summer.” I know that is the same situation, and there’s a regular girl (Julie?) with a hot bf, and a hot girl named Helen (I think) and some other random guy too. They stop being friends after the accident, but a bunch of crazy blackmailing shit happens to bring them back together to bring the hero to justice.

  97. Bruce Patman says:

    WAY better than R.L. Stein. R.L. Stein was for oansies. i love the one about the girl who ground up glass and put in in cheeseburgers so the others would die long agonizing deaths.

  98. Deathy says:

    I was a Christopher Pike fanatic. My all-time favorite of his is The Season of Passage. I read it so many times I could quote whole passages. I also really liked Die Softly, the Final Friends series, Scavenger Hunt, Fall into Darkness, See You Later, Whisper of Death, and Road to Nowhere. And I don’t know why but The Visitor always stuck with me for some reason. That book just creeped me out so bad.

  99. Nominoo says:

    Jen S, “Daughters of Eve” — crazy! That teacher was insane.

    Thanks, Chance0508, I never would have recalled that! Every time I think of that story I have a mental image of the cover of “Chain Letter”, so I was way off.

  100. Jen S says:

    Diane, I have I Know.. too, that one was creepy, but the one I’m thinking of had the evil mastermind turn out to be the kid with cancer that had reached his brain. It drove him crazy and he became “The Caretaker”, obsessed with making some kind of whack reparations about the kids running over the guy. I remember one character was named Fran and she was a shy artist who painted a nude poster of David Bowie. Random.

  101. Natalia Antonova says:

    As a fellow Pike fan (his books helped me learn English!), I am overjoyed to find this thread. I definitely agree that the books had a lot of weird-ass sex issues.

    I think my favourite may have been The Midnight Club.

  102. Jessi says:

    I probably spent all of my allowance during my pre-teen years on Christopher Pike books. Just this year something made me think of them and I went back and read the first 2 books in the Final Friends trilogy (my favorite) and am almost done re-reading Chain Letter, except I remembered early that the quiet guy Neil was the Caretaker all along so that kind of spoiled it, but its still creepy.

    I also remember loving Scavenger Hunt, Last Act, Bury Me Deep where I learned what the bends were and Die Softly.

    What was the one where the house is on fire and a girl climbs into the shower with the water running hoping to survive?

    And what was the one where the characters were named Roxzanne and Pepper? I think that’s the one where he falls onto the pitchfork when they’re having sex. Creepy.

  103. Laura says:

    I remember not really liking CP, but I did like The Midnight Club and remember it even now. I thought it was totally cool that the characters died, so you thought it was all sad ending, but then they were reincarnated…so there was a happy ending, just a delayed one.

  104. Christine says:

    I remember reading Chain Letter 2 and asking, “Mom, what does decapitated mean?” I learned to keep a dictionary handy after that.

  105. Abby says:

    1.”What was the one where the house is on fire and a girl climbs into the shower with the water running hoping to survive? ”

    I think that was Gimme a Kiss.

    2. “And what was the one where the characters were named Roxzanne and Pepper? I think that’s the one where he falls onto the pitchfork when they’re having sex. Creepy.”

    Whisper of Death


    3. “about the girl who ground up glass and put in in cheeseburgers so the others would die long agonizing deaths”

    The Immortal

  106. makana says:

    I loved Christopher Pike’s books when I was in grade school and I still have all of his books now. I prefer his earlier works where he doesn’t get all into the mystical stuff.

    My favorite books are Weekend (my first Pike book), Remember Me, Spellbound, Last Act, Final Friends Trilogy, Monster, Fall Into Darkness, Die Softly, The Lost Mind, Master of Murder, Scavenger Hunt, and some of his adult novels like The Cold One, The Listeners, and Falling.

    I don’t get all the love for Season of Passage. To me, it was bleak and depressing and just monotonous. Maybe I should try reading it again to find out what all the hype is about.

    Has anyone read the Alosha series? It seems like it’s supposed to be for young adults, but I thought it was a little hard to follow even though I’m probably older than its intended audience.

    I saw some people mentioning the Cheerleaders series and I actually found Getting Even when I was cleaning out my room a while back. I hope I kept it because it seems to be quite rare. Also, I think I’d want to read it just to be amused by Pike writing for a girls’ series. XD

  107. Suzanne says:

    One more question, hope you don’t mind! I am almost positive this is from a Christopher Pike book, but it’s a minor detail so I’m not sure… a girl drops off her friend at her house, but the next day, the girl seems to be missing. The girl knows she dropped her off at her house. I forget if it turns out that she hid for awhile til her friend left, and then left & went somewhere else, or if she was kidnapped or something. Does this ring a bell at all?? I want to re-read some of these books!

