The Vampire Diaries! Republished!

I was wandering aimlessly through Barnes and Nobles and noticed that the Vampire Diaries are being re-released. I totally forgot about these until that moment and I almost wet my pants with joy. I don’t remember the exact details but I know some Jessica-esque gal has a torrid affair with a vampire and then his twin brother tries to steal her away. Or something. I just remember them being suuuper sexual without actually containing sex. L.J. Smith also wrote The Secret Circle Series and oh my god those were awesome too. I used to have a thing for vampires…oh hell, I still think vampires are kind of hot. The Vampire Lestat totally did it for me…except when he turned his mom into a vampire and they kind of made out. Anyway, each new book contains two of the old books. I snatched ’em up and totally will be reporting back.

Old cover:

New sooooper sensual sexy cover:

50 thoughts on “The Vampire Diaries! Republished!

  1. Juanita says:

    I absolutely loved L.J. Smith! In fact, I’m still mad that her Night World series cut off without the final books being released. Did you read the Forbidden Game trilogy too?

  2. Rosemarie says:

    This series was amazing! They had the sexy vampire thing, which was awesome, but they also had all the bitchery and infighting that was even more awesome. Now I have to see if I can find my copies, because I think I absolutely have to read them again.

  3. Club X says:

    “I used to have a thing for vampires…oh hell, I still think vampires are kind of hot.”

    I agree! There’s just something incredibly sexy about them.

  4. The Kuus says:

    I loved all of these too, except I always hated that the main characters had bad taste. Who in the hell would really pick Stefan over Damon, or Tom over Julian?

  5. Kathleen says:

    The old cover is very V.C. Andrews. Those books would be fun to snark. A beautiful (probably perfect size six) girl, abuse, rape, incest, wealth, rags to riches, scandal it’s all there.

    They’re terrible, but so addicting.

  6. BoxTreeCafe says:

    OMG.. never read these series.. but lj smith – LOVED HER. her secret circle books were (sadly) such a huge highlight of my adolescent reading days… i totally, totally wanted to be a member of their little coven adn had the biggest crush on supersexysupermysterioussupercold nick. sad, i know.. if you ever get those books you HAVE to recap.

  7. Diane says:

    You know what you need to review?

    “Twilight,” by Stephenie Meyer.

    It’s what all the kids are into these days. And it’s really, really, really bad. My roommate and I got it from our local library for the lols, and ended up reading the whole thing in under 24 hours.

  8. kris says:

    HOLY CRAP. I almost peed myself when I saw this. By the way, I’m (sorta) a new reader who found this site through Pajiba, and I absolutely love it! You are too funny!

    But. Back to business. These books were my LIFE when I was in middle school. I probably re-read them all about 50 times. And L.J. Smith was actually not that bad for a YA author. There were some big(ish) words in those things, the plots were interesting, the characters were pretty filled out…all in all, a lot better than most of the trash out there.

    And vampires and witches! And aliens! Oh my! I’m not sure whether the Secret Circle or Vampire Diaries were my favorite trilogy. They were definately better than…what were the other two…The Game (was that the one with Julian?) and…Dark Visions. Yes, Dark Visions, where they keep all the psychics locked up. Anyhoo, I fully expect these to be discussed in detail…I’d be super sad if they weren’t!!

    By the way, I was also pissed when Night World was cut short!

    Oh, and I would’ve picked Stefan but maybe not Tom – Julian seemed pretty frakkin hot. Of course, you know, the tragic death kind of got in the way, but Jenny could’ve prevented that by giving in to him earlier.

    Hottest guy of all was Adam, though.

  9. KB says:

    LJ Smith was my crack back in the day. I loved the Vampire series, the Secret Circle, and the forbidden game. What was the other one with the psychic kids? It had the main character named Kaitlyn. I named my oldest that way before it got to be such a popular name.
    I can’t wait to get these books again, just for the fun.

  10. Onnie says:

    oh my god…that new cover looks hot! i loved those books. now you made me wanna go back home and dig for those out of the bags in the basement!

  11. mcglory13 says:

    I *LOVED* The Secret Circle. Loved it. I read the other series, but that one was the one for me. I kinda thought that terrible warlock movie that came out recently, The Covenant?, must have been a tribute. Only with less girls waving about crystals.

  12. BoxTreeCafe says:

    The Covenant!!! oh my freaking god.. i thought i was the only one who saw that trash.. such a TERRIBLE movie.. i was all embarrassed when i rented it from blockbuster….and i totally thought about Secret Circle when i read.. and developed a tad bit of a crush for that yummy bad guy – the one who gets the smackdown in the locker room. he was the hotness.

