If you like movies, wear red to school tomorrow or Taffy Sinclair and the Secret Admirer Epidemic

Holy high-waisted pants, Jana! Mischa would approve. Mel looks great, I always thought she was pretty. The other girls look 35. And you can’t tell who they are. I am guessing Christie and Katie?

Jana is really getting on my fucking nerves. I wish now at age 29 I had her sixth-grade self-confidence. Even then its would be a bit much.

I jumped ahead: Randy and Jana are apparently a couple, and Melanie is now thin (the books where this happens is pretty sweet, son’t worry, I’ll get to them). All the guys are planning a trip to the movies and bringing dats. Scott Daly asked Mel, but Randy hasn’t asked Jana. Oh noes! Taffy moves in and flirts like crazy, careful not to show her crooked bicuspid.

Finally Jana gets a secret admirer notes and oh my god, it needs to be the topic of conversation among her friends at every second or else she gets pissed. In order to figure out who it is, Jana makes her friends track what boys look at her throughout the day. We have to read a couple of painful chapters of this and Jana proclaiming how popular she is with the boys.

Meanwhile, Christie has a crush on the Assistant Principal. Getting the idea from Jana’s letters, she starts sending him letter. Okay, creepy. She says she hopes “one day he will like her back.” I know she’s just a kid, but has REALLY thought through the logistics of that? Christie’s mom, who happens to be the principal, gets word of Jana’s letters and hints that she thinks Jana wrote them herself. Bwah!

Furthermore, Jana feels bad for her single mom and feels bad that her mom’s life is not as EXCITING as hers (shut UP Jana) so she decides she needs some excitement and writes her mom some secret admirer letters. Jana’s mom thinks it is from a psycho and gets all paranoid. Nice, Jana.

So, if you haven’t found out already, Taffy really wrote the notes to Jana, hoping that she’s forget Randy Kirwan and Taffy can get a grip on him. Turns out Randy can’t go the movie because he has to be in a wedding and wear a tux and he’s embarassed. I keep forgetting he IS just an eleven-year old boy. Finally he does go and take Jana and he smooches her in the back of the car.

Oh, eleven-year old dating:

I had finally decided on my lavendar pants and matching top, and I could tell by the way Randy looked at me when I opened the door that I had made the right choice. His dark green polos shirt was open at the neck, and his jeans were practically brand-new. He had never looked to handsome in his life!

I think I remember Jana chilling out a bit in the Fabulous Five series, but SERIOUSLY! She is incredibly immature and irritating. If I were Taffy, I’d fuck with her too.


11 thoughts on “If you like movies, wear red to school tomorrow or Taffy Sinclair and the Secret Admirer Epidemic

  1. tammyt says:

    I always thought the tall girl that’s kind of apart from the others was Taffy, even though she’s not very pretty (but that’s the artist’s fault). She looks “jealous.” I don’t know though. Anyway great recap … Team Taffy!

  2. Creolerose1115 says:

    I remember that when I was 11, girls and boys didn’t “date”. Instead, we “went together”. (Wtf? I know…) As in, if Dru was my boyfriend, my best friend Ashli would say, “Misti and Dru are going together.” Going where, you ask? NOWHERE. ‘CAUSE WE WERE ELEVEN. In my mind, it’s not a “date” until you or your “date” cna drive to pick each other up- no parents, ’cause that’s not “dating”, that’s like a play-date where your Mom collects you at the end of the day. So I despise the idea that 11-year-olds could DATE. That just seems ass-tarded.

  3. Molly says:

    I couldn’t relate to the girls in this series- they acted like they were 40 years old. Kind of like in Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret when the girls pick super-glamorous code names for themselves and Margaret gets to be Mavis (?)

  4. greenergrassier says:

    I love this!!! I totally remember Taffy Sinclair!!! There’s some Taffy book that was, I think, a limited print edition and has been bid up on Amazon…I’m dying to read it!!!

  5. CNJ says:

    Jana didn’t really mature in the FF books either. She and Randy became more glued to each other and they acted like a married couple.

    Jana would go into these jealous rages any time another girl smiled sideways at Randy.

  6. CNJ says:

    To find out what happens more with the Siamese couple Jana and Randy, take a look at Homecoming Scandal here at : http://www.fanfiction.net/s/446924/1/Homecoming_Scandal

    Have fun with it!

    I also like the idea of Logan having to move to Bridgeport before 11th grade and going to Burkeview High and he winds up dating Melanie Edwards.

    Jana, Melanie, Randy, Logan, Matt Zeboski, Sara Sawyer and several others are part of the “popular” glamour clique there and they terrorize the other students until 11th grade when they get themselves into trouble and undo themselves.

  7. CNJ says:

    I also had the thought of Mona Vaughn transferring to Stoneybrook High at the beginning of 11th grade and joining the BSC and she and Mary Anne Spier are college roommates in NYC.

    It’s always fun to speculate what happens with the ex-fab five in high school.

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