the allure of the super special


Nothing excited me more in my YA series reading that a super special. I didn’t even imagine they could exist until my mother brought home the Baby Sitters on Board from the BSC where they all go on a cruise and then to Disney World. How timely! It was only a few months before my family was planning to pack up the station wagon and make the 27 hour drive to orlando. I even tried keeping a trip diary like the baby-sitters did, but I stopped when entries consisted of “drove for hours. Ate at Denny’s. Again.”

Since then, I would eagerly await the super special. Why was it so special? Having all your favorite characters interact in a new and complex location with new, even more unbelievable scenario. After some reflection, it seems that the Super Special (sometimes coined “super edition”) always followed a certain canon.

  • plot involved a vacation or a trip
  • a romantic fling occurred, and the object of said fling was usually never mentioned again
  • there were some fantasy or supernatural elements occurring
  • a mystery or crime is committed and the characters solve it
  • the activities in the plot occurred in a weird, physics-defying timeline that never fit with the “real” timeline and somehow did not “really” happen during the series. Think of how many Spring breaks the SVHs had, or how many summers after eighth grade the BSC had.
  • often highlighted a summertime or Christmastime (never hannukah!)
  • often told from multiple character’s perspectives


The aforementioned Super Special where inexplicably the Pikes and Watson take their families on vacation together, and bring along extra teen girls with them. Dram! Intrigue! Romance! One big commercial for Disneyworld!


This one was so craptastic it was like Hemingway. The kids go on a school trip to a fantasy amusement park and Liz hits her head (or falls off a motorcycle or something) and imagines a scenario where she is fighting witches, goblins, and wizards. Wtf.

Of course, all the trips the twins take where they make a big splash wherever they go.


Then there is an altogether different subset of super specials- the CAMP ones. Growing up, I felt the same way about camp that I did about boarding schools. It was a time for mischief, growing up, and boyfriends. [It is no surprise that several of my favorite movies are The Parent Trap, Wet Hot American Summer, Little Darlings, and Camp Cucamunga. I’ll give you a hundred dollars if you’ve actually seen the last one I mentioned.] I was too chicken and prissy to ever want to go to a sleepaway camp. However, I was a day camp counselor for five summers of my life- god knows why. I was always the one who stayed and watched all the kids while all the other counselors ran off and smoked pot in the woods. Guess who had a more fun summer? Them.



The BSC Camp Mohawk one changed my life- I longed for the day when I could gather up enough friends to stand around and do a kickline and laugh. This is still a goal of mine. Maryanne but a melon under her pillow and went to sneak off to meet Logan. Jess and Mal were too young to be CITs so they anointed themselves as “junior CITs” and made armands for themselves and talking is a secret language or something and then wondered why their bunkmates hated them.

68 thoughts on “the allure of the super special

  1. LucyHoneychurch says:

    I will do you one better. I OWN “Camp Cucamonga” on VHS. I still sometimes watch it and wish to God I’d been Danica McKellar and got to kiss Chad Allen — even if he DID end up being gay, and even if the 80s stylists of the movie clearly despised Danica McKellar.

    Also, HOW MUCH makeup did they put on Candace Cameron in that thing? I thought she was so pretty when I was younger; now I watch that movie and it’s horrific, in manner of watching old clips of JonBenet Ramsey.

    P.S. Jennifer Aniston was much prettier when she was “fat.”

  2. Keri says:

    I used to have Camp Cucamonga on recorded VHS but lost all my movies to a flood. That was the best made for TV movie ever, besides maybe Summertime Switch with Rider Strong.

    I think the saddest thing is that I learned the Song “I saw here standing there” from that movie.

    I think I missed that Pen Pals book about summer camp! I must track that down.

  3. ihatewheat says:

    omg Lucy, thank you. When I watched it I wanted to BE Candace, have her outfits, etc. I watched it for the first time in years a while back and she looks like a raging prostitute. And was so annoying.

    ‘Member the rap video they made to save the camp? Urkel rapped in it.

  4. LucyHoneychurch says:

    I always thought it was somewhat weird that Lindsey was the one who suggested doing a rap video — when she was allegedly into Megadeth and etc.

