Taffy Sinclair Strikes Again, or proof that Taffy rules

Reading these again has given me a totally new perspective: Jana is a supreme brat. And quite frivolous. And Taffy is kind of awesome.

Cover: great place to start. This scene never happened in the book, but kind of close. Taffy looks a good 22 years old. The other gals are hard to tell apart. Love the early 80s gear.

So the gals just started their new club, with the goal of becoming the most beautiful, popular, and sought-after girls in school. Well, starting a club and naming it is kind of negates this goal, doncha think? I am surprised the feminazi Katie Edwards agrees to this. They decide to start examining their faults. Jana, ever so kind to her friends, silently observes:

In fact, she takes every chance in the book to point out how fat Melanie is. They decide to make a list of each other’s faults nd show them to one another. Yes, THAT will end well.

Meanwhile, they get “Favulous Five” t-shirts but then checken out to wear them in from of Wiggins, the wiked old harpy they have as a teacher.

The big meeting with the faults: they all get peeved and everyone says that Jans is too “boy-crazy”. They all snub each other in school, which consists of “poison-dart eyes”, sticking out their tongues, and noses in the air. Jana decides to prove them wrong about the boy-crazy thing and make them realize that all the boys are crazy about her and so she can’t help it. And Taffy is supposed to be the conceited one?

Jana, desperate for attention, starts hanging out with Taffy Sinclair. Nice Jana. Make the girl you started a club against even more aware that you only talk to her when you need something. Taffy teaches her about body language, and how to send messages to cute boys and how to hate on people. She says her mother taught her these “when things were really bad”. In other words, when some bratty insecure girls FORMED A CLUB AGAINST HER. Serves them right.

Noe, here’s why I love Taffy. Seeing that Jana is in a vulnerble spot, decides to manipulate her for her own amusement. I would say it’s warranted, considering the shit Jana gave her. She tells Jana a cute boy has a crush on her, and Jana assumes it’s Randy Kirwan, man of her dreams. S she becomes all biy crazy about him and shit. Really, Taffy means Curtis Trwobridge and despite being a nerd, seems like a nice smart kid. Jana is all embarassed to be seen with him and acts like a totaly beotch to him. Because she’s a little bitch. Yes, I went there.

To make matters worse, all her friends make up and still hate Jana because she is hanging out with Taffy Sinclair. Thy get shirts that say “the Fabulous Four” and wear them to school. BURN!

Finally, Jana realizes that she is being manipulated and wants her old friends back…but realize, not because she misses them, but because Taffy screwed her over. If she and Taffy had remained friends, she wouldn’t have cared about them. It’s just all about Jana and her attention-seeking brattiness.

There ‘s a Halloween party at school and Jana’s por single mom spent her last dimes and time on a Jolly Green Giant costume for Jana (cute idea) but Jana secretly changes when she gets there into her Fabulous Five t-shirt as her costume to show her friends she still lurves them. All make up. Blah blah blah.

Oh, and Jana has a poster-sized pic of Randy in her room hidden behind her Miss Piggy poster. Kind of crerpy. Although I did know someone in junior high who had an honest-to-god shrine for the boy she liked, including one of his quizzes she stole and various pens he had borrowed from her. I was no winner in junior high, but even I looked at this girl in pity.

I am saving the best ones for later, like when Taffy’s diary gets stolen and she goes to Hollywood and stuff.

14 thoughts on “Taffy Sinclair Strikes Again, or proof that Taffy rules

  1. Merrie says:

    I never had a shrine to a crush, unless New Kids counts (ha!), but I do remember writing a list of all the things I knew about my crush in my diary. It was pathetically long because I included stuff like ‘he has an older sister’ and ‘he’s good at kickball.’

  2. Gretchen says:

    Oh god, my best friend in grade school had the biggest crush on a boy at the public grade school (we went to Catholic school) and she borrowed a yearbook from one of the people in his class, blew up his picture from it into poster-size proportions, and made like 200 copies of it. I never understood why she made so many copies of it, but eventually the boy found out, and MAN did I feel so awkward for her. Like, on one hand she was my best friend, so I had to stick up for her, you know? On the other hand … whoa.

    I totally remember this Taffy Sinclair book! I remember liking the idea of the Jolly Green Giant costume because it sounded so cool.

  3. Nikki says:

    Jana is clearly a sociopath.
    That cover illustration is sad-poor Taffy, just minding her own with that rabid pack of snobs not even pretending to conceal the fact they’re making fun of her. Hmm…maybe the other girls booted Jana from their clique because they realized Jana is NUTS. Team Taffy, all the way!!!

    • CNJ says:

      Yeah, Jana is practically one. I’m amazed she didn’t get suspended at least once. I laughed and kind of cheered in *Queen of Soaps* when Mr. Scott blasts her for that awful “expose” she wrote on Taffy.

  4. Lauren says:

    I remember being in elementary school and reading the plot synopses for Taffy Sinclair books in the back of other cheesy preteen books… and from reading just those little blurbs, it totally made it sound like Taffy was the protagonist and that Jana was some mean witch always setting out to ruin sweet little Taffy’s life. I was so confused when I actually read the books for the first time!

  5. CNJ says:

    I just loved Katie and Beth…I always also envisioned Beth winning a four-year scholarship to an arts college in Minnesota and Claudia Kishi and Beth becoming friends there and maybe housemates with two others.

    Katie becomes an attorney after hard work at Georgetown U. in Washington, DC. Christie goes to college maybe in Vermont and meets and befriends Stacey McGill. In some ways, Christie and Stacey are a lot alike…especially in being smart math whizzes and very logical and intelligent.

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