  13. Athena says:

    Strange Fate is finally going to be published (probably next year), and there may even be a fifth Vampire Diary ( Can’t wait to get back from uni and have a session of re-reading the Vampire Diaries (and maybe all the others too).

  14. Taylor says:

    I just read those four books, actually two books but all together there are four. It was amazing and I never wanted it to end. Stefan Salvatore was the most hottest vampire ever, he was so awesome. I heard from L.J. Smith’s website that she is working on her 5th book. It has to do mainly with Bonnie from what I have heard. And that she is left behind by herself in Fell’s Church while all of her friends leave her behind. And there is a new power in town that she cannot stop, and supposedly Damon comes and saves her. That is what I have read and seen on youtube. Type the books title in oon youtube and you will find some very interesting things posted. CHECK IT OUT! I am so reading book 5 of the series if it comes out.

    **And I heard rumors about a movie! It could be the next big thing……like a new Harry Potter Series but instead of witches we haev vampires. That would be intense!!!!

  15. Ana says:

    “And I heard rumors about a movie! It could be the next big thing……like a new Harry Potter Series but instead of witches we haev vampires. That would be intense!!!!”

    where did you hear these rumors about a Vampire Diaries movie????

    Do tell…

    **when does the fifth book come out?**

  16. Jellybean says:

    Oh My GOSH!!! I love the new book covers!
    I’m still reading #2. I haven’t picked it up in over a month! (BTW, I have read #1, 3 &4)
    MOVIE?! Sooo cool.
    My fave character would probably Damon.
    I mean, Stefan was nice and all, but Damon seemed soooo freaking hot!
    Anyone read the Twilight series? Totally…
    I mean, ya, I like it sort of, but, come on. Edward glowing? Too much.
    I wish they would make a Vampire Diaries movie instead of Twilight.
    Anyhoo, ciao!

  17. mandy says:

    This is the best site ever. All of a sudden I feel 13 again when I was completely satisfied to sit in my room for hours and binge on these books. Espesially Vampire Diaries. And I was a total idiot when I bought the books becuase I didn’t realize they were a trilogy (at first) so I read the second and third book first before even knowing what happened in book I. (Roman numerals make everything cooler.) But I eventually wound up reading all 4 (in order) over and over. I don’t have any of my YA books anymore but I did keep a running list of “BEST BOOKS EVER” in my middle school diary I’ll have to bust out now! Oh I was a huge fan of the My Teacher is an Alien series by Bruce Coville….if you get the chance!

  18. JJ says:

    Is there a movie coming out I cant wait!! Someone on this web site said that Bonnie was alone and Damon rescued her, what about Elena she came back to life so your saying that Elena left her best friend behind in a very dangerous place. I don’t believe it. 🙂

  19. Alisha says:

    I loved this series but I’m in love with the Twilight Series as well.

    Damon was so freaking sexual and hot in the books.

    Twilight has Edward who is hot and handsome and sweet but if it came down to it the winner would be..

    Damon something about the sexual appeal and the bad boy thing.

  20. Stephanie says:

    Okay, i know this sounds weird but i absolutly LOVE vampires. My brother think that i think I am one but i don’t i just love them. They are incredibly sexy!! I am determined to read EVERY book made about vampires… no joke. I am even writing a book about vampires and i am only 14!!

  21. Aren says:

    OhMyGod, I am DYING to see who would be Damon and Stefan, they’re so gorgeous in my mind… I’ll be 14 in August, and I wrote a book to follow up on the 4th book, because it kept my mind off waiting for a movie, or the Damon book… but now I’m losing it… everyone go to Ljane’s website and beg her to get someone to make a movie… I think I’ve sent maybe 11 messages asking her… HELP ME!! LOL

  22. Anna says:

    hey stephanie i no how you feel i love vampires to thier AMAZING and so so so so hot and deffinatly sexy glad im not alone on the!!! : ) ps. i bet like everyone has a secret crush on vampires ppl just dont know it yet lol!!!!

  23. Anna says:

    oh yea btw stephanie im 14 too i just realized you were too haha cool we have stuff in commen!! ok so now i have 3 coments in a row thats sad so i think il stop lol!!!

  24. Anna says:

    ok so i had to say one more thing lol jellybean your so right twilight deffinatly not as good and a vampire diaries movie would be so much better!! also Damon id so much HOTTER then stephan but i still love them both : ) and edward glow is dumb vampires shouldnt be able to live in the sun without like dying it just isnt right!! adn the last thing i wanted to say was the movie twilight looks so bad the acting in all!!! ok now im deffinatly done lol!!