  5. tinypants says:


    Even tho in RL I would have beyond loathed going to camp, I looooooved the one where the BSC went to camp. I remember that it’s one of the rare BSCs that mentions a real pop cultural thing that isn’t really old (usually if they mention movies, it’s like “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”-era). A snobby girl at the camp chides a miserable Dawn, “What did you think this was going to be like, Meatballs?” and I was like, “wtf is Meatballs!?!” I will say tho, I’ve never seen that cover before, but the Pen Pals’ camp looks pretty freakin’ posh.

    This post makes me want to go to American Apparel RIGHT NOW and buy both Liz and Jessica’s outfits from ‘Perfect Summer.’

  6. BadKat says:

    Oh hell no, I read the shit out of that Fab Five Super special. It was kick ass!

    See, I used to dream of the day that one of my friends (whose parents didn’t pay attention to them or were drunks) would invite me to a Caribbean getaway where I could meet handsome 16 year old hunks! When I bought this book, it was shrink wrapped with a sample of Petite-Nate in the original baby-powder scent. Ish.

    Ah, and Baby-Sitters on Board. I always wondered how Karen never got her ass kicked for charging a bunch of shit to her father’s account without permission and running away from her baby-sitter.

    Whoa, and do I love that 80’s country-girl looks that the twins are sporting in Spring Fever. That pink dress looks like an apron.

  7. Eli says:

    OH PLEASE tell me you are going to recap that Fabulous Five Super Special. I loved it. No, I LUV-ed it. That Marco, the possibly gay singer sporting pleated white pants, romanced all five of them w/lame sand dollar necklaces. And that their “revenge” on him for doing so was to…put the necklaces on him while he was performing. Laura McCall would have totally worked out a better revenge plan than that.

    And I def watched Camp Cucamonga. In fact, I’m pretty sure that I was mad that its airing preempted Life Goes On one Sunday, and I was mad until I saw how awesome it was.

  8. Sada says:

    I totally have the Camp Cucamonga song stuck in my head now. (“Cucamonga, oh yeah, oh yeah. Camp Cucamonga.”) I loved the part when they caught fish with Candace’s pantyhose.

    Actually, those movies were kind of like the TV equivalent of Super Specials! Remember “Dance ‘Til Dawn” and “Senior Cruise” (in true Super Special form, a freakin’ CRUISE!)??? Good god, I loved that crap.

  9. Debby Harry says:

    I never got to go to Disney World as a kid, so I just read Babysitters on Board over and over again so I could live vicariously through the BSC.

  10. LucyHoneychurch says:

    Oh God. I also own “Dance Til Dawn.” This site is bringing out all kinds of shameful secrets of mine.

  11. BartTempleton says:

    The only sentence I remember from Babysitters on Board was “Claudia sat in the corner, nursing her buttersctoch milkshake.”

    Amazing how YA series can be one’s first introduction into the sylistic quirks of one’s language.

  12. Kate says:

    Ahh the super specials. I managed to read one whenever I was on vacation. You totally should recap the SVT: The Class Trip. It was so weird and trippy.

    And I have to disagree about how Hannukah was never featured. I read one of the Saddle Club Special Editions (I think it was Christmas Treasure) and one of the girls went over to her crushes house and he bought her a little horse pin as a Hannukah present.

    That was probably the one time though.


  13. megan says:

    I loved all those super specials!!
    Camp is my favorite thing. I only went to band camp and 4-H camp one year, so I never fully got to experience the real thing! But I loved reading about them!

  14. ihatewheat says:

    Dance Til Dawn! With Brian Bloom! Remember his eyebrows?

    I remember one line really well from Camp Cucamunga: “Last summer was hot, this one’s a fizzle” How Candace breaks up with Chad.

  15. maybeimamazed02 says:

    AAAAAGH! Camp Cucamonga! My sister and I (huge Full House fans, btw) watched that movie until we had it memorized. Between that and our little brother’s Barney tapes, I really don’t know how my parents stayed sane.

    I did go to overnight camp and it SUCKED royally. I did not like going to the bathroom in a latrine. City girl, even then at age 11 and living in a small town.

    I agree, you should totes recap the Fabulous Five Caribbean Adventure. I LOVED the Petite Nate crap it came with! It was pink and purple and sparkly! So sad I remember this!

