Sweet Valley Chamber of Commerce: not just planning teen beauty pageants

Loved the discussion on the careers in Sweet Valley, but how about the places/stores/restaurants in Sweet Valley? For a small town, it’s got some weird places. Here’s what I am thinking off the top of my head:

  • The Dairi Burger (doy)
  • Casey’s
  • The mall (includes Lisette’s)
  • The Beach Disco
  • Kelly’s bar
  • The Box Tree Cafe (this totally anoys me, they always go there on nice dates)
  • SV Country Club (the Patmans dwell there)
  • Ingenue Headquarters
  • The office building where Ned’s office is (where Roger Barrett used to scrub toilets)
  • Sweet Valley Beach
  • Joshua Fowler Memorial Hospital (where everyone goes when they are in a coma)
  • Civic Center (where the dumb pageants and concerts are held)

31 thoughts on “Sweet Valley Chamber of Commerce: not just planning teen beauty pageants

  1. Galleta says:

    Things for Girls–the store where Jessica gets a $25 certificate when she wins the pageant.
    The Tennis Shop
    The Dress Shop
    The Boston Shop, where snobby types do their shopping.
    Was there a bar there called Shady Lady?

  2. Magenta Galaxy says:

    ^There IS a bar called the Shady Lady. I think it was supposed to be just as seedy as Kelly’s, and distinctly remember at least 2 barfights that happened there!

    There’s also:
    Foxy Mama’s, where Jessica buys hideously slutty clothes;
    The Valley Mall, which you already mentioned, but also includes Unique Boutique, Lyton and Brown’s, North’s Jewelry, The Paper Tiger, and Bibi’s;
    The Sweet Valley News building, where the twins get into numerous murder investigations that those really f’ing stupid SV cops can’t figure out;
    Pierre Marchand’s Dry Cleaners, where Jessica has to take Sue’s wedding dress after she throws it under a truck (hehehe); and
    that movie theater where they are forever showing Casablanca and other old films – is it the Plaza Theater?

  3. Anonymous says:

    from a SVH livejournal recap-
    “One day, Elizabeth’s bf, Jefferey, arranges a date at Tiberino’s, a fancy Italian place”

  4. Laura says:

    Technically not in Sweet Valley but… that Spanish restaurant where everyone goes when they want to be incognito — can’t remember the name!

  5. i'd like to service 1BRUCE1 says:

    mmm Guido’s! i still remember reading in one of the SVTwins book where [a grounded?] Jessica’s growling stomach coerces her into raiding family emergency money jar for pepperoni and extra cheese!

    – there was that rad two-roomed Chinese restaurant where they go towards the end of Who’s Who! I can’t remember the name, though.

    -Secca Lake? It was mentioned a lot more in SV Twins but I can clearly remember references to it in The Evil Twin and Return of the Evil Twin!

    [twins’ nightmare of margo whipping off her skicap to reveal long black hair and the site of the caroling party where they see the big fireball in the sky courtesy of Todd’s car ahahha, er, respectively]

    And there were a few things courtesy of Jessica the Genius, still in arm’s reach from the other post:

    – a “Blue Parrot Crafts to look at tie-dyed T-shirts” (Williams 29), although I can’t think of a time where Lila or Jessica would’ve been caught dead in a tie-dyed T-shirt after age 12, unless it was for one of those themed dances. Ms. Galaxy covered everything else Valley Mall related (:

    -There was a Cafe Feliz where Jessica and Ken get garden avocado burgers, fries, and vanilla milkshakes mmmmmmm but I kept not thinking of it since it’s only mentioned once while the Box Tree Cafe gets mentioned maybe three other times in this book alone.

    – “‘Last night Enid and I went to Bobo’s Burger Barn. It’s the most fun place. You can draw on the tablecloths, and they give you a balloon when you leave'” (Williams 115).

    -HHAHAHAHa and you already mentioned that laundromat/cappuccino bar they go to in the Glorious Almost Married post!

    mmm yes and the Silver Door salon [mentioned in careers] and the Guitar Center from the Splendiferous Alone in the Crowd post…..*fighting the urge to tear apart room in order locate and then sit in a pile of Sweet Valley goodness frothing at the mouth whilst thumbing through them like Vicki the robot looking for other places*

  6. Bob Russo says:

    The tenpin bowling alley that Elizabeth and Todd go to in Kidnapped by the Cult.

    The dating agency that Jessica works for in the book where Todd leaves.

  7. Sarah says:

    The Palomar House, Sweet Valley’s finest restaurant

    The Whistle Stop, the establishment where high school dropout and returnee and dropout and returnee. . .Johanna Porter waits tables

  8. Laura says:

    What cracks me up is how this small enough town has a magazine headquarters conveniently situated within. Like I’m guessing Ingenue is supposed to be a bit along the InStyle/Marie Claire/Elle vein, and it’s right there in Sweet Valley? “Things for Girls” always made me smile too – such an uninspiring name. Would you call a restaurant “Food on Tables?” Eh, whatevs.

  9. Amy Slutton says:

    There is a movie theater called the Valley Cinema; and yes Magenta Galaxy, it is indeed the Plaza Theatre (I’m reading Lovestruck right now!)