  108. makana says:

    Suzanne: That sounds like The Lost Mind, where the main character says that she dropped off her friend at the friend’s house, but the friend ends up dead.

  109. Nadra says:

    Just wanted to let you know this post inspired me to go out and buy two Lois Duncan books. I thought I read Chris Pike as a child, but I don’t remember any of these plots. In addition, Richard Peck wrote scary YA book as well. The name creeped me out because it’s so close to Richard Speck, the serial killer.

  110. Suzanne says:

    Sorry–that last comment came up anonymous. It was from me. Thanks Makana–that is the book I was thinking of!

  111. makana says:

    becca: Definitely found The Cold One screwed up (the incest part was such a twist!), but I love when Pike throws a curve at the audience. I really wanted to find out what happened with the child that whatsherface was carrying (sorry, I forgot her name, plus I didn’t want to spoil it too much for anyone who didn’t read it yet). How dare Pike dangle something like that at us, only to give us a “just kidding!” and leave us hanging. 😦 I wonder why he didn’t follow through with The Seedling.

    And I read Sati a few times, but I can’t remember it clearly. All I can recall is that Sati was kind of “godlike” and had “followers,” but someone doubted her and poisoned her drink. Of course, there must be something deeper to it than that, but I read it when I was younger and stupid(er). 😛

    Nadra: I’m currently reading Lois Duncan books too! I just finished Killing Mr. Griffin and now I Know What You Did Last Summer. Since I saw the movie of the latter one (and disliked it), I’m going through it at a snail’s pace.

    Suzanne: Glad I could help! 😀

    Has anyone read his Spooksville series? I was in high school (I think) when those books came out, so they seemed juvenile to me and I never felt inclined to check them out.

    And I wonder why no one has created a Christopher Pike book snarking blog yet. The ones I’ve seen for R.L. Stine are hilarious and it made me wish that there was a C.P. one. Then again, Pike’s books are probably too good (or too cryptic) for anyone to really do a decent snarking job on.

  112. formerLizwannabe says:

    I loved Christopher Pike back in middle school…I remember being really confused by Spellbound though. Not sure I quite got it fully at the time.
    What are these R.L. Stine snark sites you speak of, makana? Would love to check it out since I devoured those too back in the day.

  113. Clubx says:

    I still have all my Christopher Pike books…Last Act was definitely my favorite, though. Which book is the one with a kid named Dusty who is a serial killer but he doesn’t really want to kill people? I think there was a girl named Shelley in it, too. Is that The Lost Mind?

  114. makana says:

    namedropper: A lot of people enjoyed that book, so hopefully you will too. I’m thinking of reading it again to see what I missed the first few ttimes around.

    ihatewheat: I just remember bits and pieces of that–a blind guy with superhuman strength travelling to the States and someone following him, a (literally) cold-blooded murderer, a man falling in love with a doctor’s wife and a woman who loves said man. I know it’s more complicated than that, but I don’t want to drop anymore spoilers. You could, however, check Amazon.com’s site for more info on the book.

    Clubx: I’m pretty sure that was The Wicked Heart. And Last Act was one of my top 10 Pike books. I wish he wrote more like that one instead of all the spiritual stuff he did later on.

  115. bookslide says:

    Is anyone else annoyed by the Night World-esque redone covers? I just went to find a copy of the first Final Friends (because I don’t remember them at all–I guess cuz I didn’t own them) and…blargh. I didn’t even like those covers on Night World. The colors were so flat I felt like I was looking at older movie stills, before the colors came alive.

    Christopher Pike snark, hmmm…I dunno if I’d read that. I want my snark to be stuff that’s easily mocked, and Pike’s up there on my sacred-writers-from-my-childhood list (along with L.M. Montgomery and Madeleine L’Engle, RIP). It’s like when someone suggested Fearless snark–I don’t know if I could, until they switched to a ghostwriter. Then I’d be happy to tear that total crap to shreds.

    But if someone decides to do it, drop the link in here by all means. It wouldn’t hurt to check it out. 😀

  116. paige says:

    OMG Whisper of Death was sooo creepy! I read it for the first time in 3rd grade and totally had nightmares. Christopher Pike ruled because his books had sex, unlike R.L. Stine’s.