  16. zenith says:

    Doesn’t the SVT “Class Trip” involve a sea serpent? I seem to remember that pretty clearly. Even at age 9, and even being a huge fantasy nerd in general, and in spite of being totally hypnotized into thinking Francine Pascal shat solid gold, I remember getting to the end of that one and thinking, “What the holy Jesus fuck?”

  17. Ellen K. says:

    Check out the cover of the BSC summer camp Super Special. Kristy’s on the far left and is at her absolute ugliest — she looks like a veritable goblin.

    You didn’t mention the SVH Winter Break Super Edition, but that was the best, with Liz’s dream that Jessica had died in a mountain car crash. I’m fairly sure that Alice’s first reaction is to paint the Hershey Bar a different color. So awesome.

  18. Jo says:

    Isn’t the plot of EVERY BSC Superspecial (at least those involving trips) that the Pikes go on vacation and need the entire BSC to deal with their litter of children?

    “I still sometimes watch it and wish to God I’d been Danica McKellar and got to kiss Chad Allen — even if he DID end up being gay, and even if the 80s stylists of the movie clearly despised Danica McKellar.”

    God, I wanted to be Danica McKellar because she’s so damn pretty (Chad Allen never did it for me). And she still looks that way. She’s what, 30? And she still looks like the hot high school girl who every boy wants but everyone wants to be because she’s so nice and smart and totally not stuck up.

  19. Ellen Riteman says:

    My sister and I still hold it against my mother that she never sent us to camp as children. Between Salute Your Shorts and The BSC’s Camp Mohawk, I was obsessed with the idea of summer camp. Funny though, even then I wasn’t a big outdoors-y girl. I prolly would have just whined about everything and gone home early.

  20. BadKat says:

    Camp was the best ever!! Two weeks without parents?!?! Coed campfires!?! Counselors (who we knew were) barely paying attention because they were using illicit chemicals and making out in the woods?!? Awesome.

    I came home bawling every year until I was 14 because I did not want to come home. Camp rocked, even if I had to get up at 5:30am to swim in ice cold lakes just to get my damn Polar Bear Swim Award medal.

    I am a lifelong city girl who does not participate in much camping out, but my camp had very updated shower and cabin facilities. Thankfully, no latrines unless you were at the horse stables down the road. Which I avoided like the plague.

  21. Yvi says:

    Bwahahaha! The Class Trip ghostwriter was probably getting high in the woods while s/he wrote the entire thing. I remember Elizabeth gets a white mouse named Allegra who basically acts like Jiminy Cricket…but I think my favorite was the ZOMG MAGNA EDITION, A Magic Christmas or something, where the twins get magic dolls that come to life and transport them into fairyland.

    And, um, did anyone else ever read the Camp Sunnyside books as a kid? Because I swear I’m the only one who’s ever heard of them

  22. Amy says:

    OHMIGOD did I love camp cucamonga. I think i still have it on tape somewhere…I may have to go find it! And Dance ’till Dawn! do they still make movies like that? Television for kids was sooo much better then! Someone should start a website like this for movies like that! (or is there one?)

    I really enjoy this site, i love YA novels…I was huge into BSC and Sweet Valley as a kid, it’s so fun to walk down memory lane

  23. Kelly says:

    Camp Cucamunga was my sister’s and my favorite movie of all time! Urkel and D.J. together at last! You can’t get a better combination!

  24. Deathy says:

    I remember Camp Sunnyside. I only read a couple because they were impossible to find. My older cousin gave me one and the other I found at a thrift store. I know I liked them. ^_^

  25. Jenn says:

    I’m sure like a lot of you guys, Super Specials gave me a lot of unrealistic expectations about any vacation or trip I went on with my family. I couldn’t understand why (at age 11 – 13) my parents wouldn’t let me go around Washington DC or Nassau by myself, or why I couldn’t invite several friends along with our family. And where were all the cute boys that I was supposed to have a romance with during the trip?
    And I too, wanted to go and went to sleep-away camp (4-H camp) for a week with my sister because of YA books and super specials (namely, BSC and Darcy in Cabin 13).

  26. Kim says:

    O.M.G. I heart Camp Cucamunga. I’m also singing the song right now. That movie was so made of win. And I second (or third or fourth) the sentiment that the Fab Five Super Special should be recapped. That book was just amazing, even without a Taffy cameo.

