Any fans of I can has cheezburger? If not, you should read it daily, the site could bring world peace. For those of you not familiar, lots of info here. I decided to try some lolSVHs, and once I got started, I couldn’t stop.


The rest under the cut.





I can’t seem to stop! (thanks for this one tinypants)




40 thoughts on “lolSVH

  1. amanda says:

    I know this has been discussed, but I still can’t get over Liz’s freakishly long and mannish arm on the cover of Kidnapped! (you know it’s good when its title ends with a punctuation mark.)

    WTF, gorilla girl?

  2. Cara Walker says:

    Oh, LMAO right now! Too good – especially #50! I always thought Liz looked way too condescending on this cover!

    Anyway, love your work!:)

  3. Enid Rollins says:

    I luv ICHC…

    I can haz fun reeding SVH recapz? I can haz fun netym I am on ur site.

    I am on ur site
    Reeding ur fun

  4. bookslide says:

    Aw, man, it ate my link! I linked to my own macro from a few weeks ago, which was the cover to one of the University books. Boooo.

  5. Amy Slutton says:

    OMG… I love I can has cheezeburger… and these are priceless! LMAO at the Kidnapping and Starting Over ones 😀

  6. aaames says:

    It is pretty great that people are SEPARATELY coming up with the John Barrowman comparisons!

    Also great? All of these!

  7. Cara Walker says:

    Jeffey always reminded me of a plasticine boy on this cover… and butt ugly. Then I think about he is ‘DJ Jeff’ in Senior Year and laugh my ass off…

  8. I like toast says:

    Dangerous Love and Kidnapped are the best. I can just hear Elizabeth screaming HALP! So hilarious. And something about “oh hai” cracks me up everytime I look at the Kidnapped one. Genius.

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