  117. j says:

    I loved Pike and Stine as a kid, but got over both before I even knew Pike had adult novels. But I’ve been rereading both and decided to pick up Season of Passage. Seriously, INCREDIBLE. Probably the best book I’ve read this year, with the only other possibility being Jane Eyre, except that I read Jane Eyre for the third time so maybe it doesn’t count. Season of Passage has all the cracked-out-ness of Pike’s books combined with the best writing among his books minus the annoying teenage angst and unsatisfying conclusions.

  118. Rachel says:

    I saw a trailer for a new Brad Pitt/Cate Blanchett movie that looked interesting — he ages backwards, so when he becomes a baby, he’ll die.

    It reminded me of a YA book about a girl whose father marries a woman who has two kids, and they are immortal. The woman is basically a black widow, which the main character finds out. It takes place in the South, and it’s super sad. Does anyone remember the author/name of this book?

  119. NIUiceprincess says:

    My favorite one was “Goddess” where the main character turns out to be a Greek goddess and her and her present day best friend were in the midst of this ancient feud. Loved how it tied to Greek mythology.

  120. Looking says:

    PLease Help Me!

    do yall remember one where two friends are in a car accident. the car catches on fire and it melts the one fat girls fat off and she becomes skinny. she then pretends to be her rich friend who died in the accident and gets her friends parents to pay for her plastic surgery. then after all the opeations she is unrecognizable and seeks revenge on all the people who were mean to her when she was fat?? WHAT IS IT CALLED!?!?! PLEASSSSESE HELP!

  121. lulu says:

    YEA!!! I just found your blog- and i LOVED the Pike books. I wrote him & got an autograph. It only took a couple years (and past the age of me reading his books) but I owned EACH book! I’d beg my parents for them… YEA!!!!

  122. James says:

    Christopher Pike is still my favorite author to this day next to Tom Clancy. I’ve actually spoken to him online before (he posted his IM on one of his fansites a few yrs. ago and occasionally signs on w/ it) and he strikes me as one of those very “new agey” personalities. Although his books followed that same basic format, it was where he took the stories I loved…sometimes youd get an old fashioned murder mystery, or soetimes you’d fund out about a prehistoric race of lizard people, lol. The payoffs were always spectacular in his books

  123. Jehanne says:

    Pike books were AMAZING! In grade school my non-reading friends would always ask me to explain the plot of whatever book I had just finished, which of course led to many insane looks. I couldn’t decide if they were more “Is our friend on drugs?” or “I can’t believe she reads this twisted shit!” I quickly gained a reputation for being into “weird stuff”.

    Although there were some lines in Pike’s books that had me obsessing over my weight. It might have been even worse than SVH’s “perfect size six” crap because he mentioned the actual weights… In the book with Joni (the killer who dates the track star Alex — was the Spellbound?), a cop says something like, “You expect me to believe that this 5’5″, 99 pound girl is a murderer?” And in the one with the scuba diving (Bury Me Deep?), when the girls are getting fitted for their equipment, they have to reveal their weights. I think the main character weighed 110, and her “chubby” friend (Sandra?) claimed 115, “telling a twenty pound lie”.

    But I probably only remember the weight stuff because I was borderline anorexic while reading these books. Bah.

    I had a feeling that “Christopher Pike” was a pseudonym, but I always thought that he would turn out to be a woman. Probably because he wrote about ass-kicking female characters so often.

  124. dbsarah says:

    I just bought all of his books on ebay. I’m 31 years old and I read them when I was a teenager, and I swear, they are still as good as I remember. See you later is the best! I had a signed copy of one of his books. I met him at a book fair in Denver in like 1993. He was strange. I’m reading them all again. Fun!

  125. KatyBelle says:

    I LOVED Christopher Pike when I was in High School!! I’d seriously borrow 3 of them every week, and tear through them! I think Fall into Darkness was my favorite.

  126. Kate says:

    Does anyone remember a book about this girl with this great family…her “cousin” has to come and live with her and her parents because the cousin’s parents died in some sort of accident…anyway, the girl’s parents are really welcoming and understanding toward the cousin, but then weird stuff starts happening…the girl finds some kind of wax doll, complete with hair and pins and everything in a shoe box in the cousin’s room, and discovers that the cousin is some kind of imposter trying to steal the girl’s family, and that the cousin really caused the fake ‘accident’ that killed her parents in the first place? Any ideas? I SWEAR this has to be a Christopher Pike book…I read every one I could find, and that one was in there somewhere…just can’t remember it’s name, and can’t find it on google or anywhere else…

  127. Kate says:

    I haven’t…but now that you mention it, she was another author I was reading around that time. I’ll give it a shot! Thanks!

