The Quarks Club, or #13 Patti’s Secret Wish

It’s a small pic, but the cover of this one blew my mind. The gals are spying on Patti from a book store, and you can see the books displayed are popular series books from the same era, like the BSC, the Gymnasts…and the Sleepover Friends. Wait, HUH? How is that possible? The book that they are in is a book in their world? Does that mean if they see that book a vortex to an alternate universe will open up? It blew my mind when I first saw that.

Anyway, Patti is being all secretive and sneaking off somewhere after school, and won’t tell the others, so they spy on her. She is spending time at the University, with an older, cute man and they think it is because Patti lurves him. Turns out she’s in the Quarks club, a special science club for smart kids and the guy is their teacher. Go, Patti! I love how they assume that Patti is meeting up randomly with some twenty-year old guy.

Also, Stephanie’s birthday is coming up, and she thinks her parents forgot because they are too busy thinking about their new baby and the addition they are putting on the house. Turns out that they surprise Stephanie with…her own separate house in the backyard? WTF? Why would you give that to an eleven year old? They say it’s so she will have a place of her own when the baby comes. AND they rent out the Pizza Palace for her surprise party. I know Mr. Green is a lawyer, but come on now. She is so spoiled. Also, once she becomes a teen, she will basically be bringing her friends back there and doing god knows what.

I was so jealous of Stephanie.

12 thoughts on “The Quarks Club, or #13 Patti’s Secret Wish

  1. ihatewheat says:

    I think it was the size of a small cabana. Her parents were also putting an addition on their house, so she thought it was part of that. Still, so many questions…is there plumbing? Does Stephanie have to clean it?

  2. Merrie says:

    HER OWN HOUSE???? Why oh why do series take stupid turns like this? What happened to a bunch of girls getting toogether, eating junk food, and taking personality quizzes?

    If my parents gave me my own house when I was 11, I’d never have had the guts to sleep in it.

  3. Moi says:

    They have just started showing a television series based on these books in Australia. It is no where near as entertaining as your reviews though! I think they took inspiration from the Sweet Valley Twins Super Chiller books though, as the episode I saw was all about pranks. Booooor-ring!

  4. EnidRollins says:

    I have always wanted my own little apartment. I could add fake plants and have a TV and allow my dog in 🙂

    I am soooo jellis of Steffinny that she getz her own haws. It must be reilly pritty inside. She can take her boyfrend ther two and kiss him. I’d luv to have my own haws. Its neat.

    (Okay, I was jokingly misspelling. I also ran across this thing while searching for a large scan of this cover, so I could see the book-within-a book on the cover. .


  5. kiwimusume says:

    I hope Stephie’s private house was the right colour.

    Also, why does Patti have to lie to her friends about taking accelerate science classes? Either she’s got some shitty ass friends or she needs to take a big fat chill pill.

  6. amanda says:

    Oh my gosh! I cannot BELIEVE I forgot that happened in these books! As a kid I thought it was the coolest thing ever – but yeah, I would never have been able to screw up the courage to actually sleep there (I was going to sleep in my playhouse outside once, and didnt even make it through seven o’clock). So all in all, a giant, insanely expensive, over-the-top, completely impractical gift. Cause the second she turns 13 they’ll want to take it right back.

  7. wanderingfrog says:

    I honestly never thought the thing with Stephanie’s own little house was that weird, because a friend of my brother’s had something like that. It wasn’t just for one kid, it was for all of the kids in the family to share, and it wasn’t anywhere near as nice as Stephanie’s, but the parents weren’t rich and the kids still had their own tiny little house in the backyard with bunk beds in it.

    The cover of this book still blows my mind, though!

  8. Jener says:

    I know this a year later, but…

    The Australian TV show is based on The Sleepover Club books. Which is some rip-off English books, as far as I can tell. It has FIVE girls instead of four. And the show is craptastic.

    Australia also did a TV show based on The Saddle Club. You can find them (like everything else in the world) on YouTube.

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