    In one book they mention going to a Mexican restaurant located some distance from Sweet Valley.

    Miller’s Point

    That carnival Jean West and Tom McKay go to

    Also there is a stadium and adjoinging tennis courts somewhere (mentioned in one of the Super Thrillers)

    Finally isn’t there some super nice restaurant that Nicholas Morrow (I think) takes Elizabeth? I don ‘t think it’s exactly in Sweet Valley, but close.

  10. olivia says:

    Moon Beach…I vaguely remember it being the location of several make-out sessions as well as the site of various West Side Story-esque storylines (that Christian guy who Jessica falls in love with while taking surfing lessons?)

    I believe the cafe in the TV series was called Moon Beach also.

  11. Sarah says:

    Amy Slutton, Nicholas takes Elizabeth to the Cote d’Or, in “nearby Malvina,” where they have smoked salmon, tournedos Rossini, puffed potatoes, haricots verts (so basically steak, mashed potatoes, and green beans), and wild strawberry souffle. The pats of butter are also in the shape of rosettes, just so we realize the kind of elegance we’re dealing with.

  12. Amy Slutton says:

    And it was “almost too lovely to eat”, hehe. Thanks Sarah — I knew it was something with d’Or in it, but I only kept coming up with the Palm d’Or, a super fancy restaurant where I live lol

  13. Wendy says:

    I’m not sure what it says about me that I faintly recall only a few of these businesses, but I clearly remember the meal that Nicholas and Elizabeth ate. Haricots verts seemed very exotic.

  14. Amy Slutton says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe there is also some place called the Somerville Quad. Again I am not entirely sure if it’s in Sweet Valley. I think it’s mentioned in Showdown.

  15. Merrie says:

    I remember thinking pats of butter in the shape of rosettes were the epitome of high class dating. No wonder my high school dates at Taco Tico never compared.

  16. Tiny Pants says:

    I feel like such a n00b that I didn’t even recognize the name the Dairi Burger! Then again, reading through the comments I realize my recall is far from perfect — all I remember abt the Dairi Burger was in one of the early books when I minor character went there wearing a red bra under a white shirt, and they all acted like it was the frickin’ scarlet letter. But it was the ’80s — I remember when I read it I thought it sounded more fashiony than whorish. But what did I know, I was like ten.

  17. Ashleyy says:


    – The tenpin bowling place was called The Fast Lane.
    – The Cote D’or is a french restaurant in Malvina, which i guess is close to SV
    – Theres the Local Shelter for Battered Woman (who knows if its called that, whateves, ) run ny Mrs Marstowe
    – The Shore House is a restaurant overlooking the beach that is fancy ans serves seafood. It is new is book #79
    – Heh, the seedy area of SV is Cedar Street and Fenno Street. The Good Freinds cult house is on #6 cedar (book 82)
    – Feminine Mystique sells lacy nightgown and stuff. ack. (Enids Story)
    – THeres a hotel called Sweet Valley Regency (Enids Story)
    – Bangkok Palace is a Thai Restaurant (Enids Story)
    – Palm Bay Hotel is very elegant (book 91)
    – La Maison Blance is the most elegant and expensive restaurant in couthern california (and its in sweet valley?!? – from book 91)
    – the sv news building is called The Western Building (Deadly Summer)
    – that crazy pysho escaped from the San Rafael Psyciatric Hospital in Deadly Summer
    – The Valley Cinema
    – Valley Sounds at sweet valley mall, where you can buy “albums” (Deadly Summer)
    – Forester Art School – where Olivia takes oil painting classes in Olivia’s Story
    – Yeah, the Plaza was the old cinema theather. they has a “Beat the Heat Movies” there in #101 where they played Casablanca, Adams Rib, Philadelphia Stroy, His Girl Friday, and My Favorite Wife.
    – That gay laundromat in 102 is called the VideoMat
    – horoscope hotline you can call in book 103 is 1-900-ZODIACS
    – Ocean Terrace is a seaside restuarant (103).

    Phew. Im a SV nerd.

  18. KittenWhitman says:

    Let’s not forget the Valley Inn–the place where Steven takes the frail and lovely Tricia Martin on their first date. Then of course he winds up ditching Cara there on her birthday, which she promptly forgives because–he’s a Wakefield!

  19. kishmish says:

    Precious Stones at the mall where Steven buys earrings for Jill in The Wakefields Strike It Rich. The shelter in Christmas Without Elizabeth where a single mom and her kids stay while they wait for the dad to come with money. Wherever it is they hold dirt bike ralleys for Jessica’s boyfriends to take part in. There would be a police station for all the kidnappers and serial killers and I think a town hall for the mayor to give speeches for Centennial Day. San Fernando, which is halfway between SV and SVU is Pedro’s Mexican Restaurant. The supermarket. The surf shop where Liz and Jess go everytime they suddenly forget they know how to surf and go to get gear and learn to be champions overnight.

  20. kishmish says:

    about the Joshua Fowler Memorial Hospital…does Joshua Fowler exist? I don’t remember him from the Fowler’s of Sweet Valley, did they name a hospital after a fake relative?

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