  128. Kate says:

    Bookslide- Thanks so much! You just saved me from what may have been an eternity of misguided frustration…the book is “Summer of Fear”, by Lois Duncan, for anyone who’s interested.

  129. veronika says:

    My sister and I were at our parents’ house recently, and were scrounging around the attic, and came across “The Cold One”, which was my sister’s and I hadn’t read it, so I’m totally psyched to finally read it. She and I were geeking, going over the plots of various CP books, I said “remember the lizard people one?” and we couldn’t think of the name…thank you Dairi Burger (first hit when I googled “christopher pike lizard people”).

    Remember Me, Bury Me Deep, Spellbound…those were good reads. I remember reading Season of Passage when it came out, and it was the creepiest book, one of few I’ve reread multiple times. Many moves later, I don’t have my copy anymore and just ordered a used copy on Amazon. And back in 2000, I went to Cancun with a girlfriend. We stayed at her parents’ house the night before our flight down, and her childhood bookshelf was filled with CP books. I begged and succeeded in bringing a bunch with me. Laying out by the ocean, my head nerdily buried in a CP book, a fruity cocktail by my side…that was a great vacation!

  130. sarah says:

    I read almost all of CP’s books. I remember almost all of them being fantastic! I especially liked remember me and whisper of death. but my fave is season of passage. i plan on buying it offline after reading all these entries. im also wondering if all those kids who read cp books when they were young are a little meesed up now? any thoughts?

  131. atrackbrown says:

    If you haven’t read The Final Friends series, go ahead purchase the collection from half.com and proceed to be thoroughly intrigued, disgusted, annoyed, and creeped out. I tell you, Pike’s teenagers went beyond normal teenaged angst and landed squarely in neurotic and/or psychotic, and I loved it.

    I once read that he wanted to just write adult novels but was told that the teen genre was more successful. Thus, books that we still can’t forget.

    Love that man.

    (Oh, and Scavenger Hunt has to be one of his best books ever. I mean, the wheelchair. Dang.)

  132. nicholastanguma says:

    When I was a kid I totally lived for CP, although I liked The Last Vampire series more than anything else he did because I found them to be more “adult” in their refinement of violence and sex. Mmm, yummy! Violence and sex, what hormonally psychotic tweener doesn’t want that every day?

    I’m a man in my late twenties, a professional author, and I STILL think about all those insane stories CP smoked out of a bong. Funny how young adult books can make more of an impression than their grown-up counterparts. No doubt fifteen years from now Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight Series will have the same kind of immortality, just without the prurient gore and sex, sex, sex.

    Mmm, vampire sex, yummy!

  133. ghettolee says:

    remember me is simply awesome, how does he do it. this man writes as if speaking off experience, my my, i tip my hats of to u Mr.Pike!

  134. Emily says:

    I am so glad to find that there are so very many other Christopher Pike fans out there, and so many that sound like they’re around my age. I’m 29 now and am a serious scifi, fantasy and fiction reader. I started reading him around age 11 with Witch, which totally freaked me out, and I’m not particularly into the horror genre (I do admit I also think Stephen King is a literary genius, though I’ve only gotten through a few of his; too scary), but I’ve read every single one of Pike’s books, minus the Spookesville series. (I was a bit too old when they came out) I own almost all of his books, and it makes me sad that so many are out of print now. I think he’s leagues ahead of a lot of other teen authors who are really popular now. Sita the vampire could beat the crap out of any of those other new vampires out there. I agree with everyone: Season of Passage is fantastic, and remains one of my all-time favorite books. Sati is also fabulous, really a beautiful story. I really wish he would write more adult books, and I was REALLY not disappointed with Falling, I was going crazy trying to read it so fast to find out what was going to happen. I could have a long discussion about every one of his books. I just reread Master of Murder, which is by far one of my favorites, and now I’m rereading the Final Friends trilogy. I go on Pike kicks sometimes and just peel through a bunch of them. Is it weird that his books are comfort reading for me? :-p (except maybe Monster) And I don’t think he’s an egomaniac, as commented way back by a few people here; I think it’s neat that he’s referenced his own stories in other books — kind of a Stephen King thing, and other authors have done it too.

    I like how he seems to have weird ideas, and then explores them in books, sometimes they work, sometimes they kinda don’t (I am one of those people who hated the Blind Mirror; my least favorite Pike book – rare; I love almost all his others). For instance, the characters who fake their own deaths — I like that, it’s interesting and kind of wild. I do think he’s more on top of his form when he’s doing murder-mystery-thriller-type stories, and science fiction, than the new age-y type stuff. Did anyone read the Tachyon Web? I love that one.

