Caitlin: a teaser

I just finished the first book in the Caitlin series and omgf, what a doozie. I haven’t had time yet to do a review but I HAD to post the back cover description. Make sure you have an empty stomach.

Caitlin. Beautiful. Dazzling. Charming. Outrageous. Rich. Unfrorgettable. And very, very clever.

To everyone at her exclusive boarding school, she seems to have it all. But there is a secret need that haunts her life.

A need for love.

And only one boy can make her forget her cold home life can fullfill her need for love: handsome, sensitive Jed Michaels. Jed, who has already given his heart to another girl.

Still, headstrong Caitlin is determined to win him for herself, one way or another. But then a tragedy occurs, a terrible event that has such far-reaching consequences that not even the incomparable Caitlin can deal with them….

Loving is the first in a series about the stubborn, raven-haired beauty, Caitlin. There’s never been a heroine like her.

Ihatewheat. Sick to her stomach. Repulsed. Rolling her eyes. And very, very ready to tear this book a new one.

42 thoughts on “Caitlin: a teaser

  1. Comrade GoGo says:

    I have this horrible repressed memory trying to surface that suggests I may have actually read this series. Is there a horse-back-riding accident involved? God, who knows.

  2. Dwanollah says:

    Caitlin sucks monkey. The horrible stereotypes, awful characters and inconsistancies in these books is appalling. Which means I’ll be clicking here on an hourly basis waiting for recaps!

  3. alexenid says:

    !!! I have been looking all over for those, they are so horrible and nasty and unspeakably awesome. I covet your Caitlins, yall.

  4. Jo says:

    Oh my God. I have a terrible feeling that I’ve read this book. Not the entire series, but at least the first book. I’d forgotten about it entirely.

  5. BadKat says:

    Oh, my, does this sound awful. I do not recall ever reading the Caitlin books. And considering my little brother is also blessed with the name Jed (short for Jedediah and no, we are not even near being hicks) I think I would have remembered this awfulness!

  6. LucyHoneychurch says:

    I effing loved the Caitlin series. So much so that when I was like fourteen, I swore I was going to go to Sweetbriar College because they had horses there.

    Then I remembered I hate horses.

  7. Jennifer says:

    Ok I read this and remembered reading atleast this first book probably around junior high and I LOVED it.. I came close to ordering all 9 ( 3 trilogies) them off of amazon just now after reading this but they didn’t have one of them. I might check other site but I think maybe i’ll just check my local used books store this weekend..

  8. Laura @ Hungry And Frozen says:

    Aw, I used to get so sucked in as a kid by those descriptions of impossibly beautiful and clever and marvelous girls. Now – I’m with you – ugh! At least the baby sitters club tempered the gorgeousness (Claud, Stacey, occasionally Dawn) with Mallory.

  9. Stacy says:

    Didn’t they advertise this series by saying something like “she’s Jessica Wakefield, only prettier and more devious” – can’t remember. I can’t believe they barfed all over +/- 100,000 readers with that.

    I’m reading “Elizabeth Betrayed” right now… it make me so happy every time I see that title.

  10. Allie says:

    Oh noes! I’m going to have to go on hiatus or something. No Caitlin recaps for me until I’ve reread them! I’ve been meaning to hunt them down, but I don’t, you know, wanna PAY for them or anything…Man, Jed was a tool.

  11. Malika says:

    OMG… I’d forgotten their existence and inmediately ordered the first in the trilogy off Amazon. It sounds completely barf, which means it will come as a welcome distraction from my thesis. BTW miss Dairi Burger i LOVE your recaps. I live in Holland where no-one read these books in high school and it’s so cool to finally read about fellow addictees who like to temporarily turn their brains into disbelief-suspending mush! Keep up the good work!