  27. Kristin says:

    I loved the BSC summer camp super special. Remember when Mary Ann writes that note to Logan to prove that she has a boyfriend? She signs it “Your love-bunny, Mary Ann.” I was wondering for years if people really talked like that.

  28. Merrie says:

    Some more great YA camp books are “Camp Boy Meets Girl” and “Camp Reunion.” It’s because of these books I actually was a camp counselor for one summer. It isn’t as glamorous as books make it out to be. Here’s why:

    1. I was assigned to the 5-year-old cabin. My co-counselor was never around and one of my campers always wet her pants. Not just her bed, her pants. Guess who got stuck with cleaning?

    2. I made $1500 for 8 weeks of 24-hour work, meaning I was paid around one dollar per hour.

    3. I transferred to the 12-year-old cabin after the first two-week session. No more pant wetter, but pre-teen angst and drama. Lovely.

    4. There were no cute male counselors.

    5. I woke up at 5 a.m. every day to shower in peace. If I didn’t, I’d have to shower every other day and when you have curly hair, that isn’t good.

    6. The phone to make private phone calls was attached to a tree outside the mess hall. I kid you not. It’s how the directors kept us from contacting people back home.

    7. Contrary to popular belief, counselors did not have time to sneak in the woods to make out or smoke or drink. Our time was scheduled to the max! And by night, if you were able to talk your co-counselor into staying in the bunk with the kids, you were too exhausted to hang out in the counselor cabin and play cards because it was going to start again in eight hours.

    The only bright side was Tom Cruise had a cabin on the camp’s lake and I saw him while I was taking my kids boating one day. Of course, now he’s crazy, so there goes my cool story.

  29. Misti says:

    Gimme my hundred dollars, woman! I loved Camp Cucamonga! My Mama recorded it for my sisters and me the year it came on. We had it forever! I had the biggest crush on Chad Allen 🙂

  30. Jeaniy says:

    What about “Eenie, Meenie, Murphy, No!” Holy crap, I loooved that book. Drama, poison ivy, broken fishing poles, adolescent romance…between this and Camp MohawkI wanted to go to camp soo bad.

    Even though I was a weinie and would have called and begged to go back home in like 3 days. Which, looking back, my parents probably knew. Hence, no camp. ^_^

  31. Alicia E. says:

    I loved all the Fab 5 Super Specials. There was the one where they got into a big fight at a sleepover and magically all woke up in each other’s bodies. (I don’t remember how that one got resolved? It’s kind of weird.)

    And the last book of the series, I think, where they have an 8th grade graduation and each girls remembers an important moment from the last two years of her lives. I think Christy remembers when she met Princess Di? I wish I still had that book.

  32. Lemur says:

    Sad to say, but those Super Specials have sadly tainted even my adult conceptions of what vacation should be like. I’m thirty, and I still haven’t stalked a hot guy all over a cruise ship. Surely something is wrong with me …

  33. Danielle says:

    @Lemur: I, too, am 30, and I’ve just got back from a cruise where I… stalked a cute British dancer from the show all over the ship. Sadly, this did not lead him to profess his love for me and take me dancing and get me the best desert at dinner, or whatever else said stalking would have led to in a Super Edition (surely not teh sex!). The closest I came was when he called me “Love” when I was disembarking. Too little, too late. *sigh*

  34. ihatewheat says:

    ha, Merrie, when I was a camp counselor, my first two years were with three and four year olds. Who couldn’t dress themselves. I also saw more body fluids than needed.

    Who the hell would send their five year olds to sleepaway camp?

  35. bookharlot says:

    my favorite ever camp book was “Laura’s Luck” by Marilyn Sachs. I still remember and sing the song about “The Forgotten Chord.” Anyone else with love for that book?

  36. Rhiannon says:

    If you have it or can find it, you’d loooooove SV Kids Super Snooper#2- Camp! Ghosts! Belltower! Frightening events! Tacky ghost legend!

    Only SV book I ever owned but I read the SHIT out of that thing!

  37. Lauren says:

    Oh man, I never knew there were Pen Pals super specials! The SS books in series were always my favorites, too, although the BSC ones definitely got more ridiculous as the series went on. I hated the Sweet Valley Twins SS’s, because they ALWAYS had some kind of stupid magic plot.

