The farm kids come to visit, or Sleepover Friends #10: Lauren’s Sleepover Exchange

The gals’ school is having their penpals from Walden stay with them during the week. First of all, why? They claim it is for the Walden kids to each them more about their farming life. Also, are they allowed to miss of a week of school to do this?

There are like thousands more characters in this one. All of them get to host someone except Patty. Lauren’s guest is some girl named Annette who is totally prissy and snotty. Turns out she is just sheltered. Patti and Lauren teach her to play baseball and all is well. Jenny Carlin has Rebecca Newman and acts like an ass and Rebecca ends up staying with Patti. Steph’s gal Molly is a perfect fit: They are both airheads who love shopping.

The girl had black hair in a braid and round glasses with red frames. She was wearing high-wasted black paints with yellow suspenders, a white sweatshirt with yellow polka-dots, and yellow sneakers with a red stripe around the soles.

It’s clown couture!

Oh, also there is a guy named Reggie Bennett who is from Walden who everyone has a crush on. In the descriptions, he seems to look exactly like my elementary school crush, so I squeeeeeed when I first read this.

Oh, and of course they have a big sleepover together in Patti’s attic. Rebecca tells the scariest fucking story ever, about a big fat white hand that haunts a young woman and eventually strangles her. Also, Patti’s parents are on crack.

I finished this one in 14 minutes and 45 seconds. Even as a nine year old, I felt they kind of skimped on these. They could certainly add more plot twists!

12 thoughts on “The farm kids come to visit, or Sleepover Friends #10: Lauren’s Sleepover Exchange

  1. Merrie says:

    “They claim it is for the Walden kids to each them more about their farming life.”

    Uh, then wouldn’t it make more sense for the Sleepover Friends and their not-as-important classmates to stay with the Walden kids on their farm???

  2. Annie says:

    wow, talk about speed reading. love the reviews of these embarrassing stories.. keep up the good work! i especially read the sleepover friends! are you planning to do any of the gymnasts?

  3. kiwimusume says:

    Ooh, yes, I would love if you did The Gymnasts!!

    Annie, have you noticed Elizabeth Levy’s obsession with grammar? I only just noticed that when I started rereading them.

    And I must have stopped reading them before or only slightly after I started studying Japanese, because it was only on the re-read that I noticed that Lauren Baca’s last name is Japanese for “dumbass”…

  4. Bianca Reagan says:

    I finished this one in 14 minutes and 45 seconds.

    Wow. I went to a used bookstore with my friends a few months ago, and I found one of these books. I loved them when I was in elementary school. I had never realized how thin they were. I guess it didn’t take much to entertain me back then.

  5. Kate says:

    I am both proud and humiliated to inform Merrie that there was a later book in which the Sleepover Friends went to Walden and stayed with the kids. After some consideration, I have decided that the title was “Kate’s Sleepover Disaster”. Perhaps we’ll read the recap soon???

  6. Amber Tan says:

    Hee! The BSC books are so thin they could be eligible for the SVH cheerleader squad. 😉

    My very first library job was as a page which entailed shelf-reading to make sure the collection was in order and re-shelving returns. Needless to say, I spent many of my shifts in the stacks where I could sneak in reading an entire BSC book while re-shelving. How’s that for multi-tasking? 😉

  7. Aurora says:

    I LOVED these books as a preteen and I still have all my sleepover friends and baby sitters club and the bad new ballet and svh and another series about camp friends that were pen pals when they wernt at camp and alwasy had funny sayings that they signed their letters with…. wow…. Thanks for the flash back!! I shoudl pull all those books out and read them!!!

  8. Toys For Big Boys says:

    Thanks for making me snort lemonade out of my nose. Clown couture. Love it.

    Was anyone else into the Anastasia books by Lois Lowry?

  9. Kleio says:

    I absolutely LOVED the Sleepover Friends when I was growing up, and came across this blog as I was doing a google search for Lauren’s dip recipe! Your recaps are hilarious, and they really make me want to re-read the books myself. I know I must have read them all multiple times when I was a kid because I remember everything you mention in your recaps! I particularly remember the story about that white hand – that story haunted me into adulthood!!!

    Thanks for a brilliant flashback to my pre-teen years!

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