9 thoughts on “Spotted in downtown Oakland

  1. Amber Tan says:

    Ack! I’ve been by this building a bunch of times (used to live in the East Bay) and it never triggered that tingly SV feeling. Crazy!

    “Did you go in and make sure that everyone was exactly a size 6?”

    And not just the vanity size 6 of today but the old school ’80s size 6, right, BadKat? 😉

  2. BadKat says:

    Oh totally, Amber Tan!!
    We really should be looking for all of those size 4’s! Jessica and Liz that would be considered blimps if SVH was set in this decade! They would need to start binging and purging right away to squeeze into today’s 6.

  3. Stacey says:

    Book Description off of Amazon.com for #4 Power Play.

    JESSICA WAKEFIELD IS used to setting off sparks. But when she starts a new, highly selective club—the Sweet Valley High Beautification Committee—she begins a war with her twin sister.

    Elizabeth knows that Jessica has more on her mind than simply cleaning up the SVH campus. It’s obvious that the Beauties are out to become the most elite group of girls at school, even if it means walking all over those they deem less worthy. Only one Wakefield can reign supreme. And Liz is determined to show Jessica that the final say on beauty won’t come from a committee vote.

    And how exactly does this not drastically change the book from the original? “The Beauties?” what the heck? Where is Robin again?

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