Sunset Farwell (Sunset Island #4)

I really never liked Emma’s drama. She and Kurt were too much like Liz and Todd. Anyway, it’s soooooo haaaaarrrd being a gazillionaire. Noooooooone undertaaaaaaands her.

I love the little inset pics- Emma is aerobicizing! Sam is playing a guitar! Carrie is…carrying a tire? Wtf?

Emma makes plans to do it with Kurt, finally. She also wears expensive lace lingerie from Paris. They get out to the dunes. The pour champagne on each other and lick it off. Seriously, Kurt goes as far as taking off Emma’s shirt and fondling the ladies and then they have a fight. Then Trent, Emma’s trust-fund boyfriend shows up and tries to get back in Emma’s life and blue-collar Kurt gets all insecure. Oh, and there’s more of Laurel and Diana being bitchy to the trio. Blah blah blah, same same. Can we get some rock star boyfriends in this one?

Oh, and Daphne the crazed anorexic tries to stab Emma in the Play Cafe but Kurt rescues her and they are all lovey dovey again. Blech. But wait- then Diana invites Kurt on a trip to NYC and Emma decides to also visit her aunt in NYC, and Kurt and Diana think that she is following them all to NYC. Then Kurt admits he slept with Diana, and they break up. Oh, and Carrie goes to a show in Bangor with Billy, and they do everything but.

There’s some stupid parallel storyline with the kids they take care of where the younger kid has a friend and his brother steals his friend. Whatever.

One of Sam’s outfits:
“She was wearing her favorite jeans, a white sleeveless men’s T-shirt without a bra, and a wild-looking multi-colored jacket with huge padded shoulders. Naturally she was wearing her red cowboy boots, her trademark.” Wow.

For gals that work as au pairs, they always seem to have the night off and have time to go jetting to New York and on tour with their boyfriends. Seriously.

9 thoughts on “Sunset Farwell (Sunset Island #4)

  1. EnidRollins says:

    Wheatie dear, that’s an inner tube, or floatie. People sit in it in the ocean\river\swimming pool. 🙂

    Haha this Sunset Island series is whack. It’s like the Gossip Girls in the 80’s, learning how to be b*(c$s

  2. EnidRollins says:

    P.S.: Wow, I’m surprised this series was allowed to be printed–even the books today don’t have that much pre-marital, pre-legal age sex.

  3. Merrie says:

    You’ll be able to find them at used book stores. The series came out in the last 80s (I think). Here’s a link to a synopsis of the entire series. I stopped reading soon after the second summer (I remember Sam dancing at Disneyland and Emma drinking a lot of wine) and, of course, things got pretty unrealistic (’cause it was really real at first — hee, hee) after that. But no warewolves!

  4. Lauren says:

    “P.S.: Wow, I’m surprised this series was allowed to be printed–even the books today don’t have that much pre-marital, pre-legal age sex.”

    But that’s what always got me about this series – there’s almost NO sex! Carrie’s the only one who ever “did it,” and Emma and Sam sure talk about it all the time but never actually do it. That was one of the least believable parts of the series to me. (and there were soooo many incredible parts to choose from!)

  5. Lauren says:

    also, I have a completely irrational, burning dislike of Cherie Bennett. I’m not sure if it was the constant references to the total ~*~HoTtNeSs~*~ of red cowboy boots, or the fact that all of her books were about horny teenage girls who flashed their boobs at boys but wouldn’t DARE have sex (and not that that’s a bad thing, but pretty unrealistic), or (again, I can see that she had good intentions here, but…) the fact that every book had at least one overweight female but Cherie made a big deal out of how this female was overweight but sOoOoO hot and sexy! And with boys drooling over her! And her weight didn’t matter because she was such a HOTTIE!

    I don’t want to read books where it’s drilled into my brain that the characters are “perfect size 6’s,” but neither do I need it emphasized and re-emphasized repeatedly that you can be overweight and still totally gorgeous. I don’t disagree with that sentiment, but the way it was overused in her books drove me nuts.

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