  135. PG says:

    I always loved that bit in “See You Later” when he realizes that the only way to win the game of nuclear war is not to play… I was a bit disappointed to discover that Pike ripped that off the movie “WarGames.”

  136. anita slapaho says:

    I still do this day have every single christopher pike book from my teenage years. his adult books though i must say are actually quite amazing! blind mirror is very disturbing,falling is another good one

    hmmm now that i think about it i think he HATES cheerleaders as much as he hates good looking guys. and def. has a love for the name :ann

    remember me and the last vampire series are something i just recently read after all these years and even at 29 yrs. old it still had me hooked,hahaha

  137. serafina says:

    christopher pike was awesome i loved witch and final friends the valedictorian micheal was one of my favourite characters although the girl he falls for jessica was a little whinny but you know pike ‘d go out of his way to write something like if someone got stuck in a doorway or a window instead of writing just that he’d add something like she got stuck with half of her boob in and half out!!!

  138. Annie says:

    I’ve started reading my old Christopher Pike books recently, and I’m totally loving them. My favorites were Remember Me, Last Act, Witch, and Spellbound. I can’t believe I read these when I was like 11.

    Season of Passage freaked me the hell out. I think it may have actually been what made me stop reading Pike books. I have no memory of what I found so scary or weird, but I hated it (not because it was a bad book, but because it really disturbed me). I am easily scared though and never watch scary movies or read other scary books, so I’m surprised most Pike books don’t bother me. I think it’s because I can get more into the whole high school drama aspect of them.

  139. Kitty Pryde says:

    Absolutely LOVE this post and thread. Though I haven’t seen it’s author post responses on the most recent comments, I still have to say BRAVO for bringing up Christopher Pike. I always loved Christopher Pike and his weird, dirty, murderous books about glamourous teens and their fast cars and silk shirts. I always found his campy writing to be FAR superior to R.L. Stine who was predictable and couldn’t seem to write a single character that I was remotely interested in.

    I am totally picking up this Season of Passage everyone is talking about-funny that I missed it.

    I also loved Lois Duncan. Stranger with my face is my fav. However, I had to just express to a forum of people that will understand how creepy I found it that Lois’ daughter was MURDERED and that it remains unsolved? She wrote a whole book about it…! There’s a really involved website she set up herself with public information about the clues she found and the progress of the investigation. There’s a whole alleged police cover-up and everything…I spent an entire afternoon reading through all of it one day: http://kaitarquette.arquettes.com/

  140. Zayra says:

    I loved this post. I’m at work at the moment and the systems are down, so i’ve spent the last 2 hrs reading this post and looking up other authors that i read when i was in junior high like J Duncan and Richard Peck.

    I just received ‘The Secret of Ka’ yesterday and can’t wait to finish it. Reading these posts were great, made me reminisce of 15 years ago when i originally read Pike’s books. He is and will always be my all time favorite author. I’ve read them all and wish that he wrote more frequently, but u can’t rush genius so i understand the hold up.

    My all time favorite = Whisper of Death. Wow i’ve read and read and reread that book so many times. After i finish ‘Ka’ ima go back into my Pike collection and start reading all the old books.

    I’m so excited. Thank you Kevin for making my youth and even now my adulthood entertaining with your stories… INCREDIBLE!!!!

  141. Allison says:

    I am so glad these books where brought up. I got my hands on them in elementary school and like everyone else they totally gave me a skewed sense of what high school would be like. Aside from being weirded out by all the sex scenes, I was also always fascinated by how the characters would go through all these painful shennigans but they kept on pushing on. I am totally doing through my old box of books at my mom’s to dig these up. I remember the one where the girl pees on her hands. I also remember a part from that book where some girl is jealous of another girl because she is flirting with some guy she likes and she leads his “spellbound gaze down to his crotch, letting him know the possibilties with him where endless”. I also totally remember the ending line from Monster was something like “The monster knew this. People where not for eating”.

    • allisontaylor011 says:

      Oh and these books totally feed into my early teen eating disorder. I too remember reading that line about the girl being 5’5 and 99 lbs and convinced myself that I too could not weigh more than two digits. Sad. Oh my library had a Christopher book on tape. Almost pooped my pants when I saw it and checked it out all the time.
      Yeah, I had a sad little life before my 20s.

  142. Melanie says:

    This may be a longshot since looks this blog isnt active anymore.. but does anyone remember the book in which the entire book turns out to be a dream? we find out at the end that the girl (goddess?( is actually immortal and was sentenced to being buried alive for something and the entire book was just a dream for her..

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