Taffy Sinclair, Queen of the Soaps

Jana’s bratty antics are getting really old. I can’t believe I didn’t see it the first time around. Taff gets a role on Interns and Lovers, a daytime soap, and Jana and the gang are so obviously jealous. She goes to NYC two days a week to film, and when she gets back she is tutored by Mr. Scott, the assistant principal.

Christie has a mad crush on Mr. Scott, so this sends her into a rage. I know she’s a kid, but does she actually think that something can actually happen between them? What an idiot. The gang convinces Jana to write a really mean expose in their sixth-grade newspaper. Somehow, no teacher looks at it before it is published, so everyone reads it and Taffy is so upset she doesn’t come to school for several days. Because Jana and her friends are wretched little witches.

Finally the girls think that Taffy is about the commit suicide. Jana asks Randy to go check on her and that makes Randy believe Jana is caring and he asks her out on a date. Which leads into the next book…

So the bulk of the book is Jana getting addicted to watching soap operas and starts imaging her life is one. It’s kind of funny, mostly to see how dumb Jana is. She convinces her self that she has a twin sister that is living with her Dad. She writes a letter to her father saying she is on her deathbed and he calls Jana’s mom and work and is all, wtf is with your daughter.

Taffy, hang in there. It gets better.

17 thoughts on “Taffy Sinclair, Queen of the Soaps

  1. jms says:

    It’s funny how much the illustrations changed from cover to cover (I own most of the TS books… I think the only one I’m missing is TS Strikes Back, which I MUST FIND… anyway, I digress). On this one, TS is barely cute, much less the most gorgeous 6th grade girl ever.

    Confession: I always sympathized with the Fabulous Five when I read these as a kid, but now I see the real dynamic–five girls ganging up on one, who may be snotty but who has only one friend (Mona, and that’s a one-sided friendship).

    Somewhat OT, but I always thought it was odd that the TS series is fairly humorous (especially The Against TS Club), but the FF books, ostensibly also written by Betsy Haynes, aren’t funny at all and are quite different in tone. Ghostwriters?

  2. greer says:

    “Wow, you’re worried because you think you might have driven your classmate to suicide! You are so sensitive! Let’s go have a clandestine date at the pizza parlor!”

  3. Jade Wu's Toe Shoe says:

    When I was young, I was always annoyed by the fact that Taffy had her script in her hands, yet was getting her hair touched up. Scripts are for rehearsals, and hair touch-ups on set would only happen during filming. But then again, why was she even on a set with a couch when her role was a girl dying in a hospital?

    Shut up, Jana. No wonder your dad never comes to see you!

  4. Eli says:

    Dang…Taffy totally looks like a hag there. I thought she was supposed to be hot. And nice Mom jeans and sleeveless muscle T. She looks a lot better in the newer covers, like the one where her and Hateful Jana find the baby.

    Yeah and seriously, why would Randy, the “nicest boy in school,” want to go on a date with someone who would post a bunch of vicious non-truths in the school newspaper?

  5. Abby says:

    You know what’s even more amazing? Randy says in several of the Taffy books, and a few of the FF books, that the reason he picked Jana over all the other girls was because she was just so nice and caring.

    I never liked Jana, even as a kid. The only time I ever thought she was cool was when she told Randy he sucked and she hoped he would end up dating their psycho sixth grade teacher.

  6. kiwimusume says:

    Oh God. I’ve never read any of those books and still I want to backhand Jana across the room. What an obnoxious little brat. And these guys were shown as the GOOD GUYS?!

  7. cnester says:

    Yeah, Taffy looks like butt on this cover. Oh, I think I know what book is next…going off memory after about 18 years…. I believe Jana and Taffy find an abandoned baby at school. Nice.

  8. ihatewheat says:

    kiwi, it totally does seem that way now. But reading it back in the day, it did seem relatable. Kind of. Especially for those of us that were jealous of someone. but Taffy does get her closure…sort of.

  9. Sexy Sadie says:

    I always imagined Taffy wasn’t snooty, just reserved and self-sufficiant and misunderstood by Jana and her friends.

  10. Jan says:

    I LOVED the Taffy Sinclair books!!!! And yeah I think back then, as I hate wheat said, they seemed more relatable- now, the Fabulous Five just seem bitchy!

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