    I grew up going to summer camp and worked there all throughout college – yeah, definitely less glamorous than the books made it sound. I DID finally get my quintessential camp romance (when I was 22…) but we made 7 cents an hour, literally, working on the camp staff. That part wasn’t so great.

  38. BadKat says:

    I totally was in to Camp Sunnyside. They were hard to find though!! They had a Christmas Special where all of the members dreamt what life would be like if they had never met the others. It is a whole super special genre, the Dream Sequence.

    Alicia E. – That was the very first super special for the Fab Five. They were all pissy with each other because when they moved up to big time middle school, no one had time for each other. It ended when they worked out all the issues that they had during the dream sequence and magically woke up after all was well and they realized that they had been too hard on each other and saw what it was like to be one of the other girls. I also read this one until pages were coming loose from it. I was always way more into the Fab Five than any other series.

    Merrie – I totally caught my own cabin counselor drinking Boone’s Farm (Blue Hawaiian flavor) in the woods during a campfire. And our counselors got like 3 nights a week off. We were always jealous that we could not go into town with them.

  39. Merrie says:

    bookharlot, I loved “Laura’s Luck!” It’s one of those books I had to buy off for my daughter to read someday. I’m just keeping an eye on it until she’s old enough. “There’s a Bat in Bunk Five” also is a great camp book.

    BadKat, Your counselor was much cooler than me! I only had two 24-hour breaks my whole summer at camp. I had a few 12-hour breaks and a couple 8-hour ones, too. I remember driving to Canado with some of the other counselors during one of our 8-hour breaks just say we ate lunch in Canada.

    Gas was cheaper then.

  40. LucyHoneychurch says:

    A couple of camp books I loved were “Yours Til Niagara Falls” and omg, who could forget “There’s A Bat in Bunk Five”??

  41. maybeimamazed02 says:

    Ha, all this talk of camp counselors makes me think of the counselors’ trip into town in Wet Hot American Summer! HA!

    “It’s always fun to get away from camp…even for an hour.”

  42. Eli says:

    Loved Laura’s Luck! I loved all camp books. And I loved sleepaway camp. I was mad that my parents made me get a “real” job that paid minimum wage instead of letting me be a counselor 😦

  43. hillary says:

    I actually really liked “Class Trip,” and that and the Christmas special mentioned above, where Jessica and Elizabeth had magical dolls were my two favorite SV books. I really liked when the girls had fantasy adventires.

  44. Rachel K says:

    I lived for the release of Super Specials as a kid — I think my mom did too, because they were longer and therefore meant more time would pass before I was bugging her to drive me to the library for more books.
    I loved the “camp” books but my fave SS was the BSC trip to New York. Years later, I visited NYC for the first time and there were things I wanted to do because that’s what they did in the book. I was totally in a shame spiral about it until a few years ago when a friend revealed that she did exactly the same thing :).

  45. Shelley says:

    I remember a Gold BSC Super Special (the name and plot escape me) that I was soooo excited about. I remember examining the cover, savoring it, in awe that it was actually gold! Which had to mean it was a Super Super Special right? No.

    These YA blogs are awesome, but they ultimately help remind me about what a huge dork I was as a child…well I guess I’m still a huge dork, but at least now I don’t give a shit 🙂 Oh, and my guy thinks my inherent dorkiness it cute, so yay for that!

  46. Robyn says:

    I was obsessed with super specials when I was a kid. They were longer and way juicier with even more outfit descriptions, which is what I lived for.

    I went to overnight camp for years and I knew what it was really like. The girls were bitchy and cliquey, the guys who were cute only talked to the bitchy cliquey girls and the counsellors were only interested in their nights off and I was kinda miserable when I was there. Yet, somehow, when I read the BSC camp super special, I somehow forgot all about that and though that maybe my next summer would be just like that, even if I wasn’t a counsellor.

    Alas, the girls were bitchy and the guys ignored me. Stupid BSC had me fooled again!

    As for the counsellor thing, I opted to be a counsellor at a day camp, which is the best deal. You get to be outside all day, ignoring campers and letting them run wild and then you can leave at night and go out with your friends. Truly, the best of both worlds. Still got paid squat, but got a kick ass tan!

