need your help

I just got a cat– I’ve actually already had her for a couple of months, but I was fostering her, but now I am officially adopting her. I need a name for her, because the name she was given in the shelter is fucking stupid. I really want to name her after a YA book character. Any thoughts? I was thinking Lila Fowler or Bruce Patman. Her name doesn’t have to be female. She’s really vocal and an attention whore. And one of her eyes permanently faces outward, like Brad Pitt in 12 Monkeys. Thoughts?

For those of you into (mostly indie) music, here are my top albums of 2007. Feel free to disagree. For those of you that like the Magnetic Fields, there is a song on ther fantastic new album called “California Girls” and it totally could have been written about Sweet Valley. Check it out. I think it will be released in February.

Radar Magazine (if you don’t already read it, you should, it’s fantastic) has a quiz to determine what current young adult novel is for you.

And finally, a question: Was Winston ever on any SVH cover?

44 thoughts on “need your help

  1. Anonymous says:

    howz about Cara Walker??

    or what about caroline pierce.

    those are two that come to mindwhen i think of “vocal”

  2. katee says:

    I’m all about naming pets after books characters.

    In the SVH series, I’ve always had a soft spot for Regina.

    I took the the YA novel test twice. The first answer was Before I Die, which I am going to see if my library has. The second time it recommended Twilight, which I already read and loved.

    Good luck naming your kitty!


  3. Anonymous says:

    That is sooooo funny! I got a puppy about a month ago and I wanted so badly to name him Bruce Patman. Not just Bruce, but Bruce Patman. My husband wouldn’t have it! So we named him Oscar de la Renta (because Lila would totally name her dog that)

  4. Tracy says:

    Are you crazy? You mention “The C Word” on the internet and no pictures? Without seeing her, maybe she’s a Taffy… She doesn’t have a crooked bicuspid does she?

  5. cnester says:

    You mentioned Winston in the same post as naming your cat, so I thought Egbert would be cute. Eg(g) for short. Or to get obscure, wasn’t Jana’s mom (Taffy Sinclair series) dating a guy named Pinkerton with salami or onion breath? Called him Pink I believe.

  6. janevain says:

    adorable– name her sid (vicious) or, if you’d prefer a girl name, nancy. not ya book, but totally cool. or if you really want the book thing, name her heather, as in the weird stepsister heather in ‘wait till helen comes.’ what a freak.

  7. MaggieCat says:

    Dana Larson? Although she kind of looks like she could be an Amy (Sutton/Winehouse; your call). Of course my kitten’s named after an extremely obscure girl detective character from 1915, so my input may be suspect.

  8. kiwimusume says:

    Another vote for Amy Sutton, L optional. Although I agree with Duck that the watching you shower thing just screams Bruce Patman. One of those two, then.

    And awwww, she is gorgeous! 😀

  9. Robyn says:

    How cute is the kitty! And if your kitty is anything like mine, she gives the best dirty looks. Which makes me think she is such a Lila Flowler…
    And I took the YA quiz at radar and I’m supposed to read Greed. Gonna have to track it down now!

  10. Kristy says:

    How about Daniella Fromage? I know I am totally poaching from the 1bruce1 site, but hey, its just great. And crazy, like any decent cat should be. Yet French and prissy, also like any decent cat should be.
    Enjoy your kitty!!

  11. Anne says:

    God that cat is cuuuuute. Agreed with Duck about Bruce Patman.

    Wasn’t Winston on the cover of the one book where Jessica briefly thought about dating him?? Or the one where he became a cheerleader? I dunno, I know there was at least one book where he was the lead plot point.

  12. Katee says:

    awww you’re cat is cute.

    I second a vote for Pinkerton. Simply because calling the cat “Pink” for short is cute and cats can have some nasty breath.

    Now I wonder if I can convince my husband to name our first dog Regina. hmmm…..

  13. Amber Tan says:

    Congratulations on your bundle of joy, ihatewheat — she’s absolutely beautiful! I vote for Regina since it means “queen”.

    “I got a puppy about a month ago and I wanted so badly to name him Bruce Patman.”

    The SO and I adopted a one year old pitty-mix named Jade about three months ago. She came with the name “Jade” which we both like. The funny thing is that our two-year lab came to us as “Diamond”.

  14. Jade Wu's Toe Shoe says:

    HEEEEEE re: Adam Marvel.

    My vote is for Santa Dora, the imaginary country that Prince Arthur (is that the right name? . . . ) hails from.

  15. Kellie says:

    When I was 13 my parents bought me a kitten which I named Lila … she’s still around today… it’s a great cat name!

  16. Kristin says:

    Suzanne Hanlon? Or I would say Enid.

    Lynne Henry because she’s so vocal get it?

    Anyway. I think Winston appears on the covers of the Pom Pom wars books with Ken and Todd but I can’t remember him being on any cover of the old school circle JC Penney pose variety.

  17. ihatewheat says:

    Thanks for all the ideas…I am leaning towards Regina Morrow (the full first and last name). Because, my cat has a heart murmur. And I can call her “Reggie” which is cute.

  18. maybeimamazed02 says:

    I second Bruce Patman or Taffy.

    From one cat mama to another (mine is Versace)–congrats, ihatewheat!

    BTW, whoever mentioned Before I Die, it’s fantastic. As is Twilight.

  19. Eli says:

    Aw, what a sweet kitty. Rescue kitties are the best. I have a black one named Guido that I adopted in college.

    If the cat likes to watch you shower, I definitely support the nomination of Bruce Patman to be her name (you can call her Patti if you want to make it girlie, haha). Because then you can get her a personalized tag that says 1bruce1. And that would be kind of awesome.

  20. Robyn says:

    If your cute little regina kitty has a heart murmer, please, for the love of god, don’t let her do any coke! We know how that can end up…

  21. Jessa Fields says:

    I definitely support the nomination of Bruce Patman to be her name (you can call her Patti if you want to make it girlie, haha). Because then you can get her a personalized tag that says 1bruce1.

    OMG yes! That is the best idea. It makes me want to get a cat just so I can do that.

  22. Club X says:

    ” or if you really want the book thing, name her heather, as in the weird stepsister heather in ‘wait till helen comes.’ what a freak.”

    omg Janevain…I loved that book when I was a kid! As a matter of fact, I found it in a bookstore a few months ago and I had to buy it lol. It really freaked me out when I was little.

  23. Club X says:

    “She’s really vocal and an attention whore. ”

    Hmm….I know you hate her, but that sounds exactly like Jessica Wakefield to me!

    BTW…there was an SVU book called What Winston Saw with him on the cover. I think they might have used some guy from the TV show for the picture.

  24. ihatewheat says:

    I am 99% set on Regina Morrow, I’d love to call her Bruce Patman and have the 1bruce1 collar, but in good faith I could not name my loveable kitty after a misogynist racist date rapist.

    Maybe her collar will say 1cat1?

  25. burningsteady says:

    There is that Stephen Lynch wherein a line is about having a cat snort cocaine. Perfect theme song for Regina Morrow kitty.

  26. Amy Slutton says:

    Ha, he does look like Conan O’Brien. I don’t remember what he looked like on that board game. I always envisioned him to look like Steven on the cover of Are We in Love.

    Congrats on the new kitty! I want another one, but I already have 5…

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