  25. Arianne says:

    How anyone could even dare SAY that the Twilight series sucked should seriously be slapped, for eternity.

    Ok, now that I’m done with that. haha.

    I absolutely loved the Vampire Diaries, but didn’t even get into them until I was dying to find another series to distract me from being sad about the whole Twilight series ending. I discovered these books && ended up LOVING them.

    I think the only reason I really ended up hoping that Elena would stay with Stefan over Damon is because he made me think of Edward from Twilight.

    However, Damon’s a hottie, a bad boy, && has feelings underneath his tough exterior. He’s perfect. :]

  26. nor says:

    i’ve become a recent fan of the series true blood i bought the book (because couldn’t wait for the next episode) which revamped my love for vampires 🙂 like you i wandered to the teen section and low and behold my most favourite series was there, vampire diaries! It’s nice to hear there were many others who enjoyed the books as much as i did. If i remember correctly vampire diaries had a prequel.. it’s been a long time since i read them i can’t wait to reread them again! dark visions was also one of my favourites.

  27. Kelly says:

    omg i loooove damon he is so damn hot!! and besides the fact that hes hot, i rly like him cuz he is a bad boy, dangerous, and most of all beneath the surface he is not an evil person, he risked his life to save his brother which he supposevly hates, and i think its good to have him be pushed and see what he is rly capable of…p.s. i love the series!!!

  28. Lissa says:

    Gosh..I’m 30 now and remember reading these at 14..and how I came across this site was typing in “is twilight remake of vampire diaries?”. I loved this series when I was much so that I even wrote to LJ Smith and got an autograph. But I have to wonder…is this lady who wrote this new series just stealing Smith’s basic idea and twisting it into a more up to date version? It seems to me that no one can come up with an original idea nowadays. Personally, I think this series should be a was an awesome collection-and I cannot imagine a sexier movie about vampires.

  29. Jolene says:

    Yes I have to agree that the Vampire Diaries was great. I LOVED them when I was growing up. I have not read the twilight books before, but I have to say that when I did hear what they were about I kinda thought the same thing about Stephanie Myers ripping off the ideas in the Vampire Diaries. It is great that the VD was re-released, it means that a whole new generation will enjoy them as much as I did!!!

  30. nyx says:

    awesome! im so happy about this, i found and read one of the books in this series by accident when i was looking for books in the school library when i was younger, in grade 7, and i friggen DREAMT about the characters in the story for days, it was so amazing! Sad part is, when i went to read the others, my library didnt have any others and i havent found them since.Glad to know theyre being re published, they dont deserve to collect dust ^_^. If You Havent Read Them, GO OUT AND DO IT NOW hahahaaha

  31. skye says:

    So just so u all know im posting this via a cell phone. So im using celll lingo. The reason twilights movie wasn’t that good is because thwey only put 38mill into production unaware that the books would be a hit. If u haven’t read them don’t knock them. They are every bit as good as the diaries in my opinion. The blue bloodseries is good as well. I read all 4 twilight books in a week because I couldn’t put them down. They are planning to make a movie out of the second book “new moon” which will surely be a much better movie now that they are aware of how big the fan base has become.

  32. Desertisle says:

    This is like JK Rowling and Ursala Le Guin all over again, ULG wrote Wizard of EarthSea, about a boy growing up to be a wizard and is sent to a wizarding school…sound familiar? Well, after I finished the Twilight series (I hate the last book), I turned to the Vampire Diaries, I caught myself comparing somethings in VD and Twilight…then I realized that VD was written in 1991!!! I do think that Stephanie Meyer read VD and used the concept as a stepping stone to her own story, which is wonderful. Stephanie has done the same thing as JK Rowling, she has modernized a story written 20 years before, as well as expanding it. Everyone has done a great job with their writtens, thoughts, ideas and concepts…but, the original storytellers also need their place in the sun.

  33. Samantha says:

    I am such a big fan of The Vampire Diaries! It’s so amazing! I have also always had a thing about Vampires! And L.J Smith made them sound even more romantic and amazing than I ever imagined before!
    The Vampire Diaries has always been my favourite and hell, I’m sure it will continue to be…………….

  34. jelli belli says:

    I love all of her books! They r sooo good! My fav book is Dark Visions.I havent read the Night World Series yet though.Ive read the vampire diaries books though.Keep up the good work (or good books)!

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