  47. Nathalie says:

    “Yours ‘Til Niagra Falls, Abby” was one of my all-time favorite children’s books. I still own not one, but two copies. And I still laugh out loud when I read it.

    Speaking of laughing out loud, did anyone ever read “I Want to go Home!” by Gordon Korman. It’s about a boy’s camp, so there’s not cheesy romance or outfit descriptions. But as a kid I thought it was the funniest book ever written. It basically just details the main character’s many attempts to run away from camp.

  48. Elizabeth says:

    I absolutely loved “I Want To Go Home!” by Gordon Korman. Being a typical girly girl as child, I never even read books starring mostly boys. But “I Want To Go Home!” became one of my favourites.

    Gordon Korman’s other YA books are also really funny, esp. “Son of Interflux” and “A Semester in the Life of a Garbage Bag.”

  49. calico drive says:

    Gold BSC Super Special was super speicl #11 the bsc remember. the cover was indeed very cool GOLD and shiny. however the plot was not. and it was also made into a episode of bsc tv show called SURPRISE ! the bsc remember…i cant believe I REMEMBER all this stuff…and still own it….

  50. Rachel K says:

    There was also the silver BSC super special where Watson and Dawn’s dad decide to drive them all cross-country in huge RVs … maybe the publisher knew the books were getting more ridiculous and hoped no one would notice if the covers were bright and sparkly.

  51. Allie says:

    1. I just discovered this blog and I LOVE it.

    2. I totally forgot about The Fabulous Five! How could I have done that? I read the heck out of those books!

    3. Your posts crack me up.

  52. upstatestruggler says:

    ‘I was too chicken and prissy to ever want to go to a sleepaway camp.’

    I can do that one better:

    my parents (mother) had these weird irrational fears when I was a kid. I couldn’t play ‘ball sports’ because I might get ‘hit in the face’ . srsly! and I couldn’t go away to summer camp because it was all just tween ‘sex, cannabis, and bugs’. so where did they send me? music camp.
    quite a bit of all of the above. parents r sooo stoopid!

  53. Cara Walker says:

    Haha… I loved Super Specials / Super Editions when I was a kid – especially when one would come out the same month as a regular edition. It was always the biggest excuse for me to push my parents for a raise in my allowance 😉

    I especially remember the BSC camp Super Special. Once again a YA novel had me wishing I was living in the US, because we never had camps in Australia. I loved the MaryAnne storyline (the whole visiting Logan on the boys’ side of camp, etc) and the Jessi – I’m black and my name doesn’t start with Ma (Aaaggghhh!) storyline. It was almost enough for me to apply to be a camp counselor later in life, but not quite… lol

    I would love to see a number of Super Specials reviewed on this site – especially SVH Falling For Lucas and SVT Super Eds 2 and 4. Also, how about the Super Thrillers (SVH) and Super Chillers (SVT)?

  54. LP says:

    I was just informed of this blog by my Google Reader recommendations. I probably read Babysitters on Board about 15 times when I was in elementary school. Glad to see others remember that gem.

  55. Monica says:

    i would like my 100 dollars for having seen and loved camp cucamonga. loved the song too “cucamonga! oh yeah oh yeah. camp cucamonga” …lame. dude, i had the same obsession with camp and boarding school as you. Your blog is keeping me highly entertained during this blizzard

  56. Margo says:

    OMG… my mom worked on Camp Cucamonga and I have a picture with a huge space in my two-front teeth with Candace Cameron!!!
    I’m surprised ANYONE has ever seen it!!! I mean.. .it was on tv like once, and so we taped it!!! haha…
    Jaleel White (Urkel) played the cool kid… and the Wonder Years kids were in it…. Fantabulous. Holy Moly.

  57. Schatzi says:

    I loved super specials, and was more likely to own those than any other series books. I totally had Baby-sitters on Board; we bought it for me to read on the plane to visit my dad for the summer.

    I was also way into camp books, and always wanted to go to camp.

  58. msblenkins says:

    I gotta say, I *loved* that weird SVT super-special with the Enchanted Forest or whatever. It’s really the only one of that series that I have any strong memory of. In retrospect, it does seem bizarre, though.
    I used to get so excited about the BSC super-specials–I think the NYC one was my fave.

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