  12. Jennifer says:

    I think that “stubborn, raven-haired beauty” on the back cover tells us all we need to know about the “quality” of this book…

    I love how there’s only ONE BOY who can satisfy her need for luvin, and that the bitch will stop at nothing to steal someone else’s boyfriend away…


  13. amandahugnkiss says:

    I won’t be satisfied unless her eyes are the color of the sky during a storm. Actually…with her raven hair, are we certain that this isn’t Margo’s triplet? That’s the only person I can imagine being more devious than Jessica Wakefield

  14. Anonymous says:

    I loved these books! I loved the boarding school aspect … and the awful burden of being rich. Didn’t she despise visiting her cranky rich grandma? And then I remember grandma took her on a limo ride through Pennsylvania and Caitlin was shocked and appalled at seeing how her family’s mining company was wrecking the land.

  15. Sue says:

    OMG, I’m so happy that you’re recapping Caitlin! I read all nine books, and they were truly awful, in the best way. Yup, there’s “soul mates,” horse riding accidents, a toddler who almost dies due to Caitlin’s insensitivity, a long-lost father, a cold grandmother, boarding school, and probably some great clothing descriptions. It’s got SO many wonderful elements!

  16. Amy Slutton says:

    Ha, I am looking forward to this one. I’ve never read any of the Caitlin series but was always intrigued by the fact that she is supposedly worse than Jessica Wakefield.

  17. jms says:

    These books are HORRENDOUS. And not even “so bad they’re good”–just flat-out, stupidest-thing-I’ve-ever-read BAD.

    What always got me is Julian’s obsession with Caitlin. For those who don’t remember, long story short, Julian is a guy who grew up dirt-poor in a mining town. Caitlin’s grandmother, I believe, owned the mines there (?). Anyway, Caitlin, as a child, visited the town once with her grandmother and was “mean” to poor Julian. This sparks in Julian a lifelong fixation on Caitlin.

    No, really.

    He cuts out newspaper articles about her and plots to ruin her life and, once they meet again in college, pretends to be in love with her and…

    Come now. This is William White- or Margo-level crazy. And stupid. People who IRL are this fixated on other people get medicated or institutionalized.

  18. upstatestruggler says:

    okay. as a kid, my parents let me read pretty much anything. but when my mom took one look at the side-of-a-70s-van script that said either ‘caitlin’ or ‘loving’- purty sure it was the latter- she put her foot down. direct quote: ‘what IS this? it looks like some gd harlequin romance for children.’
    kinda the same reaction she had when she overheard the last guest to leave my 2nd or 3rd grade sleepover tell me that ‘you don’t have to be married to have babies’.
    hah! that’s funny shit! dairi burger, thanks for the mems.

  19. Dwanollah says:

    jms, but he magically and with Caitlin’s inspiration becomes this awesome, wonderful, altruistic person who is good and noble enough to marry Caitlin’s second-class best friend, Ginny. *eye roll*

    Then there’s Jed, who plots to date-rape Caitlin as “revenge” for her lying. She sure attracts the winners, huh?

  20. Dwanollah says:

    Also, I have to go through the second three Caitlin books for my PhD dissertation (long, long, long story, but… college girl fiction), so I was gonna tackle some ‘caps one of these days. I’ll take the bullet.

    Unless, of course, like Caitlin, YOU must be the star of the show! 🙂

  21. Deathy says:

    I read the first one when I was younger and I absolutely loathed Caitlin more so than Jessica, which is a pretty tough barrier to crack. Can’t wait for the recap. It might inspire me to actually finish the series. ^_^

  22. calico drive says:

    LOL okay i got the first 3 caitlin books for 50cents each when i was a kid. then recently i found out theres 2 other trilogies WTF?this shit never ends ! hope theyre as good at the first 3 books 🙂

  23. Fraser says:

    Actually this sounds like a lot of romance novels I’ve read the backs of–the price you pay for working in a bookstore. But like the other commenters, I’d love to hear your recaps.

  24. Kellie says:

    ***Then there’s Jed, who plots to date-rape Caitlin as “revenge” for her lying. She sure attracts the winners, huh?***

    I was STUNNED when I read this. Holy shit.

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